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    Here is another shot at it
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    "The new Texas A&M uniform features the latest in magnetic striping technology. Players can use their jersey to pay for their purchases instantly at thousands of stores, making them 27% faster than uniforms that require players to pay in cash."
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    Adidas' design manual was just leaked:
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    The simpler Buffalo's uniforms, the better. Buffalo doesn't strike me as a very modern place. Why should their uniforms be? Let it forever be 1979 (cool tankjobs never have the time).
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    . A very sunny day at Rich Stadium Orchard Park-NY when the Colts came to the Buffalo area in their never before seen blue pants with the most perfect white socks, and black cleats to accent the set. Best road uniform set in Colts history IMO. 17 - September -1995
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    You could, & should, switch Cleveland & Boston. Otherwise the terrorists win or something.
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    Wrong. I feel like as a Toronto fan, presumably, you should know this. Make sure your link works if you're going to tell someone they're wrong.
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    For the most part it's a solid set, but those ShinStripes are killin' the overall look. Do you know where shins are located?
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    The current uniforms = Gary Cherone
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    It is cool. I don't think it's unpopular to like the navy blue Chargers. The powder blue is really great, but the navy blue is still great, too. It's like Van Halen and Van Hagar.
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    If those Hawaii uniforms are the worst design Under Armour releases this year, then the guys from Baltimore have done a damn good job this season.
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    Why can you not have a colorful logo and simply-colored jerseys? I don't know where it started, I really think it must be a very modern thing. There are many logos with all sorts of tertiary colors that are never really acknowledged, the Steelers colored hypocycloids, the Sabres' red eye, the Blackhawks...everything in that logo. Even some modern ones feature that, the red in Winnipeg, the red in the Tennessee Titans, the Miami Marlins many colors. For a while, the Penguins wore a black and gold logo on a blue/blue jersey, and it worked! You can have a colorful logo and plain jerseys. If anything, they balance out. I think you could use the original logo, or something maybe a little simplified, and still use these jerseys. You just have to pick what the team colors are and stick to them. I'd also add something to the shoulders. The blue jersey looks especially plain and the white isn't that much better. Secondary logo, yokes, or even phantom yoke piping would probably go a long way. But stay simple, stick to the theme you have going.
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    Those hits are honoured in the Hall. The man behind them, who broke baseball's cardinal rule and lied repeatedly until forced to change his story, is not.
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    No. You see, they actually designed something around it, rather than saying "Hey, this rounded rectangle... it's a rink!"
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    I don't know, I'd love to see them change it to allow the Browns to crawl back to their previous set if they so desired.
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    I don't like them. White on white is an infinitely cleaner look. This feels bottom-heavy and gimmicky. I do not like them either. While we're here, I don't like the blue facemask. I know they're akin to blasphemy here, but I've always liked the grey facemask for Indy. Its a small, albeit faux-vintage detail that breathed some fresh life into the whole uniform.
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    This too is my favorite design, design wise, BUT feel it's inappropriate for a soccer crest since stars regularly symbolize championships. New look is better than the old. Not great but much better.95% of teams put championship stars above their crest, not inside. Stars inside the crest are fair game, and for the U.S. it's fitting. Maybe if we actually had a championship star to use outside the shield it would work. But, without a championship, it just looks like we don't know the culture of the star's use in soccer. I guess you could make the argument that there are so many stars it's ridiculous for anyone to think the USA had that many championships but, still, I'd rather they reserve the use of a star for when they actually win one. Not when Stars and Stripes are a national symbol for us. The stars we used represent us not championship, anyone who say our old crest could recognize that.
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    Adidas has become a bad joke when it comes to marketing.
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    Race-baiting sport-talk clowns in Chicago who have raged against having to cover hockey and called all hockey fans racist are no doubt wetting themselves with glee over this Kane news. I'm sure they have all the "why is nobody calling him a thug?!" tweets on standby.
