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    The navy/copper/red Oilers identity has always looked nasty to me (although I do like the sleeve patch). If I had my way, I'd have the royal/orange Oilers and the navy/orange Islanders. These are some of my favorite NHL uniforms: The only changes I would make would be to dump the double outline and add the lighthouse logo as a sleeve patch. I know their color scheme is supposed to reflect the New York City flag, but a shade of blue paired with orange should do the trick in this situation (it doesn't necessarily have to be the Rangers' royal shade).
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    I'm not sure if this is an unpopular opinion or not, but I actually liked the navy and copper Oilers more than the royal and orange. It's not that the current or WHA-inspired sets are bad by any means (currently I'd put them in the Top 10, maybe even Top 5), but the navy and copper look was just so unique and it gave the Oilers an identity that wasn't "shared" with the Islanders. Besides, that alternate logo and third jersey were some of the best and most creative aspects of NHL logo and uniform design of the 90s/early 2000s.
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    That's their ugliest set right there.
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    That's the White Sox model. Wear a bunch of different and weird (at times) looks, pick one and then stick with it through a generation and then that becomes exactly how you should look. Maybe this current look, which I sort of like, will be the Padres lasting look. They just need an ownership group to stick with something longer than 6 years. Even if they hadn't changed in 85 I can't see how those uniforms would've survived the mid 90's when anybody who was still wearing their 70's tastic uniforms changed to a souped up 90's version of whatever they were wearing. They changed to a more contemporary look in 85 and then changed again in 91 deciding blue played in merchandise better than brown, and that still would've been true if they'd kept on wearing the Taco Bells. Also nothing happened with the Padres in that time frame that would've further cemented the Taco Bells or created a lasting impact beyond reaching that World Series. Those uniforms were only worn for 5 years and the button fronts were only worn for one so once the WS luster wore off and the team started downwards I'm not seeing how they stick around any longer than the uniforms that followed. If they'd held onto those colors that wordmark would've been left far far in the dust, the massive cuffs and pants stripes would've been minimized if not eliminated, the number font would either go back to block or some custom near-block font, the hat would've lost the bell front panel, and they wouldn't really look the same. As for the assertion that they would've been as untouchable as the Cubs and Cardinals, not even close. Both those teams came out of the pullover era and more or less went back to wearing exactly what they were wearing before. Not to mention they both wear classically styled baseball uniforms that can work and have worked in many different decades. Those Padres uniforms are from a very specific time and that is the only time they'd ever be an acceptable every day uniform for a major league team. Now, if they had never varied from the originals then I can agree with that point and they'd be on a level with the Giants, Dodgers, Mets, Braves
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    Brewers throwback game cap. I told myself I wouldn't buy any more hats. I told myself I wouldn't buy any more hats. I told myself I wouldn't buy any more hats...
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    And this is the problem with having such a muddled identity fraught with years of repeated changes and inconsistency. In 47 years of existence, the Padres have worn the following color schemes: Brown and gold Brown, gold, and orange Brown and orange Blue and orange Blue and white Blue and sand Blue and gold After 7 color schemes (including some that overlapped, like in the early 2000s), of course people are going to prefer different color schemes. Everybody has a different picture of what the "Padres" look like in their mind, regardless of what they're currently wearing. The Padres are practically a one-stop "what not to do" guide in building an effective identity.
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    To me, this is the best uniform the Padres and Astros have worn. I know I'm way in the minority on this one!
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    I’ve had an NFL Concept thread going for a few years now. You can find it here; http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/95410-oldschoolvikings-nfl-concepts-new-packers-and-steelers-added-5316-home-road-alts-and-color-rush/?page=1 It started out as my ideal concepts division by division, but now it’s become sort of a junk drawer thread for any ideas that pop into my head… some just crazy ideas I want to get out and see what reaction I get. (For instance, my all-gradient Titans’ uniform.) And, invariably, when I do post something weird just for fun, someone will jump in to say how much they’d hate it if a team actually did it. And I think, yeah, me too. Anyway, since that’s what’s happened to that thread (and, I’m sure, will continue to happen) I thought I’d start another NFL concepts thread for my one-time, absolute, definitive versions for all 32 teams. In other words, if I was given complete control, with one and only one chance to put each team in what I consider their best look, all at the same time, this is what I’d do. I’m designing one home, one road, one alternative/throwback, and one color rush uniform for each team. As usual, I’m limiting myself to NFL rules. Which means only one helmet shell (although I’m occasionally changing decals/stripes), all non-throwback alts use current team colors, all throwbacks are based on actual historical uniforms (dates will be noted), and Color Rush uniforms are a single color from neck to toe (believe me, I wouldn’t do it if it weren’t the rules). Also, Color Rush uniforms can use historical colors (example, royal blue for the Patriots). Most of these are pretty conservative in terms of the amount of change. About half fall into the category of what we call around here "tweaks", and very few are radical departures. Also, I’ve refigured my template again… based somewhat on the new Nike Vapor Untouchable. At least for most of these… some are leftover from my last template. Anyway, I’ll try to post them by division, and get them up in a timely fashion. As always, feedback is very much appreciated. It’s even nice to know if you’re just looking. Thanks.
