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    Sorry, but a privately-owned professional sports team (or private collegiate one) should have to get its own money its own way without pillaging the tax coffers, every single time. I don't care if the ownership is good people interested in the community, my tax money is not meant to finance their toys which, time and time again, have shown negligible financial benefit at best. You want public money? Okay, then get ready for partial public ownership of your team proportional to the investment, along with the full and open release of the team's financials every year.
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    So they're not equals the other 179 days of the season? Only on Jackie Robinson Day? The 42's with NNOB look nice, but part of it is the power of the number. We don't need a NOB to understand the significance. But if every team regularly wore NNOB with assigned numbers, it'd look like a bunch of minor league teams and hand-me-downs.
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    This is nonsensical. It's the same team! And do you merge the Rams' St. Louis history with the Cardinals' St. Louis history? And how does any of this even account for the NFL Cardinals anyway? Three different markets, with one family owning them in all three. A team that, despite playing in a newer market now, still touts itself as the oldest team in the NFL, tracing its history back through to Chicago. And now you're going to chop that history up and graft the Rams' stint in St. Louis onto it just so St. Louis can "claim" a Super Bowl won by a team they didn't even care enough to support by the end? Please. Keep histories with the franchises. You're misusing the term. It's revisionist to claim that the organization currently playing Oklahoma City didn't win the 1979 NBA title. True, they played in Seattle at the time. It's still the same franchise. We've done this song and dance before though, so whatever. The Stars have gone out of their way to honour their Minnesota history. They hang the banners. They honour the past. And the Dallas fans seem to appreciate it more than the Minnesota fanbase ever did when the team played there. Look. Letting the Twin Cities keep the North Stars name (but not the records) would have worked if the team had completely re-branded upon leaving for Dallas. That didn't happen though. They kept the team identity intact. The first ever Dallas Stars set was almost identical to the last Minnesota North Stars set. It's been over a quarter-century. Twenty-six years of the Dallas Stars honouring the legacy of the North Stars. While the Wild have done their own thing. It's too late to put together some belated "Cleveland Deal" just to appeal to old timers who get grumpy over the North Stars being gone. If enough old timers from Minnesota cared this much back in the day the team never would have left.
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    I'm of the opinion that a franchise history is the franchise history and no matter how you try to change it, you can't change history. The Oklahoma City franchise won the NBA title in 1979 while playing in Seattle, and no amount of revisionism can change that fact. If the Washington Nationals choose to honor the old Expos, that's their business, but as far as I am concerned, Gary Carter, Tim Raines, etc. played for the Washington Nationals franchise while it was located elsewhere. Whether the NFL recognizes it or not, Jim Brown played for the Baltimore Ravens franchise while it was located in Cleveland. Special allowances and league recognition doesn't matter, history is history.
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    American sports are not Euro sports, and for that, I am always grateful.
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    So... Teams down 2-0 that win Game 3 are more likely to come back as long as they don't lose Game 4 and go down 3-1... Sure makes sense. Put it on a shirt.
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    Bingo, the North Stars are the Dallas Stars. That's why the team has stuck with, more or less, the same identity and namesake since 1967.
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    I used to think this way until someone pointed out that every person who put on a uniform on Jackie Robinson day was an equal and that it showed that anyone, no matter your race, sexual orientation or religion, is a Major League Baseball player. Now I have no problem with it...
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    Yes, actually. This is is the perfect time for the league to embark on a considered program of aggressive expansion. The league has survived longer than any other pro outdoor soccer league in this country, has gotten past the early rocky years and are now on stable footing. Now, in order to keep growing the game they need to bring in better players, which means spending more money, which means increasing long-term revenues. They can and should bring in strong organizations and/or valuable markets to help do that.
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    Agree, except we will totally be talking about Gary Bettman's awkward trophy presentation speech.
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    Suspension has been increased to nine months.
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    I think there is some sharing between the city and the team, but it 95% stays with the team. It's part of city history, but you need to make sure you stop before you pretend it's part of the new team's history. If I'm married to a woman that earns a PhD, how much of that degree belongs to me? I might have helped her study, and I threw her a party afterwards, but she did the work.
