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    Thanks you all for your feedbacks. I've been quite busy with my job but as I said, I will go own with the concept and develop a complete new identity for the franchise. Now, a couple of thinks: - I appreciate all the feedback about the gradient and others about adding some trim etc... However, I would like to keep the identity as simple as possible and maybe line it up with what the Raptors and Nets have done recently, keeping an eye on "daily fashion" and not necessarily just "sport fashion". So, I would probably will not develop any other layer in term of colors and accents and take away the gradient. - Said that, as much as I like a simple Helvetica woodmark, I see that a lot of feedback have run around using a different typeface. So, I've tried to find a simple one but a bit more "sporty". I also think it has a nice retro feeling, going back to the typeface the Suns used in the 90s (especially that specific N shape...so you can read SUNS both ways). - Finally, yes, I see your points about rays...even if they are part of the concept as they line up with the lines on the basketball, I have decided to explore a different shape. But I kept it simple. Overall, I'm quite happy with the result. I will probably have a play with that letters H and E has I'm not completely happy with them. More updates soon.
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    Made a ...thing with the logo and what the jersey design would be like.
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    Uh huh, yeah, sell me that crap during the next lockout when you guys are riding Gary Bettman's dick like a mechanical bull for "protecting emerging markets" as you always do while we all do anything but watch NHL games.
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    My wife's been bugging me to go to Vegas for years and I've brushed it off because it's really not my thing. But now that the NHL's coming, I'm thinking I might catch a game when the Habs come to town.
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    The Canes have been to the eastern final three times between 97 and 2008, have made it to the Stanley cup final twice and won a cup yet they even had a hard time selling out deep in the playoffs... I know at least a dozen teams who would kill for such a stretch. People there just don't give a :censored: and the league doesn't want to admit it.
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    Eveyone's scheduel is different, but for me? Hockey season overlaps with work. So if I'm heading out to Vegas in the fall or winter? Which is when I usually go, due to the weather? I'm going to line my trip up with a break in the school year. Thanksgiving,Winter, or Family Day (though a few of those will probably be adjusted once I start working in the States in a few months). Aligning a potential Vegas trip with friends to line up with my free time and their free time can be difficult enough. More so when you try to factor in trying to catch the Leafs in town. So I'll probably never make my way out to Vegas to catch a hockey game. If the Leafs happen to be playing? Maybe, yeah. If not? I'm not sacrificing something I can only do in Las Vegas to watch a hockey game. It's not a lack of a love for hockey. It's just not what I'm there for. As for it being showy, it reminds me of the Mighty Ducks' first season. That started with a Disney on Ice show, and had a Tinker Bell video play every time the Ducks scored at home. Ducks fans didn't like it and it was dropped, because they didn't want their team to just be a punchline. They didn't want to just be "the Disney team." I don't think I'm reaching when I say that local LV fans may not want a showy NHL hockey experience. They're going to want their team to be taken seriously. I mean the line between silly and fun is really thin when it comes to "sports traditions" so maybe it takes? I donno. It's a fine line that you can't always easily spot. The thing is that from our perspective? It's sunbelt fans who treat any city where it snows with mockery, and sunbelt teams banning opposing teams' sweaters during the playoffs, that leads to a "bitter OTH" attitude. You say you have a low tolerance for "bitter OTH" attitudes. What you don't realize is that from our perspective? A lot of us have low tolerance for this "sunbelt exceptionalism" attitude that seems to have sprung up. The problem is that NHL has been a terrible steward for this sport. And has been for a long while now. This expansion never should have happened. The realignment that was tailor made to hand-deliver Seattle and Vegas never should have happened. The league twisting it's scheduel in knots because the Red Wings couldn't be arsed to play in the West never should have happened. There's always the need to keep the league realities in mind. I've known Vegas was coming for months now because of that. That doesn't mean I shouldn't call the league out for it's idiocy. Even when it's expected idiocy. This is the best sport in the world, being run by the worst of the worst of pro sports ownership and management. They deserve all the scorn fans across the league shower upon them, and more. It's the best option for a new team, period. The fact that we have to hope they get one by cornering embattled Hurricanes ownership while Vegas gets an expansion team and Arizona gets fourth and fifth chances is part of this problem causing all of this frustration among northern hockey fans. And partly why our tolerance for sunbelt exceptionalism is so low. Our teams make the most money for this dog and pony show, but we feel like we're constantly being jerked around for the benefit of the sunbelt organisations. That's what they are though. In the most objective sense of the word, they were experiments. What I don't get is why so many southern fans freak out if you suggest that maybe not all of them took. Look. Dallas, Tampa, Nashville, Anaheim, LA...they all managed to make it work. Suggesting that the league would be better off moving South Florida, Arizona, and Carolina doesn't take away from what's been built in Tampa, Nashville, and Anaheim. Again, this works both ways. Northern fans are tired of having our teams and communities mocked and shunned, and our fans turned away for wearing their team's sweaters to your arenas come playoff time. I keep going back to Winnipeg vs Atlanta, and I'm left with a blank when I try to think of why this league is so terrified of traditional markets even after a small Canadian prairie city proved it could make everyone more money than a sunbelt metropolis. The league is definitely stronger because of its successes in the sunbelt, but the fact remains that northern franchises make the most of this league's money. I don't think it's "OTH elitism" to state that fact. Yet Arizona gets chance after chance and LV gets an expansion team with the league setting it up to succeed right out of the gate. Yet we're all conceding that Quebec City can't get a team unless Quebecor corners Peter K into selling. It's frustrating to see that double standard from this side of the line.