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    For Houston it would be: The 1997 Western Conference Finals. Stockton doesn't sink the three. We have Rockets vs. Bulls. No asterisks. No BS. Hakeem vs. Jordan and he was one of the few people that gave his Airness trouble. 2005 World Series. In order to change that outcome, we go into Game 5 of the NLCS. Puhols doesn't homer against Lidge. Lidge doesn't go through a Heroic BSOD that took a move to the Phillies to shake off. And the Astros go into the World Series not with the skin of their teeth but confident and beat the ChiSox for their first Commish's Trophy. 2016 ALDS. That 7th inning. No Comeback. There might not even be a Tennessee Titans had this not happened. At least one of the MLS Cup matches vs. Beckham. EDIT: 2011 AFC Divisionals. Texans could have kicked in the door in 2011 and T.J. Yates would have been more than a nostalgia trip.; He would be The Guy. As for non- Houston teams: The 2014 World Cup I'll go back further and erase the Portugal goal, sending that team home and us winning the group. That would put us vs. Algeria, then beat a lazy France, a wounded Brazil and possibly lead us to a rematch vs. Germany who we could have tied the last time. A US win at the World Cup would biggest marketing campaign that MLS would have had handed to them. HANDED TO THEM. EDIT Also: Super Bowl XLIX; Seahawks should have gone back to back.
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    this reminds me, ive heard of some instances (dont ask for details ) where teams have tried to fill in the Pantone gaps to better match their/Nikes uniform textiles but were not willing to spend the money to do so. for instance, PMS 319 C is very different than 320 C and theres no perfect print match for what Nike (and this could happen with any manufacturer) supplies. Pantone offers a process of creating a custom color, but what it takes to do so is outrageous. even for an NFL budget.
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    Nike didn't do the uniforms. Ripon Athletic made them. Nike, like the other licensees, simply had their logo applied. I believe Ripon still makes the jerseys for a couple of the teams that have resisted Nike's templates. Nike probably made the retail versions though - not sure about that.
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    I dunno, why are you allowed to register an account here 35 times space bar question mark?
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    Ok, so I went on a whirlwind journey with the Tribe in the design process. My first intention was to keep things very simple with Cleveland. One of my main missions was to wipe out Chief Wahoo from my sets. I just felt that there were better ways to represent the team then a bad, racially offensive character. At the same time, I didn't want to walk away from an iconography of Native Americans, I just wanted to be careful on what I used. The last thing I wanted to do was create/use something even worse then Chief Wahoo...if that was possible. I also wanted to keep the color scheme, and shift back to using the blue much more, as Cleveland has a huge history with the color blue. I mean, they were named the Cleveland Blues for a while! Besides, the blue with red treatment works really nicely and I just can't imagine the Indians that didn't use blue and red. So I started out just keeping the Indians very plain with only one direct Native American reference, the hat logo. Everything else I wanted to bring them back to a cleaner state, an updated version of their 1986 set. I wanted Major League to return, in a way. So I was designing some feathers off the C, which I first used a modified Washington Redskins feathers to see if my idea was on track, and cleaned up the uniform era I had chosen. So in the middle of the process, I had these: So far, minus finishing the feather art, I had achieved everything I had set out to do. I kept it simple. I kept it clean. I got rid of Chief Wahoo by just adding simple feathers. I got it all and...it sucked. Sucked in that there was nothing special about it. It won't offend, sure, but it won't inspire either. This is a design concept forum, damn it, push it along! So I went back to the drawing board. I wanted to add more Native American influence. I looked at a lettering and the trim. I found a few textures I wanted to work with while researching Native Americans of the Cleveland and northern Ohio area. Iroquois, Seneca, and Erie Indians were the dominate groups in various points in time. So after doing a few searches and played with a few things, I had created this: The lettering has a Native American influence without pointing to one specific tribe, or region for that matter, but still being legible. The arm trim I used an Iroquois patter to give a specific nod to the tribe that had the greater influence of the region. My only fear was that I was going too gimmicky. I don't feel that I went over that line, but I was starting to push it, especially with how the A is stylized. So I went back to the drawing board. I wanted the INFLUENCE of Native Americans but also be modern. So that is when I came to this design: A clean font with a representation of Native American art traditions. The arm pipping is the Iroquois Confederacy flag, representing 5 Native American tribes. The sock treatment is an Oneida bead pattern that I liked for its simplicity and that it had a diamond in it, because, baseball diamond. Duh. So, that is my take on the Cleveland Indians. I had hoped to create a look that can be honoring Native Americans without toeing the line of offensive, but still look modern and looking towards the future. What do you think?
