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    The Texas Rangers should look like this (not my concept but originally posted here on CCSL)
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    Still better than the Clippers mess of an identity
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    There. There are my magical paint skills, haha.
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    Penalties are the worst way to end a soccer match, but Neymar winning the gold on the final PK was really special. Amazing game and dramatic finish. It doesn't exorcise 7-1, but I bet you most Brazilians are feeling pretty good right now. That was awesome.
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    So the next team is the Detroit Tigers. This one really conflicted me. On one hand I really wanted to do a modern take and spice things up. But, then I stared to think about the unchanging aesthetics the franchise has displayed over the years. in this case tradition won out with an unchanged home and simplified away. Alternate just takes the home and makes the base color grey. The BP is where I displayed a modern edge but not nearly to where I was envisioning. If asked for I will post that set.
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    Two big bits of news. 1: I will be making the schedule editable on google docs so that GMs can post their starting goalies for each matchup. 2: HUGE TRADE: BOSTON trades F Joe Sakic to SEATTLE for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Round Draft Picks BOSTON signs F Dave Hannan
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    Absolutely amazing work! I'm really looking forward to this series
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    Alright then, well barring any objections I think the last Brewers post was their final update... Now moving on to the Twins! I know some of you might have already seen this in my individual Minnesota Twins thread that got me started on this, but all I wanted to do was to clean up the original concept and provide a few touch-ups using new techniques I have learned. So let's get into it! Logos -Logos stay basically the same as the last update of my original thread, with the primary Minnesota-shaped logo being the best place to showcase all of the different colors in the pallette. -As mentioned before, the gold has been significantly lightened to blend much less with the red and more with the white. It is now much more so of a cream/tan color, kind of like the one used as their throwback jersey color. -I decided to keep the 'Twins' and 'Minnesota' wordmarks from the last update not only because of how common scripts are in baseball, but also for the very practical reason that the Twins would have to change both of their fairly new outfield signs, the one above the scoreboard and the Minnie and Paul logo. -The accent colors, gold/cream at home and light blue on the road, are meant to somewhat blend into the jersey color. The home does this to honor the old 60's Twins uniforms, and the aways honor the light blue 70's jerseys. Uniforms -The uniforms stay relatively the same as in the last thread. -As a reminder, the size of the piping on the sleeves, neck, and pants has been increased quite a bit, so that the colors can be distinguishable and not muddle. -The number font on all the jerseys has been adjusted to more accurately portray the real Twins numbers, as the old one simply used was the Yankees' and Braves' font. As an added bonus, just to give at least some new content, here is a side-by-side comparison of the actual Twins shade of gold and the one I've adjusted to, just to give you all a good picture of how much it really has been lightened. That's it as far as new stuff goes, but if any of you would like to check out my aforementioned Twins thread to get some more information on this set, the link is attached above. By the way, big thanks to anyone who has followed the series so far, and comments are greatly appreciated!
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    Worked this one up earlier today, I know It's not really a vintage logo but It is an update non the less so I decided to add it here. Hope you guys like it.
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    That color just wasn't made for large scale use.
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    It's great that the franchise was taken from Sterling but they have been a mess of any identity since then.
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    It is absolutely mismatched, even distracting. If they're going to wear red caps and socks, they need to do it like they did in the 90s.
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    Earlier this summer, around the end of the school year, I had this idea for a series. I asked my other designer friend, Rana, if she wanted to do it with me, and now, at the end of the summer, I think we’re finally ready to show off what we have done. We aren’t completely finished yet, as it takes a while to completely rebrand 30 teams, even for just the logos. The jerseys will come later. If you’ve seen @ldconcepts's thread which was based off of this series, you’ll have an idea of what’s going on. Ours is a little different though. Our goal was to take one team’s logo or namesake, and design their logo with the same style or theme as another team’s. After that, we’ll do the reverse. Unlike Lucas, we paired each team together with one other team, and just swapped those two. The pairings were chose mainly on what we could come up with ideas for, not rivalries or anything (that does happen a few times, though), In order to leave a bit of surprise. I won’t tell you guys the pairings yet. But I will give you a list of 15 teams, all of them being paired with a team that isn’t on the list. When I unveil a team, I’ll put the pairing here too. Anaheim - Dallas Arizona Boston Buffalo - Chicago Calgary - Edmonton Carolina - Columbus Colorado - Winnipeg Detroit Florida - Nashville Los Angeles - Toronto Minnesota Montreal New Jersey Pittsburgh - Washington St. Louis - Tampa Bay Below in this spoiler tag will be an image with a compilation of any logos unveiled. Check the posts in the thread for a more in depth description/larger image of them.
