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    Hey, dude! WAZZUP! Remember how we kicked it in the 90's? That was so rad!!
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    I decided to continue my previous Hybrid Logo Series on my hometown team, Toronto Raptors. Here are all 29 NBA teams mashed-up as a Raptors logo. You can catch a closer look via my instagram @mmmonggg or website johnmong.com. LET'S GO RAPTORS
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    Nice graphic from SI showing each team's home look this season. Fair amount of variety, especially with FCD going to white shorts. (Crew wearing black at home is gonna drive me crazy, though)
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    I had done this. Slight difference to yours in the collar.
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    The question should be: why aren't other teams following the Yankees' example in demanding that manufacturers subordinate their design practices to each team's aesthetic standards?
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    99% of the time, red and blue shouldn't touch. The outline of everything in blue looks disgusting to me and just adds to the cartoony feel of the numbers. I"m not really sure how I'd pull off a red jersey for them. Actually, yes I am - I wouldn't. Seriously. When you're writing the checks you call the shots. I assume the payment is compensation for not letting Majestic advertise on their sleeve like they do on everyone else's. Good for the Yankees. For as brand conscious as the Phillies are, I'm disappointed that they care so little about their actual on-field representation and wish they acted more like the Yankees.
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    The Yankees are in the perfect position to make demands. I just wish other teams cared enough to do it.
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    Oh. My. God. We're not seriously doing this again, are we?
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    I keep seeing the jersey floating around for France this year. I thought I read it was a concept, but here it is again as an actual jersey
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    Well, he's right about one thing. It does sound pretty damn arrogant. He's basically saying that even if teams like Leicester City earn a spot, they should still just give it to teams like Man U instead because they're more "popular". That's an AWFUL way to seed a tournament as big as the Champions League. That's akin to giving the Yankees a playoff spot every year regardless of their record because they sell more hats than anyone else.
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    The red "Phillies" is the only problem I have with the jersey. The NOB is white with a blue outline. Carry that over to the front and they have a winner.
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    Goofy's actually kind of a badass.
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    That is about as far from reality as any post you've ever made. The third jersey has a real hockey logo, while the main set has a bland proprietary letter that barely resembles a duck foot. The third jersey has a classy striping template while the main set is all over the place. Also, Orange > Black.
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    These are all really excellent. I love what you do on Paint. I do have a quibble with the Rams. The pants stripe is evocative of the St. Louis Arch, which might not go over that well.
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    I came expecting to see actual hockey concepts, maybe even a series similar to the WHA2 Thread, but instead I found a 7 year old throwing Sonic the Hedgehog on a NASCAR-styled hockey jersey. Bleh all around.
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    I get it....it's a funny thought. People make this "joke" around my office all the time but as Cosmic said.....
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    I hope Anaheim will be... they haven't looked that good since switching from the mighty ducks branding.
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    Edit - I feel bad for not saying anything. Did you honestly think you'd get positive feedback on this? You unironically put Sonic on a hockey jersey.
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    you can throw out all the adjectives in the thesaurus if you want, but come on.... i'm seeing some complete overreactions to designs that are overall, pretty clean, crisp, representative of their respective teams, and.... good. not INCREDIBLE, but good. sure they didnt take too many risks but sometimes it takes balls to go in an ultra-simplistic direction. i know everyone and their mother on this board thinks that they can come up with better designs on the little concepts forum around here, but i guarantee that if you were behind the scenes and on the teams that designed these, you'd be far more hesitant to be so critical. Lol, just tell people who worked through the design process here that the jerseys are "trash heaps" to their face. And then try to