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    Milwaukee better show up in the right time period.
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    If they can re-issue #88, pretty sure handing out #21 is no big deal.
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    the design is not dated, but the colors certainly are. 1990s drab-and-marketable.
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    Welcome to state government in the American West. It's amazing they can get anything done!
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    In an effort to get the creative juices flowing a little better I'm tackling a project through the month of May. 31 days, 31 NBA concepts. First up, the Hawks... Atlanta Hawks - Volt-ernate My take on what other have proposed previously, and something that seems like an inevitability - a Volt-based alternate for the Hawks. I've restricted the triangular pattern to the side panels, as it's all-over application is the only thing I really dislike about the Hawks' current uniform set. http://thirdkit.co/2016/05/01/atlanta-hawks-volt-ernate/
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    He publicly insulted a player by calling him the kind of guy who would, in his words, "bunch mox," made some dumb Sedin jokes that people aren't supposed to make anymore, and just generally seems like his brain operates at a pretty low hum by hockey-player standards. With the help of a ghostwriter, he wrote a Players' Tribune article that amounted to "me like sports." He also ignominiously won a scoring title with 87 points. Talented player, yes, but how much of that is a function of a go-go-go coach and having a #2-overall center drop into his lap for being deemed an irretrievable drunkard, again, by hockey-player standards, who can say?
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    I'm really unsure as to when and how Jamie Benn became a punchline around here, but that guy is kinda good.
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    Purists aren't crazy about it, but unique branding could be a goldmine for teams like these who would otherwise generate zero interest outside their regions.
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    I think you need an identity first before you can have an identity crisis. but yeah since day 1 with that bland nothing logo they've never had any defined identity. No primary color (light blue? navy? orange? yellow?), no mascot, no unique font style or jersey pattern or anything that seperates them from any community rec league. So that makes it easy to have nothing look like they belong to the same branding package
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    Shortly after that post, the admiral hit the streets looking for puppies and kittens to kick.
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    I thought some people here might find this video interesting. http://www.denverbroncos.com/news-and-blogs/article-1/Paxton-Lynchs-arrival-at-UCHTC-as-a-Bronco/10bdee28-6d68-42c6-8324-1aa80e2ea22b It's Paxton Lynch arriving at Broncos headquarters in Dove Valley on Friday. About 4 minutes after walking in the door, he's taken to the equipment room to address uniform-related matters. I love his reaction to seeing his jersey for the first time. He is also fitted for a helmet (I think he says he wants a visor?), and they talk about shoes a little. This also caught my eye: Check out the stripes on that helmet sitting on the table. Those are Orange Crush - era stripes on a modern navy helmet. Probably meaningless, but I guess we'll see (faux-back/color rush?). A boy can dream.
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    It's appropriate that they went with song lyrics from sixteen years ago for such a dated uniform. If they still wore gold pants instead of the horrid white and blue ones, then maybe they could call it "so fresh and so clean." Still not better than the Greatest Show on Turf unis, but not a total eyesore either.
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    The Phils are wearing these on June 3 and 5 vs Milwaukee:
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    It's not fresh, nor is it clean. There is no reason for the LA Rams to be in the St. Louis colors.
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    Atlanta Hawks Baltimore Bullets Boston Celtics Brooklyn Nets Buffalo Braves Charlotte Bobcats Charlotte Hornets Chicago Bulls Cincinnati Royals Cleveland Cavaliers Dallas Mavericks Denver Nuggets Detroit Pistons Golden State Warriors Houston Rockets Indiana Pacers Kansas City Kings Los Angeles Clippers Los Angeles Lakers Memphis Grizzlies Miami Heat Milwaukee Bucks Minneapolis Lakers Minnesota Timberwolves New Jersey Nets New Orleans Hornets New Orleans Jazz New Orleans Pelicans New York Knicks Oklahoma City Thunder Orlando Magic Philadelphia 76ers Phoenix Suns Portland Trail Blazers Sacramento Kings San Antonio Spurs Dan Diego Clippers San Diego Rockets San Francisco Warriors Seattle Supersonics St. Louis Hawks Toronto Raptors Utah Jazz Vancouver Grizzlies Washington Bullets Washington Wizards
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    Just waiting til after the league announces corporate sponsors...
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    Also, you'll be happy to know the source of that photo is tyler-91-seguin.tumblr.com. It's for people who say "yes, I like pleasuring myself to Canadians who dropped out of high school and got sleeve tattoos, but I want one scummier than Justin Bieber."
