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    I'm sorry, but this should be the only choice for the LA Rams:
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    Beyond the outfield looks like a farm where they raise organic, grass-fed, free range skyscrapers:
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    That's great, but uh... Who are the Chefs?
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    I think the old, wider horn designs looked best. The newer ones just look too skinny.
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    The CFL is the top teir of professional Canadian football. That means it is not a minor league by definition. There are different rules, different sizes of field and equipment (the balls are bigger for example), heck, there's even another player on the field. It may not be as widely popular as the NFL which is a league that plays a similar sport but that's not what defines it being a minor league or not. I think you simply mean the NFL is much more popular. Compairing the NFL and CFL is akin to compairing the NLL and the MLL. Yes, they are both lacrosse but they are not the same variation of lacrosse. Sorry for the rant, but it's one of my pet peeves.
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    I decided to take a shot at something a little different in Detroit, working in the famous octopus:
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    Instead of a four pitch intentional walk, the pitcher should just drill the hitter. Saves three pitches and creates the potential of a brawl. Everybody wins.
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    So, now that I got the Miami Marlins off my chest, I figured I should tweak the other teams that have been bothering me too. Nothing bothered me as much as the Marlins, but it doesn't take much to aggravate me...sadly. The next team I wanted to put a paint brush to was San Diego. Like most, I feel they should be going back to the brown and yellow colors. I on the other hand want to put more emphasis on the brown and keep the yellow to a minimum. I have no issue with their current word scripts and uniform style, I just feel the brown and yellow would look better. So with that in mind, here is my version of the Padres. The away has a grey that has very slight orange tint to it, just to give it some warmth with the brown and yellow. Then there is the Home alternate. The big trend of having the logo over the heart/left side is not missed on the Padres. I'm currently working on a brown top alternate for the road as well as a new main logo that will combine a few era's logos with the swinging friar as the center piece. How does that look? C+C appreciated.
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    The only thing Chase Utley hasn't done to the crowd at CitiField tonight is grab his crotch and flip a double bird.
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    I wouldn't necessarily say that this is "gone forever." I think (hope?) the Saints will eventually drop Vegas gold in favor of old gold again, once Nike figures out how to make non-matte finishes on pants. Not sure about the pant stripes though. They seem to dislike pant stripes for whatever reason. Meanwhile, the Raiders, of course, haven't strayed from the Silver and Black.
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    The red sens jersey looks cool. Simple but nice idea.
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    Peach as accent color only, in my opinion. It's too close to skin tone, so a whole jersey of it just comes across as subconsciously off-putting.
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    That's weird. It must be on my end. I'll figure it out this weekend, I guess I might have missed a file. Sorry about that!
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    Also in that Kroenke story, “The Gunners endured another disappointing season in 2015-16, once again falling short of their goal of winning the Premier League title,” is a great sentence that shows why Bleacher Report is trash. Everyone knows Arsenal’s primary goal as a club each year is Champions League qualification, not a Premier League title. Otherwise Wenger would’ve been sacked a long time ago.
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    Nothing else? Oh well. Next up: CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS The Blackhawks uniforms aren't flawless, but those flaws are now classic. Anyway, I was inspired by @timberwolf's Stadium Series concept, which for some reason I saw the black stripes thicker than usual. I converted those onto the sleeves, and was somewhat inspired by their first whites, and converted it into a full-length yoke. Again, touching the untouchable, but what're you gonna do? A very electrifying off-the-board concept is comming tomorrow! (hint hint) C&C appreciated!
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    NYI- Just fix that nameplate and it's good! (Maybe make the yoke higher?) NYR- Don't change a thing, you've got yourself a pretty nice Rangers concept! OTT- Nice throwback, but something on the away isn't working. Try inverting colours from the home. PHI- Love the arm design! What would it look like to have that repeated on the hem, but with an orange on the away and white on the home ducktail?
