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    it continues in Dallas today. The name is basically the same. The logo, depicting a letter (or a bunch of letters) built around a slanted star is conceptually the same thing. The colours and uniforms, while varied over the last 23 years, are basically the same. They're not the "North" Stars, but they're still the Stars. It's the same team. They even have banners with North Stars logos in the rafters, as fillmont kindly pointed out. No, they took it with them. In fact, in their early years in Dallas they used exactly the same logo and uniform as they did in their final years in Minnesota. And again, they're still the Stars. It's not like they completely changed the name. Because it's a terrible idea. It's not even a Red Sox/White Sox thing where that has dinosaur era historical precedence. Right now, we'd be talking about two teams named the Stars, with logos, colours, and uniforms that are basically identical, in the same division, playing each other in the postseason. That does not work. Again, it's fundamentally the same thing, tweaked to fit the new location. I get it, but, I'm sorry. It's been 23 years already. That's almost as long as the Stars were in Minnesota. You're not getting the North Stars back, because they still exist in Dallas. You have the Wild, which aside from the name (depending on how you interpret it, really) has an excellent identity in its own right. And the fact that Minnesota even has a new team is more that can be said than other ex-NHL locales that lost their old teams. Let me ask you this; have you ever relocated? When you did, did you take all your possessions with you, or did you leave it all behind because it supposedly belongs to the city, state, and other people that live there? As for the Stars franchise history; it does not belong to Minnesota. It also doesn't belong to Dallas. It belongs to the Stars franchise, and only to the Stars franchise. If they ever move out of Dallas, they will again take everything with them, regardless of whether they remain the Stars, or the East Stars, West Stars, Super Stars, Power Stars, Star Bucks, Rats, whatever. Speaking as a long-distance fan of another team; if you're really that hung up on the North Stars history, what's stopping you from remaining a fan of the franchise? Also, they didn't really achieve much of anything in Minnesota, so why would you want that back?
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    No, they didn't. The Stars have always considered themselves a direct continuation of the North Stars. They have always honored the records, players, retired numbers, etc of the North Stars. It's the same team. Same franchise. The first uniform set the Stars used was essentially the exact same as the last few years of North Stars uniforms. To claim that the Stars abandoned the name/color/uniforms like the Avalanche or Coyotes did would be ignoring facts.
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    Everyone knows it was wrong. No one thinks he should go unpunished. But I'm not going to compete with people to show how ready I am to walk away from the Blackhawks and hockey because a guy got pissed off and yelled at another guy, not in a sport where guys get pissed off and injure other guys. It sucks, it was embarrassing, he got punished, good, but drop the kabuki. Anyone being that over the top is atoning or working an angle. I don't trust them.
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    I like having names on the back. It shows that you've reached the highest level of baseball in the world and you get to represent not only yourself, but your family name, by having it on the back of your jersey. What an honor that must be.
