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    Off topic but tell me this isn't a kick-ass photo.
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    That was about the most topsy-turvy day of NFL football I can remember. We need the Steelers out of the playoffs. The NFL is better when they're not playing in January. This is a fact. Go Jets, go Chiefs.
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    Over the last couple months, I have played around with creating silhouette wallpapers, mostly for me. One of them was a birthday gift for a family member, but they were mostly just for me. I create them by taking a photo, and tracing the outline, creating a silhouette. I started with just minor details, but for some of them, I went a little far with the detail. I've added quotes to some of them as well, just for the sake of making a cool wallpaper I would use. I decided to share them to see what people think of them. This was the birthday gift for a family member. I took out the name for the sake of privacy. This is the first wallpaper I created. My favourite NHL player as well. I chose this quote from Russell Wilson because I'm a Christian. Like I said before, I created it for my use. This is the captain from my local Junior A hockey team, the Steinbach Pistons. This is also from the Steinbach Pistons. The silhouette is the head coach, Paul Dyck, who is from my hometown. He was drafted into the NHL as well. The motto is what is in their dressing room. This is pretty self explanatory. And the last of these, is one I created for a radio and tv show in Toronto, Leafs Lunch. I made this purely for the sake of experimenting with silhouettes of non-athletes. If people like these, I MIGHT take requests, but I probably won't get to them too quickly. I don't do this for a job, it's just something I do in my spare time. Any C&C is appreciated.
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    Below is a logo I have been working on for the Arizona Cardinals. The goal was to update their current logo into a more modern identity through a 'refresh' rather than a total revamp. I will be adding more at a later time; just thought I'd get my first idea out there. Let me know what you guys think!
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    If Washington makes the SB, I might quit the NFL.
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    Super Bowl 50 Arizona Cardinals vs. NOT THE PATRIOTS would be a good game
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    This is a winner, as always. Theres a T and a M shape here. Donno if chew could add a sort of L somewhere.
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    I've always disliked the gray spelling.. Grey seems so much more correct to me..
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    dude do you even look at the posts
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    With the exception of their logo i agree.
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    pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffftYou think this is a failure of ownership? that they've been sitting here getting fat on central revenue with a bare-bones operation and just decided to stop that train? I think it's pretty clear that the NBA stepped in to stop a cornerstone franchise from clowning the NBA economic system any further. The Knicks and Lakers may suck, but they mean well. The Sixers weren't clowning anything. Hinkie has an approach that can work only in the long term; the intervening bad seasons are part of the process. Hinkie's plan sure is unorthodox. But, by hiring him and empowering him to implement that plan, the team's ownership is obligated to let him see it through. Hamstringing him mid-way is a betrayal. Like admiral said, this was Adam Silver calling up the owner and being all like "bro - you gotta stop this crap. Now" and Joshua Harris was all like "what you want me to do now though" and Silver be all like "just chill those *s out and wait for the wolf (colangelo) who will be coming directly" and Harris be all "Colangelo? Poop, negro - that's all you had to say!" You're right though - they should have waited until the offseason. The worst thing would be to start 1-30 and then get just better enough to cost themselves the top pick. The thing with this "process" though is that there's no end in sight. Hinki wanted a 5-7 year extension because he said at one point that's how long it could take. That makes no sense, because the guys they're picking up early on in "the process" won't be around by then. I'd give it one more season, see if they can get the guy from LSU and have him with Noel, Embiid if he can ever walk again, and Okafor if he doesn't end up with bullets in his brainless dome. Whether they get the kid or not, they simply have to switch gears after this year or the team might as well move (which honestly I think could be part of the plan anyway). These owners aren't committed to the city or team at all and also own the now-vacant prudential center. True they are building team offices in Camden NJ which would counter the speculation that they want to move to north jersey, but I wouldn't rule anything out.
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    For everyone that complains about the Stars being a knock off of the Rangers and Hawks, I don't see too many people complaining when most of the league looked like this: The penguins alone shared the same template as the Redwings white jersey. Everyone else it was either solid color or white jersey with sleeve stripes/hem stripe or solid color jersey/sleeve stripes/hem stripes and white jersey with yolk/sleeve stripes/hem stripes. For the record when I had NHL 2001 for the PC, I modded the game to have all these jersey types as the default sets.
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    Don't worry about it. Rush SUCKS. Come me at me, Canada.
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    Well, besides the infamous dust up he had during the Rose Bowl last year, I'd say you're about the first person I've seen who took that impression of Winston's behavior. Most people, myself included, eat that stuff up.
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    I don't like the navy blue shoulders touching the red base with no separation, but it's fine enough, I guess. I'm not excited for the Airborne Habs. UNPOPULAR OPINION: the original Panthers sweaters were pretty overrated. They're basically a palette swap of the Penguins' sweaters from the same time period, and those weren't that good, either.
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    I like the primary logo, but the uniforms are not working for me at all. Especially those weird stripes on the shoulders.
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    sure, heres my attempt. (yea i changed the leaf and added a new element, chew on that hockey nerds!)
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    Here's Philly. Sketches: 2020 Throwback I went back and looked at my previous Eagles redesigns and wondered how drunk I had to have been when I made them. If you want to see look here and here. I can get behind double blue or double green, but not double grey. Anyways. I was looking through the Eagles uni history and the I liked the uniforms from '74 to '84. The striping was unique, but in no way plausible for the sleeves football players wear nowadays. So I slightly tweaked it and came up with what you see. Black is gone. Kelly green helmets, wings on sides as per usualJerseys have unique striping pattern, no frillsPants have a shortened triple stripe, Eagle on the hip (it looks clustered because it is. The mach speed pants don't handle hip logos well).Green socks, white shoesThrowbacks Throwbacks come straight outta 1948, the year the Eagles won the NFL . C and C welcome.
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    The Cleveland Browns were not named after a color, but after Paul Brown. There is no need for their helmet to be brown. Also, yes, we know poop is brown. The joke has been made thousands of times before. Thank you.
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    Best unused uniform ever? I think so.
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