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    God bless Roger Bennett https://mobile.twitter.com/rogbennett/status/741733679882489856
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    Can we see more of these? Like..... requests? These are all gorgeous and make me wish I had a PS4.
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    Thanks so much, was really influenced by your presentation. I really like orange too, but I pretty much had to pick between it and grey anf I love those classic jerseys too much.
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    Damn, that's great. Love the presentation. It's clean, smooth, and modern. Same goes for the jerseys. San Jose's logo is spectacular, along with the jerseys. I'm in the camp that thinks the orange belongs, so maybe that could be an accent color.
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    Puget United Mere blocks away from CenturyLink Field, the home of Seattle Sounders FC, resides SoDo Stadium and the Clippers. The rabid soccer culture of Seattle allowed Puget to snare a solid fanbase, and the club's name implies a broader fanbase than just Seattle proper. Indeed, Puget was formed to unite the Puget Sound, and a core foundational club was Kitsap Pumas of west Seattle. The unbelievable proximity of the Sounders and Puget United has quickly created a fierce rivalry between the clubs, with supporters traditionally marching from their own stadium to their opponent's on match day. Puget started with a clear disadvantage due to the Sounders' head start, but today the contests are as even as they come. -- Design-wise, I came up with the checkered banner idea first, and then later discovered that a checkered flag stood for U in the maritime flag alphabet, which worked to stand for United. A happy accident. Puget wears stripes at home, with accents of blue, and their clash kit has always been a distinctive blue and white checkered pattern. I added in some flag-related details as well, since it had worked out so well with the relation to their logo.
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    Tom Wilson is always in the middle of it. Uncanny.
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    Guess I'm in the minority when I say I love cream jerseys...but only with teams that actually used to wear them. I'd love to see a cream Dodgers jersey on Sundays: Dodger Blue script and red number on the front; Dodger Blue number on back. No names, no sleeve patches. A real throwback. I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
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    This website is a great reference point that I like to use: http://www.kitclassics.co.uk/Eng_004.htm You can add Cheltenham, Exeter and Lincoln to the list of teams. Lincoln were relegated from the Football League at the end of the 2010/11 season though.
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    Hell, I'd argue that that's a solid enough logo to use as a primary. Funny, I used to like the sharks primary logo, but it's grown stale. Maybe it's the weird color balance, or maybe it's the fact that the Sharks uniforms have exponentially decreased in aesthetic over the past two decades, but the whole Sharks identity is in major need of an overhaul.
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    I am very, very excited for the Argos this season. BMO looks spectacular, tailgating should be a ton of fun, and we have the Grey Cup in November -- which the Boatmen have a respectable shot at. I've already snagged a three-game flex pack and, by the looks of it, so have many other fans. Good riddance, Rogers Centre!
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    Au contraire. France has many world class strikers...it's just that none of them play football.
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    They should be able to do colour vs colour for game 6. Winning the cup in those awful uniforms would be a travesty
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    I don't even know what their look is. (Seriously). I know that they have a blue and yellow alt. I know they have a brown alt. I know they wear camo. But I am going to have to google their primary. (goes to look) Oh, it turns out the yellow trim is the home primary. (no joke; I did not know). I think it would take a while for these to become the definitive Padres look. Right now, with the differing color scheme at home vs. the road and the specter of brown hanging over their heads, this time feels very transitional. I feel like the two most similar teams (i.e. "what is their look?") i can think of is the Astros. I feel like the Astros, by going back to orange and blue gave an instant answer to that question. But even if they'd stuck with the brick look, it would have taken years to become the White Sox. The Padres have the same problem. If they stick with this, or add the yellow to the roads soon, it'll be well over five years before anyone (or at least people like us) buys that it's gonna last. Go brown next year and we have our answer. I really, really want the Padres to go brown because it's the only chance of a team not named "Browns" will ever do that. But I will say that I do like the Padres current home look (even if I thought it was an ALT minutes ago). basing a road uniform on that scheme would make it decent overall...particularly given the movement away from traditional vivid schemes. If the Padres are flat out never going brown again, then the blue/yellow would be my second choice (assuming the Brewers never go back).