have a rational conversation and see if they take you seriously. I'd love to be on a fly on the wall for that interaction. Adidas is not going to change very much when they "take over" the NHL jerseys in 2017. they already own reebok, hopefully you realize that. all under the same umbrella. plus youre already seeing what adidas is going to "do" to the NHL in the stadium series unis. look at colorado.... bold, clean, thick lines... blocks of constrasting color used effectively, sure the numbers are way too big on the stadium series unis but that's pretty much having the NHL saying "yeah, make them 150% bigger and we will be good to go". design is pretty tasteful there. adidas is not going to touch any of the classic uniforms like the original six and such, maybe, across the league, they will put a tiny touch of the triple stripe on the sleeve cuff, pants, or bottom of the socks (that's more for their own brand recognition and unfortunately they tend to do that in soccer and basketball too but i'd argue it's not nearly as :censored:ty looking as the strange patches of upper-arm color on Nike's olympic offerings). I'd predict that the most drastic things that they are going to do are take EDGE cluster:censored:s like the Avalanche and just make them more "stadium-series-y". Maybe they will do the same to calgary, pittsburgh, ottawa, teams that got templated and desperately need some T.L.C.... Not many people would argue that the senators EDGE template would look way better if they got "re-templated" to the jerseys that just got released for world cup. instead of their weird diagonal lines it would just be clean vertical stripes on the arms. It's just funny to see the reactions now, you probably weren't around for the 2007 EDGE travesty when all those jerseys were released, but that involved truly disparaging teams with nice uniforms. Blues, Flames, Penguins, Maple Leafs, Senators, Panthers, Stars, Oilers, etc, and to some extent Leafs, all ruined. Piping. Piping sucks. I don't see any piping in what's going down in modern NHL (adidas) design, in fact it seems like the 180 degree opposite. piping is the smallest strips of color you could possibly imagine, the new trend seems to be going big and bold with striping. not a bad thing. oh and guess what reebok (again, it's really Adidas, the company you seem to think is going to butcher the NHL) has been able to do for the past few years? they fixed all the problems with the edge :censored:. Blues-- amazing now. Predators-- still have piping, but better. Panthers-- got rid of piping, so, better. Coyotes-- their redesign i would say is more representative of what we will see in the future-- simple and slightly boring but not overly offensive. Oilers-- thank god they fixed that one. Leafs-- hem stripes got added back. Stars-- fixed! Flyers-- fixed! Penguins-- going in a throwback direction now, thank god. sure, the adidas stripes suck. but once you get past those, the designs are really not bad. sorry for rambling but , TL;DR, nothing is ever going to be as egregious as the EDGE takeover of 2007 and NHL designs have gotten way, way, way better over the past decade. simplicity is not a bad thing, people
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    Ever hear of the "no true Scotsman" fallacy? Doesn't matter really. At the end of the day you'll be removed from a conversation if you can't take part in it without insulting those who you disagree with. Adidas has had the NBA contract for years. They never once forced the three stripes on a NBA team. We're seeing the three stripes here precisely because these aren't NHL sweaters. They're special event uniforms. No. What I'm saying is that Reebok and Adidas exist under the same corporate umbrella. The NHL team is the NHL team. You're not going to see this massive Edge-scale redesign. Sure, the All-Star Game sweaters will probably feature the Adidas stripes. And so will the practice sweaters. That's about it though.
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    I'm a HUGE fan of American football fan, and I liked your first attempt; for my take, I kept five teams from the ORIGINAL XFL and came up with eleven new ones plus changed the conference and division names: Charizard Conference: Typhlosion Division: Toronto Bulls; Columbus Event Horizon; Boston Vektrekz; Montreal Krytpon Factors Blaziken Division (NEW TEAMS): San Juan Hurricanes [from San Juan, Puerto Rico]; Charlotte Time Warp Blastoise Conference: Feraligatr Division: Portland Plunder; Vancouver Galaxy; Anchorage Freeze; Sacramento Atoms Marshtomp Division (NEW TEAM): Mexico City Aztekz [from Mexico]
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    It's on the right track... The issue is that you need silver. One team to do this colour scheme justice, in all honesty.. was the Danbury Trashers of the UHL. I'm actually working on a Tampa Bay concept now.... Thanks for the inspiration.
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    The current logo doesn't need to go away entirely, it's very expensive to change all these things. Just tweaking the colors, and you get something decent, splitting the original look with the Colorado third jersey.