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    All right, hopefully this is the last update on the league logo. I got rid of one star from each division (I don't know why I why I had four stars in the first place since there are only six teams). I added a black outline around the banner at the bottom, and fixed the U on top so its more even.
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    Our graphic designer just photoshopped the Rivalry series uniform. The Chic Harley alternates will be on the Vapor Untouchable template.
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    D.C. Flag has the 3 stars. Can't wait for more! All of the logos look amazing!
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    Well, I figured since the Twins didn't bring much new content with them, I might as well post the Mets as an extra team for today! Logos -Primary logo remains the same. If it wasn't already, I think their logo is starting to become one of the best in baseball. -One cap logo for now, the orange 'NY' on a blue background. I might add a cap with an orange bill and white outline for the alternate, let me know if you guys think I should. -Home and alternate wordmarks stay the same, but the road is where we see some changes. I went back to the 1987 script because I personally like it more, it matches the home script better, and it looks less like a Red Sox wordmark. Uniforms -The racing pinstripes are on all of the Mets' uniforms, and are now the Mets' "thing." -Other than that, the home stays relatively the same, a white jersey with blue pinstripes. -The big blue collar around the neck of the jersey on the racing stripes has been removed, just because I think it makes it look like the jersey is too big. -The away sees the removal of the headspoon and sleeve piping, replaced by the racing stripes. The new script replaces the old wordmark. -The blue alternate is basically the same besides the racing stripes in place of piping. The color order of the racing stripes matches the script and numbers on all jerseys. Comments on this, the Twins, or really anything else are welcome!
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    The Washington one is so good, I could easily imagine it coming first, before the Robo-Penguin. The Penguins one is nothing special, but is incredibly executed. One thing I might tweak would be the triangles; adding a fourth one would celebrate their four cups, but that would start a whole "let's update the logo every cup year" problem, and the number three doesn't appear to have any symbolism for the Caps either.
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    It reminded me of the hockey tournament in 2010. Gold in that one event was of supreme importance to the hosts and they got it in a dramatic finish. Neymar just collapsing from the joy/emotion/relief was certainly something to see.
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    That might have been one of my all time favorite Olympic moments I've seen in my life.
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    I don't have an all-time list, but my list would have Bolt as the "greater Olympian" than Phelps. Now Phelps has some quality to him, but his greatness is tied to sheer quantity of medals won, and the sport in which he's competed in offers so many disciplines and lengths. No other Olympic sport offers so many various events to enter than swimming. Track is the closest, but even then that sport is still well behind. Plus, in many of the relays that Phelps won medals in, he didn't have to swim in the preliminary heats....he just saved himself for the final. And, Phelps has lost a few times in the Olympics. Bolt never lost a race in three Olympiads, and in the three most premier track races. Nine tries, nine golds.
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    Ok, Darknes, I get building for a future, but WHAT ARE YOU DOING? That's a huge trade and leaves you with no franchise player
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    These are entirely bad ass. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the striping on the sleeves, but the rest of the look more than makes up for it.
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    Thanks for the support! But I'd hate to make you stop or slow down on doing your own work. It's really interesting seeing someone else's interpretation for some of these, the majority of them hadn't even been a thought for us. Unless you have another reason, I'd really be interested in seeing more of your takes. Really like the start with the Preds one, especially with the plain pred and red eye. I think the predator should be a bit bigger though, and the stars smaller, to match the Sabres logo better.
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    I haven't posted anything for a while, so, for now, yay or nay? By the way, this might be slowing down, as the series which this is based on is being released. Check it out!
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    I was actually at this game. Before the game, it was just flurrying. My friend and I went into Xfinity Live, and after maybe an hour, there was already at least 8 inches of snow on the ground. By the 3rd quarter, I was actually shaking from how cold I was (I didn't wear a coat...just a hoody. I know I'm an idiot.) Surprisingly, the drive home wasn't bad. The traffic at Philly's sports complex is always terrible, but I was expecting a several hour drive home. It probably took me an hour and a half.
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    Wow. So well executed, with no detail left out. Eagerly awaiting what's next!
