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    Well, Super Bowl 50 is now upon us, and that means the NFL should be releasing their Super Bowl LI logo for Houston in a couple weeks. I figure I would post my design a couple weeks early since Super Bowl fever has officially started. If there is one word to describe my design, it would be “dynamic.” The logo constantly leans forward and has a sort of “moving into the future” style. The giant lone star carries the roman numerals and leads the way as the NFL moves into the future. The colors reflect the colors of the Texas state flag to give it a true Texan feeling, and the large roman numerals are a reminder of the Super Bowl’s “larger than life” mentality. Hope you all enjoy!
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    Looks good. Who's the CHEFS?
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    No. Omitting the AFC logo is the worst of all their mistakes. They are AFC champions. That's why they're in the game. Having the competing conference logos in the endzones has been a thing since, well, since the conferences started.
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    Business Owner Pays For Business Trip
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    Requests now requires 100 posts to view.
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    It seems like Barcelona defeated Juventes in the 2015 Champion's League final just a few weeks ago, but it's already time for the 2016 Round of 16. I've been working on this for over a month, and have all 16 teams completed, along with some more cool additional things (the picture above for example, which you're free to use for whatever your heart desires, while crediting me, and of course not for a profit since I own none of the above graphic). I'll be going in order of this: Before I start with teams, I'll give a few rules. Each team will have a different number font, some the team already uses, others not. Teams are permitted to have either two or three kits. Teams will wear the star/ball logo on one sleeve, and the Respect patch on the other. No more of the trophies indicating championships. Also, stars used by the team to indicate domestic championships/accomplishments will be left off. Teams are also allowed to have either 0, 1 or 2 sponsors (sorry, Gent). Also, huge thanks to Conrad. for the many, many fonts of his I used, and raysox for the awesome template.
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    The genesis of this actually came while I was working on a Hartford Whalers concept at work. I kept trying to play with the W to become a harpoon but I couldn't get the H right. Then I flipped the harpoon and got a trident and the rest as they say is history. The new Primary Logo brings back the Trident modified for a 2016 look. The Gold used is lifted straight from the 1977 Cap Logo, while the new shade of blue is 50% the classic royal blue and 50% the Mariners current shade of blue. The two letter set up for the primary logo got me thinking to have two different caps for home and road (and attached is a concept for the alt cap that uses the classic colors). Naturally S is on the road cap and the Trident-M is on the home. The Script logo is an updated version of the wordmark used from 1977-1979. The font used is called "Ravencroft" which I chose for mix of sharp points and wavy edges the letters (particularly how the middle of the M comes to a point and how the R and N mirror the I grabbed my attention even though playing with the M to make a trident didn't work) And last but not least are the wordmarks for the uniforms which I'm still working on. I adjusted the road grey color to be more blue compared to the current greys which have a green tint to them. There will be at least one alt jersey in royal or powder blue. As always C+C is always welcome and I hope you enjoy this rebrand as much as I did making it! Cap designs, uniforms and MLB Required Roundel Logo coming in due time!
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    Hey guys. So I've had a few topics on here, but those have gone down the drain already, so I've decided to try my luck at an NHL Redesign. As I usually do, I'll start in alphapetical order with Anaheim and Arizona! The first set is the home and away and the second set is the alternate then the throwback. Anaheim Primary Alt/Throwback Arizona Primary Alt/Throwback Anaheim: Used the same sleeve stripe for sleves and added it to torso Used old Mighty Ducks logo but recolored it Throwback is the old Mighty Ducks one Arizona: Used entire coyote as logo Had triangular pattern for stripe, thanks to TrueNorth for the inspiration Alternate logo was a misc. logo that I recolored to their current color scheme Throwback uses old logo and same pattern as home and away
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    I've never been a big fan at all of the templated system that the Super Bowl is now using, and I've long tried to think up ideas for alternative logos ever since the system began. Especially with the Super Bowl turning 50, I wanted to come up with something that I felt was a bit cleaner, more colorful, and right for the occasion. Over the last week especially I've been sketching and cranking out ideas, and finally have something I'd like to show here. I'm still very much a beginner when it comes to designing and have a lot to learn, but feel good about this concept and am eager to hear what you all think about it. I have here the primary logo, as well as some uniform applications; both on a template as well as in action (as best portrayed as I can get with paint.net, that is :P) First, the primary logo. I wanted a simple, classic, straightforward look; so I went with a simple shield-and-banner style, with a few parts that are representative. The front of the banner is a neutral black (to allow the banner ends to stand out), with the red end on the left representing the AFC, and the blue to the right, the NFC. The shield itself is gold, representative of the 50th anniversary, and the three stripes at the end are a nod to the host team (49ers) as a means of being representative to the location: And next, the uniform applications, which are self explainatory: *uniforms courtesy of sportslogos.net I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts, C&C is greatly appreciated! I'm thinking of tinkering around with some stadium decor ideas, but those ideas are still very much in infancy, so I'll be trying to brainstorm and develop those in the meantime. Thanks for viewing!