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    Here's a little something I cooked up a while back. VANCOUVER CANUCKS This isn't going to be a tough one to explain. The Orca and the "Vancouver" script are finally put to pasture, with full-body Johnny Canuck taking their place! Also, the Skatin' Johnnies now have angular sleeve stripes (to tie in with the "V" shape of the 1970's-80's uniform sets and the Millionaires' crest) with more consistent stripe thickness, and the number font is now the Capitals' throwback font with a green outline (a nice little way to get more green in the set, and dump that overused Agency font). C+C is greatly appreciated!
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    The Reds scored 3 runs in the top of the first inning so I turned over to see them actually hold a lead, saw the Brewers in their BP BiG, and I Abe Simpson GIFed right out of there.
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    Loving the update! IMO the colors are balanced better like this.
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    Next up (I'll also be posting the Blackhawks later today): NEW YORK ISLANDERS The Islanders have amazing jerseys, but they're far from untouchable. For a modern look, I used their great alternate logo from their dreadful alternate jersey, and used the "classic" four stripes. My favourite part about the Edge cuts were the full yokes, which I used on the away to add more blue. On this set, no blue and orange are touching, even in the logos. C&C appreciated!
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    The proportions are a little wonky, but this is a cool look!
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    I freaking KNEW that was gonna come back to bite them in the ass. Giving up Swanson like five minutes after drafting him was bad enough, but the real loss was Inciarte. They cut such a huge amount of protection in their lineup that would've made just about any loss a painful one, and it turned out to be an absolute disaster from the start when Pollack went down. AND, Aaron Blair is going to probably end up having a higher ceiling than Miller. I thought it could go that way anyway, but this is already looking like one of the worst trades I've ever seen.
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    I'd understand the love for Penn State's uniforms if they still had the contrasting collar and trim. Without that, they're basically wearing practice jerseys.
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    Nice job! You should make more, these are cool
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    Way to get all technical and ruin a joke.
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    lol yes they are. its the difference between having a sense of humor and being pointlessly offended due to pc indoctrination. the only thing I saw was an opinion about how another country does business. That is not xenophobia. I will comment no further on it since I know someone will take issue.
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    youre kidding ,right? Ive seen jokes but no xenophobia.
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    It's kind of common knowledge that China is a hacker/stealer/copier of products and intellectual property. I've known several business owners who decided against selling their products that they have patents for over there because of this known theft.
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    Could we please quit it with the xenophobic comments in this thread before it gets out of control? "...do business with China...", I didn't know I was at a Trump convention.
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    ^ No. The Penguins stick had a jagged edged blade with a white stick; the one the Shark has eaten is clearly rounded and brown/orange. Seriously though, seeing the Pens lift the Cup in the black/athletic gold would be nice. Almost as nice as seeing the Sharks raising it in their throwbacks, which isn't really possible. Now that the Sharks have finally made the SCF, were their black unis really cursed?
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    Dustin Brown has been stripped of his captaincy by the Kings. Haha... HAHA... HAHAHAHA... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... HA! Amazing.
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    I was a big proponent of that idea until I saw it actually being implemented and there was something wonky about it Instead of sticking with the same massively sized sleeve stripes and letting jerseys cut further and further into them I think the solution for the Steelers is to shrink the size of the stripes on their sleeve so they all fit on the players who wear the smaller sleeves. Iowa makes it work and they're Nike too. and because it's the Steelers another solution I'd be cool with is if they stopped playing football altogether.
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    I miss the old days when all this color clash and contrast nonsense wasn't argued about. Back in my day, it was brown versus black and EVERYBODY wore the same government-issued green skirt and white pants.
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    the chiefs helmet has a different "C" on the helmet version.. the official version has the C coming further around and the bottom right portion ends with a horizontal line... on the helmet version, the C doesn't come around and up as much, and the bottom right portion ends with an angled line.. even more peculiar.. the helmet image used by the club uses both logos... the official "side view" helmet logo uses the official team logo, but the official "3/4 view" helmet logo uses the team's decal logo.. and for the record, the Colts' helmet logo definitely looks different than the "official team logo".. i dont think it has anything to do with the application.. that's such a small detail that i don't think it covers enough area for the curvature of the surface to affect it that much.