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    Alright, so. Last year when I was still in high school, this guy decided that he wanted to join the Cascadian independence movement. For those unfamiliar, Cascadia is a hypothetical nation typically composed of Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia, although borders vary. They have a pretty sweet flag, and you'll see it around the Pacific Northwest fairly frequently, but it's mostly a symbol of regional pride, rather than an expression of secessionist spirit. However, there are some (like the guy at my school) who genuinely do want Cascadia to become a sovereign nation. So I got to talking with my bud Griffin about how if Cascadia were to become a country, we'd love it if they had soccer leagues structured like Europe's countries. The result is the Cascadian Premier League, and to a more limited extend Cascadian Leagues 1 and 2, and the Cascadian Football Association–the governing body of soccer in Cascadia. It's structured like this: 20 teams in the CPL, with the bottom 3 being relegated to League 1. We're up in the air on if there would be playoffs or not to determine a champion. The top 2 teams from League 1 are automatically promoted, and the next 4 play for the last promotion spot. Just as in the CPL, in League 1 the bottom 3 are relegated, with the top 2 teams of League 2 promoted directly, and the third spot going to the winner of a 4-team playoff. There are also a few non-league teams scattered about. The other day I finished designing the CPL, so I'll now be releasing teams fairly steadily. If you guys have C+C that is welcomed, but it might take a while for me to make adjustments. Is this whole project unrealistic? Of course. A sustainable league system? Not at all. But it's me and Griffin's little dream of what the ideal situation would be if Cascadia were to become a country. Some teams are pre-existing, like the Timbers, Sounders, and Whitecaps, others would be connected to other sports teams as if they were truly a "club," and some are entirely new. As for the thought process behind each of the logos: The CFA logo is a soccer ball with a center shape made up of 6 circles. 2 sections are blue, 2 are white, 2 are green–each representing one of the states that make up Cascadia, with the colors matching those of the flag. The CPL logo is a stylized map of BC, Washington, and Oregon, with chevrons running through them to symbolize the forests of the Northwest and the Cascade Range of mountains. I've taken inspiration from raysox's Yakball and APL series, as well as pcgd's America League, all of which are amazing series both in concept and execution. I'm not nearly as good as either of those guys, but they're what I'm striving for, and I hope you'll join me as I take you through Cascadia's soccer system. Beaverton SC Bellevue Rainiers Bend FC Burnaby Eagles Delta United Eugene FC Harbour United FC Hillsboro Hops Medford Rogues North Coast United Portland Timbers FC Puget United Richmond Lords Rose City Thorns FC Seattle Sounders FC Spokane FC Springfield Isotopes Tacoma SC Vancouver Whitecaps FC Victoria Royals SC
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    A shame, i like the Los Angeles script better.
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    If you don't see the difference between a slur and a term like "Ass Hole", I don't know what to tell you, Not to mention that your original post simply said "any other swear word." If a guy does not like a call or something does not go his way and lets out an "F-bomb" that's not even close to the same thing as a slur. I work in a professional world and we really should not use slurs or swear. But a four letter word that starts with "S" comes out every now and then. You don't want to do it because some people don't like it (you could call those people "PC" but since they don't tend towards the left, we don't). And I don't. Still, a word like that is not an insult to any type of people. There's a huge difference. Players should be professional and conduct themselves as such; so you are partly right, calling the ref an ass hole would not be cool. And if the league wants to discipline that, it's OK by me. But there are degrees. And a slur is a higher degree of a problem (be it league image or who it impacts) than a "general insult that you cannot say on TV." Calling a slur "swearing" misses the point. It's not swearing. It's an implication that someone is lesser in some way. Or, in this case, that the ref ain't cool so I'll suggest he's gay because that's somehow supposed to reduce him. 20 years ago "f----t" was viewed by most as a swear word. Now it's much closer to the N-word than it is to the F-word. As it should be. Perhaps if Shaw thinks about his attraction to women and lack-thereof to men, he can feel more secure and not need to prove his "masculinity" to himself and others by accusing others of being gay. Then he'll look like less of a meat-head.
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    Not related to sports logos. But I see so many matte black cars. Those look so ugly. I don't know why people like them. I usually see them on Honda Civics, which I'm not a fan of either.
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    Earlier this month, new White Sox ambassador Chance the Rapper redesigned and released a trio of limited edition White Sox caps. I decided to put together a few White Sox uniform concepts based on these cap designs. C&C appreciated! -
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    We got a great, physical game between St. Louis and Chicago. I LOVE IT MAGGLE.
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    Dasvidaniya, Pavel. And piss off, Detroit. You deserve it, if just for that "25" center ice logo.
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    It really isn't. I had someone on my Facebook compare Shaw saying "f----t" to the lines "gay old time" in the Flintstones song. Easily one of the more ignorant posts I've seen about the matter. I've used the word, as I'm sure other people have, but I was 12 years old. Once you realize what the word actually means, you should eliminate it from your vocabulary. Out of anger, I've said things I'm not proud of, but my go-to words have never never been homophobic or racial slurs. I don't really see how you can defend the use of the word and the more people have defended it, the more ridiculous the defense has become. Shaw messed up. He had a meltdown and he embarrassed himself. Some people just need to admit that and move on.
