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    I cannot reveal my sources but here is an early picture of the Indianapolis Colts Color Rush Jerseys
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    hey folks, some of you have surely seen a few pieces from this project floating around here or dribbble, twitter, etc. I've made it possible for you to sign up to receive the e-book at this link - you can also learn more about what's in store for the project there, or take a closer look at some of the visuals on Behance here #FootballHistory
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    I completely agree. I've never, ever, ever liked that uniform. Just super gaudy and too much. The only brown and gold Padres uniform I ever liked or thought looked like a decent professional baseball uniform was the inaugural set.
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    Now that the LogOlymiad is wrapping up for this year, with the votes for the final event coming in, I'd like to thank pollux for running such a well organized, and quality event. This is only the second year I've followed the event, but as I've seen it, it has always been run efficiently and fairly. It's a fun event to have been apart of, although without much success from me, but I learned a few things about logo design from seeing the best these boards have to offer. Congrats to OmegaRed for the gold this year, it was well deserved. I think the quality of all of the entries throughout every event stands as a testament to how well the competition is run.
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    If the Senators made red and white versions of this sweater, they'd never have to change uniforms again. I stand by my opinion that this is one of the best uniforms in NHL history, and it should have been the basis for the Senators' first edge set.
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    Please it's just a concept. Not like the NFL will use it anyway. Maybe consider adding actual criticism. I personally love the creativity you have going here. You definitely thought out of the box on this one. I think if you sublimated the stripes like they suggested, your concept would be spot on. Well done for a first time by the way.
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    I'm kind of disappointed the pants dont fade from gold to black.
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    The Mavericks are wearing their green throwbacks tonight, and they look really great. I wish they weren't beating the snot out of the Jazz in them, but I'm still enjoying seeing them on the court nonetheless. Now if they could switch back to blue and green yesterday, that would be great.
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    I'm always amazed but how much people like the bubble font. It seems to me that it is very late 70s/early 80s and would look completely out of place in 2015. If the Padres do bring back the brown, it should be an updated version of the mid-70s jerseys that Willie McCovey wore.
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    The newer logo on a newer hat, but done in that exact style (full panel) would look significantly better than either option presented above
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    I'm guessing the bell shape has to do with the bells in the Spanish missions, which is where the original padres did their work. It's pretty clever.Clever, maybe.. Ugly, definitely.. I like colored panels, but crudely chopping up a normal panel for a poorly conceived semi-bell-ish shape, just to be "clever" is a swing and a miss in my book I'll admit, it looks a lot better when it's not on someone's head. I don't know. I prefer the bell shape. The full panel seems overly big for the Padres.
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    Do you possibly have a .psd version of this template?
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    Not really sure why UnderArmor gets a free pass for this uniform or any of their other special uniforms. UnderArmor has put out just as many hideous looks as Adidas has... but there isn't much hate for them. Guess with the improvements in tv resolution actually having adequate contrast with the numeral/jersey is a thing of the past? I feel bad for the announcers who must be straining to see who players actual are. exactly; they're putting fashion before function here and its something all manufacturers have done. i've always said, there's really not much difference between the big 3. this ND uni is as lame as anything the others have done The "see-through" logo on the helmet bothers me, too. Why even have a logo if it's basically just a thin keyline? Oklahoma State did this recently with their Crystal Meth helmets or whatever icy-nonsense the marketing department cooked up. You could barely tell the Cowboy logo from the negative space of the helmet.
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    Yeesh... No thank you. That anime logo and NASCAR number font are downright awful. Not to mention that the shade of gold on these jerseys looked like something from a bad prom dress when seen in person. I know a lot of people around here really seem to enjoy this jersey, but I don't know too many Sens fans who would support its return.
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    These have all been really solid. Good job with the O's and Nats. I really like Screech. Did you consider using one of the Presidents from their famous races?
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    The Padres' brown jerseys were terrible, as are all coloured jerseys. It was the home uniform which excelled. The wordmark is perfect. And when they changed the uniform from pullover/beltless to buttondown/belts, the team achieved the look which will forever define it: (It is ironic that the wacky expansion Padres look more dignified there than the venerable stodgy Tigers, still stuck in the silly pullover jerseys and beltless pants.) This uniform at home, with a grey version on the road, would be ideal.
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    Not my work, not sure who the original source is: https://goo.gl/photos/po3gKXvEMNsYCyEb8
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    Would someone be kind enough to Photoshop black socks on the Panthers and navy blue socks on the Cowboys please?
