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    I would love to see these beauties become Atlanta's full-time uniforms when their new stadium opens up in 2017.
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    I can't agree with this at all. South Florida now has a unique pattern on the pants and shoulders with a horn stripe that resembles the logo. I don't see at all how these are ruined. Look at their uniform history. They've never looked great.
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    100% upgrade. Although the light blue, dark blue, and skull combination reminds me of someone....
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    I mean, it's not ideal, but it's world's better than their predominantly navy primaries.
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    I can't believe nobody has posted this yet: Randy Johnson
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    *wipes your tear*My mother had just been born the last time my team has won the title. lol. this could be a yo mama joke."Yo mama's so old she was born the last time the Cleveland Browns won the championship."
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    Having a "TJMaxx/Marshalls/Ross Gems 2015" thread would be redundant and unnecessary. You're starting to get it These aren't "finds" so much as overproduced, out-of-season items with demand so low that malls dump their excess inventory on discount stores. To each his own. I, for one, am rather happy with my $30 current USMNT away shirt, and am appreciative of this thread as I'd never found it otherwise.
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    Bowling Green, do use all a favor and never wear the brown jersey.
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    I still think the tequila sunrise version is by far the best one of that whole set.
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    It's crazy how they all use Pistol Pete.
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    Bowling Green might fix that. Not feeling a generic font when they've got their own proprietary font
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    Darmstadt's away kit looks sexy:
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    Here's a photo that defines a brilliant career, even if it was a one year wonder:
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    Someone should do a quick render of what the brewers gold unis would look like paired with a white cap to represent the head of the beer.
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    Are you asking which is best so are you saying they are all of them the best? I'm asking because 5 of those logos are the same, with only slight differences
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    I will bet all the money in my bank account that the primary will be a roundel. Where do I sign up for this bet?
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    The current set is nice but I would be beyond ecstatic to see a white version of this against Texas for thanksgiving.
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    I don't think that word means what you think it means. Once again, it's OK to disagree but when someone likes a previous look, but dismissing it as "nostalgia" is reflects more on the dismisser than the dismissee.
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    I don't know what Pillar was doing when he decided he felt like going to third And Mike Trout. That is all. Also this Andrew Heaney guy, 5-0 with a 1.79 ERA.
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    Tried to implement both of your suggestions
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    With the pant stripes now extending to the knee Auburn is back to easily the top 2 or 3 designs in FBS football.
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    I nominate the KC Royals and their 1985 powder blues away unis.
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    If Dallas can stay healthy, on the defensive side of the ball; they'll certainly make some noise when it comes to postseason play. Super Bowl? If they can run the table; certainly they can land in Santa Clara as the NFC Representative in the Super Bowl. But for now; take it a step at a time. They got to the Divisionals last year; let's see if they can seal the deal and play for the NFC Crown this coming season.
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    That Cowboys Navy jersey isn't an alternate, it's the rarely-worn color jersey of the Cowboys. The sad part of it is, the Cowboys navy look hundred times better than the old boring, "curse-free" white jerseys. I wish the Cowboy organization stop using "bad luck blues" as an excuse, and wear the navy jerseys for at least half of their home games.
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    Other than the colors, the previous Hawks logos were great. The full winged bird was a thing of beauty, and the hawk head was pretty solid as well. That being said, the Pac Hawk logo stomps on those other logos. It's so simple yet so so SO effective.
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    Dan O' Mac, and Everyone, I get that I put it on the incorrect board, and I'm sorry about that. Now this concept is DISCONTINUED, for now on, and will create something new in a week or two.
