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    Instead, they wear camo, bright pink, bright blue, stars and stripes and such things during the actual game. Not to mention blue tops almost every road game. All of Which are worse than going some BP promo, with jerseys that never will take the field during the actual game.
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    I'm not "forgetting" anything. I'm endorsing a better looking jersey.
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    Hey guys! I've recently just made a hockey template with the intention of just showing my Wild logo, but I figured i'd try my hand at some other teams' jerseys and see what you guys think. the first international jersey I've tried is Canada. Will be adding more teams and the rest of the uniform components when time allows. thanks for looking! EDIT: heres a nike vers for those who may dislike my logo.
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    Just seems like Black, purple and gold are so much more part of the brand. In fact, the red jersey almost looks like an old Pro Bowl jersey when paired with the helmet, seeing as the AFC was the red team.
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    Up next: getting a new city, a new name, and a new colorway. The New Orleans Gators. Up next Roll Dogs Creative Constructive Critiques Always Enjoyed.
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    Those are incredibly bland. Huge downgrade from last year. They're only slightly better than 2014. I miss the ones with the fall theme from a few years back.
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    Thanks for all the love. Like I said, the next one is from France. Team 3 will be from Germany. Olympique de Marseille In my future, Marseille will be the fiercest rival of PSG to win the French ligue title. So they'll recover from last years bad season. Not much to say about the uniforms. I added the cross of Marseille on the front of the home kit. For the third kit I used orange as the main colour, kinda became their standard colour when it comes to alternates.
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    I think it may look something like this...
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    Easily the best helmet in college football now. Don't argue with me.
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    Insane LSD-induced delusional hypothetical.
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    Why are we talking about the Islanders being in trouble in the first place? They're either getting fifty million dollars a year to play in the Hipster Omni or new ownership is working to develop a new building of their own, all while getting a huge cable TV deal. This is a team that was once owned by a guy who pretended to live in a model home. They haven't been on such solid ground in years. You've been wishcasting the Isles or Devils moving for weeks now and it's just not gonna happen.
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    So here is a NYCFC concept, that I made. Made in Paint, so it's a little rough. First kit is light blue with orange and white accents. I wanted to add more orange into their identity. Shorts and socks white. Man City connection as with their current kits(owned by the same company). Clash is a nod to their stadium partners, the Yankees. With deep navy blue and white pinstripes. An NYC flag is located in the jock tag, and a pentagon(NYC's 5 boroughs) under the collar. Messi and Aguero are the names because this was originally for my MLS Super League where all the world's best players played in MLS, but that has lost my interest. the font is Thornaby by Conrad.Also now by Nike. C&C appreciated.
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    Member has been banned.
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    As a proud graduate of the Ohio State University, I'm fine with SMU stealing that look. This is the only uniform tOSU needs;
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    Yellow is also present in the striping on the Vikings uniforms, it is a tertiary color, green is used in the Seahawks uniforms as a secondary or tertiary color depending on what uniform they are using. Buccaneers have a history of wearing orange jerseys in the past. The Ravens red falls under no part of what the other three due. Red comes in 5th in colors they use behind purple, black, white, gold, and then red. It's used so minimally that it really doesn't make sense to make an entire uniform top to bottom excluding the helmet out of it.
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    So.... I guess I'll say it. SMU Buckeyes. Nice striping.
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    Can suspended users still like posts? Because Purple liked about 200 of Wonderbread, Buster and Tank's posts earlier today
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    Hasn't won a world series since 1908, that's some real prestige right there.
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    I sure hope that's not the reason. The logical gymnastics required to fit that line of thinking is on the level of "I'm going to wear a blue shirt because I want to eat Mexican for dinner tonight." Sure, I guess that's a reason in the loosest sense, but there's not exactly an established precedence for that decision.
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    I AM a lawyer and you're both right about the primary issue being the likelihood of confusion regarding the origins of the goods or services. In this case, you could make a reasonable argument in both directions. Consumer surveys are often used in trademark cases to determine whether actual confusion exists. In Baltimore, you probably couldn't find a sole who didn't know the difference. In a broader market, you could very easily find consumers who thought there was a connection between the teams. In considering the likelihood of confusion, courts will also take into consideration the intent of the alleged infringer in adopting the mark. This is where the CFL Colts' argument was at it weakest, because Speros clearly wanted to ride the coattails of the NFL team.
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    A few more tweaks for today... PIRATES-PHILLIES Not really sure the new hosiery fits the Pirates. I'm thinking about changing it to just a solid gold stirrup. The Phillies get plain burgundy stirrups. CUBS-CARDINALS Only tweak here is the Cardinals get white shorts instead of red, a decision I made after seeing this Houston Buffaloes uniform. I'm still trying to think of something fun and crazy to do for the Cubs, as I feel it would fit them. Any suggestions are welcome!
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    Not every thing needs to be incredibly physically exerting to be a sport. Does it require some combination of athleticism and/or skill and is there competition? Bonus points if there's mental strategy involved.
