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    That is simply beautiful. Whether it resembles a Disney cartoon or not is irrelevant. A good design is a good design and this is so far ahead of the current set it's embarrassing. Speaking of the current set, how bad is the current striping configuration. Talk about an overly convoluted design. Thank god they unveiled that orange alternate. Closest thing they've had to a good jersey since 2006.
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    Member has been suspended two weeks for trolling, insulting other members and derailing threads. Suspension may increase as moderators complete voting.
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    im disapointed in the Giants pants choice. the uniform is a throwback and what makes it really unique today are the gray pants. white pants are so expected and this is a move that makes the uniform start to look really generic. i see why some prefer it but theres nothing more bland than a red white and blue American sports team.
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    I don't think so. Then there would be an uneven blob of eggplant from the pants to the middle of the jersey
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    Love it. I really like the white pants look.
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    I'm using Inkscape One more for the road... The Catalan Giants- FC Barcelona. I did these kits not too long after last years came out, so these have been sitting on the hard drive for a while (hence the old template). I jumped at the opportunity to take the sponsor off, even though it seems likely they'll renew with Qatar Airways or agree to a deal with Amazon. The home kit is actually fairly similar to what came out for 16/17, with the light blue and two stripes on each side. I did however use the maroon color and not red like the new kits have. The shorts and socks are both the traditional navy. The secondary kit isn't a far departure from traditional Barca yellow kits, however for this I made the Catalan flag a chest stripe that continues on to the back, with red accents. The shorts are blue, and yellow socks round out the look. The third kit is where I had some more fun for Barcelona. It's a teal-black-teal combination, with black and silver detailing. I used a sash across the front with a large black portion and a smaller silver line underneath. The numbers are silver, along with the shorts stripe, while the rest is black. I'll be out of town for the next few days, and I hope to have a new concept up Wednesday or Thursday. I can always check my phone for C&C, so keep it coming! Also, who should I post next, Zenit or Dynamo Kyiv?
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    JoePa is a clear case study of why not to hold people to near God like status. I understand people revere what he did on the field as a coach, but you can't over look the stuff he allowed to happen which we have discussed repeatedly. It's unfortunate this is his legacy now but it is what it is.
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    Let's continue with Atlanta United. For the home kit I decided to use an even number of stripes, using a retro-inspired style. The away kit is mainly white with red and black pinstripes and gold logos.
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    nuordr and Viola should hang out. They shouldn't go hunting, though, because nuordr has to Columbine an entire acre of forest just to shoot one freakin' deer and that won't end well for anyone around him.
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    I love that Friar logo. Wow.
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    I feel like something's missing from all of those "THE Orlando Magic" logos. Like maybe the frequency. THE ORLANDO MAGIC 93.7. The best soft rock hits from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. 93.7, Orlando!
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    So with my latest project, I've decided to redesign the MJHL (Manitoba Junior Hockey League) For those who don't know, which will be most, the MJHL is a Junior A league in Canada apart of the CJHL for 16-20 year olds. My hometown team, the Steinbach Pistons, are apart of the league. I've been to many games, and have gotten to watch and see what kind of logos and uniforms these teams put on the ice. Some are great, classic and classy, and some are just plain ugly. This is why I've decided to redesign this league. I will post the complete redesign of each team, as well as the current logo, just to provide some background information, for the 95% of people who haven't heard of this league. I've seen a couple redesign on here, but not many. I have finished all the logos, but not the uniform set. So I will be releasing them one by one. This is probably the best option especially since there's only 11 teams in the league. I hope you enjoy this short series! On to the first team, my hometown team, the Steinbach Pistons. In my opinion, they already had one of the best logos in the league, but it was too realistic. Their current logo makes it hard to put on any merchandise like shirts and hats, because of the level of detail on the pistons. So my goal was to simplify the logo. Current logo: Redesign
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    Unpopular opinion, but I preferred the old gray pants (2000-11 on the blues, 2000-04 on the whites). I liked how they were consistent with the helmet stripe. A little cohesion wouldn't have hurt the vintage aesthetic that much.
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    Thanks for the feedback! So I took some of it and updated the logo accordingly. New font and the founding year of the Icelandic Football Association replaces the map outline. It does look a lot better.
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    Ah man as my dad works for delta it's amazing but I think Coca-Cola would be the kit sponsor
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    white pants at home, grey pants on the road. Are the New York Giants a baseball team?
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    Superpest is a username I use on other media. Template by Matt McElroy of Number 9 Concepts
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    While working on the LAFC kits I decided to choose the colour scheme for Inter Miami: What do you think?
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    Day 15 part 4 as per request of @JosiahWVU next up is New Zealand Home kit- classic all white kit with black accents, the top features a fern inspired wave on it Away kit- classic all black kit with white accents, the top features a black Maori design bar across the chest Third kit- all light blue kit with white accents, the top features the new Zealand version of the southern cross centered on the crest
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    I'm actually flying into BWI for a vacation in a month or so. Honestly, I like this one.