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    The Milwaukee Black Saux were established in 1939 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with a nickname inspired by the old Sauk tribe in the Wisconsin area as well as the Black Hawk War of 1832. The club didnt fare well during World War II, as 7 of their starters and 13 other players in the organization were selected by the draft to serve in the war. The Black Saux searched for a team to merge with, much like Boston and New York two years later, but were unsuccessful. Instead, they were forced to suspend operations in 1942 until the war was over. In 1945, the team returned to the field, and a year later won their first USBL championship. The Black Saux won four titles until their shocking move to St. Louis, Missouri. The move was one of the wildest events in the history of all of sports, and some experts still are unsure of what caused the relocation. On December 27, 1962 just after midnight, the club packed up a caravan of trucks and made the 375 mile trip to St. Louis to become the Archers. For fans in the Show Me State, Christmas came two days late. But for the Black Saux fans, they felt betrayed by both their team and the league. A new stadium was being designed in Milwaukee, attendance was historically high, and the on-field scenario was nothing to complain about. The city is finally warming up to the idea of a new team, as theyre one of several finalists for 2016 expansion. As for St. Louis, a lot of conspiracies have been made about their relocation in the 60s; the most likely of which involves the Gateway Arch itself. Rumor has it that the owners of the Arch slid money under the table to the team, covering both the cost of relocation and a ballpark. In exchange, they named themselves the Archers, a nod to the Arch and still maintaining respect for Native American hunters. The Archers have five Branson Cups under their belt, but only one since moving out of Milwaukee, coming in 1968. Linwood Johnson hit a walkoff, three-run double to take the Championship Series in five games for St. Louis. That season, Bill Russell, Clifford Weaver, and Hunter Triplett each won 25 games, and all three were elected to the Hall of Fame. Today, the Archers are certainly one of the better teams in the USBL, as theyve made the postseason 6 times in the past 10 years. They are certainly built to make a run, even though they sit a couple games out of the playoff picture. Led by Octavio Sandoval, easily the best centerfielder--and possibly even the best overall player--in the game, as well as Pedro Quezada at first, Riley Mann in left, and Eric Hughes closing games, the Archers expect to see themselves in contention. Their rotation hasnt been good, but they compensate for that with a dynamic offense, where they rank second in steals and third in homers. Its too early to count them out due to their recent track record in the late season, but without starting pitching, their run could be over before it begins. The St. Louis Archers have a unique identity from the logo standpoint--they have two primary logos that are used equally, as opposed to a primary and secondary. The arrow and feathers are immediately identified with St. Louis baseball, even more than the Tribe. While the basic concept has remained since the relocation, the Archers have gone through several subtle tweaks. In 2010, the scripts were updated to a more modern font, the numbers were altered from USBL Block to a thinner block, and strokes between logos, scripts, and numbers were unified. The A-Arrow is worn on the home caps, while the famous STL monogram decorates the road caps. As for the primary logos, the logo that is not worn on the cap is on the left jersey sleeve. On the home jerseys, the primary containing the STL appears, and the A-Arrow is on the road to balance out the set. The popular yellow alternate is to be worn on day home games, while the gray road alternate is for strictly Sunday road games. The red jersey is worn at the selection of the pitcher, either at home or away. The STL was traditionally on the stirrups, but that was removed in 2010, which many fans wish to see return. The Ballpark of the Gateway was constructed in time for 1965, leaving the Archers to play road-heavy schedules in their first two years. It underwent significant renovations in the early 2000s, primarily around the concourse. The backstop has been updated several times, but the squared setup was adopted along with the other renovations. BOTG overlooks the Gateway Arch, making it a very underrated stadium in baseball. Original: Chicago Wind Sox < St. Louis Archers > Boston Masons
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    Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Agreed. And as long as we're bring up superior MLB throwbacks...
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    A realistic Patriots fan! Not too many of you! I can definitely see all of that happening too. well to be honest i feel we could win every game (we have a ridiculously easy schedule this year) i just am going to be realistic and know we will loss at probably 2 to any of the steelers, cowboys, colts, or broncos, and then loss another 2 randomly between the rest. I do feel the AFC is really week this year and we could make it to the super bowl but don't think this team could compete with an NFC Super Bowl team.Now hold on a bit, we can't call him a realistic Pats fan unless he realizes that Tom Brady needs to be suspended.
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    I would agree in most cases, but states have no business promoting Confederate imagery. It needs to be consigned to the dustbin of history; never forgotten, but never condoned.
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    If I had to pick from this list. I would go with Roughriders. North Stars is second choice. Nodaks third AND I could never pull for any nickname that just puts "sun" (or "ice" for hockey teams) in front of another name. SunDogs, IceDogs, etc... Sorry to see North Dakota have to change They could have just changed to the "Fighting Sue" and had a logo of Susan Sarandon and Susan Lucci facing each other in Boxing Gloves! Sorry, that jokes probably been used almost as much as "put a Potato on the Washington NFL Teams Helmet and call it a day"!.
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    This has got to be one of the best pictures in the history of sports management
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    "Adidas" is a common nickname for ugly uniforms.
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    I just read that as one dollar million dollars...
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