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    Idea I thought about the other day. Mixing some old designs with the present designs and adding the "Long Live The Note" in the color, Creating a Blues version of the STL inspired from the Cards. Made a lighter shade of blue for the Bues plus dropping the yellow to match the name. Just toying around with ideas for the HJC. C&C welcome negative or positive help me make better designs
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    i was a student when the change happened, plus i post on a sports logo and uniform message board. Little subtle things like that are part of why we are on this board TAMU wasting no time in adopting the "Week 11 FCS Patsy" policy that the SEC enforces. When you have a conference game in week 4, you gotta fit that patsy in somewhere. ULM gave us a run for our money last year in that slot. I'm just gonna pretend the entire team was hungover for that one.
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    Did nobody at Adidas realize the association people are going to make between advertisements like this and paying for recruits?
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    Those Hawks' unis blow away anything they've had since.I dunno, this was a very good set IMO.
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    No those are the correct socks, they match the sleeve stripes.
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    Isn't the piping on the side of the jersey going to take away from the "T" effect on the shorts come game time?
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    Nope, that's it. As confirmed by the catalog leak last November, those are the only four teams with new jerseys this year.
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    I like how the mountain on the inside partially looks like a lowercase 'r'. Great concept
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    Hmm... Not feeling this. Nothing says soccer about it
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    Fish rots from the head. It'll get better when Reinsdorf dies, his weird country club is disbanded, and people start running the White Sox as a modern baseball organization. Hahn is one of the few people who should stick around. He knows what he's doing, but I think a lot of that failing in the same ways comes from the guy looming over him.
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    No matter what they rollout, this should be the upgrade of the year.
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    Actually the Sabres did lift the striping from the 1967-1970 Leafs set. Long-time Leafs coach Punch Imlach helped build the Sabres from the ground up and once described the team's first uniform set along the lines of "we added gold because we have more class then Toronto." Now that being said? The original Sabres' set was brilliant. The addition of gold helped separate the Sabres' look from the Leafs, a distinction only emphasized by the fact that the Sabres' original look and the Leafs' 1967-70 look never actually coexisted. The Leafs redesigned, going with the sleeve-length yokes and 70s style Leaf for the Sabres' first season. I don't see the Leafs ever bringing the 67-70 triple striping back to the primary sweaters. With Arizona having ditched it this off-season? It's wide open for the Sabres to claim as their own. The only thing the 1990s set has going for it is the cool sweater template. The colours were over-used and the logo missed the point of the nickname. The team didn't want to just rely on buffalo imagery like so many Buffalo-based teams had done, so they went with Sabres. The 1990s logo didn't even include actual sabres, instead relying on....buffalo imagery. Is the classic logo perfect? No, but it's far from the nondescript blob its detractors make it out to be. It's a clean mark that spells out the team name without having to use a single letter. It's a perfect icon for the team. Paired with the simple and unique colour scheme and a classic striping template? Its a near-perfect uniform set. The current look is alright, and a huge improvement over the last two sets, but it just doesn't work for me. The Blues are committed to double blue and gold. The Perds are gold and navy. The Sabres could own the simple royal and gold colour scheme in the NHL if they'd just go back to the only great uniform set they've ever had.
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    It's not bad, but it doesn't blow me away. Thickening up the outer stroke would go a long way. I'd also like to see some stars involved, given the whole stars and stripes thing. (Do not tell me they can't have stars because they haven't won anything, or else I'm going to post every other national team crest that involves stars. Just try me.)
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    Not feeling Vandy's helmets. It feel a little too cheesy for me. I like the incorporation of the anchor element, but this feels a little too over the top.
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    You are 1insaneguyThat monstrosity might be worse than the jags or bucsHonestly, I agree that I like them. Not better than what they have now, but I like them. I do though, like that red helmet a lot better than the current whites.