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    Hawk's not wrong that there is a "different" connection between fans and teams than there is between other products/corporations and customers/public. The above few posts are kinda splitting hairs. But events are events. The Sonics moved to OKC. I wish they had not but they did. The Browns moved to Baltimore. (And I REALLY wish they had not, given what has happened) What's more insulting than suggesting that OKC's franchise has a championship? Trying to tell me that the Timberwolves have five NBA championships. They don't. Nothing, not even "official" whiting-out and replacing of history can change that the team that won those championships moved. We can honor them, as can Seattle. But the notion that the next Seattle NBA team, be it expansion or relocation, "won" that 1979 title is flat out preposterous. The notion that someone on that team "may break Gary Payton's all-time franchise scoring mark" is equally preposterous. Man, Kevin Durant sure is disloyal going to a new franchise after one year. And if this becomes the norm, the real tragedy is that some franchises, officially speaking, will just cease to exist. If Seattle gets a relocated team, that franchise will no longer exist, officially. They will be "defunct." (not to mention that the "old" Sonics stuff will be transferred to the new Sonics retroactively).
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    Is this the Pacific Northwest version of "Cleveland has a special relationship with the Browns. You just need to be from here to understand"?
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    Except neither team was born from the community.
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    Dodgers are in the Los Angeles jerseys today in Atlanta
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    What does that mean ?
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    ...are you serious? That doesn't take an expert to read his lips. You can clearly tell what he's saying. Well, in any case, it's possible that we have seen Shaw in a Blackhawks uniform for the last time. I'd hate for his time with the team to end under these circumstances, especially if the team is eliminated by the :censored:ing Blues, but that kind of language has no place in the game. Sure, I'm sure players use it (and worse) all the time when the cameras and mics aren't on them, but he should know better when the game is on.
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    The Kings and Blackhawks are both on the brink.... yet I'll believe it when I see it. I need to see the Blues/Sharks officially finish it off. Because if anyone can come back from 3-1, it's these teams
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    I will never understand how people think the old logo is better then the new one. That thing is awful. The jerseys themselves are top notch and I understand that love. I say put the updated logo on this jersey then I am on board!
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    The North stars history began in Minnesota and ended in Minnesota when norm green took the team to Dallas. Dallas is not the Dallas north stars. Dallas are the stars only. Dallas never used the name north stars and they never used the north stars N logo. The Dallas Stars have their own history and it began in 1993. Dallas can keep the stars name and their history from 93 and present. Dallas left the north stars logo and name behind in Minnesota when they decided to move.There is no reason why Minnesota can't be called the north stars and Dallas be called the stars. The North stars name and logo was branded around minnesotas state name which is known as the North Star state. The Dallas Stars branded their image around the texas western theme. When you think of the Dallas Stars you think of a Texan lone star. When you think of the North stars you think of Minnesota because Minnesota is the North Star state. The Dallas Stars have their own history when they decided to change the teams name, logo, and concept of the name. The Dallas stars can keep their name but we fans in Minnesota want our north stars history and name back.
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    They took action and suspended Krys Barch when he used a racial slur in reference to PK Subban. Homophobia and racism both have no place in sports, no matter what the bible thumpers think.
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    Certain teams with certain histories are fine with NNOB. But if everyone does it, like this day, it just doesn't look great. I agree with this. One of the reasons why I like NOB is because of this. Some teams are so much bigger with history (like the Yankees) that NNOB works for them. But for most teams, that's not the case.
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    This looks so wrong. Unless it's a throwback to the 1977-1979 teams (which, why would you?), the Jays need the NOB. As I've said before, this just looks unfinished, and little league.
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    Why would you give a title to a team that never earned it? Just because a team moves somewhere and decided to take a previous teams name doesn't make them the same team. That's what I hate about revisionist history, you are striping titles and accomplishments from teams that earned them and just deciding to give them to someone else because you can't get over that the other team left and want to pretend the new team is now the same team. They aren't plain and simple.
