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    My original Broncos logo thread is locked so I thought I'd just post it here since it's related & my concept was referenced here. Was watching the game last night & just so happened to see my concept make an appearance during the game. I thought it was kinda neat to see & figured I'd share it with you.
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    I call myself an idiot like once a day on this board and no one lines up to jerk me off for it.
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    First of all let me say that I'm pretty much exactly as invested in this place as I want to be. No more, no less. I like having the ability to fade out without having anyone notice or pump my posts to 2-3 a day if I choose. If people are really that interested in who I am and what I do, I'm more than happy to answer any questions people may have for me in PM's, but I'm not going to just lay out everything I do and every opinion I have on the internet for all to see. Unlike some that do I do not believe I am expert on everything. Its also never been a goal of mine to be the most frequent or most influential poster on this board and it never will be. My goal right now in terms of internet sports talk is to have my own website started by the end of 2016. I want to do it right though and have a enough time to actually make it something people would want to see and visit which is why I haven't just gone ahead and done it. I know plenty of people that tried and within a month had completely given up, mainly because they had no clue about how much time you needed to invest in order to actually make it work. After a picking out a good domain name, coming up with a web design, making the right connections so that it would get a decent amount of attention out of the gate and building up content, I think I'm further ahead to having something solid than I was nine months ago. I'm also aware of the seriousness or lack thereof with this board, which is why you only see a glimpse the research I do in the time when I'm not on this board. I've given talks that were attended by college professors. The fantasy baseball league I'm in has been featured on the MLB Network. I've been paid to pen my opinion to paper on more than one occasion. When I say I'm not worried at all about how I'm viewed here, that's why. Anything I have that I think is really impressive hasn't seen the light of day here. This place is basically my test kitchen. I like to throw ideas out there and see how well they play. If I make a post and one of the sentences or paragraphs seems a little off from the others, that's probably what it is. If I get feedback from it great, if not I simply try to get opinions through another outlet. The work I do is constantly being revaluated and revised and posts made on this board by both myself and others have played a role in that process. I think my main goal here is to push that type of interest in research because its dying. I hate walking into a room and being the youngest person there by over 20 years, but what I hate even more is being told that if I had shown up 30 years ago, the room would have been less crowded, but the median age would have been a lot closer to mine. If I can even get one or two solid people from that turn out to be solid researchers who otherwise wouldn't have done it at all, I will think of it as time being very well spent. I'm not worried about it dying off completely just yet. There's still enough people out there like myself to ensure that it won't happen, but its definitely in danger. People still care about sports and researching stats, but its all for fantasy now. If all people want to do with their knowledge is make some side money and talk smack to friends, I'm not going stop them. I just wish more people had bigger and better things in mind than spending six plus hours a week in an effort to win $300 and bragging rights. I'm sure the man running this site would agree and its not to say that nobody here doesn't try to go further than being the best fantasy player in their league. Tank started his own website, Infra has his own podcast, I still like checking out what people do in the concept thread from time to time. I just wish there were more people my own age with that same kind of passion instead of just trying to figure out how to make a quick buck, so I can stop feeling so lonely at these research talks if nothing else.
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    Shane Doan had an actual hat trick, as opposed to a "Shane Doan hat trick," which is when you have a goal, an elbowing penalty, and threaten to retire if you can't play in Phoenix. But hey, he tied Ducky for most Winniphoenix franchise goals, and it only took him 708 more games.
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    I was drinking and offer my apologies. Sometimes my passion for hockey aesthetics gets the better of me and while what Ice Cap said rubbed me the wrong way, I can see why my comment crossed the line of what's acceptable on these boards. I will try and channel my passion in a more constructive and less insulting way.
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    I made this after seeing one for the nation, but felt it undersold my great state. I just wanted a poster so bad, and now you can have one too.
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    Now if he can admit that fluoride isn't a Communist plot, we'll be somewhere!
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    Apologies accepted. For someone who is as proud and passionate as you are, it takes a big person to accept accountability, especially on a forum board. (**) (**) And your hand-drawn NHL jersey concepts are second to none.
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    A rare octuple post. Wow, Griffinmarlins. This thread is going to make me pay much closer attention to facemasks this weekend. As if I didn't already notice too many minute details. This place, man. (I love it.)
