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    Ok. Doing nothing to your original designs even after countless C&C from many people and then continuing to do more is against everything posting the concept is for. If you don't want help, don't post it. And I will say that some people have been very cruel on this thread and that's not ok either. We are here to help not bring down. I would also like to add that some people have brilliant imaginations and ideas. This potentially is a good maybe even great idea. But without any real skill and refining, it crash and burns. Some people just aren't good at doing computer concepts. I suggest putting this on the request boards possibly and having others post their ideas to help you. For example, I never post concepts because I know I am terrible at them. Just keep your head up and try to get better and then repost a more refined version of your original concepts later. Good luck!
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    Holy , Octopus. Get over it. Again, you act like the Mighty Ducks logo killed your family or something. (And if it did, it was probably delicious.) We get it. You don't like the logo, but, guess what, it exists. It was here, now it's back and better than ever. So please, go crawl back under a rock and scuttle on home.
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    Perhaps they figure that odds are the keepers won't ever be within 100 yards of each other.
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    Goodness not this again. They'll get a new kit this year for the new qualifying cycle
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    Oh yeah, that new D Backs set is absolutely atrocious. It's even worse on the field than I expected. It's such an absolute jumbled mess, yet there still is almost zero contrast in the whole set. It's actually impressive how terrible it is.
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    "Negative" comments are positive. It means someone took the time to consider your work and give you feedback to help you improve.
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    Sweet practice gear, Adidas! When are the game uniforms going to be released?
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    It's been a while since I last posted here and I have a new template based off of Icethetic's template. I thought I'd give myself a little project to do to test out the new template. So I ended up deciding to re-design the 5 worst jersey designs in the league. Here's #5... I have Columbus at #5 because as a fan of the team, I feel the jerseys lack any kind of substance or creativity. It's just too simple. So I decided to go with a striping pattern mimicking the state's flag while adding silver outlines. I know this isn't necessarily anything different from other Columbus concepts, but I feel it's the way they need to go.
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    After finally seeing these in action over the weekend, I came here specifically looking for some reactions. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought this!
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    The Rays are definitely in the conversation
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    My initial reaction is that I don't much like it at all.
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    Kinda sad to see the leaping bunny go, but it's a small price to pay to for an upgrade like this.
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    He looks like the kid who used to get mad on the playground when nobody wanted to play with him.
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    Hey, you never know when you might see another one of these:
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    Congrats to Orlando City for having the 5th highest attendance in the world over the weekend. 81,359 Borussia Dortmund-Bayern Munich (Germany)68,467 Real Madrid-Celta (Spain)67,420 Club America-Morelia (Mexico)63,578 River Plate-Boca Juniors (Argentina)60,147 Orlando City-Real Salt Lake 53,892 Manchester City-Aston Villa (England)52,815 Monterrey-Tigres (Mexico)52,107 Newcastle United-Bournemouth (England) 49,300 FC Cologne-Schalke 04 (Germany)48,855 Chongqing Lifan-Guangzhou Evergrande (China) http://www.socceramerica.com/article/67935/crowd-count-orlando-city-crowd-fifth-highest-in-w.html
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    What ever improvements Lovie can make on defense, if he keeps the DC, he will have more penalties. In those two seasons in Tampa Bay, they were 4th and 1st in penalties.
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    The NYCFC jersey aren't that bad in game action. The "circles" blend and look like the front is a blue jersey with navy sleeves.
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    Not sure if this really qualifies as "Thrift Store," but I recently ordered a $30 red Evgeny Kuznetsov jersey online. I'm excited for a few reasons; first, Kuznetsov is my favorite player, second, shop.NHL.com doesn't have his jersey, meaning I'd need to get a customized one if I wanted his name (they run about $200), and third, I've actually never owned the current red jersey the Caps have. I got into hockey midway through the 2010-11 season, and soon after I ordered a blank white jersey. My next jersey was their blue one from the mid 90's, and that one's lasted me for three years. I'll finally be able to properly Rock the Red after 5 and a half years!
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    Thanks for the feedback guys. Greatly appreciated. PowerPoint, and before you say anything, I can't afford Illustrator, and I don't like Inkscape. Sometimes my lines are a little wonky to begin with, if I go over the logo a few more times I think it will work better Yeah I agree. I just wanted something that was differently colored than most other griffin logos, but I wanted to use a bluish color scheme. If you have better colors in mind, I'd love to hear what might work better. I could definitely try that. I'd rather that be something similar to a secondary though, the head would work better on a the helmet I have. I couldn't help lolling at this Thanks for the nice comment though!
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    With The Sheriff's retirement; the city of Omaha, Nebraska weeps. But, Peyton gave his guts out to the game he loved, and played great football for nearly 2 decades. A first ballot Hall of Famer, he could get very close to being an unanimous selection. Like Ken Griffey Jr. was (pretty much) in this past Baseball Hall of Fame ballot.
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    Here is my attempt at getting the Peteborough Petes back into a two-colour set.
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    I don't know about that, the Rays have Sacramento beat by mile.
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    It's NHL first. They're willing to deal with the delay in a guy getting from the Coast to the A. Also keep in mind that teams aren't required to call up from their ECHL team. Tampacuse just signed a goalie who is (and still is) playing for Norfolk. If Stockton is playing at Toronto and finds themselves in need of a forward, it's entirely possible they could sign a guy from Brampton (Montreal/St. John's) if they liked him enough.
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    I completely disagree with this thinking. The US flag stripes are clearly bounded the by red stripes. If you're going to do 13, do it right, not some half-assed variation. And you can't count the outer white portions as stripes because then what do you call the lower portion of white? It's all part of the outer stroke and would screw up the design.