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    No matter the name (I still like Knights), a charcoal gray primary jersey might be the way to go. No one uses that color as primary and you can accent it with other colors to make it work.
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    That's not how logic works. First of all, Canada is a separate country. Detroit is not in British Columbia. Second, those names date back to a time when those two leagues were small, regional affairs. It is certainly possible that only a very few in each market was even aware of the existence of the other. Finally, neither name was chosen specifically to reference the history and legacy of the other. Which is precisely why a new team would today want to be the "St. Louis Rams".
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    Horrible, Rockets should be in red, yellow and white.
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    Thanks for the replys regarding the marlins roof ! So they very rarely have the roof open. Sound ludicrous to me for several reasons, why spend a ton of money on a retractable roof if you are not going to use it. And Tampa get flak for playing in a dome, well this is not much better. No sunshine on the field makes it a dull looking game. Sunshine and shadows makes the game seem more alive. And the rain showers are over pretty quick right ? I am sure these big leaguers can handle some water and sliding around a bit. Why does it have to be so sterile, the weather should a part of the game, like in football and soccer. I hate the indoor look in the summer. I think we get enough of that in the winter time with hockey and basketball.
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    You're forgetting that the cut of those jerseys (which appeared to be manufactured by ripon with the adidas branding added on) is much different than the cut of the Mach Speed template being used for Michigan's new jerseys. The sleeve caps are much shorter than on the ripon jerseys and the overall sleeve is much tighter and more compact as well. In addition, the stripes on those jerseys pictured above were placed on the cuffs, whereas on the new jerseys only the bottom navy stripe is placed on the cuff, with the top blue stripe and the maize stripe in the middle being put in the actual sleeve cap.
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    This was done while the Hawks were in the playoffs last year, if I'm not mistaken. There weren't any giveaways or anything like that if I recall, it was more just the team got customized sweaters to support the team...I think?
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    I'll go as far as to say it was the best helmet in college football. Somehow they made it even better.
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    Yea I can't believe people thought at one point, raw grey concrete everywhere would be a good looking idea, especially after a few year of wear and tear. Most of these buildings look abandoned
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    You sure about that?
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    Nah. Red is so minimal in the logo that to have a jersey in red would be ridiculous.
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    It's well done, but looks like a cannon firing into the ground. t
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    To be fair, he is the first professional athlete to complete the Dick Move Hat Trick (being a dick, hitting a dick, and showing his dick). Quite an accomplishment!
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    After about a month and a half, I'm back! I took a break to work on my MLB Rivalry Faceoff Series because I was in a bit of creative rut as far as this series went, but when the White Sox 1976 throwbacks made the news for an unfortunate reason a few weeks ago, an article on Uni-Watch provided some welcome inspiration. Here are a few teams I've tweaked since then: DODGERS-REDS The Dodgers now get pinstriped shorts. Why pinstripes, you ask? I got the idea from the Hollywood Stars, who were affiliated with the Brooklyn Dodgers and wore shorts for four seasons between 1950-53. I also gave the Dodgers blue stirrups. TWINS-BREWERS Next up are the Twins and Brewers. Per @hockey week's suggestion, I switched the Twins' shorts from red to white. I also gave them navy stirrups with the "TC" logo on them. For the Brewers, I was reading that the Sacramento Solons, who were a minor league affiliate of the Brewers in the mid '70s, also wore shorts for one season. Hence the shorts and hosiery are based on the Solons. PADRES-GIANTS I also made some tweaks to the Padres and Giants. I put the Padres in white shorts with yellow sanis and brown stirrups, and I based the Giants' new hosiery on the fauxback two-in-ones they wore when they faced the Red Sox a few weeks ago for Turn Back the Clock Night. C&C appreciated! And as always, any suggestions for the remaining teams that need tweaking are always welcome.
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    As opposed to the dead-on likenesses of the original figures?
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    They just look like he got out of the Matrix. Black trenchcoat? Check. Shades? Check.
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    UPDATES!!! Overhaul to the logo presentation Uniform presentations are fixed D-Backs- updated uniforms with adjusted sock colors and sleeve logo Baysox- new BP cap Reds- added a fauxback vest Blue Wahoos- striped socks added Indians- striped socks added Clippers- hat options added Rubberducks-hat options added I am working on the next team, the Colorado Rockies, who will be posted asap.
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    At the very least, i would like them to pair dark colored cleats with white socks to give it an old school feel with a modern touch.