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    St Louis Steamers sounds amazing, but I also like Gateways (as in the gateway to the west). Also thanks @bigmike for considering my Orchards suggestion, lime and orange sounds perfect (I would definitely support this team!). EDIT: I personally think Hartford Admirals sounds better than "Navy" but still fits the navy theme, Las Vegas Aces is perfect and the Vegas NHL team should use it
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    The ball on the Secondary Logo should have black in the middle, and yellow on the sides.
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    I just want to make a note that the more I look at Miami's old uniforms, the more I start to miss them.
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    When it comes to enabling child rape, not all views are worth being offered.
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    St. Louis could go with a Steamboat or Paddleboat theme, Steamers or Rivermen
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    I just want it on the record that Viola actually liked a status where I was insulting him and everyone knew I was talking about Viola, except Viola himself. That's the closest I've ever come in my life to someone telling me thank you sir may I please have another.
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    He was suspended for his "you're wrong therefore you have inner demons"/"you're wrong therefore you're a SJW sheeple"/"I support Joe Paterno and anyone who doesn't is a liberal who wants to repeal the 1st and 2nd Amendments" stance. That's just trolling.
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    He was trolling. It's a weird thing ignorant conservatives do when they feel morally obligated to stir the hornet's nest and be as mule-headed as possible just to get a laugh. It's not even something that can be debated, really. Raping children is bad. Enabling child rape is bad. What's to argue? He was just gonna go and go and go.
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    Do I believe Paterno could put, basically, anyone in prison? No, of course not. Do I believe Paterno could help ensure that a child molester, in light of all the other available evidence, went to jail? Almost certainly. Do I believe that Paterno used his power and influence to instead keep said child molester OUT of jail, much like he did with those football players? OH HELL YES!!! The last point, btw, is why everyone here is villifying the ever living daylights out of him and those who think he should still be honored.
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    Sandusky was allowed to be free for another 12-13 years and got to take what was to the world at the time an honorable retirement complete with a public pension and freedom to use athletic department facilities. That's protection and enabling in just about anyone's book. And yet you also expect me to believe that a guy who had enough power and influence to survive the absolute wretchedness of those early 2000s Penn State teams doesn't have enough power to even get a campus/athletic facility ban put into the retirement settlement? And this ignores that Paterno didn't go to the cops, who were also guys that could actually do something and who you yourself have established that he can easily contact.
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    "Raping children is okay if it means that this old man gets immortalized." You keep trying to argue your way out of the blanket statement, but this is what you're claiming. You can't win. You won't win. You're wrong. Paterno is dead, his statue is rightfully down, and hopefully they burn his entire existence into ash and then salt the earth they burned it upon. Just to spite you and anyone poisoned in the head like you who feels there is a debate to be had over the merits of children getting raped by old men and turning a blind eye. Plenty of people in this country don't deserve the iconic standing they've had throughout history. We had rapists, slavers, murderers, and many more undesirables painted and printed and sculpted but the difference is we're trying to be better than our forebears. Trying. By restoring a statue of a football coach at the sacrifice of dulling the history of what happened in that place, you're basically declaring acceptance and looking the other way on what happened to those goddamn children. Which is exactly what Paterno did, which says a lot about you.
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    A man can build 1000 bridges and one horse. He won't be known as a bridge builder; he'll be known as a horse er.
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    Baseball Favorite: Huntington Park - Columbus, OH. It's the nicest ballpark I've ever seen. It's a fantastic facility. Least favorite: Tropicana Field - it's like watching a baseball game at Sam's Club or Costco.
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    I'm a diehard A's fan and I never knew they wore the golds on the road. That's a hell of a story.
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    It's like the Padres were the Padres.
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    Hawke's Bay Hawks are now Bay Hawks I corrected it on the OP
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    I think the Block C logo is too plain. Add something to it rather than how it is right now. Use the C from the old Cleveland wordmark and there you go. I like Chief Wahoo but it can't remain as is. Go with a design that is somewhat similar to the Redskins but reflective of an actual Indian tribe in Ohio, or get rid of it altogether. And
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    A few days passed by, but this project ain't over yet. 6/20 Leicester City Well, like one year ago they would've never been part of such a project of mine. Things change quick, no need to explain reasons here. I went with Adidas because I needed another club with it, and I could see them supplying Leicester in the near future. And I brought back white shorts, because that's the right look for them (at least for me).
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    It doesn't even say PLAYOFF APPEARANCES, just PLAYOFFS. The Sharks logo isn't even centered. This is the most messed up banner ever.
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    The San Jose Sharks have this hanging in their practice facility: Burn this franchise to the ground.
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    Love that primary. Maybe it's just my monitor, but it looks like there are tannish/orange stripes that pull it into NYCFC territory. On the clash, the front of that jersey is a thing of beauty, but I think the rainbow on the numbers is overkill (even if it is from real life), and think the rainbow on the socks could just be a little more subdued with fewer stripes of each color.
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    I read that whole excerpt in a Trump voice
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    "NBA merchandizing types are constantly telling us it's the best in the league." LOL Wut?
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