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    Interesting talk about design, and specifically, flag design.
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    You mean, other than this one?
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    Yeah but there's a big difference between those two sets in that the Vikings looked like total crap in that "modern" set, while the Broncos actually look pretty sharp in their "modern" set. Let's just face it. This whole branding trend we've seen in the past two decades can be attributed (at least in part) to that Broncos rebrand. It was fantastic when it first came out, was the catalyst for a LOT of other rebrands, and it's held up surprisingly well since then. Add the Super Bowl wins on top of that and it really is "iconic" IMO. They shouldn't touch it. And here's another thing people usually tend to ignore. That previous Broncos set kinda sucked. Super plain orange jersey, faded and gross looking shade of blue (it always reminded me of my high school JV jerseys that sat in the sun so long that the deep royal blue got sun bleached and faded to all hell), and incredibly wonky looking logo. I mean what the hell is that in front of the horse? Is that snot? Is it a lance someone is bugging the horse with? Either way, that set was mostly crap that rivaled the Bucco Bruce set in terms of false nostalgia. And they sucked in that set, too! Really? What's there to miss? In no universe is this A better look than this Missing that previous set and hoping it will one day come back is akin to longing for the days when you're kitchen looked like this
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    It was pretty great when the Broncos wore the classic uniform for Thanksgiving back in 2001. It's just a better uniform.
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    What an absolute mess that D Backs rebrand was. No wonder it ended up so mish mosh and confusing.
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    I'm finally in the process of coming home from the war, so I'll be offline for a bit. Keep up the great work, and once I've had a chance to spend some time with the wife and kids, I'll be back on here.
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    I've often wished that you weren't so circumspect. Come on, man. Tell us what you really think! We're big boys and girls here, you needn't bother with vagueries.
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    It's a simple bolded letter. Simple and nice looking is still better than a complex cluster. I don't think it's necessary to wipe away the roots of teams who are around during that time, turning them into something unrecognizable.
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    There was never enough blue in the rest of that uniform to balance out the blue helmet. Reverse the orange and blue on the socks, and match the stripes to the helmet and that would've looked really good.
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    Yeah there's no reason for a White Sox rebrand. Their look is so them and so solid that it can stay. With that said, their throwback stuff is so fun and quirky in a good way that it's a pretty welcome thing to pop up every now and then like in these ST unis. They kinda have the best of both worlds I'd say.
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    I've always thought that the Lions should basically be a blue version of the Raiders. Slap on a blue mask, the logo, and MAYBE a single blue stripe on the helmet, and they're set. (And I say this right after calling the Broncos old set boring and nondescript. Go figure.)
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    that's a bad photoshop job of adding yellow onto their set from last year. the striping isnt even right. Here;s the actual new jersey from behind .
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    I have this book called They Call Me Gump. It was an autobiography written by Lorne Worsley. It was given to me as a gift because my teacher at school knew how much of a North Stars fan I was. Gump is painted on the cover wearing his North Stars uniform. Growing up in Montreal his dad was a huge Maroons fan and in the book he tells stories about how vicious that rivalry was. Even after games outside the Forum things would get pretty heated between fans that fistfights were commonplace. It really transcended the game and became political at times between the French and English.
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    How can NNOB be the more professional look if your jersey can be given to any minor leaguer/non-roster invite/september callup and can be used by them without anyone knowing that was your jersey first? With name on back, if your jersey has your name it can't be used by anyone else. Its YOUR jersey. To me that's more professional than the high school look of "oh grab whatever jersey number you want out of that pile of old jerseys right there." But really, the debate I wanted to make a point out of was the idea that NNOB is better because your home fans should already know your numbers. That's such an exaggerated theory, it's not entirely accurate. I'm as die hard a Marlins fan as probably anyone on this planet and of course I can tell you the jersey number of every major player on my team... but there's plenty of lower level guys I may be unsure of their number. Am I gonna remember the number of every relief pitcher that comes up throught the season? And if I can't remember every single player number... why would anyone else in the crowd know them all? Forget the Marlins in my case but any home town crowd. The number of people who fall into the category of "die hard fan who knows every jersey number" is so miniscule it's probably a laughable number. Are we forgetting how many fans in any ballpark are casual fans? Or even "less than casual fans" who got a free ticket, or got invited by a friend, or at simply at their first game ever? How about kids? Even kids that love their team won't know the whole roster of numbers outside of their favorite players. Since the Yankees seem to be prime suspect number one for that argument... I wish there was a way of going to a Yankee home game and polling every fan in attendance to see who can really identify all the players by number alone. I think the results would surprise us.
