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    I'm offended that the Bills jerseys don't have Christmas trees and snowflakes on them.
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    The first thing that comes to mind is that the Jaguars are going to die of "epidermal suffocation."
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    Or they could just stick with the brand they've been building for the past sixty years,
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    Tbh the new gold unis aren't that bad. If they didn't wear monochrome I might be a fan of them.
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    got the logo right here! :-/
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    Is that a Color Rush jersey or just a fashion jersey? Either way, I actually like it . . . just not with gold pants (and gold socks). And cleats and accessories...
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    Here's the thing with the Color Rush stuff: All of the jerseys actually look pretty decent. If paired with white or a complementing colored pant, they'd look great. Give the Bills, Jets, and Titans white pants and we have winners all around there. And the Jags in black pants with the gold jersey would look really good, IMO.
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    I assume Chiraq Bulls is not an option.
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    I just love that Titans uniform. None of this navy nonsense, they need to just keep going with the light blue.
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    CICIS* (*may not actually be pizza)
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    For a while now, I've been working up the nerve to start a rather large project about soccer. Not just creating one league, but several. My idea is to create several soccer leagues in major European countries (Italy, Germany, England, France, and Spain, to be exact.) My mission was to create 18 to 20 team leagues in those 5 countries. The top 4 teams from each league would then play in the Champions League, as well as a few other teams I will make scattered around Europe. There will be the group, then the playoffs would commence. This is obviously inspired by Windell's Professional Dodgeball Coalition. This is a way for me to try to improve my graphic design skill and share it with you. Anyways, here's the first league, the Deutschenliga, from Germany. (Correct me if I'm wrong with any spelling, I don't speak german.) The Deutschenliga The league was found in 1966, as a merger of several regional leagues across Germany. Teams hopped on the bandwagon as a way to earn money, since many of the teams were small and unwealthy. At first, the league was a small 12 teams competing in the top league, but as years went on, the league added 6 more teams as well as higher competition. The line between the top class teams and the mid-table and bottom half teams grew. Only a handful of teams actually competed for the Cup, while the rest just played to survive relegation. It wasn't until the 90s that those winning teams started to shine in International play as well, and with that, the Deutschenliga has become one of the most watched leagues in Europe.
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    WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its one game people. Tighten up your panties and suck it up. I think the Jags shade of gold is pretty cool and UNIQUE. Which is what this Thursday Night Color Rush is supposed to be about. Something you don't see for the other 19 games of the season. Some of you really do need to settle down because your nerd-dom is really showing.
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    The NFL screwed up big time with this. If they wanted to do this, they should have picked colors that didn't make the game impossible to watch for colorblind people. http://deadspin.com/stupid-nike-uniforms-wreaking-havoc-on-colorblind-nfl-f-1742272136?utm_campaign=socialflow_deadspin_facebook&utm_source=deadspin_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow
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    Ohio state inspired Michigan jersey and a Michigan inspired Ohio state jersey
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    It looks like they're wearing onesies. This is ridiculous.
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    This just looks weird. If the NFL wants to start doing crazy uniforms like college, at least come up with good looking stuff.
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    White cleats would be way better...
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    Jets should always be this color green...just not all at once
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    I like both the Jets and the Bills if they would wear different color socks... For one game per year
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    Ok so that shade of green the Jets are using tonight is f*****g AWFUL. They look like green screen material.
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    The Jets uniforms look really nice on TV
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    Now see I am actually very interested in seeing the Rams Fluxback yellow/gold, Because of how popular and successful they were when it was their primary and it just was such a vibrant color combo. Downfall it's in EJD under the dim lights
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    The Chargers haven't been around for 60 years. We like to round our numbers up here at the CCSLC.
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    The never ending Padres identity crisis continues I guess..