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    I am not part of that. But I am starting to think that there are no solutions to make the game appreciably safer. A big hit, no matter how property done, is always going to contribute to the long-term quality of life of both players involved...isn't it believed that a perfect hit (arms wrapped around the waist, no contact at all with either head) still causes that "neck-snapping" action that leads to head problems in the long run? It's not entirely about concussions any more. It's about collisions...collisions on the line, collisions tackling the ball carrier, big blocks, etc. We can mitigate. But we cannot solve. As long as the game is played in a fashion that actually attracts fans, the collisions are numerous enough that many players will come out of their careers with an impacted quality of life. My gut (and yeah, that's all I have) is that helmet technology will have roughly no impact. Maybe removing helmets will, though. Regarding kickoffs, are those plays a big part of the CTE problem? Maybe they are, but they are such a small proportion of the plays that I wonder. Not that I care; I actually don't like the impact that long kick returns have on the game; I'd probably be happier with getting rid of it than most. Some ways to potentially MITIGATE could include: Getting rid of helmets? Part of me thinks it would work and part of me thinks we'd just get a bunch of horrid injuries in pre-season game #1. Flat out removing contact from practices. I am not sure about this. How much full-contact do guys take in practice vs. games? Then, how much is the quality of play impacted if practice is dialed down so much? It's a tough balance because no-contact practices could hurt in-game technique. 18 game schedule. Stop it. Stop it now. Eliminate youth football? Is there a way to tech proper techniques but not have kids, who are still developing, butting heads with each other from age 10 to 18? Is that contact a big part of the long term problem? Maybe only seniors (or juniors/seniors) should be playing full-contact high school ball. Again, I am sort of just thinking out loud but I wonder if slashing the number of hits players take as kids could be beneficial. Cap a player's career at a certain number of years? I dunno, there'd probably be a successful lawsuit over that one. Strict benching of players with concussion-like symptoms or even after any helmet-to-helmet hit. Of course, you'd have a ton of star players missing a lot of time. I think it was the NFC Title Game a couple of years ago when Russel Wilson was playing and should not have been...we want him in there, not T-Jack. We'd really get to know our depth charts. NFL: really try to be a positive player in this. Acknowledge the problem we all know is there. That would at the very least get them to stop with the extending the season non-sense. They've determined there is about a 1/1000% chance that having more than one helmet can impact safety; so what's the chance that Thursday games could? Maybe consider dropping that greedy endeavor in favor of safety? There are two problems we have today that we did not have in the old days. First (and most importantly) we no longer have the blissful ignorance that if you can remember you own name you are fine. We are learning more and the news is grim. Secondarily, the combination of speed and size players have today would have been unheard of in the 1980s. The impacts probably have become greater on many hits. And, short of taking the "football" out of football, I am not sure what can be done about that. We can mitigate all we want; and I suppose we should. But players and parents still need to understand that long-term quality of life is not well-served by playing football. If the players that are playing are well-informed* I guess I'll feel OK about watching them damage each other. *Most today are not; or, at least they were not when they were getting into the game as kids. Even as recently as five years ago, we thought it was all about concussions and helmet-to-helmet. If only it were that simple. I don't have (or want) kids. But if I did, it's the one sport I would not let them play (well, boxing/MMA, maybe). You could make arguments about, say, hockey, but given the way youth hockey is played, I tend to doubt the risks would be nearly as great (and anyone related to me is not playing pro). OMG, I would be a participant in the Wussifacation of America I'd be thinking of their long-term future. There are risks of broken bones, etc. I can live with that. CTE, not so much.
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    That five is annoying as hell. I hate when the center of the five doesn't line up, and this one's made even worse with the serif on top making it cluttered.
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    The NFL number system has changed in recent years allowing receivers to get numbers in the teens like Larry Fitzgerald #11. Also it was not always in effect and not in the AFL take a look at the John Hadl #22 no QB can wear that now. Then you had kickers that played other positions Jim O'Brien won Super Bowl V with #80, Lou Grozza wore #60.
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    Dennis Eckersley to Dave Martinez (1986 Cubs) Dave Martinez to Mark Derosa (2001 Braves) Mark Derosa to Bryce Harper (2012 Nationals)
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    I dont see how important they are. You can just wait for the player to turn 45 degrees either way and you see his number
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    Normally I would agree with you, but in this case, that grass field has been HORRENDOUS, even ending a few players' careers thanks to destroyed knee ligaments caused by seams in the turf trays. Something needed to be done there. I just wish we could see players get muddy once in a while. I miss that
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    Most teams have the sweat box problem. A quick Google search of Ohio State's two playoff games prove why the Mach Speed uniforms are better as they reduce the panels from 2/3 of the uniform to only a spot on the sides and the narrow panel on the front.tOSU vs. Oregon: https://www.google.com/search?q=nike+mach+speed+jersey&client=ms-android-att-us&prmd=sinv&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0CAgQ_AUoAmoVChMIh6a_-q7-xwIVyIuSCh3K9QF5&biw=360&bih=559#tbm=isch&q=ohio+state+vs+oregon+2015 tOSU vs. Bama: https://www.google.com/search?q=nike+mach+speed+jersey&client=ms-android-att-us&prmd=sinv&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0CAgQ_AUoAmoVChMIh6a_-q7-xwIVyIuSCh3K9QF5&biw=360&bih=559#tbm=isch&q=ohio+state+vs+alabama+2015 yeah that and every template that ever came before it
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    Irony...Vick will be wearing the Steelers' prison uniforms this season. He chose #2. Source: http://www.steelersdepot.com/2015/08/new-steelers-qb-michael-vick-to-wear-no-2/ Can't wait to see him in:
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    Thursday Night Games are so sloppy why not try another day, two MNF games maybe
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