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    You would think that either the league or team would own their uniform specs and have pantone textiles already assigned (pretty sure the style guides do this) but that may not be the case in some instances where teams have simply relied upon vendors. In the case of a transition to a new supplier, it would be on nike to gather all of the specs and work with their textile suppliers to produce samples. While the new supplier likely has a pantone value to work with, their dyes, equipment, and materials may in fact produce different results despite using a standardized colorization system which would mean that it would likely take several or even many iterations to achieve a suitable match, and in some cases no suitable match can be achieved.
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    I agree, whoever started the rumor is full of BS. There are colors that nike does poorly in matte/dri-fit but teal is not one of them.
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    This is definitely a case of celebrating the life, not mourning the death. Thank you Mr. Howe.
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    I just started playing this the other day since I finally upgraded to XBox One. Has anyone figured out how to take still photos? I've had the computer save dunks and such but I'd like to take pictures within the game instead of using an external camera to do it.
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    I strongly believe there will never be a definitive answer to what the Padres *should* look like. Their strongest looks each have strong connections to different divisions of their fans and its really hard to ever pick which look or color scheme they should have. I think the only thing to do is for the team to pick ONE look and stick with it for 30 something years and commit to it without muddling it with a variety of color schemes mixed in. They need to just run with one look and that's it.
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    @sports-rings.com What changed in those 40 minutes? The professional pictures look exactly like I'd expect, given the previous ones.
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    Can you please make your signature smaller?
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    Man that sucks. The real bummer is someone got paid for it!
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    CAVS wordmark is only good if they just stick with this:
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    I just wish the navy alt said "Cleveland." That giant "CAVS" wordmark is awful, and really, it's unnecessary too--the home white uniform shows "Cavaliers" works just fine, and that's, you know, the actual name of the team.
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    I prefer the old Bruins jerseys too. I just don't like the yellow yokes on the homes.
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    Also, the Montreal Canadiens uniform...while yes a timeless classic, was always uninspiring to me. It's not bad...but that uniform (white moreso than red) has always been very middle of the road. I consider the 1975-1995 Boston Bruins (home and road) uniforms to be among the greatest in professional sports(few hold them in such high regard). The beautiful bright white and yellow home jerseys, the not busy (as it became post 1995) spoked B. Everything was in balance and harmony. And they looked like the big bad bruins when they went on the road as well with the dark jerseys. Perfect
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    Yes, I'd be happy to.. There is a wide variety of the types of hits (helmet-to-helmet) these players endure, ranging from what we would consider a "glancing blow" all the way to full and direct contact.. The glancing blow is the most minor form of helmet-to-helmet contact, as the helmets are simply redirected away from one another on different paths and momentum is almost unaffected due to a general lack of friction between the two helmets.. Therefore, it's safe to conclude that the closer to a "glancing blow", the lower the risk of serious head/brain/neck injury.. The key component in the "glancing blow" scenario is a lack of friction.. A high gloss helmet finish reduces friction significantly more than a dull, matte finish.. Increased friction results in quicker changes in momentum, more "sticking" of the helmets, rather than them sliding past each other, and ultimately more abrupt stops and more severe changes of direction.. It's these sudden stops and quick, drastic directional changes that allow the inertia of the brain to cause it to continue in motion and bump into the inside of the skull, resulting in concussions.. It also leads to more twisting and turning of the head and neck, which compound the issue and are cause for concern in their own right.. So, in conclusion, I'm not saying that a "squared-up", full-on, direct helmet-to-helmet hit can be turned into a "glancing blow" with a little polish, but I am saying that the same hit, if at all off-center, would be measurably less severe (especially compounded over time) when the contact is made between two high gloss helmets, as opposed to two matte helmets..
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    Still waiting for the Leafs to do this: They're almost surely going to wear the St. Pats gear at least once next season. Make it happen!
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