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    Whatever to the unbolded stuff, because maybe there's merits to some of those, maybe there isn't. I mean, is he actually trying to insult a new teammate with sex cracks, or was there some implied humor there? Maybe if Jamie Benn is the low hum mind you figure him to be then perhaps. I also very seldom go to TPT so stuff like that is going to miss my radar basically every time. I'm also not sure how it's his fault that the NHL's goal scoring was at such a depressive low in 2014-'15 that winning the Art Ross at 87 points is something to kinda/sorta knock him for; if not for a cheap assist on an ENG, he and John Tavares would've tied for it at 86 points; not really sure you would hold anything against Tavares in that case. I guess it all goes back to the intellectualism that you often endorse, explicitly or otherwise, in several of your thematic posts, which is fine, really. As for the bolded - Lindy Ruff has never been my idea of a go-go coach; if anything, I tend to think that Ruff has adapted his structure to fit the personnel that Dallas has, which is a plus, not a negative. It's something that I've ripped Jon Cooper in Tampa for virtually all season long, and something I've praised Mike Sullivan for quite a bit in Pittsburgh since his appointment there. And is it Seguin who makes Benn, or Benn who makes Seguin? Seguin has played all of 15 minutes this postseason (in a game where Dallas scored two goals of the 25 they've scored this postseason), and Benn has 11 points in eight games with Cody Eakin as his center. (Of course, in a twisted sense, that #2-overall center could also be referring to Jason Spezza from wayback when, but besides the fact that Spezza and Benn have not been linemates much, if at all, this season, obviously you wouldn't refer to a #2 overall selection from 15 years ago in any relevant sense, but that was a fun diversion so I went with it for kicks.) In any case, thanks for answering my question, I guess, because I genuinely wasn't sure what the source has been of Jamie Benn jokes around here. Glad we got that out of the way.
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    I was a little inspired this morning and thought the great artist we lost yesterday deserved a tribute from his state's hockey team. Apologies for the poor execution, it is merely a "cut and paste- recolour" job I did with rudimentary tools at work (don't tell my boss). Let me introduce you to the "Purple Rain" (the only acceptable use of the Lightning "sublimated" alternate).
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    I think it's placed where it is very specfically so the stripe's effect isn't interrupted too much by the logo
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    You know, the Oilers right now remind me a bit of the Quebec Nordiques back in the early 90s. The Nords were terrible for 5-6 years, got a bunch of good draft picks (including 3 straight years with the #1 pick, like Edmonton), and picked a bunch of highly-acclaimed forwards in Sakic, Sundin, Nolan & Lindros. Then they traded everyone but Sakic for other pieces they needed; defence, goaltending, better offensive prospects (Forsberg), and away they went, almost overnight in fact; from 20 wins in 1991-92 to 47 in 1992-93. Admittedly, they got super lucky later when one of the best goalies in the league went on the market, and if they hadn't moved they wouldn't have had any chance at getting him*, but hey, it is what it is. Basically, like a lot of other people have been saying, yeah, we're at the time where the Oilers should probably hang on to McDavid and start looking to trade some of their other forwards for some defence and a goalie who's actually good. All I'm pointing out is that there's actual historical precedence for this. * - then again, if they didn't move the whole Roy thing would've gone differently anyways, 'cause then the schedule would've been different and 11-1 game probably wouldn't have happened.
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    There is no way in hell we keep this pick. Package it with whatever is left of Nail Yakupov's trade value and maybe Eberle or something for a real defenceman.
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    I too think VA Tech's colors are great for football in Autumn, but I like their more traditional uniforms with the UCLA stripes.
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    Truth be told, I didn't really like their gold alt at all. It wasn't the idea of gold I didn't like, but more so the whole gold jersey-black shorts mess. Had the shorts been gold and there been some blue here and there, I think that would've improved it immensely. And not as a mode of argument but more out of my own curiosity towards the "why", I thought more about why I felt the colors looked federal and I think this is what was always going on in my head: Of course, the colors aren't the same shades or values, but the combination of the blues of the White House logo in Obama's picture and the curtains in Bush's, and the gold of the Presidential seal and parts of the flags isn't extremely far off. I don't think that may be what the designers were going for, but psychologically to me at least I think that's why I'd always made those connections. Especially the blue. Funny thing is, I couldn't really put my finger on it till now.