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    As usual, I loved that concept. Special "star" to the history of the team, really cool. Good job, you guys inspiring me day by day. HAHAHAAH
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    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AC Ridale Home venue- Ridale City Arena (73,345) 2015 position- 5th Eximius Foedus championships- 2 (1992,1998) Based in the largest city of the North, and nearby the winding River Vale, is home to one of Spensar's greatest soccer teams of the 20th century. Ridale was home to the early Spensarian republican movement, and is famous for it's sprawling urban landscape and diverse environment. AC Ridale, formerly the Athletic Club Of Ridale, were a foundation club of the National Soccer Federation. They won a record 17 national titles in there time in competition, before in 1989 they were admitted to the Eximius Foedus. Many of there players Pre-Eximius Foedus were the fittest in the competition, because they were involved with the numerous Athletic event meetings held on the weekends around the team's original home ground, Penfold Oval.From the beginning of the Eximius Foedus, they continued there dominance for another decade, until recently, where they have struggled to make and win finals matches. Nowadays, the Athletic Club of Ridale no longer exists, with the team being the last link to the pre-existing hierachy. The club now plays at a venue built for the quadrennial National Championships for U23 teams, the Ridale City Arena. Known to be very much a sporting city, AC Ridale were the first team to move into the stadium, before other popular outdoor teams the Kangaroos, Renegades and Rapids, showing that they are still very much forefront in popularity in the city. The team also did well on the global stage, making the Quarter Finals of the WFA Championship, only to be eliminated in penalties, after knocking out fellow Eximius Foedus rival FC Antley. The team's home kit is similar to that of the logo's design. The crown of the logo is taken from the original athletic club's logo. Online car marketplace SRAC.com will sponsor the team from 2016 onward.
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    Washington hasn't lost anything yet. Their appeal of the USPTO's cancellation is still pending in the Fourth Circuit. And in any case, it didn't affect their primary logo.
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    I'm getting the same and it's all pretty weird as the links and images are huge in mobile. Edit: "14 awkward Sex positions everyone secretly wants to know." Yeah, these need to go immediately.
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    I totally did that when I was a kid/young adult. In defense of myself, there was virtually no backlash and I therefore gave it almost no thought. So if I said something "dumb" was "gay" I really did not mean anything by it. However, language matters and stuff like that seeps into the collective conscience. To a degree (what degree, I don't know) it perpetuates the "gay is bad" thing. Further, I also used to call people f----t back in the day. The intent there was worse; I was not exactly savvy with the ladies and accusing people of being gay made me feel better that nobody would think I was gay (god forbid, right). Again, if you'd responded with "so, being gay is bad?" I would probably have not even had a good answer; I was not actually thinking about whether it was bad or not. But stuff like that is a huge contributor to how we treat people when it really matters. And Shaw at this point has had the benefit of a world that recognizes why this is bad. If he dropped an N-word, 80% of us (the greater us) would be calling him a racist (the rest being White Warriors upset that they cannot use the word). How different is this? I can acknowledge that there is more history of "thoughtlessly" using terms as "general" insults, but at this point, people need to do better. If he truly is not a homophobe, he should have no trouble learning from this.
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    Pirates need to do it asap.
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    I've said this before but I still believe the Mets were the only team to make black work. Also, I don't know if it's because people didn't like it or MLB teams just don't wanna wear them anymore but some teams need to bring back vest uniforms because they looked good. Especially the Pirates.