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    Teams want their AHL affiliates close to facilitate game day call-ups, and so that the NHL coaches can keep half an eye on their prospects. The guys in the ECHL are, pretty much by definition, not even good enough for the 3rd and 4th lines of the AHL. Aside from possibly a goalie that gets sent down to get more playing time, ECHL guys are not going to be of immediate interest to the NHL. They can certainly work their way up, but you could probably count on one hand (if it's ever happened) the number of call-ups directly from the ECHL to the NHL.
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    So everyone should stop panicking, the WCOH is little more than an All-Star game type event. So a manufacturers mark here makes a little more sense.
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    They're not "bad posts," mind you. They are constructive criticism. As I said, listening to the criticism will only make you better. Start slow. Take one team. listen to the feedback. improve. Then move to the next team.
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    Never before has so much depended on a lowly conference's championship game. FGCU is the blue pill, where the controversy ends, and we wake up in our beds and believe what the NCAA wants us to believe...Stetson is the red pill, where we stay in Wonderland and find out how deep that ambiguously-racist APR rule goes (I say ambiguously because it might not actually be racist-I just think it needs to be mended so the schools being targeted aren't predominantly the HBCUs and other colleges with a primarily African-American student body)
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    They'll look good on Thursday though lol
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    Considering the history of the game and the traditions still in place, I'd even say some of the worst in pro sports. They totally flipped the bird to MLB classiness. They look like the mother:censored:er who shows up at the gym bragging about the $1200 of "advanced technology" clothing he's wearing. Both this guy and the D-Backs end up looking like absolute douchebags...
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    Jlnhlsegafan is not going to pay attention to constructive criticism. This has been established. Let's let this thread sink.
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    So instead of going back and revising the original 4 you had, you decided to make 20 more? These all look as bad as the first ones.
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    As you note, the Fire have worn red over red their entire history. Toronto can take a number.
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    The Diamondbacks might have some of the worst unis in the history of the league. I can't find one redeeming feature about the charcoal, the bloody pants, the 3/4 length pants stripe, the diamonds everywhere, etc.
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    Not sure what you mean by the lightning bolt on the pants. That's all they've ever done. As for the template he's using, think it's just personal preference for him. All in all I like it. I'm torn between thinking the smaller stripes need to be a tad thicker (not much) or they're find. It's a simple design that everyone thinks works for Tampa, except Tampa. Edit: needs the victory stripes.
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    I liked that alternate. i would like it even more if they paired it with the white pants.
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    Edit - I feel bad for not saying anything. Did you honestly think you'd get positive feedback on this? You unironically put Sonic on a hockey jersey.
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    I really do not get why USA Soccer insists on dressing the women's team in black and neon mountain dew yellowish-green. Makes absolutely no sense. If they wanted to push the envelope design wise, it would have been a perfect opportunity to combine the two national colors, blue and red, and mix them in a way that..... you guessed it
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    Why the Sega characters? What’s your reasoning behind picking them? Why does your Washington jersey have 87 on the back, and 26 on the sleeves? What’s your rationale behind hearts on a Roses jersey? Or a Reds jersey that has very little red in it? Whatever program you’re using, take your time. Work on one design at a time. Pencil sketch, scan, refine. And relax. It’s a message board.
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    I just hope Nike gives the Nets a sleveless makeover of these beauties:
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    I don't want to say anything until I know how old you are, and what your thoughts were with the designs. Everybody's got to start somewhere, so I don't want to judge the obvious lacking quality here if this is one of the first times you've posted a concept.
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    RIP 2016-2017 NHL jersey with the 3 strips on them looks awful
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    These will look great during the March Madness games..... oh wait, they will be staying at home calling up the girls.
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    I'd love to see this throwback court ...
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    Let's not forget about this people!
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    Hey If you are interested I've do it the logos for Zilant Kazan. I use only darkred and green. Here is, in order First, Secondary, Tertiary (Tatarstan Logo) and Wordmark.
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    And now we have ECUFan25's Athens Olympians... And my Quebec Nordiques.. .
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    First of all, I am a big Royals fan. (Exciting time to be a Royals fan. Hopefully they can make the playoffs for the first time in my lifetime. They won the World Series 16 months before I was born.) I am probably biased, but I think they have one of the best looking uniform sets in the league. I love nearly everything about their look, but I did tweak them. Most people probably don't know this, but the Royals actually still have a drop shadow on the KC in their main and alternate logos. So I decided to go back to the drop-shadow days but substitute gold for the black. I added drop-shadows throughout...even to the hat. I don't know how it will go over. I also really like their original (brighter) royal blue and gold, so I went back to those colors. (I also changed the hat squatchee to blue.) The brighter blue and the drop-shadows also help differentiate them from the Dodgers, which is the biggest complaint I hear about the Royals' uniforms. I know lots of people want the Royals to go back to powder blue on the road, but I just don't like brightly colored pants. So no, I won't give the Royals blue pants. Sorry. I switched the powder blue to the Kansas City script, even though it is a home alternate. I know it is unconventional, but I like the look. I also went with the KC script on the powder blue because I would really want to own this exact jersey. At first I wasn't sure I liked the new royal blue alternates, but they have really grown on me. I tweaked it (added the drop-shadow, etc.) but mainly left it unchanged. The alternate hat is a reverse of their powder blue hats they wore in 2010-11. Coco, I did try out looks that incorporated the Monarchs, but I couldn't get anything that I really liked. The split KC hats and jerseys that they wore worked because they used thick block letters. All of the Royals' scripts and logos are too thin to make it a good look. I also thought about doing the overlapping K and C hat, but it still didn't work too well. I also don't want to do throwback alternates that are completely different from the rest of their visual package.
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