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    I love the blue alts I wish they wore them. I have a friend who works at the stadium and he told me that the fish were going to unveil them as a one off alt to test interest in them. But then the idea was scrapped, my friend even saw the jerseys. They gave out blue jerseys as a promo, like a soccer jersey style. They were also sold in the team store. I've always been a proponent that the fish should drop black, emphasize Orange and Light Blue (maybe even make it more teal-ish), and simplify the word mark. the green walls need to :censored:ing go as well lol
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    Hey! I did this Minnesota Wild logo after dicking around while thinking of ideas for the Minnesota Timberwolves. I haven't redone it in a proper program to get clean lines+resolution+ratios, so forgive me. Its by no means a final product. The left is the logo, the right is a Legacy logo of sorts, Sunday home game kind of things. Its sorta different than most NHL logos, and I personally think it boarders a bit too much on the graphic design side, but alas! I want to know what you think. Those keen on NHL logo history will obvs know what i'm going for here. I will be posting uniforms and alt logos when I finish them!
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    Something based on Sean Burke's mask, which is one of the most underrated designs of all time
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    What a blown opportunity.
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    Does anyone else's head begin to hurt when ever they read a post by BroncoBuff?
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    i think it's sort of humorous that the vegas team would have to stay away from any kind of casino imagery, because of the moral implications of such an identity... but that people would be fine with them using the name outlaws, which literally points to illegal and immoral activity by definition. dont get me wrong. i dont have an issue with either name. i just thought that was funny.
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    Back with an MLB rebrand. I thought the San Francisco Giants might deserve a better logo than their current one – which is already 16 years old. I absolutely dislike the raster-like gradient on the baseball, plus I always thought their mark is too generic and bland, although it's already a classic. My logo is self-explaining, so here it is:
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    The "MB" was illegible at any distance greater than about three feet, which is why they quickly changed the gold blob to the cleaner (and far superior) white "M". Not to mention that the 1994 set has rather pedestrian thin piping like countless other teams, while the 1997 tweak replaced it with thick, bold navy piping that was both traditional and unique in the majors.
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    Thanks! I've gotta be honest @cjm3114jr has me really intrigued now with the Marlins. I've done plenty of mockups using the Wikipedia template for the longest time, it would just be a matter of having the computer skills to be able to do an entire series.
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    Yes!!!! I like looking at these horrible logos.
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    Here is my very first post on the sportslogo.net forums: My version of the Las Vegas Knights: C&C much appreciated.
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    Look what's getting dusted off for '90s night at Miller Park Saturday...
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    Well they did beat hawaii wearing black, so they got that going for them, which is nice.
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    Disagree on the Giants; their gray pants better matched the helmets. The colors, for one, and the old blue/red/blue stripe was lifted directly off the pants. Agreed on the Rams and Bengals, though: those helmets were unique enough to work.
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    WHY does he MESS with the font??? What's wrong with just typing it out normally?
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    "Welcome Bandwagons" I'm laughing so hard
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    I love the Marlins light blue color and the red-orange hat. But I still hate their logo/wordmark and emphasis on black. They should be teal/cyan/light blue/whatever and red-orange with black trim. They can keep the black alternate if they must and even wear the black hat on the road if they want but the other colors need to be emphasized more and the home caps should be either the orange or blue with the other being a Sunday/day game alt or something. The blue "boyz ii men" jersey is beautiful. I know some people hate multiple alternates but I'd be perfectly fine with. Orange Hat/undershirts at home. Black Hat/undershirts on road. Black Alt (Road Only, pitchers choice/whatever) Blue Hat/Alt/Undershirts (Sundays at home) Orange Alt (Day games/Fridays/whatever) They could even occassionally whip the blue stuff with the white jerseys if they want. If I had to get rid of one I'd get rid of the black alternate of course, but even in the little fantasy island I was just living on I was trying not to be too naive.
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    Guess that's the bar the Rams will have to top (I haven't seen the Falcons' new stadium yet). That's REALLY nice. Kinda wish they had stayed outdoors though...that's one of the best home-field advantages EVER.
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    Another team is called the "Boston Bruins" not the "Boston Hubs," what's your point? The Orca looks like a logo. Johnny Canuck looks like an illustration.
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    Im pretty sure the heat would use more orange if this happened
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    I think the colors should be switched on the Panthers (old) logo. An orange coat is more realistic than blue.
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    I would prefer the ads get filthier, actually. I can't finish with what's currently being shown.
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    Looks great! Wonder what it would look like on the home cream-colored uniform. Would you keep the same colors?
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    I think there's a restaurant where they give you that hat if you eat a whole gator in one sitting.
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    I like it. I think it'd make for an awesome shoulder patch. As for them moving away from blue and green, that would be a bad and completely unnecessary move. The Whalers could be the Habs to the Canuck's Rangers.
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    Always loved that wordmark. Looks fantastic!
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    Vipers is a great name. Also rolls off the tongue. Las Vegas Vipers, which I'm sure everyone will shorten to Vegas Vipers. And this is one of my favorite logos of all time:
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    https://mobile.twitter.com/jharkelroad1/status/758957649824129024 looks legit
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    If it wasn't for that stupid one helmet rule...I wish they would abolish it...we would like to see the 1980 through 1999 uni as the alt
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    This is magnificent! And until now I've never liked any Wild/Northstars mash-up concepts. I think it might be better suited as a secondary logo though, especially since the Wild already have such a nice primary logo.