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    Yes, Tao could be considered a Japanese name. though I somewhat think Tao is more of a girls name, but I'm not sure, and a lot of guys in Japan are given girls names and vice versa
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    Hey guys a Vegas sports radio show is running a name the team poll, link below, follow it and bote Aces, support Sparky and the fan favorite name, Go Aces, the sweetest jersey and presentation, period! http://vegashockeynhl.instapage.com/
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    so i decided to make a mock up of what i think they should go with on these jerseys i think its an improvement on what alot of people said
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    This analogy is silly, so I'm going to tell my own version of it to reflect what actually happened. The husband (Minnesota) and the wife (Stars franchise) were happily married for several years, and they even had a few kids (franchise records, players, etc). However, towards the later years of their marriage the husband was being neglectful of his family and ended up cheating on his wife for a younger girl he was flirting with instead (the Gophers). The wife filed for divorce, and took her kids with her to Dallas (new husband) who happily adopted his new stepchildren as his own. The ex-husband in Minnesota eventually married a new wife (the Wild), and now both families occasionally appear on the Jerry Springer show.
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    WVU Football: Change the numerals to those from the Pat White era - Unique, yet not embarrassing. And it fits well with the flying WV logo. We are not the Miners. Let the coalmine shtick go.
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    Yeah, something terrible happens: "Don't worry, you will get used to it" It´s a terrible argument
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    Suspension has been increased to nine months.
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    I had the Chicago Staggs downing the Dallas Wranglers in the first A11FL championship game.
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    Hey everyone, I thought I'd introduce you to the concept league that I have been working on for some time now. I'm a big fan of rugby, played back in the day and still enjoy watching whenever I get a chance. Canada is currently considered a Tier 2 rugby nation and is 14th in the IRB rankings. I'd love to see Canada move into the top 10 and become a true Tier 1 nation. A big problem is the fact that there are very few international roster spots in the top rugby competitions around the world, making it difficult for Canadian players to play on a regular basis against the best in the world. My solution is a fully professional rugby union competition for Canada, which I have called the Canadian Rugby Premiership. The format would follow closely that of England's Aviva Premiership Rugby, with 12 teams playing a balanced schedule of 22 games per season. I thought about dividing the competition (I'm trying to avoid using the term 'league' to avoid confusion with rugby league) into an east and west division, but with a balanced schedule I didn't see much point. The top 6 teams make the playoffs with seeds 1 and 2 getting a bye to the semifinals. The final is played at a predetermined location (the playoff structure is very similar to the CFL). I'll be introducing the clubs periodically. I already have a pretty good start on the concepts, but any C&C would be great. I've chosen names for each club, but am willing to be swayed. I'll start off by presenting the CRP logo and the location and name of the teams. The CRP logo is pretty straightforward. The initials in a rugby ball shape with a maple leaf coming out the top. I wanted to keep it super simple so that it can be integrated easily into the kits. And this is the only maple leaf you'll see in the entire concept. While working on this concept I have thought a lot about where teams would play. Rugby needs to be played on grass, which creates a problem as many Canadian stadiums have artificial turf. Toronto could play at BMO and Montreal at Saputo. Vancouver could play at Swangard. Beyond that I'm not too familiar with cities' stadiums, so if you have any suggestions of where clubs could play, let me know. The criteria would likely be no less than 5000 capacity with natural grass. I'll introduce the teams randomly. If there is one you would like to see first, let me know. Anyone have thoughts on the structure, locations, names or the CRP logo? Canadian Rugby Premiership Pacific Coast Rugby Football Club Vancouver Blues Calgary Mounties Edmonton City Rugby Club Saskatchewan Prairie Dogs Winnipeg Giants Rugby Football Club Hamilton Steel Rugby Club Toronto St. Pats Ottawa Rugby Football Club Montreal Rouges Arlequins Quebec Atlantic Confederation Rugby Club
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    York Region Shooters - OL1 York Region's current look is far too close to LA Galaxy, so I decided to switch it up a bit and go with the pill shape. As there isn't too much imagery to work with for a nickname like Shooters, I just used the soccer ball with a couple lines indicating motion. There are 9 white stripes representing the 9 towns and cities in the region.
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    Okanagan Valley SC - WSL Based in Kelowna, BC, OVSC was founded in 2020, and has always had a strong focus on developing local talent from throughout the Okanagan Valley. The hot, dry summer temperatures of the valley make the team difficult to play against at home (particularly for other BC-based clubs not used to the intense heat). The club's crest features a bunch of grapes as a nod to the valley's many wineries. In addition to the grapes, the green oval shape with the blue stripe down the middle is meant to evoke the Okanagan Valley, which is long and skinny and has a series of lakes and rivers running through the middle of it. That's all of the BC WSL clubs, next up will be Alberta-based teams.