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    Right, because in my post about high schools using trademarked logos, I forgot I went after peewee football teams as well, who by no means are run by academic institutes that preach an anti-plagiarism and anti-theft message. I totally forgot. Thank you for reminding me, Internet commenter. I get you were trying to be semi-humorous with your retort but next time, find a better hole to expose in my argument.
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    I had assumed it would be released on draft day, though I'm pretty sure that's the product of pure speculation, not an actual rumour. My preference would be for them to slap the logo on the traditional template and call it a day, although I have feeling they'll try something new. Nothing extravagant, obviously, but perhaps a departure from the classic double stripes or the '60s northwestern stripes is in order.
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    A little off topic but isn't this a cool picture of a Black panther?
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    I was surprised by how much I liked this color scheme. So I tweaked the new Panthers logo to this color scheme and think it works well:
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    Thi. Also, as mentioned in the OP: And I like the teal with Navy and Orange here:
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    Teams League 1 New England Revolution (MLS) New York City FC (MLS) New York Red Bulls (MLS) Philadelphia Union (MLS) DC United (MLS) Toronto FC (MLS) Montreal Impact (MLS) Orlando SC (MLS) Columbus Crew (MLS) Chicago Fire (MLS) Sporting Kansas City (MLS) Houston Dynamo (MLS) FC Dallas (MLS) Real Salt Lake (MLS) LA Galaxy (MLS) San Jose Earthquakes (MLS) Portland Timbers (MLS) Seattle Sounders (MLS) Vancouver White Caps (MLS) Colorado Rapids (MLS) League 2 LAFC (MLS ex) Atlanta FC (MLS ex) Minnesota United (MLS ex) Miami FC (MLS ex) Carolina Rail hawks (NASL) FC Edmonton (NASL) Fort Lauderdale Strikers (NASL) Indy Eleven (NASL) Jacksonville Armada FC (NASL) New York Cosmos (NASL) Ottawa Fury (NASL) Puerto Rico FC (NASL ex) Rayo OKC (NASL) Tampa Bay Rowdies (NASL) San Antonio Scorpions (NASL) Austin Aztecs (NASL) Rochester Rhinos (past NASL) (MLS pos ex) AC St. Louis (past NASL) (MLS pos ex) Crystal Palace Baltimore (past NASL) Detroit City FC (MLS pos ex) (NASL pos ex) (NPSL) League 3 Virginia Cavalry FC (NASL pos ex) Connecticut Bicentennials (NASL pos ex) El Paso (MLS pos ex) Sacramento Republic (MLS pos ex) (USL) Las Vegas Mobsters (MLS pos ex) (PDL) AFC Cleveland (MLS pos ex) (NPSL) Hamilton (NASL pos ex) Calgary Foothills FC (NASL pos ex) (PDL) WSA Winnipeg (NASL pos ex) (PDL) Saskatchewan (NASL pos ex) FC Cincinnati (USL) Harrisburg City Islanders (USL) Louisville City FC (USL) Arizona United FC (USL) Orange County Blues (USL) Tulsa Roughnecks (USL) Charleston Battery (USL) Pittsburgh River hounds (USL) San Fransisco City FC (MLS pos ex) (NASL pos ex) (PDL) San Diego Zest FC (MLS pos ex) (PDL League 4 Colorado Springs Switchbacks (USL) Charlotte Independence (USL) Rio Grand Valley Torros FC (USL) Bethleham Steel FC (USL) Reno (USL) Dayton Dutch Lions (past USL) Nashville FC (USL pos ex) Wilmington Hammerheads (USL) Richmond Kickers (USL) Albuquerque Sol FC- Albuquerque NM Mississippi Brilla- Jackson MS Midland/Odessa Shockers- Midland TX FC Tucson- Tucson AZ KW United FC- Kitchener Canada Michigan Bucks- Pontiac MI Des Moines Menace- Des Moines IA Rhode Island Reds- Providence RI Chattanooga FC- Chattanooga TN Memphis City- Memphis TN New Orleans Jesters- New Orleans LA League 5 Brooklyn Italians- Brookyln NY Shreveport Rafters FC- Shreveport LA Knoxville Force- Knoxville TN Little Rock Rangers- Little Rock AR Thunder Bay Chill- Thunder Bay Canada Reading United AC- Reading PA Hershey FC- Hershey PA Virginia Beach City FC- Virginia Beach VA Grand Rapids FC- Grand Rapids MI Myrtle Beach FC- Mrytle Beach Tobacco Road FC- Raliegh NC FC Wichita- Wichita KS Ocean City Nor'Easterners- Ocean City NJ AC Conneticuit- Danbury CT GPS Portland Phoenix- Portland ME Long Island Rough Riders- Long Island NY Seacoast United Phantoms- Portsmith