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    I can mash my keyboard faster than Bob Murray trades our goalie to Toronto. Sign me up!
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    Good Lord those are some bad names and logos.
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    It's still a huge percentage of people compared to shift workers in other locales. And here's the kicker. Those people who work "normal" jobs? They still work those jobs in Las Vegas. A city that was hit pretty damn hard by the 2008 recession. A city that has still yet to recover from that hit. Turns out an economic recession isn't great for a city built around gambling. The hotels/casinos? Yeah, they suffer the most. Less interest in gambling means less reservations which means less business. Those shift workers don't make as much. The entire house of cards? Well that starts to wobble and those with "normal" jobs are likewise affected. I see a city in the desert, in the same geographical region. Which means the same cultural biases existing within the same local sports scene. The problem is that Phoenix doesn't have the economic juggling act Vegas does. Vegas COULD be a huge asset to the league, but then again? The same could have been said, and was said, for Phoenix in 1996. Again, I don't give a crap about growing the game. That attitude lead to a rush of relocation and experimentation that saddled the league with dead spots like Arizona, South Florida, and G-ddamn Raleigh. Atlanta was one of those markets too, and the man bankrolling TNSE had to financially blackmail the league to get them to approve his highly profitable relocation to Winnipeg. Yes, new markets like Dallas, Tampa, and Nashville turned out great. That just tells me that the game's "grown" as much as it's probably capable of. The goal now shouldn't be to risk things further. It should be to remove the failures from the sunbelt experiment and put them in proven, traditional markets. The sunbelt success stories would still be there. Sorry if that's too much "tradition" for your balance BeerDude, but take a look at what teams make this league money and what teams are reliant on corporate and league welfare. My point is that the NHL cannot even manage to field thirty financially viable franchises. Expansion is foolhardy. If it has to happen? The franchise should have gone to Quebec City. A city with a passionate, eager fanbase ready to spend money on a league that unjustifiably left them in the first place. Instead they opted for Vegas. Which is a huge gamble, if you'll pardon the pun. Now maybe Vegas does work. It's certainly possible if things break the right way. Why risk what could be another Phoenix though, when you have Quebec City as an option? Oh right. It snows in Quebec City, and G-d forbid this league actually put a new hockey team in a city where it snows unless they're practically forced to. Heh. I'm a huge hockey fan. I wouldn't go to Vegas to see a hockey game. I can catch any game I want, from any arena in the league, with the right cable package. If I'm going to Vegas? I'm seeing shows, or I'm hitting the Blackjack tables. Maybe I'd try to snag some tickets if the Leafs were playing. If it's the Las Vegas Knights vs the Florida Panthers though? Forget that. I have better things to do. Not wasting a night in Vegas on that.
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    For this concept, I used some random number generators to make the design choices for me, and just put it all together as a uniform set. To decide the team location: first, I run a random number between 1-63 to pick a state, province, or territory of the US or Canada. Next, I pick a random number between 1-4 to pick one of the top 4 cities in said state. To decide the mascot, I run a random number between 1-12 1=Predatory Wild Mammal 2=Non-Predatory Wild Mammal 3=Domesticated Mammal 4=Fish 5=Reptile 6=Bird 7=Vehicle 8=Heavenly Body 9=Ethnicity or Tribe 10=Occupation 11=Weather Event 12=Mythological Creature For the color scheme, I just refresh the sportslogos page, and take the first random logo and use the color scheme from that. Finally for the uniform and logos, I pick a random year between 1900-2016 in which the team was founded to determine how traditional the branding should be. Up first: 16, 2, 2, 1969, http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/5324/Memphis_Grizzlies/2002/Anniversary_Logo This works out to a team from Overland Park, Kansas founded in 1969 with a Non-Predatory Wild Mammal as the mascot. Since the state animal is the American Bison, I went with the Overland Park Bison.
