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    Was at the Chelsea v AC Milan game last night at the Vikings new stadium. The place is gorgeous. Very open in the concourses. The old metrodome felt very closed in. This one feels very airy and has lots of character to it as you walk through.
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    Regarding the Dolphins stadium...it might not be 100% brand new, but they are finishing up the second phase of renovations and the building is unrecognizable from its former self. Looks awesome and I'm sure many Super Bowls will be in its future again.
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    Member has been banned.
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    My favorite Angels uniform Would seriously love a TBTC to this era, but doubt it happens since they didn't acknowledge it during their 50th anniversary season
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    They’ve permanently had seats in the south end for the last handful of years. Anyway, the point of Providence Park really isn’t to have some incredibly modern world-class venue, so it really shouldn’t be criticized for not being one. You wouldn’t go to Fenway and complain that everyone’s squeezed in on uncomfortable bleachers or that there’s a pole blocking your view. Clearly, Providence Park isn’t Fenway from an “iconic” standpoint, but it’s Portland’s historic sports venue, and that’s kinda the point of it. I’ve been to sports events at a lot of places, but there are few venues that match Providence Park in terms of atmosphere.
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    As a proud graduate of the Ohio State University, I'm fine with SMU stealing that look. This is the only uniform tOSU needs;
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    The cowboys use four different silvers..
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    Isn't Raven red the Maryland flag/shield (which really isn't a team color, but a state color) and maybe the birds eye? I couldn't condone red for the Ravens nor could I condone the steelers using red or blue under that same circumstance. I totally agree with your rebuttal
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    All in all I was impressed with the Nike uniforms with the Jumpman logo on it that Michigan rolled out. And this is coming from a Michigan State fan. However I felt there were a couple things that could be tweaked and so I tweaked them. -kept the helmet as they released it. The satin update was a nice touch. -added the double stripes to the blue uniform and moved the numbers to the shoulder accordingly -added the M to the base of the collar. -added the M to the hip, and also added stripes. -the white uniform remains mostly unchanged. -the only issue with adding the stripes to the maize pants is will it look consistent enough between the white jersey and the pant stripes. -white socks, navy shoes. C & C welcome.
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    Posting this here because the requests area isn't there. Anyone wanna try to modernize the Quebec Nordiques' classic logo for a concept I might share?
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    This was truly painful to read...
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    Said it before, say it again, the real hockey elitists are the ones without prior generations of well-meaning knucklehead fans to keep everyone grounded. I think the only people who like the Hurricanes are softboys whose parents work at IBM. Also, good to know that letting a general manager fail to win the second round for 17 years is "respecting the fanbase."
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    Adidas Designer- "By making a "U" under the ass, we reflect on the past behind us, by making the design wrap around towards the front of the legs, we look towards the future in front of us."
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    Alright so without further ado, here are the Red Sox! Logos -While making this I noticed that this was the first primary logo that I left unchanged (although I almost didn't) -Two caps, one navy, and one red -All wordmarks are the same as real life. Uniforms -Not much really changes from the Red Sox real uniforms. Their entire identity is absolutely classic, and I had a hard time finding anything I wanted to change. -One thing I did add was a Sunday alternate cap, similar to what the Cardinals do. I absolutely love the red hat with the navy bill from the 70's, so I at least wanted to incorporate it somewhat into the overall identity. I'm not sure yet whether I'd want them to wear it on the road on Sundays as well, you guys can let me know what you think. That's really about it! Not much to change with a classic set!
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    So it seems USA Gymnastics has some Mike McQueerys, JoPa's, etc. in the ranks. http://www.indystar.com/story/news/investigations/2016/08/04/usa-gymnastics-sex-abuse-protected-coaches/85829732/ It's really sad how people will eschew common decency to take the easy way out and protect an organziation's reputation.