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    If somehow Grand Rapids, Michigan received an NFL, MLB, NBA, or NHL team, would they stay afloat? Personally I think the NBA or NHL could be viable, probably NBA. The Western Michigan-Detroit rivalry would help. However, Grand Rapids would be the second-smallest NBA city, smallest MSA, and 4th-smallest media market. There would be obstacles to overcome, and it would take lots of work, but if a potential NBA team could use Van Andel for a few years until hypothetically a new arena gets built I think they would develop a fan base and survive.
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    The Jags look awful in all gold. Like everyone has mentioned, the jerseys with this program aren't bad. But when they're paired with poorly designed and thought out pants and accessories, that's when we get bad looking uniforms. The Jags going gold on black would actually look pretty nice. The reddit rumor has me interested to see if the Jags do indeed switch the facemasks out. Everyone is talking about the differences in the initial leaks, the Nike image, and the retail jersey. Don't forget that the former two (and possibly the latter one) are always photoshoped. The number outline could be a mistake or just now well thought out. A lot of people on twitter are talking about the helmet being all black. We know that's not going to happen with the one helmet rule, but the photos we have are at the right angle to where you don't see the gold fade.
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    You posted the jersey I said I don't like to disprove what I said? I'm confused. Everything from the helmet stripes to the socks to the extra wide pants striping gives this uniform the perfect balance between blues... the hint of red in the logo is a home run... light blue isn't subtle enough to be their primary, it ruins that balance and becomes too gaudy. You can tell they said "hey, lets just flip the colors!" as opposed to designing something specifically with a light blue primary in mind. Absolutely. It's the same thing with the Panthers. The black jerseys look so, so much better. The light blue really stands out in small amounts, whereas an entire jersey of light blue is a little too much. I agree that the best two Titans looks are their original home and road jerseys. Columbia pants with white jerseys and Columbia jerseys with white pants are solid looks, but I don't think they were as good as the first set. And that set has its problems (matching socks and road pants, helmet stripe not matching white pants), but it's still really good.
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    It's 2015. The home team doesn't need to wear white for fans to see the dark uniforms of the other 29 teams.
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    Wow so Nike successfully Pro Combated the NFL, huh. Wasn't that the over the top and unreasonable sky is falling fear a lot of people had when Nike first took over? I remember hearing that a lot and the explanation being that the NFL would never let that happen because they were too strict on their teams' brand identity. Wow. Maybe China really IS coming for us and Obama IS tryin to take our guns, too.
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    So are these concepts or just the team x's current uniforms? Be creative please.
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    While their uniforms may need a little refining/updating, I provide you the best argument for keeping the Panthers' uniforms, as described in a progression of pictures in games against their 1995 expansion bretheren, the Jacksonville Jaguars: One of these teams has stuck to virtually the same look their entire existence, while the other has changed in order to keep up with trends and ultimately destroyed their identity. I'll gladly take the Panthers' look, dated and imperfect as it may be, over the result of the Jaguars' gradual chipping away of their identity any day of the year. (They seem to avoid wearing teal like the plague...What the hell, Jaguars?!)
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    Great series so far. I love the Giants throwback. I'm a sucker for Blue/Red/Gold combos. (Jags need to move to London and change their name to the Monarchs and bring back the RBG)
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    Anyone else feel uneasy about this poster? It's like a bot, but you know it isn't. Freaking weird. Gives me the hebe-jeebees.
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    I certainly think so. I grew up watching white at home, but color makes so much more sense and I don't want them to switch back.
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    Objectively, it makes more sense for the home team to wear the "team color" uniform.
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    That's the only thing the Blue Jackets have done right this year. The Seattle Sounders held a poster designing contest for all of their home games this year. Some hack won for the July 3rd game against DC United: http://www.soundersfc.com/posters
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    MASSIVE congratulations on your work with Eastern Illinois! For lots of reasons, it's rare for any of us to have the work we've developed here turn into something in the "real world". This is an incredible achievement. Have a cookie, you deserve it.
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    Just wanted to share with all of you who have followed this thread that my Billy Panther restoration is officially part of EIU!
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    Was able to do a quick one today.
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    Figured I could share some more of these paid requests I've had shelved for some time now.
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