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    Spoiler Alert -- The Rams move to L.A.
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    "Hey this unfinished house looks terrible!"
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    Threw together a quick revamp of their primary -- would make for a semi-decent placeholder til Inglewood 2019.
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    I like that you've finally changed the size of the header logo. That's always bugged me a bit. The resizing is a bold move design wise, but I think it really helps your brand to stand out from the background a bit better. It's also fitting considering the Canadian influence we have here. It's a nice nod to the original Toronto Raptors jerseys.
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    Took a stab at a couple wordmark ideas Changed the R so it doesn't look so much like a K that grew out a fingernail.
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    here is Ford Field in Detroit Ford Field 2015 Season
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    It's pretty good but still vastly inferior to the inaugural look
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    Not huge on not being able to see members' join dates below their profile. Really helped to tip us off to who the noobs were. EDIT: Notifications are a bad, bad thing. EDIT EDIT: Okay, seriously, we're not allowed to turn them off? We can get John Scott into the All-Star game (TWICE) and can't turn off notifications when our posts get liked?
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    Bills hire the first full time female coach in NFL history. Kathryn Smith will be the team's special teams quality control coach.
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    The clown is down. The clown is down. The joke was already successful by the time the NHL announced him as the Pacific captain. Orchestrating a trade in an attempt to get him out of the all-star game just made it worse, not better for the NHL. They're so afraid of having John Scott in the game, they'll get him traded even though it's fairly obvious he's not worth trading anything for (already been on waivers a couple of times this year IIRC). They didn't feel like doing anything to prevent this from happening, though.
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    Super Bowl XLVIII: Super Bowl XXXIII: Super Bowl XXXII: Super Bowl XXIV: Super Bowl XXII: Super Bowl XX: Super Bowl XII: So the Broncos are: 0-4 in Orange. 1-1 in White. With the Super Bowl XX white jersey being my all time favorite Broncos jersey. 1-0 in Blue.
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    Well... there is a pretty good chance that happens. But not until the mid 80's '85 sounds good. Also, it would be interesting to see the TV channels in the States cover this league should the US league of the SFL universe go on a strike similar to the NFL's 1982 strike.
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    For some reason I still like the Helvetica for the Rams (probably because that's what I associate with the LA Rams). I think it could be used with their current R as mesh until a full new identity is created.
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    I think Goth would say, "They still need stadiums for the Raiders and maybe Chargers, so they have to keep the London charade up." However, at this point I don't think it's a charade. I think the owners are dumb and Goddell has such a hard-on over London that he's planning on making this his calling card on the league. I fully believe that Goddell will go to absurd, convoluted means to give London an albatross team that it won't care about.
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    Several times I've loaded up my virtual Fanatics shopping cart only to bail on the entire purchase once I see the shipping rate to Canada.
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    Joakim Noah. I absolutely hated him when he was with Florida. He was one of those guys you just wanted to punch in the face. I shrugged when the Bulls drafted him - not only because I thought he was a jag-off, but because at the time everybody thought he would be a horrible pro player. Anyway, not only has he developed into one of the better centers in the league when healthy, but he's a team leader and a guy who would run through walls to win. I'm glad the Bulls got him.
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    Trying to get an official word on the authentic jersey disappearance, will let you know
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    Oh no, this is AWFUL. The MLB online shop was literally the ONLY place to get some of the special event caps without having to pay through the nose in shipping fees. No chance that Fanatics is going to change their enormous and convoluted system to integrate that kind of specialized stock. Fanatics is basically like an online-only version of Lids, but much MUCH worse. Hat/jersey collectors just got boned pretty hard by this move.
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    Done. Kinda outta context, though...
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    No, I'm pretty sure that was the motivation: people don't like the All-Star Game, people like John Scott even less, the object was to vote the least talented NHLer into an exhibition that wastes everyone's time. (Ask yourself: do you like the All-Star Game? Do you like John Scott? I think this stunt was stupid and I would still answer 'no' to both.) People were out to clown the NHL because clowning the NHL is fun. Just don't act surprised when the NHL doesn't let itself be clowned. You catch Brian McGrattan getting ktfo in a Gulls game last night? Tough luck; if he had stayed in the show, maybe everyone would have hated him enough to vote him into the All-Star Game.
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    Holy Kershaw! This is crazy. I can't explain this either...the way it was before was good. Why does my online shopping need "A Fanatics experience"?
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    Thanks! Do you think the Indiana state should stay in the icon exclusively? As in - should I remove it from the wordmark? Personally I'd take it out. It's strong enough with the checkered flag, you don't need any other elements. You could incorporate the state shape into some sort of alternate though.
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    We'll probably look into this too, for now the join date appears if you hover over their avatar
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    ch ch ch changes (Turn and face the strange)
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    Founded in 1985, the San Diego Servicemen have always been competitive. In 1986 they made the championship series and lost in 7 games to the Hitters, in what will go down as one of the greatest games in league history. Owner Frank Lynn III started the franchise after 25 years in the automotive industry, and wanted to pay homage to his Army roots growing up as an Army son. He named the team "Servicemen" and in 1991 had the team logos redesigned (they were previously simple block letters spelling out "SD") to pay tribute to those on the front lines. The team has since had trouble making it back to the championship series, but staying a top the division has never been an issue.
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    Try watching Disney's Hercules for some guidance on the beard and hair
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    Then the admiral showed up...