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    Thank you for your interest in my earlier concepts! However, I dislike that concept. The nasty font (the font used by famed metal band Judas Priest) and the "Stingrays" name paired with the image of a Devil Ray (a proper stingray logo would've been better) are not good examples of my work. I do like that color scheme, and I've sometimes thought of reviving it, but I prefer my later concepts for the team (or any of @raysox's concepts for the Rays - seriously, dude does some cool stuff). Now, onward towards the Angels! LOS ANGELES ANGELS - Version 1 This is one of those times where I felt I played it too safe. In restoring the early '70's-early '90's uniform template with the current logos, I took away a lot of what made the team distinctive (namely the red dominance and the custom number font). They wound up looking like a SoCal amalgamation of the Braves and Red Sox, and I think it hurt the diversity of league's color schemes. When I went back to the drawing board, I wanted to find a way to make the Angels look distinct while eliminating another navy/red team. I opted to keep the navy/red/yellow color scheme of my original concept, but I redistributed the colors and changed the shades slightly. Now, the team wears a darker red with athletic gold as the secondary color. Navy remains, but only as a halo color. The logos also receive an overhaul, with a @davidmiller5-inspired primary logo that uses the wings of the 1997-2001 cap logo. The "A" logos no longer have additional outlines, as the single-outline is a cleaner look. The "LA" logo also receives a tweak to fit in with the new color scheme. The cap logo "A" is yellow with a white outline, which would really help the logo shine on the cap (for lack of a better term). The home and road uniforms maintain the 1970's-'90's template of the old concept, albeit in the new color scheme. Red caps, undershirts, belts, socks, and shoes return to the set, which helps set them apart from the rest of the AL West (I'm planning for the Rangers to dump red in my next update of them). The primary logo is on the sleeves, as I dislike the redundancy of having a cap logo repeated on the sleeves. The custom number font returns, further distancing them from the Red Sox (seriously, the Red Sox West look lasted way too long). The socks now feature a gold stripe flanked by two white/navy/white stripes, to further the imagery of the cap halos. The alternates receive a significant overhaul for this concept. The Friday red alt (to put a cap on its usage) now features UCLA stripes in between the jersey body and the set-in sleeves. While some people may think that this is a silly idea, it has precedence - namely with the PCL Los Angeles Angels (the namesake of the AL Angels). This style has also proven popular among several of the members here, namely with Discrimihater. Going for the UCLA stripes spices up what would be another dull red alt. The "LA" logo now adorns the sleeve, so that it's used somewhere in the identity. The navy alt is gone, and in its place is a throwback to the 1971 home uniforms, easily the best of their "Red Sox West" uniforms. If they are to have a semi-regular throwback alternate, the '71 home uniform is the ideal option. BTW, I do find it a little funny that a team with USC's colors is wearing UCLA stripes. Also, I've included two bonus road uniforms that could replace the "Angels" road greys. One is an "Anaheim" road should they opt for that as their city name (which recolors and de-bevels the 2002-03 road script), and the other has a "Los Angeles" script done in the style of the "Angels" script (with a larger, halo-ed "A" in "Angeles"). I'd prefer to make an exception in the "team name on home, city/state name on road" rule for the Angels, but I decided to mock up what city name road uniforms would look like. This color experiment allows the Angels to remain a red-dominant team (as they have been through the most successful stretch in franchise history), but gives them a secondary color that helps them to stand out from the rest of the MLB and the other red/navy teams. C+C is greatly appreciated!
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    The way i read the op was that you were asking if a side could use a nickname currently linked with the city if the CFL decided to allow a team there. That's not what you asked originally now is it?
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    We're going back a bit further with Boston's alternate. An updated version of their 1934-36 jersey, the short-lived bolded B logo is brought back, along with the elongated shoulder yokes and the arm stripes that provide a subtle nod to the pinstripe days. I think this jersey provides good contrast to their current set.
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    why are they seemingly hell bent on having a descriptive adjective in the name? Just pick a name, you don't need to be "Black," "Silver," "Chartreuse," "Mighty," "Neon," or "Fighting" whatever. Just be a thing.
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    No, "Los Angeles Angels" is better. And they seem to have quietly made it official:
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    Something, something, touched by an angel?
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    I like it, unique. thought the Raptors did it well.
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    In the CFL the offense and defensive lines have to line up 1 yard apart from each other instead of being on opposite sides of the same line. The result is the player has more time to get into the opponent in front of him and use his hands more. Less helmet to helmet headbutting.
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    Definitely Portland, but it appears the Prowlers are out. Moving the Loggers from the Canadian league?
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    New Club Renovations and coming Amphitheater at Everbank field along with the scoreboards a few years ago has really spiced things up around here it's made the stadium feel very new giving it a more modern feel and they are not even done.
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    Damn! Now I can't unsee the dick...