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    I'm terribly torn on Ottawa. I like the heritage stuff and love the link to the old Senators. I'm totally fine with a team honoring their city's history in that sport in whatever way they want. But dang it, the 90's Senators wore one of my favorite sets in hockey history and I've wanted them to just go back to 'em really bad. And burn anything featuring the frontal-profile Senator, because that never, ever graced a good uniform. I guess I'll just file Ottawa under "wear whatever so long as it looks awesome" in the 'ol file cabinet and let it play out.
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    Another gem from the Blue Jackets. I really like this one:
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    You mean like the last 3 pages? lol
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    It's only a shame we don't see concepts of this caliber very often. I especially like how your template brings out the color aspect of each design.
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    Outstanding job on MSU. That helmet works with the jersey well.
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    For a championship vs Clemson, a white helmet would look good with white jerseys.
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    Having the Rams there creates jobs. You know, in the wrestling sense.
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    Self-Important Twats And Also Nebraska
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    I'm thinking they would go all red, since they're already had silver jerseys. I don't think they've ever had red jerseys with their current look. I'm sure they could plug it as "a nod to the past". EDIT: Just googling around, I found this mock up someone posted on reddit for what a red jersey in their current look would look like:
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    I feel like this was and always will be the best the Hawks ever looked (logo and uniforms) by a long shot, but poor teams didn't help its' case much.
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    I think this is what sticks in my craw more than anything, this fetishization of education and intelligence as cornerstones of infallibility. Fetishisation? Infallibility? Those are some impressive leaps that you've taken there. Education and intelligence provide neither a guarantee of success nor an immunity from criticism. Still, these qualities in someone do make for very good reasons for putting confidence in that person. I'll make that bet every time. It's good for the Sabres that their turnaround took place so rapidly. But Hinkie never promised such a quick result to his bosses at the Sixers. And they hired him anyway, knowing that they were signing up for a multi-year project. We're only in year three of the Hinkie programme. It is just too early to render judgement. If, after three more years, the Sixers still haven't seen any benefit, then it would be reasonable to think about pulling the plug. But, as of now, it is important to realise that what we are seeing is part of the plan, and that this is precisely what the team signed up for when they hired him.
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    Not as much the logo as the whole brand. The San Diego Clippers look, with nautical flags, etc was a well thought out design overall. Sad that the LA Clippers refused to embrace and use it more.
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    seriously I would hire ya to design any roller hockey teams. That's a good look!
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    They did rename it with their logo, although I think it was more serendipity than genius. It's the B1G. Perfect for the shorthand of this era. And they'll be all set when they add two more teams. Seriously though, "Big Ten" is a brand that has more clout than anything new could. They are smart to stick with it.
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    And that kids, is why you shouldn't drink and post.
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    In theory, based on the perspective, the second horn shouldn't be visible... I could see how it might feel empty that way, though. This really is one of the best things I've seen on this site to date, which is saying something!
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    Yes! Xbox users have not had a good new baseball game since 2012 and EA is making The Show DAMMIT!! Ironic you said that, MVP '06 is shipping to my house right now!
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    Memphis going with a new matte black helmets against Auburn in all white
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    Yes Before I scrolled down, I was hoping that this would be your exact response
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    Can teams be done with the "all-in" slogan? Feels like it's been beaten death.
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    Damn, beat me to it. I'm seeing a lot more red in our identity. Red 3 point lines and now red in the endzone. Is this a sign of things to come... ? I doubt it. Nike designed both our new basketball court and this endzone. But they also designed new uniforms for football, MBB and WBB this year and none of them have red.
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    Well, "Jerry the GM" did a bang up job this year in Valley Ranch, but cannot be fired. Except the Cowboys would have made the playoffs this year had Romo never gotten hurt. Even the biggest Cowboy's hater would have to concede that. Teams with just 11 takeaways don't make the playoffs.They never had the secondary this season to compete after Scandrick tore his ACL. Garrett/Jones and company got fat on their own perceived greatness and didn't make any improvements at all. Rb committees rarely work. The QB is old and more shallow than a Justin Beiber song. The only redeeming quality about this team is the offensive line and they got the team Mvp destroyed. Would they have made the playoffs? Eh...Maybe. Losing your top two playmakers on offense isn't easy to come back from, but this team got exposed. I could make a case for changes to be made at every skill position on this team besides kicker. To paraphrase Dennis green, "we are who THEY thought we were, and didn't get left off the hook".