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    I don't like auburn, but this is a pretty good look.. I really like metallic decals (just not chrome generally).. I think metallic logos are nice and look clean if they're modeled after the traditional look.. Texas's are very sharp to IMO
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    ^ I'll do ya one better: also fixed up a couple other "inconsistencies" and personal issues I have with them.
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    Has this not been posted yet? Auburn getting new helmets: https://twitter.com/AuburnPix/status/628971651099676672/photo/1
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    He will be. No other major wideout is in play besides Terrell Owens, who's in his first year (receivers don't usually get in year one, unless you're the GOAT).
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    I'd take him if we had an opening, but I don't know if I'd want Dombrowski here now. For one, Rick Hahn is in year three, and only really year two of house cleaning. I'm not as high on Hahn as some of the fanbase, but I think he should get at least one more year. The team has a few gaping holes, but literally the entire team outside of Rodon and Soto has performed worse than could have been expected. I don't know that you can blame him at this point. And he was doing the smart thing by holding Samardzija until the deadline, but then the team went on a great three week stretch and put them in a position where they couldn't trade him. It sucks. Even Sale, despite his dominant stretch in May and June, is having a poor year. Plus, I don't know that Dombrowski himself was all that great. But I will say that I feel the organization needs an entire house cleaning. They've been really good at developing pitching, and that's about it. The drafting has supposedly improved, but they're so awful at player development that who knows when they'll next develop a position player. I don't believe in curses, but I think there's "something in the water" which leads to the team failing in the same ways. Every year, a substantial portion of the team has their "career worst season." We have two month-long entire-team offensive slumps like clockwork every year. No matter who the players are, they start out horrifically on offense, and we hear "you can't expect them to hit when it's cold out." Then they hit bunches of homers in June and July, usually piling up wins, and eventually fade in August. The players change, but the results remain the same. They sign a 30 year old who had hit 40 homer and 100 RBI each year for a decade and he puts up the single worst season of all time. They sign other "edge of their prime" free agents who just so happen to completely fall off the face of the earth the second they put on our uniform (although Melky has been really good after a horrific April). Everybody is constantly "trying too hard" which leads to struggles. All their prospects have a gigantic learning curve which other teams' don't seem to have. Nobody plays fundamental ball, nobody is focused, everybody plays awful defense, and nobody is to blame for it. Buddy Bell was fired by the freaking Royals for incompetence when they were in their dark ages, yet he somehow lands here and becomes a tenured head of player development here who can't be fired. I'd be fine with Hahn sticking around, but ideally I feel like they need to replace nearly everybody else in the organizational chain outside of the physical trainer (best in the business!) and some of the pitching coaches. All scouts. All managers. All hitting coaches. And they need to bring in someone who had nothing to do with this organization ever before. Their personnel searches of late have been consisted entirely of former players and executives. And I know that Hahn is widely respected and had several other offers, so I'll excuse that. But if we go into next season with Paul Konerko as manager, I'm going down to 35th street and kicking someone in the groin.
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    I want to see the Packers one day wear a yellow alternate, but truthfully, a classic team like the Packers should just wear a throwback. There is a yellow alternate hidden in Madden, and man, it would be a sight to behold in reality.
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    Sure, but it would be a really dumb argument. You aren't serious, are you?
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    Didn't take a rocket scientist to make the statement Garber did. Anyone not taking a FIFA bribe could see Qatar was going to be a :censored:show.
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    I really like the 87 Twins uniforms with the "M" cap. Yes, they look Seinfeld and not retro in a modern way. But they are simple, effective ("Win" in Twins is still a smart design), and reminds people of the winning days. Also, the pinstripes looks really good on the away uniform.
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    The Tommy Trojan logo has always been a better logo than the regular football helmet Trojan. Tommy was on the helmets in 1992 for the 100th anniversary, but thanks to a bad team and the strong tradition of the current logo, that Tommy logo didn't stick around.
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    Have you tried making the wheat going on the tail of the scripts
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    It's almost as if different sports have different qualifications for what makes a good logo
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