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    Day twenty seven. San Antonio Spurs This one has a little bit of everything, it’s a grey jersey (something they’ve currently got, but that isn’t that great), the ‘Los Spurs’ Noches éne•bé•a jersey wordmark, and the ‘Fiesta colours’ from their 90’s logo (seemed like a good combo with ‘Los Spurs’). http://thirdkit.co/2016/05/27/san-antonio-spurs-alternate/
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    It's a 2nd tier league, like mls. For it to be a minor league, you would have an affiliate/allocation/call up system where players would move more frequently from cfl->nfl.
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    US Grenoble The Union Sportive de Grenoble, or commonly US Grenoble was founded 1957 by the union of the two most important teams of the alpine town, the Grenoble FC and the Club Alpine Foot. In his nearly half century of history, the US Grenoble has hardly ever won anything just collecting some final of the National Cup. The history of the club is fairly recent, has spent most of its history in the lower divisions. The first appearance in Première Ligue is in 1984, but the adventure lasted just two years. The second promotion took place in 1993 followed by relegation in 1996. In these years the club is relegated to the third division, partly because of an economic disaster. After several years in the second division the club has finally made his return to the top flight in 2012, and since then has always managed to save themselves by getting several good placings. The emblem of US Grenoble has a modern shape with a yellow outline that echoes the color of the coat of arms. Inside, in addition to the initial "USG" and the full name of the team is the silhouette of the famous Alps that rise behind the city. Within them there is the flower, symbol of the city, and the whole is placed in front of the red and black stripes. Map Kits The uniforms of the club have always been red with black stripes. The colors are derived from the two founders of the club, black from Grenoble FC and red from Club Alpine Foot. Today the club is sponsored by the Novotel hotel company, while the technical sponsor is assigned to Kappa from the 2011 season.
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    I'm back at this with another new logo I finally got around to finishing. Just like the Bulldogs above, 'Vikings' is another one of the more common nicknames, and often times you see both colleges and high schools using the Minnesota Vikings logo. Even in my home state of Wisconsin where the Minnesota Vikings are loathed, there are a couple schools that use the Minnesota logo. That inspired me to make this concept. (Again, it's also up on my Behance page for those who care to take a look there.) https://www.behance.net/gallery/37547739/Vikings-Logo
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    Seeing that photo, I'm so glad I don't watch the Reds attempt to play baseball anymore.
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    Dude, I know that you want to crank out a team set everyday, but you're sacrificing quality for quantity. Your work is definitely suffering because of it. As Idconcepts pointed out, it's definitely noticeable in Colorado and now your Detroit one is really off. I've noticed it in pretty much all of your concepts, but the Red Wings one in particular is in dire need of being cleaned up. There are so many loose pixels around the outlines of your template, the number outlines are always iffy,and the striping rarely matches up with the template. Oh and a few of the logos used don't actually match the color of the jersey. I'm looking at the 3rd Red Wings sweater especially. Slow down, triple check your concepts before you post them, and pay attention to details -- they will make or break your jerseys.
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    Um... Nope. All I've got is . The Braves earned every win, without even a hint of cheating. If the Braves had won more than the single World Series, they'd still not be as insufferable as the Patriots.
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    Nope. The Patriots are still the worst. Nothing compares 2 them. I didn't care for the Braves as a kid, but I didn't hold their success against them. They won the NL East for a generation in part because they had the best pitchers, they had good hitters, and because the rest of the NL East was a comedy of errors that included throwing batteries, fake mustaches, and "home" games in Puerto Rico. There were never the accusations of cheating or rule-bending against the Braves; they just went out and won all the time.
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