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    The B in the Ravens logo was designed to attract the fans from Cleveland that just had their hearts ripped out and rioted? The uniform is great because it has elements of "Nazi/SS, biker gang, goth/rock clubs"? My gods this is a horrible post, not just the opinions but also the composition. Everyone is right - get a blog or start your own forum. Just don't promote it here.
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    Sorry...no. Sometimes a coincidence is just that. A coincidence. Besides. Your conspiracy theory would mean that the Chargers' attempt to move to LA was a smokescreen. Which means all the reports of Dean Spanos being dejected after the vote are a testament to his great acting skills. And I don't believe Dean Spanos is good at anything.
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    The way these sentences are spaced makes me want to read this as beat poetry. With random bongo playing.
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    How considerate of Arsenal to put color bars on the keeper's shoulders. Fans can calibrate their televisions during warm-ups.
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    It's sort of an arched transparent canopy, yeah. Doesn't retract, but lets air in through the sides. Sure will be cooler than that warehouse in St. Louis. I only wish it could have the rolling natural grass the Cardinals have. The less carpet, the better.
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    Thanks guys, here's a minor update with a color redistribution, new sock stripes, and the "A" crest on the green alt (as the recolored "Diamondbacks" script didn't look all that great).
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    I'm back at this with another new logo I finally got around to finishing. Just like the Bulldogs above, 'Vikings' is another one of the more common nicknames, and often times you see both colleges and high schools using the Minnesota Vikings logo. Even in my home state of Wisconsin where the Minnesota Vikings are loathed, there are a couple schools that use the Minnesota logo. That inspired me to make this concept. (Again, it's also up on my Behance page for those who care to take a look there.) https://www.behance.net/gallery/37547739/Vikings-Logo
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    I love what you've done for the Rams. It's modern, but throws back to the old in a nice way. I love subtle nods in jersey design.
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    That's not what a thread is, you're thinking of a blog. if you look at threads they generally have titles like "Unpopular Opinions" or "NBA Changes 2015-16." If you started a "Random Thoughts/Opinions" thread that'd be something else, but I'm pretty sure that already exists. Also I know you're not a Nazi. I'm just saying that positively comparing a jersey to a Nazi uniform to the extent that you post a picture of an SS officer may not be the best idea.
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    Seeing that photo, I'm so glad I don't watch the Reds attempt to play baseball anymore.
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    Here's something I've been working on recently. After seeing that so many high schools and even some colleges use the same few cartoon bulldog images as their logos again and again, I decided to take a crack at it and create my own version. Of course there are some colleges with original and solid bulldogs, but overall I wanted to stray away from that cartoon Looney Toons bulldog look that is everywhere and make something original. I kept the cliche spiky collar because apparently a bulldog isn't a bulldog without one. The full project can be seen on behance: https://www.behance.net/gallery/36390445/Bulldogs-Logo NOTE: All logos in this thread may not be used without prior consent of Greg Hahn.
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    Am I the only one who's not a fan of the stadium design? It's starting to grow on me, but still...
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    I wouldn't be surprised if, like someone else mentioned, the NFL wants two distinct looks in LA, as to not water down either brand. Nobody would confuse the Jets and Giants with their colors, but two teams in blue and gold (no matter the shades) may be too similar for them.
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    They look good, but this should be in the concepts section.
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    Both look amazing. The Cardinals alternate might be my favorite so far!
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    Really Nice. The third is sweet. Great colors.
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    Very impressive for your first human logo! Good work.
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    I agree with Ren69 and I couldn't agree more. Flawless!
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    Of North Kentucky University But still it is a great Viking logo
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    Wow, fantastic. As was mentioned, the Atlanta script could use some work, just the first three letters. Overall, this is wonderful.
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    LA is a thing of beauty! i also really like the gold in the Arizona alternate
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    I agree that the Avs should still use silver, but in this concept, the silver looks forced, and losing it would clean up the striping pattern...
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    Day twenty four. Phoenix Suns A little unsure if I’m happy with this one or not, wanted to to incorporate elements of their 90s jerseys without doing a straight replica. Ended up with an asymmetrical jersey to go along with the asymmetrical shorts from the 90s set. http://thirdkit.co/2016/05/24/phoenix-suns-home/
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    I love the idea, as well as your description of it. I'd also like to see some visuals.
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    Black? I know they've used it as a (very) minor accent color, but expanding that into a primary would be a significant change, not "staying true to their past".