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    "Shared" history doesn't really work. The NHL actually hit the perfect compromise when the league returned to Winnipeg. The Jets 2.0 actually acknowledge the Thrashers' history. The team's All-Time Roster, Draft History, and Season Recaps pages all reflect their history as the Atlanta Thrashers. The historical records of the original Winnipeg Jets team remain with the Arizona Coyotes. Does that stop the current Jets from honouring the old Jets though? Not really. The team honours the history of the first Jets team without trying to co-opt its history. The record books belong to the Coyotes. As they should. That doesn't mean the new Jets can't have Teemu Selanne night though.
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    Ah yes, Seattle, with their home-grown talent from Santa Clara, Iowa (2), Washington, Providence, Pepperdine, North Carolina, UNLV, Oregon State, Illinois Wesleyan, Creighton, Davidson, and Southern Cal. Yeah man, that was Seattle's home-grown championship won on the back of that rookie from U-Dub.
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    So should the Minnesota Wild hang Mike Modano in the rafters? (his number of course, not Mike himself). doesn't make sense. Even though Minnesotans loved him when he started his career there. He has nothing to do with the Wild and it just seems like it would be out of place and even a little disrespectful to a guy like Mikko who has toiled for so long for the Wild.
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    Wouldn't be such an issue if the new team didn't have the worst name in sports.
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    Yeah, something terrible happens: "Don't worry, you will get used to it" It´s a terrible argument
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    Let's give it up for the "Best Fans in Baseball". >> ESPN mics pick up Cardinals fans yelling the N-word at Jason Heyward This is 2016. I thought we were over this sh1t by now.
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    ^ Well that's basically it. We've gone too far with Dallas being the Stars and Minnesota being the Wild. Changing it now wouldn't make sense and would seem disingenuous. Also a change.org petition circling around doesn't mean anything.
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    I agree with the non-bold...but it's an argument we've had a hundred times here so I don't know if we want to go down that road too far. Speaking of discussions we've had a lot, a lot of people think "Lone Stars" is bad because of pluralizing "lone". I think they went the right way with "Stars." It was a different era then. The expansion Ravens had not pilfered so many Browns players that the Browns had to take three years off. Nobody thought to mess with histories. And most teams kept their names upon relocation. And while "Minnesota Senators" would have been bad, "Utah Jazz" and "Los Angeles Lakers" were retained. The Colts, Kings (NBA), and Flames all kept their names. Sure we had name changes too, but the norm was obviously to keep the history. So while North Stars would not have worked, being "Stars" made sense. It's an "Expansion Six" franchise and the history is nice and obvious. Had it happened after the Cleveland Deal, who knows? Truth be told, I'd have loved if they had a Winnipeg situation (i.e., the second Minnesota North Stars franchise) but with a carbon copy of the North Stars logo. I appreciate how they NHL handled the Winnipeg situation. But I also appreciate pretty much all of how Dallas handled it.
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    I'm not in favor of Cities retaining histories. If a team moves that teams record books and history should move as well. In football Jamal Lewis and Ray Rice should have been chasing Jim Brown's legacy and records. In Indianapolis Peyton Manning broke Johnny Unitas' all-time passing record. At least have consistency... The way the NFL "bent over" for the cry-baby Cleveland Fans was ridiculous. On this more direct issue. I thought Dallas dropped the ball when the North Stars relocated. I thought a natural progression from North Stars would have been to name the team the Dallas Lone Stars.
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    This is the worst bullpen the Giants have had in years.
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    ^^ Do San Jose fans actually claim this -- and with a straight face?
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    Presenting the official league structure for the sport of Dice Racing: The WRS, which stands for "Wide Rolled of Sports" (say it out loud and the joke will make better sense.) Think of the WRS as the "FIFA" of Dice Racing. It's the governing body that came in and purchased and unified all the various leagues, organizations, tournaments, and otherwise chaotic elements of the sport that had existed for a long time. (More detail about the league and design concepts.) Any and all C&C is welcome, as this project is primarily to force me to master all of the graphic design tools at my disposal. My day job is a video producer, so almost all of my regular design work comes in that form, rather than pure logo or graphic design. I especially want to master Illustrator, as my current level of experience is basically very rough and crude manipulation to prepare graphics for animation or other video work.