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    In Nikespeak, I would say 'Any hat, but if it isn't regularly known, provide an image or a link to a site so I can get as accurately close as I can to optimize your experience.' But I don't work for them, so, to answer your question, yes, but please do provide an image if it isn't wel-knowm
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    Saw the Phils game today. Those red jerseys are a thing of beauty! They looks much better in game action! http://m.mlb.com/video/v546232783/atlphi-franco-makes-it-71-with-a-threerun-shot/?game_pk=469442
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    I'd be down for a white Islanders fishsticks (this is a Rangers fan typing) jersey myself But here is my 1 though 5 1. Canadiens red (ROY 33) 2. Raiders black (probably Charles Woodson) 3. Florida Panthers inaugural reds (VANBIESBROUCK 34) 4. Sixers 1999 whites (Allan Iverson of course...) T5. Red Sox home (9 no name) and Philles cream home (my last name and number 3)
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    I like the updates to the logo, but I think they're too subtle to really be noticed. I think if you were to marry the shape and line weights of the current logo with the old logo's simplicity, you'd really be on to something. As for the uniforms, they're certainly acceptable if not a little plain or underwhelming. If you're incorporating grey into the scheme, why not have grey pants for the road? The red helmet over a white jersey/white pants combination seems a little off balance. Grey pants would help that. I definitely prefer this look to what they currently wear though. All in all, solid.
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    Found this GORGEOUS page. I'm sure many have seen it, but it's simply fantastic. http://www.winsipedia.com/nebraska
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    I think the issue with some of these so far is that you have too much detail and you're using more colors than you need to. This makes the logos have a clip art type of vibe. For example, in the Voodoo, what if you reworked it so instead of having the dark orange shading, it was black? And for the Flash, you should cut down the number of purples and eliminate the black. Maybe do your highlights in white. And reduce the number of strokes in the face. This will give them a sportier look overall. LOVE that you're using an Ichthyosaur. I thought it was a mosasaurus at first, but I think that's because your jaws are a bit thick and the eyes are a little small proportionately. I don't think most people would know, though.
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    Irelands kit for the Euro finally revealed:
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    No that's not a different color... that's an EVOLUTION!
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    If by almost as big, you mean 1/4 the size, then yes.
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    Ok, we're all going to calm down. Calling other members "babies" and their opinions "garbage" or "gibberish" is a good way to get this thread locked.
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    I think Taylor Roy's right. These jersey designs have been going in the hole. Unless the jerseys have been throwback inspired, they've been awful. ie: The Arizona Coyotes, and these new WCofH jerseys. These designs are "pushing" the envelope, but failing. Ads have been reported to have been coming and denied. Side panels on a hockey jersey also look awful. These Adidas stripes exemplify it. And if people start saying that things like side stripes, and half collars are "ok" and we'll get through it, then eventually everything will become like that, because no one will care.
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    Woah... This is pretty cool. To not only compete with all these talented artists, but win is something else. Thanks to all of y'all who voted for me, but even if you didn't, I still hope you appreciated my work. Originally, I wanted to do a iron brand type of single color mark, but as I kept going, it just kinda got to where it is right now. Other than the obvious star in the logo, the two shades of silver relate back to the Cowboys. The brown is representative of leather, but also could be a rusted metal to really drive home that western feel.
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    The Oilers ran out of M's for Patrick Maroon's debut tonight. Waroon
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    Why the Sega characters? What’s your reasoning behind picking them? Why does your Washington jersey have 87 on the back, and 26 on the sleeves? What’s your rationale behind hearts on a Roses jersey? Or a Reds jersey that has very little red in it? Whatever program you’re using, take your time. Work on one design at a time. Pencil sketch, scan, refine. And relax. It’s a message board.
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    May I request Gonzaga? These are all really good so far.... you definitely have some unique ideas floating around up there. Keep it up.
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    Jordan's last (well, as a Bull) game in the garden in 1998 wore retro 1s on court. Seeing those shoes in 98 looked so badass to me, like an older guy at the gym showing young kids how it's done lol
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    Ok, here's my second attempt at the Dragon logo. This time I created it using Inkscape. It was my first time using vectors, so that was interesting. I'm pretty sure I always want to use vectors from now on. I put a tail on it, brought the arm in tight, took the excess white out and well, kinda changed most of it....:) Thoughts?
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    Yeah, I have a hard time working up any outrage over their new look, since the one it replaced was so bad. Maybe this is bland, maybe it reminds some people of elements of other teams, but at least this uniform is well-designed.
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    Copenhagen third: Guangzhou Evergrande:
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    I want you to go back out on that track... and hit the pace car. "Hit the pace car?!" "Well, you've managed to hit everything else out there; I just want you to be perfect!"
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    I want you to go back out on that track... and hit the pace car.
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