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    Not a big fan of this season's Disruption uniforms as they seem to be copying the fugly patterns/designs of Adidas' past uniforms.
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    That's the most Sacramento Kings sounding thing I've ever heard. I completely believe that. I bet it was some rinky dink local screen print shop off of Watt who did the jerseys too.
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    Considering the era in which names were added, I'd argue that it had nothing to do with merchandising.
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    Hey guys, I have been working on a pistons rebrand seeing as there has been talk of a logo change. Even though I don't expect much of a change here soon i decided to go all out anyway! The main idea was to try to modernize the "horsepower" look while also mixing in uniform design from their current and bad boys sets. The modernization involved straightening the "Pistons" wordmark, removing chrome reflections, removing silver, smoothing and simplifying lines, adding a "Detroit" wordmark, and modernizing the two alternate logos similarly. For the uniforms, I tried to have a nice mix of eras with the bad boys, horsepower, and modern sets, and I decided to put it on my Nike template because I made the template and because of Nike taking over the NBA in the near future. So without further ado here's my version of the Detroit Pistons! Primary Logo: Alternate Logos: Home Uniform: Away Uniform: C&C is always apprecitaed! Thanks!
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    It's a sign that the team can't figure out what direction to take and generally doesn't know what it's doing. There are lots of these. As for the Brewers, if they had simply ditched the Motre Bame diamond and put the M-state/barley ball logo on the sleeve instead, their 1997-99 set would have been flawless.
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    This could have been a legit look for a Montreal Maroons team, in a 2.0 world where they never folded. Montreal's former junior team used very Maroon-inspired logos and colors. Slap Maroons on there instead of Junior and it gives a nice looking picture...
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    Eh, just checked my facts on Wikipedia. Maybe 15,000 routinely was a bit high besides in the playoffs. Closer to 10,000 but when you're young 10,000 might as well be a million.
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    You're right. There's likely going to be a lot of people who don't know who anyone is from their number, although they're going to have plenty of opportunity to know who each person is by the lineup intros, and the announcement of their name and number each at-bat, as well as a scoreboard that gives you the entire lineup with their positions next to their names. And that's not counting just looking at the players. Nobody's going to mix up C.C. Sabathia and Brett Gardner, even from the upper deck. Are there going to be people who still don't know who anyone is. There's always people who got free tickets or are just going because it's the cool thing to go. The thing is, even if you don't put names on the back, how many of these people are going to care? They're going to spend the time taking pictures of themselves and their friends, talking, and reacting when something happens. As for the professionalism aspect, I already listed a number of arguments in my last part. Screen-printing can be done by any little-league or softball team. It just feels a little too "look at me". NNOB is more mature and therefore feels more professional. If the scoreboard operator is making mistakes about who each player is, they do not deserve their job. And I'm not gonna lie, the Yankees always have three or four generic Midwestern white guys in the bullpen I can't tell apart. I honestly couldn't identify Robertson out of a lineup for the first few years of his career. A number of those elements did disappear for years, although they reappeared more recently. One never did, though. Hmm... Although I'm having trouble finding the original pictures of the actual jersey. I distinctly remember the reveal as well as the outrage on this board when it quietly was scuttled without a word. The Marlins new identity was revealed while we were in Detroit for Marnen's wedding. We were staying at a Red Roof Inn, and I'd watched the third episode of Grimm the night before with the bee queen who ended up getting dealt with by Adalind. The cake was yellow with flowers. On the drive back through Pennsylvania we listened to a radio show that consisted of two guys watching the football games on TV with it audible in the background while they commented on it. Basically, when I distinctly remember something, I remember it vividly. The fact that I'm having trouble finding this is driving me crazy.
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    I'm aware of that, just poking fun at myself and the teams I cheer for.
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    Presuming you mean a white horse with blue mane, I still think there needs to be more blue on the helmet. Perhaps a blue stripe.
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    It's not an outdated '70s look, though. It's a "football look". It's a classic football template with a block font, sleeve stripes and pants stripes. It could have been created in the '70s, '80s, ;'90s or the '40s. Meanwhile, the only time the current set would have ever been created in is the '90s. You might say the same thing about other sets. The Panthers look great, for instance, but people could argue their set is "dated" because it has '90s colors and influence. The difference is (other than the Panthers looking loads better than the Broncos in general), that the Panthers were born in the '90s. It makes sense for them to look like a '90s team because they were made then. The Broncos, on the other hand, look like a '90s team because that's when ownership bought into Nike's sales pitch and blamed their past super bowl failures on their classic jerseys.