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    That is honestly a rediculous argument and comparison. It's still the same team, just in a different location. They are the ones who earned those accomplishments, them moving doesn't take them away, they still bring them with them. This isn't about what the cities (wife's) can claim, this is what the teams (husbands) can claim. The wild (the new husband) can't claim the stars history just because some fans can't get over the stars leaving 22 years later
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    I'm that guy again. I've said it before, but I like those. Not for other teams, but for the Flyers. In fact, I think the Flyers look pretty good in general.
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    ^ it's just an illustration, along with the other "spray paint" style logos that were on the Game 1 shirts: It's just part of the marketing package for this season's playoffs. Nothing official.
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    The Panthers logo just needs an Arizona Cardinals-esque update. Do that, and add more white to the home uniforms, and their sets are miles better.
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    The Kings just keep giving the Sharks opportunity, but yeah, they just can't put it away.
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    Hola everyone! I've been roaming around the Creamer boards for a little bit to see all the great concepts that everyone is putting out. I thought I'd get in on the action around here and post my first ever concept here on the Creamer boards. I decided to update the Portland Steel AFL team brand and overall design aesthetic. I wasn't too keen on the logo they unveiled a few months ago and thought that it could use some work. I ditched the knight icon for something a bit more appropriate, using instead an actual steel working illustration. I did however like the original colors so I didn't deviate far from that combo. Anywho, comments are welcomed and appreciated. If you'd like to see more goodies from this project, check out the full presentation HERE
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    They should have worn the throwbacks...
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    Citizens and Stanly City have my attention . Colors and logos. Good job. Inspiring me! (Sorry if my english is bad.)
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    HUGE difference. With a car, there's no competing brand. The car itself is a representative of the manufacturer, so it's natural for the logo to appear there. With a jersey, the entire point of the jersey is to represent another brand (the team.) THe manufacturer's logo has nothing to do with the team's, and is just slapped on to their jersey. They're really not comparable situations at all.
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    It's a shame they never came out with purple alternate maybe they might for next year!
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    Perhaps it's just me but I actually didn't mind the combination of athletic gold and navy from the Rams color rush, Perhaps it's the just the strong contrast. But a Dodger Blue would be very nice.
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    Yes, but just because it would look awful.
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    LOL My Teams: Pirates: Drop Alt cap with white outline or fix number font Steelers: Block font Penguins: Promote alt to home WVU Football: Drop black WVU Basketball: add wordmark to yellow jersey USA Soccer: NO BLACK!!!!
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    Only two more teams after these two... FC Callorn Callorn is recently promoted from the Monarch Division 1. Over their history they mainly spent most of their time in the 2nd and 3rd divisions until last season when a good mix of veterans and prospects led the club to the premiership. Reims Isle Reims Isle was established in 1923 on the bay of south sea. Over the course of the teams existence, they've captured 3 league championships and 5 MFF Cups. Recently they've been up and down but have managed to stay above the relegation line.
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    Thanks for the comments so far, they are appreciated! I was back and forth about pluralizing Ricochet for the name here; there have been a few singular team names that I've liked over the years (Green Bay Blizzard for example) but generally I lean towards the plural names, and I felt it would fit the sport better so I'm glad that was agreed with by people. It's going slowly, but the concept is still going. New house and new job take a lot of time, lol. I will try to get back to posting things more regularly, the holidays should give me some time to finish up the remaining logo concepts. That said, I do have a new team to unveil. Let's meet the (ironically named given the conversation about the last team name) Charlotte Guild! This name came from the combination of Charlotte being known as the Queen City and while researching I found a whole lot of organizations in Charlotte that called themselves Guilds, which seems to me fit well with royal, aristocratic type theme so I decided to put them together for this team identity. The crown is composed of a CG and it's reflection, with a jewel on the top and the team name forming the lower edge of the crown. I had some trouble with the secondary, but a shield logo seemed fitting, so I did an overlapping C-G with the red jewels helping connect them together.
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