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    That yellow Rams uniform you have there is horrendous. I have trouble reading your post due to that awful, awful concept.
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    I didn't know Buff fans were allowed to have a sense of humor.
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    Rough estimate of what it felt like looking at this logo:
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    OK, I'll bite . . . Why is there a thought bubble in the middle of the mushroom cloud? . . . which is a separate question from . . . Why is there a mushroom cloud? I can safely say that I've never heard of this team. I have a morbid need to learn more.
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    No kidding. In the world of :censored:ty, Microsoft Word-based logos, this truly stands out as the absolute worst. As I look at these logos, I try to think of how they're being applied. As we know, real professional logos need to be placed on jerseys, shirts, programs, coffee mugs, letterhead, car flags, and so on and so forth. With so many of these terrible logos, anything other than throwing them up on a website (and maybe printed on a gameday flier) is basically impossible. ABA 2000 has been around for several years now; I was surprised to learn there were still 2016-17 teams! Someone is doing well with those $10,000 entry fees. I wonder what's in it for the rest of them? There are club leagues better resourced than these.
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    I can watch NHL hockey any night of the season. If I'm going to Vegas? I want to spend that time doing what Vegas is known for. World-class shows and some gambling. You keep throwing around "bitter" as if that's going to scare me away from my stance. No. I am bitter. I admit that. I have every reason to be as a Canadian hockey fan. Your inability to comprehend why I could possibly feel that way only proves my assumptions. Also? Stop projecting. I'll let you in on a secret. This "bitter OTH" attitude you bemoan? It exists as a reaction to the attitudes of southern fans who assume any market where it snows deserves only mockery. It exists to counter the your fellow southern fans who faint at the sight of a road team's sweater at a home game. Your position seems to be "I want Quebec to get a team! Totes! Just...not when the opportunity presents itself." It's a very convenient stance to take. It wouldn't shock me if, come the time when Carolina moves, you're making an impassioned plea for Houston. Let's compare the financial success of the Thrashers in Atlanta compared to the financial success of the Jets in Winnipeg. Small prairie town in Western Canada beats out sunbelt metropolis. Sacreligious? Please. My opposition to LV isn't based on any sort of "hockey gods" nonsense. I'm interested in seeing as many stable, financially viable NHL franchises as possible. History and economics point to QC having the edge there. History and economics indicate that traditional markets, by and large, make this league more money than sunbelt experiments. Or to put it this way? Let's see how long your Preds last without the Leafs, Habs, and Rangers' revenue streams. Haha! You really don't understand Canadian hockey fans, do you? You don't understand why many of us are frustrated with this league, our own players, or our teams. So I'll explain it a bit for you. Acknowledging that our teams' managements do stupid things is nothing new. Take the Habs. A franchise with a pedigree that rivals any team south of the border. Montreal's GM traded one of the best defencemen in the world to your Preds because he'd rather have a boring white guy on the tail end of his career then a dynamic, exciting player who happens to be black. My point being that bad, self-defeating decisions are par for the course when it comes to Canada's hockey teams. You're not striking a nerve. Just emotional scar tissue. Now again, I'll lay it out for you in tl:dr form. I'm frustrated as a Canadian fan. If you can't understand why? If you can't understand where this "bitter OTH" attitude comes from? Then you're exactly what I thought you were.
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    Cleveland! I felt orange represented Cleveland better than the Cavs' current set. Up next, Dallas... Primary Mark: Secondary Mark: Tertiary Mark: Enjoy!
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    A chrome helmet is not unique. About 80 other FBS teams have a chrome helmet.
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    yeah the Ravens issue was that they basically stole a fan's (bad) design. (That winged shield logo was one of the WORST logos I've ever seen.) Plenty of pro/college teams since then have solicited fan designs for alt logos, jerseys, etc. You just have to compensate them for it. Don't give up, Sparky.
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    How about they go with Outlaws!
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    Thanks, here's number... 13/20 Southampton FC If I had to choose one of the red and white striped teams from England to play in the PL, I would take Southampton. I don't exactly know why, I guess they just left a lasting impression after the last few seasons. Logo, Sponsor and supplier are still the same here. For me the right look for them would be wide stripes and white socks. The away kit is purple because I think purple is underused in general.
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    AWFUL choices. Especially considering Reno has already had pro baseball teams with both of those names. How is recycling crappy gambling-themed names any less generic than Knights? Why not just call them the Las Vegas hockey 51s at that point?
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    Actually it works because if you look at the navy top, its the just the home jersey plus blue. So if you put the same piping that you have on the home uniform onto a navy jersey, its looks like there is only a single red stripe.
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    Looks so cheap when schools have different templates and fonts across their various jerseys.