NH Milwaulkee Torrent- Milwaulkee Torrent Lane United FC- Eugene OR Victroia Highlanders- Victoria Canada League 6 North East Kingston Stockade FC- Kingston NY New York Athletic Club- Pelham NY Jersey Express SC- Newark NJ Westchester Flames- New Rochell NY Clarkston SC Eagles- Clarkston NY GBFC Thunder- Binghamton NY New Jersey Copa FC- Metuchen NJ Western Mass Pioneers – Lowell MA Seacoast United Mariners- Scarborogh NH Jersey Blues FC- Madison NJ League 6 Pacific West Kitsap Pumas- Bremtom WA Washington Crossfire- Redmond WA Burlingame Dragons FC- Burligame CA Freson Fuego- Fresno CA FC Golden State Force- Glendora CA Southern California Seahorses- La Miranda CA Ventura County Fusion- Ventura CA CD Aguiluchos USA- Oakland CA OSA FC- Tacoma WA Corinthians USA- Fontana CA League 6 Mid West Buxmont Torch FC- Perkasie PA Electirc City Shock SC- Scranton PA Junior Lone Star FC- Drexler Hill Pa AFC Ann Arbor- Ann Arbor MI Kalamazoo FC- Kalamazoo MI Lansing FC- Lansing MI LC Aris FC- La Croix WI Kokomo Mantis- Kokomo IN Springfield Synergy- Springfield MO Joplin Demise- Joplin MO League 6 South East Palm Beach Suns FC- Boca Raton FL Sout Florida Surf- St. Luice FL The Village SC- The Village FL SW Florida Adrenaline- Fort Myers Weston FC-Weston FL SC United Bantams- Greenwood SC Tormenta FC- Statesboro GA Peachtree MOAB- Peachtree GA FC Carolina Discoveries- Rock Hill SC Georgia Reveloution- Conyer GA League 7 Mid Atlantic Evergreen FC -Leesburg VA Southern West Virginia Kings Warriors – Bluefeild WV Tri Cities FC- Johnson City WV West Virginia Chaos- Charleston WV Carolina Dynamo- Greensboro NC Southern West Virginia Kings Warriors – Bluefeild WV Tri Cities FC- Johnson City WV West Virginia Chaos- Charleston WV Carolina Dynamo- Greensboro NC Evergreen FC -Leesburg VA League 7 Metro Atlantic ASA Charge- Gambrills MD Chesterfield United FC- Chestfield VA FC Frederick- Frederick MD Fredericksburg FC- Fredericksburg VA Legacy 76- Williamsburg VA Lexington KN Bowling Green KN Morgantown WV Dover DE Annapolis MD League 7 Plains Liverpool Warriors- Saginaw TX Topeka KS Omaha NB Lincoln NB Pierre SD Fargo ND Lubbock TX Sioux Falls SD Norman OK Laredo TX League 7 Pacific West Deportivo Coroas- Riverside CA FC Force- El Centro CA FC Hastenal- Agora Hills CA North County Battalion- Carlsbad CA Southern California Sports Club- San Bernandino CA Telecuma FC- Telecuma CA Boise ID Salem OR Olympia WA Modesto CA
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    Vancouver Whitecaps Home - White home with Inuksuk navy blue gradient. Away - Navy with chrome accents.
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    First look at jerseys on the Kings.com page
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    Spot on, Conrad. Slightly different hues, but purple and silver it is.
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    Good fodder for those of us on the "Burn the Celtics alternates" bandwagon: The team is 0-8 all-time when wearing the black trim alts in the playoffs. http://espn.go.com/blog/boston/celtics/post/_/id/4722862/celtics-and-the-curse-of-the-black-trim
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    I mean, Silver's progressivism in a number of areas isn't all nullified just because he wants to sell a tiny ad on jerseys.
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    Maybe I'm the poster to watch!
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    Well, then it´s a good thing you were not around to see short-shorts.- Lesser clothing in sports is a good thing imo, that way you can see if players stay fit and don´t get sloppy, see their different physique, insted of just a bunch of players you can only distinguish by the number on the back. Think that why i never got into football, impossible to get to "know" players.
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    Beautiful. I hope we get a teal shirting shirt. This is so sexy.
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    Who was the last pitcher with a complete game no hitter against the Yankees?
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    Bucfan is correct lol Mac
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