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    Agreed. As a WVU fan, this my favorite uniform of ours:
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    I think you're woefully underestimating how many people pay exactly zero (or at least minuscule) attention to sports. I worked at a Lids in New Jersey and had many, many people confuse New York Yankees and New York Mets hats. If people in the New York metropolitan area can confuse the Yankees and Mets (nevermind that the Yankees are probably the most recognizable team in North American professional sports), then people would have absolutely confused the Baltimore NFL Colts and the Baltimore CFL Colts.
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    Can you elaborate, I'm not familiar with this one.
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    Every time I see that adidas contrasting-sleeves template, I weep for my Gunners.
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    I first saw this on dribbble by Denis Davydov, and sure enough, this appears to be their replacement to the short-lived plagiarized one. For a league that isn't known for having good team logos, the KHL has had some pretty good logos by a few teams as of late. http://en.khl.ru/clubs/kunlun/
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    Except...you know...the jerseys that everyone just said were "the best ever" featured black and had a black alternate
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    Neon Knights would be the absolute worst name in all major league sports. It would even rival some of the worst minor league team names.
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    Yellow is also present in the striping on the Vikings uniforms, it is a tertiary color, green is used in the Seahawks uniforms as a secondary or tertiary color depending on what uniform they are using. Buccaneers have a history of wearing orange jerseys in the past. The Ravens red falls under no part of what the other three due. Red comes in 5th in colors they use behind purple, black, white, gold, and then red. It's used so minimally that it really doesn't make sense to make an entire uniform top to bottom excluding the helmet out of it.
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    To be fair, he is the first professional athlete to complete the Dick Move Hat Trick (being a dick, hitting a dick, and showing his dick). Quite an accomplishment!
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    Liverpool FC Home kit- all red kit with dark red accents and white accents. the top features a diagonal stripe design Away kit- all white kit with red accents, the top features a tonal design of the anfield gate and YNWA motto Third kit- dark grey kit with white and red accents, the top features a falling diamond feather design
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    I agree with Paul that it couldn't hurt to try the navy piping on the red alt just to see how it looks. Other than that, I'd say this set is pretty perfect as is.
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    Ok so here is most likely the final update barring any other comments... But here is the best I could do to kind of take what I liked from what everyone said. -Home & Road stay the same -On the road, the orange alternate would now be the only one to *occasionally* wear the orange front panel cap. The white in the piping, although a nice homage to the past, has been removed to slightly better suit the jersey for both home and on the road. -I really liked the way the white letters looked on the orange jersey, but I just didn't think it was what I was going for with the Orioles. As seen in the picture above, orioles are mostly black and orange, so I tried to keep it that way with the uniforms. -Black alternate now keeps the regular road hat to match. It gives it somewhat of that 'black-out' look, which I do like. As for having a 'B' cap, I wanted to keep the consistency of the bird logo, and figured that having 'Baltimore' on the jersey should be good enough to pay tribute to the home city. Thoughts/Suggestions before I upload the Red Sox most likely later today?
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    I liked this set...but am puzzled by the baseball coming out of the wing, and am also puzzled as to why no one asked "Does this look like a phallus?" The Anaheim patch is really nice though.
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    Cowboys stadium also throws some terrible sun glare/shadows on the field..
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    I hear there's a toxic waste dump in Carson that no one will be needing.
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    Slate could be a great primary, and a good way to avoid black, if they do go with Knights. I'd like to see black, vegas gold and maybe a little magenta, to accent (enough to be adventurous, without being gaudy). Here's my main gripe, right now, with Knights: In a city synonymous with a vibrant night-life and fast-paced, high-stakes entertainment, and with an owner who has stated that he'd like to capture a little of that feel; Knights in black, gold and grey feels like a very safe, ho-hum way to go. For intstance, @sparky chewbarky's Knights package, while well-conceptualized, pales in comparison to his Aces one. I'm not arguing for Aces, here, but hoping for something exciting (but not garish). Something a little unique that captures the essence of Vegas without being offputting to fans (i.e. Nashville's rebrand). A team that feels like they should be using Viva Las Vegas as their goal song. Foley's Black Knights vision doesn't give me that vibe.
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    Yea I can't believe people thought at one point, raw grey concrete everywhere would be a good looking idea, especially after a few year of wear and tear. Most of these buildings look abandoned
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    RonaldGrump is a poster to watch in 2016.
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    With two positive comments in a row for the Alouettes uniform I think it's finally safe to out myself as a fan as well. I know it has its faults but think it's an overall good look and has always screamed Montreal to me in its uniqueness.
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    I love basketball uniforms with a logo on them as opposed to a wordmark. It can be a refreshing change of pace.
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