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    I really don't understand why so many people dislike the job he has done. I think he needs a lengthy contract extension for the A+ job he has done. We'll put you in the chipper next.
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    I really hate these Notre Dame "Shamrock Series" games. How are they going to have a home game against Boston College at Fenway Park? They're even using the Red Sox font in their end zones. Enough already, Irish.
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    My original post got magically eaten by the garbage internet here, so I'll try to recap. I'm currently deployed to Afghanistan, and I wanted to recreate the NCAA Division I as if it were in Afghanistan. Where teams would play FCS schools, they are replaced by teams made up of troops deployed here.
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    A new font website called Hype for Type is offering a download with 30 free fonts. You might find them useful! Here: https://hypefortype.wishpond.com/30-free-fonts/ I downloaded today and can confirm it is real, there are no viruses, and most of the fonts are top quality.
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    The piping was fixed in a patch last year. And the helmet logo was moved higher up the shell (it was way too low in these screenshots). But pretty embarrassing nonetheless. The jerseys in reality should have none of that striping at all!
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    Panthers: My favorite of the three, just work on the neck like you said, maybe have the bottom curve up instead of down, and simplify your highlights Vikings: This one is good other than the eye, just move it down some and work on the shape and you have a great improvement. Cardinals: You're almost there, just work on the eye to make it a little more aggressive than in your second edit. Good work so far, excited to see more!
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    The Stars are 17-4 ... and yet, two of those losses were to the Maple Leafs...
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    In retrospect, I would've enjoyed Tampa-Anaheim more than Chicago-Tampa last year, because Tampa would've won in the first matchup.
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    Thank you, however, I don't see the comparison with the pitbull and muppet. Nope Nope. I honestly can't see any resemblance. Now, if you'd like to tell me how you think the logos could be improved, I'd be fine with that.
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    The Cardinals is the only logo that you have improved at all. The panther looks like a pitbull and the viking looks like something from the muppets.
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    This scumbag needs to be beaten within an inch of his worthless life.
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    So Winston has 5 TD's on the day. This is what it feels like to have a franchise QB.
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    This is the most offensive thing yet
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    The SWAC title game is actually on December 5th. Next week is the Bayou Classic between Southern and Grambling. Anyway, FCS bracket time! 10 auto bids and 14 at-larges... so, let's get this done. First, the national seeds: 1. Jacksonville State 2. Illinois State 3. North Dakota State 4. McNeese State 5. James Madison 6. Portland State 7. Richmond 8. Charleston Southern 1st Round: -Chattanooga vs. Fordham (Winner gets Jacksonville State) -Coastal Carolina vs. The Citadel (Winner gets Charleston Southern) -New Hampshire vs. Colgate (Winner gets James Madison) -Sam Houston State vs. Southern Utah (Winner gets McNeese State) -Montana vs. South Dakota State (Winner gets North Dakota State) -Northern Iowa vs. Eastern Illinois (Winner gets Portland State) -William and Mary vs. Duquesne (Winner gets Richmond) -Dayton vs. Western Illinois (Winner gets Illinois State)
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    Also, scored all 29 of these as a lot off Craigslist (then somehow got another Blackhawks jersey and a Devils jersey at Goodwill for $3 each. Pretty good week!)
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    I've loved everyone of these and somehow the newest one keeps becoming the best. Great thread, keep it up!
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    Whoa, didn't realize this was a Safe Space. I don't think we hit 283 pages by just having people scream into the void unchallenged.
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    I like the Jags gold jersey more than the teal uniforms and should wear it more often (but not full monochrome)
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    While I don't think that this image is an indicator for upcoming changes, it does reinforce the belief that the Nationals' road uniforms would look better with the red cap. As for the blue cap, it probably should be limited to the blue alternate, so that it stays in the rotation.
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    Harvard / Yale right now. i love this uniform matchup
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    Now that the LogOlymiad is wrapping up for this year, with the votes for the final event coming in, I'd like to thank pollux for running such a well organized, and quality event. This is only the second year I've followed the event, but as I've seen it, it has always been run efficiently and fairly. It's a fun event to have been apart of, although without much success from me, but I learned a few things about logo design from seeing the best these boards have to offer. Congrats to OmegaRed for the gold this year, it was well deserved. I think the quality of all of the entries throughout every event stands as a testament to how well the competition is run.
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    Thanks for the comments! BALTIMORE ORIOLES-WASHINGTON NATIONALS I'm kind of bending the rules with this one, seeing as how the Orioles and Nationals technically don’t play in the same state. But I had a really cool idea for what to do with the Orioles and wanted to get it down on paper. The "B" from the Orioles' 'Baltimore' script becomes the primary logo on the cap and jersey. Lots of orange with black relegated to a trim color. For the Nats, I decided to emphasize navy over red and use the "Nationals" script from that unused home jersey prototype. In case you were wondering what the cap logo is, it's Screech, the Nationals' cap-wearing bald eagle mascot. I'm pretty happy with how this set turned out. C&C appreciated!
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    No feedback for the Florida teams, so I'll move onto Texas. TEXAS RANGERS-HOUSTON ASTROS I knew from the start that I wanted to make a tequila sunrise jersey for the Rangers. However, I had to take some artistic liberty with the colors because, at least to my knowledge, the Rangers have never worn navy. The star on the front of the jersey is a sheriff's badge with rounded tips. I deliberated between making the cap blue or red but ultimately decided blue would look better. The Houston set is pretty basic, essentially the Rangers current home set with Astros colors. I threw on the Astros' old 4/5 star logo in place of a front number. C&C appreciated.
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    The SEC would fully expect B1G teams to roll into Tuscaloosa, College Station, or Red Stick when it's damn near triple digits in both temperature and humidity but the instant they traveled north in a cold weather game and lost, they'd bitch to no end.
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    So if you didn't know, UMass is the Minutemen. Their seal is a school-colored version of the seal of Massachusetts, which features a Native American. What do you guys think? Yeah, of course Charlotte Kelly. You're 100% right. I'd fully support a name change away from the Minutemen. I mean if we have a mascot that's just a white guy, what message are we sending? Our symbol needs to reflect the diversity of our school and our species. I present to you the UMass human being:
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    PITTSBURGH PIRATES-PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES My Pirates concept is based on the Phillies’ racing stripe uniforms from the ‘70s-80s. I ditched the front numbers because they cluttered up the look too much. For the Phillies, the only requirements I gave myself were a vest and pillbox cap. I wanted to come up with something they could still feasibly wear today and decided to go back to the old burgundy & powder blue color scheme. C&C appreciated.
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    Patience is my specialty, I'm a fan of the Phillies I got no choice but to be patient
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    I agree, but BMA said "a week" 12 days ago. (it's fine, BMA, we understand) TVIXX, and myself, frankly want to know if there is any update. He is not being impatient, just wanting a check-in. I would do a X award for best concepts in each sport. Not as glamours but something nice to have as a award ...after seeing you gripe in the Logolympics thread for an "I VOTED" medal that's IN YOUR SIGNATURE RIGHT NOW, I think you just want to see more badges in people's signatures. Thing is: logos are still logos, regardless of sport. Having a best concept per sport would be a bear, seeing how many different concepts get posted for different sports daily - not to mention the concepts for fictional sports like Yakball and the Reflex League (nothing against it!). Football, Basketball, Baseball, Racing, Quidditch, Pro sports, College Sports, Minor League Sports...it would be like a participation award if you expand it for each sport category, and you run the risk of "offending" someone for not including their obscure sport as it's own category.
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