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    I've returned from my vacation to the East Coast! Instead of immediately head-diving into another soccer series, our tour's stop in Montreal got me thinking: what if the Montreal Expos still existed today instead of moving to Washington? And so this concept idea was born, which involves updating the Expos look to a more 2010s look. I only have sketches right now, as I'll use everyones feedback to help build the final concept. Firstly, I plan on retiring the "eMb" cap logo in favor of a new "fleur-de-M" logo, with an "M" (for Montreal) below a fleur-de-lys. This new cap logo will carry on to the primary roundel as well as the "MTL" tertiary logo. As far as wordmarks, though, I decided on keeping the Expos' final wordmarks with slight tweaks (mostly in the "M" in the road wordmark). Also listed are the four color combinations that you guys can decide on. This concept is nowhere near complete, and I'll certainly need everyone's help on this! I'll also debut a revised baseball template with the final concept. ~ Daryl PS: I bought an Expos shirt at Parc Olympique and I absolutely love it!
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    That... that is beautiful. :') I love the current wild logo and I usually think Minnesota should just get over the North Stars already but damn... I would lose lose the red sun though. If the wild ever used these, they're not keeping red.
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    that's a fine logo. Dark Navy with White accents on a Silver helmet would be actually, really nice.
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    Me, too. It's one of my personal uniform rules. A light-colored helmet must always match the pants, and a dark-colored helmet must match the home jersey.
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    Just looking at this, the newer one is nicer and cleaned up but I think the Liberty Bell is a downgrade from them trying to seemingly simplify it. It's such a minor detail I don't think I ever noticed it until today.
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    Funny because most Seahawks fans don't recognize the franchise has history that dates before 2012. FOLKS!!!!!!!!!
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    It could also be that I am a big fan of purple and along with kelly green, it is underused!
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    Adidas: We want our players to go fast Executive: Cars go pretty fast Adidas: you're a :censored:ing genius
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    If you want to tie in the Casino industry then a snake themed name would be perfect. The team could be the: Las Vegas Vipers Pit vipers are all common desert snakes. Pit Bosses oversee the table games. A slang name could be the "snake eyes" as in double 1s in a crap game. The snake theme could tie in so well with the gambling/casino industry without being obvious. Could also go more abstract with: Las Vegas Serpents Las Vegas Fangs Las Vegas Venom Or more direct with: Las Vegas Rattlers Las Vegas Sidewinders Las Vegas Copperheads
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    This one's different: The NEW YORK RANGERS in the style of the FLORIDA PANTHERS: Florida's new uniforms have chest stripes outlined in gold; white on the home, red on the away. The most unique feature is the swap of traditional number and shoulder patch placement, which I've converted to the Rangers colours and logos. The away of this set looks way too much like the Habs' Winter Classic jersey, so it has no place in today's NHL. The thing to look at in this concept is the logo. I swapped out the Florida panther for Lady Liberty, and "FLORIDA" and "PANTHERS" for "NEW YORK" and "RANGERS". I swapped out the "arm patches" for the American flag, which fits seamlessly onto the uniform. C&C Appreciated!
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    Maybe this is because I grew up in the 90's and 1993 was really the first year I paid attention to baseball, but the White Sox in anything other than black and gray is weird and wrong. There are 2 "Sox" teams in the American League and the White Sox thought it was perfectly acceptable for a few years to wear the same colors as the Red Sox. This hat, aside from looking like a lowercase e, is better suited for the Cleveland Indians. I had maybe 6 instances of "THEY USED TO WEAR WHAT?!?!" moments as I grew to learn sports and sports uniform histories. Two were that the Pittsburgh Penguins used to be blue, and the New Jersey Devils green both boggled my young mind. Another was that the Vancouver Canucks stick in rink logo was an actual logo a real team tried to use as a primary. The last three belonged to the White Sox when looking through my father's baseball cards. The red and white years feel wrong, they look like the Phillies, the beach towels were awful 80's trash, and then the script button up pictured above uniforms just feel like they belong to another franchise, ill-fitting of the one wearing the uniform - Baseball's version of the current Tampa Bay Lightning. I'm glad they've wandered out of the woods and settled on an identity. An identity that I really like.
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    I don't. They're in the same category. Now you have.
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    The size of the font he uses is way too big. It gives me the impression that he's yelling.
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    If TV's at the time had better resolution, fans in Brooklyn might not have been taken as much by surprise when the team left.
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    Love the Minnesota purple, my only nitpick is the vikings having yellow and none of the rest. Perhaps rather than silver you could use the yellow
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    No imagination in kids these days.
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    Ok, I'm not gonna sugarcoat this at all, but is this a joke? Firstly, the logo looks as if it was done with little to no thinking involved, taking private 5-10 minutes maximum. Everything is just thrown in at random angles. Heck, the seams on the basketball aren't even right, yet you used a basketball in the court logo. Overall, the logo is far from "simple". Second is the jersey. Again, a ten minute paint rush job. There are dozens of templates available in the Paint Users Paradise thread which can easily be found under the Concept Resources topic at the top of the section. You could've even recolored an old NBA template and it would've looked better than this. The script doesn't even match the logo which is a script logo itself. The logo is just slapped onto the shorts and you didn't even color inside the lines. The court is equally as disappointing. I believe there is a paint template for courts as well in the Paint Users Paradise thread. The logo you created isn't anywhere in sight and you used a literal image of a basketball, a big no-no. Take your time with this even if it is for fun. There are some people around here who are great with using Paint as their go-to concept tool. Just take your time, do a little research, and even look around the boards a little longer to see how other people do their concepts to get a grasp as to how to present yourself. You've got an interesting idea here that may even get a following, but only if you're willing to put in the time and effort into your designs.
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