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    Kevin Weekes on NHL Network can't talk enough about how Shane Doan is one of the greatest statesmen and examples of leadership in the game today. A petulant with a knack for dirty play whose crowning achievements before tonight came courtesy of longevity and inertia - that's who the face of the NHL should be. Meanwhile, PK Subban gives $10 million to a children's hospital while excelling at his position and having an actual personality, but his game's just a little too... oh, you know.
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    Bring back MVP Baseball. DO IT.
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    Jeff Lurie interviewed players prior to making final decision. They didn't speak highly of Kelly. Demarco Murray went to Lurie and said that he didn't have any confidence in Kelly's ability as coach. Players said repeatedly that other teams knew what plays were coming because Kelly only had a few, and the whole gimmick was the tempo. Take that away and everyone knew what was coming. He's getting the front and back of the paper: Also... Holy Poop - NSFWx1000
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    Remove the excess shiny material from the crest, fix-up the weird pointy hemline, and make a black version and those should be the new Penguins H&R uniforms...
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    I've often wondered - what about the voice of Geddy Lee? How did it get so high? I wonder if he speaks like an ordinary guy?
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    Pretty much same one I used, except on the hat I have there are two different tones for the leaf, like this. Idk, I thought it had potential. edit: perhaps we can compromise pretty f@#$in' happy with this one
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    PORTLAND BEAVERS I don't remember when I saw it or who did it, but I recall someone here creating a beaver logo that was positioned to look like a letter B. I thought that was cool, so I came up with one of my own. His tail is decorated with hypocycloids, a symbol of Portland, which also appears throughout the uniform. Almost got it done. Brooklyn Blue Sox are next.
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    Me neither. I've seen so many great jersey concepts they could work with but nope, they continue to dress like it is still 2007, though I hear they are getting new uniforms when Adidas takes over but so far, as far as I know, it is just a rumor for now. You don't even know what the word "strawman" [sic] means. You just throw it around anytime one of your arguments gets debunked. If you did or had any self awareness, you'd realize that you are the king of sham arguments set up to fail... You just go out of your way to provide excuses as to why every NHL team should look as boring and contrived as possible. The Senators can't use the updated, forward facing, centurion because it isn't 100% historically accurate yet the Avalanche should adopt a recoloured Rockies logo that doesn't even depict an avalanche because "aesthetics." The Senators argument brings out the worst in people? Maybe it brings out some passion for people who actually care about sports aesthetics. People who don't blindly bow to the prevalent and ridiculous notion that the older a design is, the better it looks. Morgo, the problem isn't that Ice_Cap creates sham arguments set up to fail. The problem is that a lot of times, you come on these threads and shove your personal views down our throats like you're some graphic design messiah sent down from the heavens. We all have our own opinions on what teams should like and what makes a good jersey. It's clear that your views a lot of times are very different from most of our views and there's nothing wrong with that. In my personal opinion, there's nothing wrong with having different views, however, once someone starts to act like their views are superior to the views of others, and starts to get aggressive and put others down because their own views are different from yours, as far as I'm concerned, I think you are crossing the line.
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    Great work so far. Will you be doing a non-Egg Bowl uniform for Mississippi State?
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    You are truly amazing. Brilliant work, I commend you for it. One thing for the chin, that edge is a bit too point for me, just the edge. Other than that, this is just stunning.
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    Here's a quick and dirty fix to some of the issues people are still having, namely the chin/jaw and mustache.
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    I gotta go with this: While I like their current look more, as well as the royal/yellow color scheme, this really was a great identity. It's a pity that the Warriors did so little while wearing it.
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    It's a shame that the Kings' most beautiful uniforms are associated with some of the worst years in team history, while the most successful years are associated with the blandest uniforms.
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    Maybe they think if they change, Peyton will win them two super bowls.
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