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    This next concept is for a team called the Demons. Primary Logo Primary Uniforms Alternate Uniforms
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    Thought I'd bump this, as today was the 2016 Eximius Foedus Final. Dominant number one seed Maclaren knocked off AC Ridale in the big game, after 24 minutes of extra time. The four teams teams that qualified for the WFA Club Championship were Maclaren, AC Ridale, Nagreb SC/ NC Glory and of course, the reigning club champions Stanly City. The two unlucky clubs to be relegated from the Eximius Foedus were Citizens SC and the West Park Jets, who will be replaced with Division 2 teams in the Greater Sentrumian Cobras and two time champions Eastvale United.
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    Something *might* be changing with the numbers for 2017-18. We're ordering our NHL kits for the upcoming season and have been advised to "not order anything for beyond the upcoming season" as "right now things are up in the air".
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    As you guys probably noticed in the list, our first pairing is Anaheim and Dallas. Dallas’s (actual) logo is a D fused with a star right? Well, that was a bit tough to figure out for Anaheim. My original idea was to make an A with a duck foot, but after that idea failed, I just decided to fuse old with new instead. This one takes the shape of the current webbed D logo, and fuses it with the rounded triangle shape of the Mighty Ducks logo. And then, of course, there’s a bevel. On the other hand, Anaheim’s (actual) logo takes their team name initial, D, and uses their mascot (or a part of it) to make said letter. Well, I took that same concept for Dallas, making a star stylized to look like an S. C & C appreciated!
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    Here's the definition of a sport: "an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment." By that definition, auto-racing is a sport. Does it involve physical exertion and skill? Yes. Does it involve an individual or team that competes against others for entertainment? Yes. The common theme that I've read is basically that auto-racing isn't a sport because you're just driving a car (or motorcycle), which is a ridiculous reasoning, in my opinion. By using that logic, one could argue that walking, or hell, even running isn't a sport. Why do you ask? Well, you're only walking or running. Anybody can do that. Of course, that sounds ridiculous because it is. I know the comparison isn't quite there because with walking/running you're using your own power to move. I understand that. That's why I don't necessarily consider all racing drivers to be athletes just because they race professionally, but it's definitely a unique skill set that not everyone can do. Although, when you get into different racing disciplines that can change. I consider all professional motorcycle racers to be athletes because of the immense physical exertion and prowess required to do so at a professional level. However, on the flip side, I don't think drag racers display any athletic ability whatsoever. In summary, auto-racing is definitely a sport, but not the same kind of sport as football, soccer, basketball, running, etc. and that's perfectly okay.
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    The problem with those Raven pants was that they matched the actual team colors.
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    You can vote for Baylor's uniform combo for their first game http://www.baylorbears.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/081816aad.html Option B is obviously the correct answer.
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    That said, commissioners can influence such things. It's not a coincidence that the first 21st century ugly MLB uniform came right on the heels of Selig retiring as commissioner.
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    Say it with me... OITGDNHL.
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    They've been doing it a lot for the past couple of years. I guess they're doing it to blend the colors, but it just looks mismatched.
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    I found another unrealized stadium concept...this proposed renovation of the L.A. Coliseum: I'm not sure what year this came from, but this had to be when the city was selling the NFL on the Coliseum site the second time around. IMO, THIS should have been the renovation USC plans to go with in the upcoming renovations.
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    My favourite flag is this one:
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    Wow! Thank you all for the wonderful feedback. It's really cool to see all of the fellow Madden fans on here. Glad to know you all are interested in continuing the project. Actually, the outline is a dark purple. I didn't use black at all in the new version. I agree it does look muddied, but unfortunately it looked a bit empty without the outline. I tried a white outline though, and I think it looks better. Here's the updated group, see what you think. Now here is the newest group of logos, the Vipers, Spartans, Trotters, and Sea Dogs I kept the majority of the old colors and possibly added one or two new colors to the logos (the Vipers has a grey blue added, and the Trotters blue is slightly different from the original.) Your criticism and thoughts are always appreciated
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    Ren, have you considered making a tutorial video as you go through one of these logos? I have no where near your talent, but would be interested in how you use different tools and tackle issues. Really enjoy this thread.
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    I will not click that link. I refuse to accept that Australia has bad weather You are sadly sadly mistaken my friend
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    I will not click that link. I refuse to accept that Australia has bad weather
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    Beautiful uniform matchup, but not such a great game. That was the 59-0 pounding
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    I personally loved the look of this game. Two classic uniforms in a snow bowl
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