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    Hello, Allow me to introduce myself first, my name is Matt. I know i've been pretty silent with posting comments, critiques, questions, etc. but I hope to be more vocal, and hope to get some critiques from all of you in hopes that it will help me become a better designer. You have all helped me with designs, and I want to return the favor. So, after months of designing and coming up with many concepts, i'd like to show to you all my concepts for redesigning the NBA. I have included: - New Conference logos - New Playoff and Finals logos - New logos for all 30 NBA teams All NBA logos that I redesigned are originals, except a few you will see are ones where I made alterations that I feel would make the primary marks stronger. I hope that you will take a look and give me any feedback on how I can improve on these designs. I'd love to hear from you on what your Top 5 and Bottom 5 logos are as well. If you have any questions, comments, etc. please shoot me a message. Thanks everyone, Matt My Portfolio work ( If that link doesn't work, you can go to my personal website: mwhstudios.com )
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    They are going back next year. I've already seen a "win tickets to Super Bowl LI" ad somewhere (NFL.com I think). But there is no way they will stick with the current format for a long period of time. Reasoning below ... There is just no way to make 88 look anything other than absurdly funny
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    Appreciate the compliments. I have the next team ready to post. Team #3: Birmingham Stallions I kept this one pretty simple with a stand-alone horse head in a wine and gold color scheme. The logo is outlined in white, as you will see on the uniforms. I also wanted to keep the uniforms pretty simple. The helmet is gold and features the primary logo on both sides. The home jersey is wine with white numerals outlined in gold. The primary logo is also featured on each and sleeve. The road jersey is white with wine numerals outlined in gold. Pants are the the same for both jerseys – part of the conservative look I was going for. I know I just posted a team that has gold in the color scheme, but since Washington has a pair of black pants, clashes of pants would be avoided. My only concern with these uniforms is that the primary logo featured on the sleeve caps may have been the wrong way to go. Maybe a more classic stripe would be better? I'm interested in what everyone has to hear. Home Uniform Road Uniform
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    What will end sooner, this league or John Kasich`s campaign?
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    Picked these up for $2.50 each: (Stitched, men's medium) (Youth medium)
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    A little busy with life right now (in between moving and having to help out with a couple bills), but I'll give you somewhat of an idea as to what the Bay Area logo will look like: Trees, flag, shield, bridge. There are your "hints".
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    That's what they did for SBXXV and it looked really good.
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    I agree, I think it the SB50 logo would look much better at midfield and then two NFL logos at the 25s.
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    That's a sharp looking field.
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    Updated graphic for the field:
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    The one mark that isn't getting enough love in my eyes is the one you've done for Orlando. I'm not a fan of the Magic, but that logo is much better than what they currently use.
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    They actually have released pretty much all logos. Quite a long time ago, in fact.
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    1. Stop trying to make color-on-color a thing in everything. Big NFL Playoff or College Football Playoff games should not be color-on color. 2. Helmet endzones for the Super Bowl were good for the team helmet, but look awful with the conference logo on it. I'd either do the helmet of the team-wordmark-conference logo or the modern norm (well, until this year if it's any indication) of team logo-wordmark-conference logo.
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    I think we'll end up turning it on for big events
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    I walked into that one... So when you look at how much faster and better the players are without sleeves and huge shoulder pads, maybe those elements should be brought back. Maybe weighing players down with those sleeves and big stripes will slow them down enough to mitigate the head-injury problems. Performance uniforms perform TOO well.
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    If Krause could have had today's template, all 81 of those INTs would have been for TD!