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    Gave the Charlotte set a try. Here is a short video showing off the jerseys plus some pics. I changed a few things but I really like how they look ingame. great work guys.
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    I said it with Google and I'll say it with this...You're the big dog in the room. You know it, I know it, literally the entire planet knows it. Stop using all lowercase letters in your logo like you're some precious tech startup.
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    Hi lads, I've been working for days on few NBA teams, give me your feedbacks! https://www.behance.net/SidneyN-F
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    good job on continuously improving on your concept.
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    Dropping off the Hamilton Bulldogs. Not too crazy about recycling Pittsburgh's alternate set so I tried something new with the angled yoke. Went with a basic look and wordmark/logo for the fauxback.
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    For comparison, the chrome frog skin helmets TCU has run $1,000 per.
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    I suspect most of the P5's can afford something like this without too much trouble. The G5's? Not so much.
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    Ah, true. Like the Orioles with their black jersey...I see what you did there. ??
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    No sadly I was trying to do concepts for them for the relaunch I saw the previous bid which failed just before the NBL stepped in it was pretty bad the 3 concepts I saw 1 looked like a gun shop logo.
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    No, they weren't. The host committee logos were different. These were alternate logos meant to reflect each location's local flair.
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    One helmet? I'll believe that when I see it.
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    Las Vegas Diamonds or Las Vegas Silverbacks
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    http://www.seattletimes.com/sports/uw-husky-football/uw-huskies-hope-to-improve-player-safety-as-one-of-the-first-team-to-wear-state-of-the-art-helmet/ Please disregard if this was already discussed. Washington will be wearing new "Vicis" helmets with "state of the art" impact absorption. Also worth noting that players will be wearing one helmet throughout games and practices.
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    Stretch uni being stupid, ugly and useless as always...
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    i just updated that post with a video. thanks, it wasn't that hard since I create jerseys & courts daily on youtube, i got used to the tools and workarounds.
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    Up next is 7, 1, 4, 1916 http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/5768/Portland_Trail_Blazers/2004/Primary_Logo So we got Bridgeport, CT, a fish, 1916, and Black, Silver and Red... The state fish of Connecticut is the Shad, so here are the Bridgeport Fighting Shad
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    INFO Breaking down the INFO screen: 1. Type in the name of the stadium. 2. Give your stadium a completion date (it can be a future stadium OR already built in the past) 3. Pick which club(s) occupy the stadium (up to 3 clubs, max) 4. Chose the location from the globe (and this is where GoogleEarth comes in), select a country, then the city, and the exact location of the grounds. More later... 5. Finalize it with a signature and get ready to build!
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    Remove the gradient. It looks too cheesy. I'd try a different shape for the sun points, I'd doesn't really look like a basketball logo with the straight lines, looks more like a brand of appliances. I'd try something more pointy. But you have a good start.
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    The "Schedule" for this series: FIFA (PitchBuilder/LeagueBuilder) - MVP Baseball (Uniform crEAtor / Team Relocation / ParkBuilder / Commissioner Mode-Expansion Teams) - Madden NFL (TeamBuilder-Uniform crEAtor / Team Relocation / Commissioner Mode) - NCAA Football (Uniform crEAtor / Bowl crEAtor) - NBA Live (Uniform crEAtor / Team Relocation / ArenaBuilder / Commissioner Mode-Expansion Teams) - NCAA Basketball (TeamBuilder-Uniform crEAtor / GymBuilder) - NASCAR Thunder (Driver crEAtor & CarBuilder / TrackBuilder / Race crEAtor) - NHL (?)
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    FOREGROUND (pt. 3) ATHLETICS (Chose up to 2 for each section) - Basketball - Baseball - Softball - Track & Field - Soccer - Tennis - Fieldhouse - Practice Fields - Intramural Building NEIGHBORHOODS - Rural - Suburban - Gated - Mansions - Small Urban - Large Urban COMMERCIAL - Farm - Main Street - Small Suburban (includes fast food restaurants, malls, strip malls, box stores, and storage facilities) - Large Suburban - Small Urban - Large Urban - City Park - State Fair
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    SCREENS/COMBO - Electronic - The old "lite-brites", before using actual video for scoreboards... - Basic Screen - An old school, lo-def video screen by itself - HD Screen - High Definition screen, by itself - Combo - A mix of a basic scoreboard and LED video screen
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    Thanks! Sure thing! I'll post it below. Thanks! I'll have to check that out! Here's a version with the Orca on the shoulders that was requested by mamiller99. I just felt the stick logo was simpler and went better with a fairly simple primary crest. In my opinion, the Orca has too much going on with the breaking of the ice and such. Let me know what you guys think. If more people think the Orca is better, I'll go with that as the final version.
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