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    >snap< >snap< >snap< >snap< >snap< >snap< >snap< >snap<
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    They started with a different green, blue & white. When Charles Finley bought the team he switched to Kelly green & yellow. When he dumped the team on the league they switched to the teal & yellow. Although the Finley era wasn't much loved by many fans--I did like those uniforms. Instead of white jerseys they had yellow ones--that were basically a reversal of the green & yellow ones.
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    He goes into collective bargaining over a mandatory pants length, which will never happen, but the league mandating consistent socks among the same team isn't that radical and I don't think the two need to be combined into a joint effort. If guys want to wear their pants down I have no problem with that (I never showed my socks when I played. It was more comfortable), but they should all wear matching socks and that's not too much to ask.
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    I'm sure there's another predecessor than this but Germany at least had the tri-colored chevron first.
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    Well, I agree with most of what you're saying, but I don't think the pants length is a non-issue. I think the players that wear their pants all the way down over the top of their shoes look stupid, and are covering up an aesthetically important part of a baseball uniform. But I get that there isn't anything that can be done. It isn't the sort of thing that can be imposed on the players without being collectively bargained, and obviously, the league is not about to go to war over something like that. Still, I hate that look. It was bad enough when it was just a few, but now it's a big majority. I just wish the pendulum would swing back. Just one day the players look around and say, boy, we look dumb. We should consider wearing actual baseball pants again.
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    this is my thread and this what I want to talk about. Its the same as anyone else making their own thread. Mine is about more than one thing. this thread is for free flow thought without needing a topic title you need to confine too. and will actually help instead of hurt forum space and time. lol I said I liked the unique,bizarre aspects of the uni/logo. I said it reminds me of something/things. No where did I support Nazi's. theres no reason to delete this and blogs are a waste of time that no one looks at.Blogs are a waste of time unless you get paid for them and I may just want to post a picture and say I like it to see if someine else likes it without some long winded blog type thought. every forum post you make is about what you think and say. I'm doing the same thing. This is so I dont have to look everywhere for mine and dont have to remember someone elses thread. I'm doing what this forum is about, by the rules I make in my own thread so i'm not in danger of going off topic in someone elses. Its a thread about what I think like everyone elses thread is about what they think.
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    Seems like removing the bib and outline could go a long way.
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    The biggest issue with the Lightning's current set is that they look more like the Maple Leafs than the team that captured hockey's richest prize in 2004.
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    I'm so glad I picked tonight's game when buying my yearly set of Giants tickets all those months ago. Bum got the shutout, AND knocked in the game's only run. Best part? I'll be home WAY sooner than I ever thought I would. 1-0 games are my absolute favorite.
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    Instead of a four pitch intentional walk, the pitcher should just drill the hitter. Saves three pitches and creates the potential of a brawl. Everybody wins.
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    Anthony Munoz' first year with the Bengals (1980) was the last year before Cincinnati added stripes to the helmet/uniforms
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    "Actually, this is good, because the half-arsed hooliganism and on-field thrashings help grow our footballing culture organically. Now, onto page 26 of your supporters' brochure, where..."
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    This is absolutely fantastic! I can't believe I never thought of turning the tomahawk into a bat. Could I press you to make a full uniform set using this new logo?
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    I don't think the ATL would get lost anymore than the standard lacing that would be there otherwise. It's thicker than the blue outline around the lacing in the actual Braves tomahawk logo. Mark, I saw this on dribbble too, but thought I'd save the critique for here. I really like this. It's almost perfect. My only nitpick would be that all along the cylinder of the bat, everything follows the same slight curve, as it should, even the T and L, but the A look stiff as if it doesn't follow that same curve, making only that part of the bat appear flat. You could also try rounding the corners of the ATL so it matches the rounded corners of the rest of the lacing. But either way, this is a nice subtle update to a classic that could use it. EDIT: In seeing the logo on the cap, you might want to make sure the white outline around the knob of the bat and tail of the "A" flow well.
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    Thanks! I don't think it would get any more lost than the current logo. It's not a detail meant to be seen from the stands anyhow.
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    That's what it'll look like for the first quarter or so of games, too.
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    Yeah those colors just scream Marino vs Elway to me.
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    https://d13yacurqjgara.cloudfront.net/users/449583/screenshots/1340840/hawaii_dribbble.png The crest is old, Nope, its neither. It is apart of the jersey design, most of lulu's shirts have three marks in that position. So I figured for 'realistic' purposes I would include them. I didn't add it to the collar of the white jersey because in soccer the Primary/Clash kits are usually quite different. I have posted it on here before. But since you asked Ill post it again, it was originally done in 2013. And @MDTrey4, I chose lululemon as the manufacture because I have really grown to like the products they produce (also, a rival owner from the league thought about using them and I wanted to jump on it first!).
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