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    i love the Phoenix Sun and Toronto Raptors concepts alot, some of them need works though but, the conferences logos are looking alot better and more modern. Good works dude
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    Overall, nice job redesigning all 30 teams. It isn't an easy task I'm sure. It'd be too much to give feedback on each and everyone. The conference logos are an upgrade. The Celtics would look solid on merchandise. The Nets is a step in the right direction. The one that stood out to me as the weakest link is OKC. The colors are not distributed very well, and the fur looks very, very raggedy. The Pelicans, Grizzlies, and Hornets here would also be downgrades in my opinion, but when redesigning a whole league, there's no way to improve upon those logos that are already nearly perfect. That being said, a number of NBA teams could definitely benefit from new logos, and a lot of these are quite clever and outside the box.
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    As of last year, I've pretty much given up on Super Bowl endzones. The Patriots' was an absolute disaster.
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    Navy - dumb No outline - dumb Off-center wordmark - dumb No conference logo - dumb From the greatness of helmet endzones to not even trying.
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    this is better than the average work that comes through the boards here. i think you have some really great ideas and could see quite a few being secondary logos almost right away. Orlando, Utah, and DC stand out to me as the best of the bunch. though there are some slight flaws in some of the execution, i'll assume thats just you being a young designer. you'll iron most of that stuff out as you progress. the only real mistake i see is that the Warriors play in Oakland, not SF right?.
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    You've got some really good marks here - but many of them are more soccer crests. This isnt saying that these are bad, but I feel like you could do better. Denver, in particular, is almost exactly the Colorado MLS teams crest. If you push yourself to do something new and iconic for the "crested" teams, this whole package would be a knockout. I haven't see you around these board before - but if you keep bringin quality and presentation like this? You won't have that problem for much longer from anybody. Great work.
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    Love the new cap. That's how the Brewers should look. But, the space between the W and A in the jersey with the yellow background is bothering me to no end. It looks really really sloppy.
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    Wow, this is fantastic! Could you try the Supersonics maybe?
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    Wait... so the Padres finally differentiate themselves a little bit from the Brewers by dumping the sand/barley color the two teams shared and add yellow to the navy, and the Brewers go and copy them? WTF?
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    Sigh. The Brewers are a really, really bad organization. We need to round up the Brewers, Padres and Chargers and shoot the collective teams into outer space.
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    There is an Expos documentary on the MLB Network tonight, January 26, at 9pm Eastern and Pacific. It is narrated by William Shatner, who is a native of Montreal! I hope the show will touch on the logo.
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    I love that idea for a titan logo like that. The font looks alot better than the original font. All of that, it is pretty good
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    I would love to see someone adopt that color scheme but I agree, not the Canucks. They need to embrace blue and green.
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    Crude rendering....just a thought. You guys with better software could do it justice.
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    The side that wants to mercy-kill both leagues.
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    I'm thinking they will also. I'd think they'd still go with black, that's what they have always had for their endzones, plus the border of the conference logo is gold. I thought that the NFC logo being in the left endzone for the Seahawks in XLVIII was going to be a one time thing also, but it seems lately the crews painting the fields just base off of previous years. The fact that the side for the home teams endzone hasn't gone back to the left endzone yet is another example (it was from VII to XLIV I believe). Well here is what I'm thinking as of now what we can see in two weeks.
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    Nah, for me the shoulder horns are just a step too far. Horns on the helmet are a fantastic literal rendering of the nickname. Horns on the shoulder are cutesy and kinda stupid.
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    Mist Twst? Sorry, gonna have to Miss Ths.
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    They should definitely go with the simple red home shirt and the pinstriped away shirt.
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    One of my favorite elements of college football is the rivalry trophy. Unfortunately, these days my team, Northwestern, only has the Land of Lincoln trophy and it's pretty awful. They definitely should have made it a hat that could be worn, like that Texas/Oklahoma hat. The LOL trophy's predecessor, the Sweet Sioux Tomahawk was good, not great. Before the tomahawk they used a cigar store indian. That's probably my favorite version of the rivalry's trophy. Northwestern did play Notre Dame for a shillelagh from the 1930's to the 1970's. That shillelagh pre-dated the ones ND plays for against both Purdue and USC. It's been lost to history though.
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