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    RyanMcD makes it two in a row! I. An owner-driver during a time when owner-drivers were disappearing, an engineer before the engineering aspect of NASCAR became dominant, Kulwicki is seen as a bridge between the "classic" and "modern" eras of NASCAR. Kulwicki held a B.S. in engineering from UW-Milwaukee, the first Cup champion (and possibly the first Cup race winner) to have a Bachelor's degree. II. Kulwicki was often described as a loner and a perfectionist with an impatient, demanding, no-nonsense personality. During his 1992 championship campaign, he was sponsored by Hooters. III. Kulwicki only won 5 Sprint Cup races in his career, 2 of them at Bristol. IV. Only 10 drivers have won both the Rookie of the Year and Sprint Cup Championship, of which Kulwicki is one. V. The 1992 Hooters 500 in Atlanta is one of the landmark races in NASCAR lore. It was Richard Petty's last start, Jeff Gordon's first start, and 6 drivers entered the race (the last of the season) with a mathematical chance at the championship. Locked in a battle with Bill Elliott for both the race and the championship, Kulwicki gambled on fuel strategy and stayed out an extra 3 laps (risking running out of fuel) in order to gain 5 bonus points for leading the most laps in the race. The gamble paid off - Kulwicki led 103 laps, while Elliott led 102. Bill Elliott won the race, but Kulwicki finished second and won the 1992 Winston Cup Championship by a mere 10 points - essentially one lap. Kulwicki died just over 4 months later in a plane crash near Bristol, TN - his winningest NASCAR track. Oh, and having Kulwicki for Round 7 was no accident. RyanMcD and raysox are now tied - will one of them pull ahead tomorrow in round 8?
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    Good catch. I must have mistakenly thought they were the same. FWIW, here's a variation of the script logo shown in the 1995 title game against Florida (about 5 seconds in). It's the script under helmet, not script over "N." So it was at least in some branding usage so far as broadcasting was concerned.
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    You are correct that the Broncos' current set was revolutionary. It also has aged much better than every other "modern" set. However, no. It's much worse than the classic set. I'm not a fan of the current logo, but I'll give you that the old logo wasn't great. I personally loved the shade of blue used on the helmets and wished they'd have used that on the jerseys. But the "super plain orange jersey?" That's a football jersey with football stripes. Not trying to look like a rollerball team. And the Broncos didn't suck in that set, at least until they made it to the Super Bowl.
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    I believe I was the culprit of sharing this info. I heard it from a Kings beat writer at the time who had heard it from a team executive. I unfortunately do not have any links to offer. The owner had brought the team to Sacramento, and was a hero of sorts here, but was unable to keep up with the wealthier clubs, and was notoriously cheep. His inability to maintain the league's ever-expanding expenditures and salaries forced him to eventually sell to the Maloofs, and makes this story fit so perfectly into Sacramento Kings lore.
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    Quite a revelation! Why, I bet one could use such a tool to look up pornography!
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    That was just what I was going to say ... going to go digging on this. Seems like an awesome untold story.
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    Take a close look at the numbers and see the sublimated Spring Training logos
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    The Brewers will be going late 90's jerseys on July 30
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    I think it's possible that a few PCL teams would have been able to make the jump. Not the whole league, but the bulk of it in mass expansion. We would today have the San Francisco Seals, Los Angeles Angels, Hollywood Stars, Seattle Rainiers and Portland Beavers?
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    Pfft yea that's easy. Navy, white, sand, yellow, orange, brown, blue camo, green camo, brown camo, and battleship gray. What's so difficult about that?
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    Excuse me while I clean up my drool.
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    At least Settle's civic pride jersey was done more tactfully than Columbus's new jersey. .
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    Congratulations!!! As the guy above me said, take your time...as a firstborn myself, I can vouch that (s)he's going to be SUCH a joy, so put the fam first and we'll patiently wait.
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    Congrats with the baby! My wife and I are expecting July 4th! We find out the sex next Thursday. As far as the series go, I am sure I could speak for most people and say take your time! Family comes first of course!
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    You have four buttons in front of you. One brings back the Oilers I realize they've been terrible for a solid decade now but damn.
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