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    this logo is an improvement in the sense that it's bolder, cleaner lines simplify the logo and make it much easier to reproduce and to do it in a more consistent fashion. it's a logo that just about anyone can draw, which is good. it's a bit lifeless though. i think it would have been best to round off those sharp points and go for a "friendlier" look - it kind of seems a bit too close to evil, but really it's just following the status-quo of sports logos. as a few have pointed out the real heartbreaker here is the gray shadowing. it's using this "flat-shading" technique without really understanding what makes that work, or how to use it properly. a master of that half face flat shading is Tom Whalen, and as you can see in his work, he doesn't use it to be lazy. his shadows actually curve somewhat and provide a sense of form and depth. he would never have done that straight line up through the hair.
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    You know, I'm starting to see these and imagine this is going on in the Nike workroom:
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    The Cowboys jerseys seem to be a custom template, not what Nike has been supplying for the NFL the last few seasons. As for tonight's game, I was honestly surprised how it looked on TV. The monochrome crap aside, the gold vs blue looked great. The sweatboxes truly ruined anything more so than the designs themselves (again, monochrome aside). I've said the Jags are a few tweaks away from having a decent look. Nothing will compare to the original uniforms we had, but in a vacuum, I don't think the general idea of the current uniforms are all that bad. I despise the lack of teal, and think it would've balanced out all the gold quite well. It's truly a shame that these games could look pretty decent if only they changed out the socks. Navy socks for Tennessee and black socks for Jacksonville, and this really isn't that bad a looking game. Of course, in an ideal world, none of this would exist. But the NFL wants something different. If we're truly stuck with the same colored shirts and pants, contrasting socks will go a really long way here.
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    In a pick up game perhaps, but in pro ball you need a uniform, and basketball uniforms do no have sleeves, 60+ years of history tell us that. I get that sleeves are untraditional. And, as I have said before, I admit that I am being inconsistent when like the sleeves in basketball but I trot out the "it's that way because it's that way" argument defending stirrups in baseball. All I can say is that, to me, sleeved jerseys still look like uniforms that are appropriate for basketball. Nonsense. Lebron made a big show of ripping the sleeves a couple of weeks ago. But there's no way that the sleeves actually inhibit the players' movement. Tennis players have no problem with sleeves. Tennis players don't have biceps / triceps the size of many basketball players. Poor comparison.
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    So as expected Cowboys-Panthers is going to be comfortably the best looking of these games. Although that is very much a 'tallest midget'/'prettiest Denny's waitress' scenario.
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    Yeah, we had this conversation back in 1994.
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    Colour blind watching Bills-Jets last week: WTF? I can't tell who's who... Colour blind watching Titans-Jaguars this week: AHHHHHHHH! MY EYES!
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    Congrats to OmegaRed for locking up the top spot in the Logolympiad already!
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    Looking forward to "GAZPROM" on the sidelines.
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    I didn't ban you. The mod team did. Meaning six other rational people agreed with my assessment that you were a jerk who needed to be kicked to the curb. I'm flattered you think so highly of me though. Also?
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    ^^^ potential post for "Unpopular Opinions" thread?Yeah I'll say. Those jerseys were awful. Too classy and professional looking. Looks too much like a baseball uniform. These were so much better: Those above (brown) were definitely one of the best. It was Padres through and through. I know many outside the region don't care for them but that's ok. The team is San Diego's not the rest of the nation's. I wish pro leagues in general would embrace a bit more diversity in their looks. For instance, I don't like the Marlins design wise but love that they are unique and seem very Miami in my mind's eye. The brown, yellow, orange were uniquely San Diego and that's been thrown away.
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    I gotta disagree the lady liberty is one of the best alts ever. It didn't just take what they wear now and make minor tweaks to it like their current uninspiring alt, it was something completely different, and it worked well with their regular set. Besides who the hell needs a vintage alt uniform if their current set is pretty much what they've worn since the 30's. If you're gonna put out an alt make it different and do it right, they had it right.
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    Colors work fairly well for a team called the "Stealth," dark and subdued. But the logo's execution just seems...off. The script doesn't stand out at all against the "S," and the "Baseball Club" font is much too basic. SEEMS off? It's horrible. It's completely off. Most likely made in Paint.
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    It's his concept. He can add or takeaway whatever he wants.
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    In light of tonights game, anyone else remember this?
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    The "1973" Pepsi logo in that infographic is my favorite. I wish it was still used today.
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    Horrible Mighty Ducks - Kings mashup. Absolutely horrible.
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    My favorite, the Binghamton Whalers:
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