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    Can we also get some kind of shading between posts? Even with signatures it's hard to tell where one begins and the other ends.
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    After much demand, here are the Orioles in orange and the Blue Jays in powder blue: One thing I wasn't sure of was whether the O's should have the white front-paneled cap and the Jays should have a solid blue cap. C&C appreciated!
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    Alright this new update is a bit confusing but here's the update of Le Mans' jerseys and two new stadiums (AFLV and Le Mans).
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    Sigh, you removed the "back to the top of the page" button again. That is seriously a HUGELY underrated feature and it's always annoying as hell when the boards doesn't have it.
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    It feels like I came home from college for summer break and mom's completely redecorated my room and took all my posters down.
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    I wasn't allowed on here for a short bit, and then out of nowhere I see this place has been updated. Is this a common occurrence here? I honestly am not liking the new layout at all. It feels like the site is trying to do what all other platforms are doing in simplifying things. Here's a screenshot of what I'm now seeing:
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    Goodell then revealed his CCSLC membership by adding that the stadium should not only be iconic but also pop and "scream Los Angeles."
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    Because an extra $100M can be given to teams, once they request it. Not cities, but teams. That's really clear in Goodell's letter to Peacock. If the Raiders and/or Chargers want it now, they can ask for it and will get it. If the Rams had wanted it, they could have put in the request. But by then the Rams had seen enough, and the city itself can't even ask for it under the rules, much less count on it. As for the rest, I'm sorry. I'm incredibly frustrated by the process, and want to hash out a post-mortem. But this isn't the time for it, and I'm sorry for being insensitive. But, that's a little misleading. If the NFL TEAM in St. Louis wanted to negotiate a deal to stay in St. Louis the TEAM could accept St. Louis' deal and request the TEAM's $100 million stadium subsidy the NFL is handing out. The problem I have with this, is that you're basically admitting the Rams had no intention of staying if they felt the city's deal was insufficient but weren't willing to request the $100 million that apparently was on the table for the taking. Look at it this way: The Rams made their pitch, the city made their pitch, and their agreement on funding the stadium was $100 million off from each others. So when it came time to present their final offers, the city basically assumed, if not banked on, the team/NFL on making up that gap. The city rubbed the NFL and the Rams the wrong way when they included the $100 million as being on the Rams/NFL side of things after being told it was no guarantee they could get that. The reason why Gothamite uses "blackmail" is because the city didn't want to look like the bad guy or the entity that didn't do enough in negotiating. When the city made it's final offer, they were daring the NFL/Rams to take on extra funding they didn't agree to. If the Rams/NFL didn't agree to it, the city was banking on the Chargers having enough pull to prevent the Rams from moving and going back to the bargaining table. Or, the city was hoping the NFL would be firm on their regulations on "the process of relocation". The city was trying to force the Rams/NFL's hand. Let's not forget what this G4 money is....it's not gift money. It's a loan from the NFL. It's money that has to be paid back. Had the Rams agreed to that last deal, the team would be responsible for paying back the entirety of that $300 million loan, plus whatever interest accrues. The city wouldn't have been responsible for any of that $300 million+ loan getting paid back. Couple that with allegedly higher rent the Rams would have been paying and no guarantee that ticket sales will go up in a market where the team's received lukewarm attendance (at best) the last few years...I can see why the Rams wanted no part of that deal. The allure of making more coin in Los Angeles easily trumps the treading water they've been doing in St. Louis. Sure, the Rams are starting at a minus of $2 billion with the stadium project, but they'll make that money back quickly. Especially if a second team becomes a part of the mix.
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    The Rams obviously didn't feel that the extra $100M would turn a mediocre deal into one worth taking. It wouldn't have taken a middle-of-the-road stadium and elevated it to top-tier. Nor would that extra cash have stalled the oncoming lawsuits or kept state legislators from pulling their funding. I think by that point it was indeed too late. St. Louis had lost its chance to keep the team.
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    So where did you hear about the strict rules with WuShock?
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    Here is my Spurs Poster. Also, here are the first two on the list! Spurs West Coast Eagles Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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    I did try to recreate this. I still think it's a very cramped design. It looks nice enough, but yet cluttered. Compare it to this shot of Eric Dickerson below. That design is very free and spacious and the design looks very intentional as a Ram horn. The Nike throwbacks kinda cram everything into a small sleeve cap and the effect just isn't the same. The loops were a compromise to get a similar effect but yet not so cluttered.
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    Still can't believe that adidas managed to mess this uniform up in its current state. They had it right (or as close to right as they can get with the current uniform template and material) as recently as 2014, but then they decided to do this. It's maddening.
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    ...One of the patterns that I played around with was an old "plaid" design from a previous thread. Rather than just a sweater made from plaid material, I tried to work in a pattern of stripes that would suggest plaid... By swapping out the light green for red, and by replacing the bright yellow-gold with a more metallic gold, the sweater takes a Christmas-y vibe for a special-event holiday uni. (The deer gets a "Rudolph nose" as it does on the actual Portland sign)...
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    Georgia black: White Florida helmet (new one is crappy with two different logos and truncated striping): Traditional ND green: Classic Arizona with the stripes...compared to the crap they have now: These GT beauts:
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    That was such a great look. Especially when compared to what SU is wearing these days.
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    Mid 1990's Aggies... Late 90's Mississippi St
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    Not half bad... Boy, that does look great. Really great. I'd be perfectly fine with that.
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