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    Harbour City Nanaimo - WSL Staying on Vancouver Island, Harbour City Nanamio were established in 2016 and began play in the WSL a year later. To date they have been rather unsuccessful in terms of on field play, but very successful in filling the stands and creating a great supporter's experience. Island derbys (between Victoria and Nanaimo) are often a heated affair. Their crest features the Bastion, a fortification built by the Hudson's Bay Company in the 1850s, which still stands in Nanaimo. In addition to the Bastion, I really like how the ring of the logo looks a bit like a lifesaver, fitting for a club called Harbour City.
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    Montreal Impact - MLS Montreal quickly solidified their place as serious contender in MLS, reaching the MLS Cup playoff 5 years straight from 2013-2017, with one MLS Cup in that span. Since then, they have continued to perform well, but have been less consistent in their on field performance. The Impact have won 3 Canadian Championships since 2013, and are the current defending champions. The club's image has remained remarkably consistent over the years, with only a slight modification of their original MLS crest taking place in 2017. I like all the elements in Montreal's current crest, but think there is just a bit much going on with all the gradients and metallic looks. So I simply flattened the crest to make it a bit simpler. There is probably currently a version very similar to this, actually.
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    Toronto Football Club - MLS With the positive changes taking place at the club in 2013 continuing year after year, Toronto FC finally started to shed the image of being a consistent failure on the pitch. Unfortunately, they have since become notorious for another reason: chronic playoff underachiever. While TFC have captured 3 Supporter's Shields and 6 Canadian Championships since 2013, they have yet to win an MLS Cup, and have only reached the MLS Cup final once. But the club has seen renewed interest as their fortunes have risen, and are once again one of the toughest clubs to play against, particularly at BMO Field. In 2016, after finally conceding that their academy program had a superior crest than the first team, the club adopted a modified version of the academy's eagle crest as their main badge. It has been in use ever since, and has led to a new nickname of 'Red Eagles'. Ever since the academy logo was introduced last year, I really liked it, much more so than TFC's current offering. I modified it slightly by removing the banner at the bottom and adding in the date of TFC's establishment. I'm not sure if everyone has the same feeling that this crest is better than the current one, but I do, and they're my club, so that's what I did! Just a note: For clubs that I am redesigning, I'll give a before and after shot like the one above. For those that I made from scratch, they won't have the before image.
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    Thanks for all the feedback everyone. For Victoria, I'm leaning towards Pacific Coast RFC, but keep the ideas coming. From Pacific to Atlantic, here's Halifax's club, Atlantic Confederation RC. I could use some help on this one. While I am happy with the crest, I'm not satisfied with the kits as they stand, particularly the alternate. Any suggestions on how to best use the 4 colours of red, yellow, blue and white in the kit design would be greatly appreciated. The crest is based on maritime flags. The shield is split into 4 sections, each with its own maritime flag design. If read from left to right, top to bottom, it reads ACRC, the initials of the club. I like how everything works in 4s for this design. 4 parts of the shield, 4 colours, representing 4 Atlantic provinces (Newfoundland, PEI, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick). The name Confederation also alludes to this 4 province representation, as well as the Charlottetown Conference where Canadian Confederation was first discussed.
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    In the meantime here is another club. I liked the idea of using the Mounties as a nickname because 1) they are iconic not just in Canada but around the world, and 2) they have great uniforms. I decided to use the nickname for Calgary and base the kit design on the traditional Mountie uniform. The alternate kit is also based on an RCMP, but this time the everyday policing uniform. I included some photos for guides. You can see that I tried to follow the basic colouring of each uniform while simplifying. The crest is based off RCMP ranking insignia, though I'm not sure which rank. Overall I'm really happy with the way they turned out. Would love to hear what you think.
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