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    The Sox should be wearing those socks with their whites and grays.
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    They didn't. If we're working off the premise that this is the reason for the gold, then I think this would definitely work. It was said that the pinstripe look is distinctly Thunderdome, and... that's true. The last set of uniforms and the dome kinda go hand in hand, and they don't jive as much with Target Field. However, that's the set with the pinstripes and red lettering. However, if they brought the pinstripes back now, it would be under the new navy lettering with red background. This has a much more classic look to it that fits their new home. After all, that's what they wore in their inaugural year, long predating the dome. Of course, I think the gold was brought in not to differentiate themselves, but to bring in some color from Target Field, mimicking the limestone. I don't think the jerseys are bad at all, but I agree with the earlier comment that they look better in the sun. I never realized that, but it's true. In sunlight, the gold is brighter and disappears somewhat. Under the lights, it doesn't shine, instead becoming a thick, hanging mustard akin to when the Brewers' gold goes wrong. Then again, maybe that says something about my feelings on the gold where I like the version where you can't see it as much better. My biggest problem with the identity is the cap. The idea that the home cap is an alt has confused and upset me since the inception, but they took one of the simplest, cleanest, most beautiful caps and thickened it unnecessarily. It's a shame. Those are nice. I like them too. I think that if they were brought back in this current alt-crazy climate, they'd be much more well received. I disagree with the premise that the Cards' navy hat lacks color. Due to the nature of their cap insignia, there's a lot of color here. The linework for the lettering is thicker than Atlanta, Washington, and even some parts of Oakland. The insignia itself is more densely packed, with more lines intertwining. Then, you have the additional white outline, which not only provides more color than that Braves cap, but avoids the trap of the Nationals and new Athletics cap by using white as an outline rather than a color. Those color outlines just don't contrast well against the crown (in the case of Washington) or the lettering (in the case of Oakland). This all leads to a huge splash of color on the cap. Adding a red bill to that feels like it would just be overkill. I'd love to see someone more talented photoshop a photo of this cap to see how it comes out. Now, you'll notice that I didn't mention the old A's road cap. That's because I love that cap, and wish they'd stayed with it. The new cap is a mess. The outline blurs with the lettering, and it makes a big smudge. When it was originally revealed, people discussed that white lettering doesn't fit well with their away uniform because it contains no white, and it does look weird. The Cards with red on the road have never looked right to me. From one standpoint, it is because of what I'm used to my entire life. Everyone has those biases. I see them and think they just look like the Reds or Phillies now, and I'm usually the guy who argues that people complaining that there are too many red-white-blue teams is stupid because anyone with half a brain will never mix them up. On the other hand, I think I just figured out one of the other major problems I have with it. Except for the gray, the Cardinals look 100% the same at home and away. I don't remember if it was in this thread or last year's where we'd discussed the St. Louis wordmark and discussed how terrible sales must be for the away given how pointless buying them would be. Their gray doesn't even feel as blue as it used to be. Maybe that's a matter of perception due to the different cap. Maybe it's an actual change in fabrics. Either way, the gray looks really warm, and I've actually seen pictures and highlights where I couldn't tell if they were home or away. I like it. The color scheme looks real darn good. I hope they continue getting away from using gray as their third color. That's too drab. This pops more. Just ask Atlanta, Minnesota, Cleveland, and the old road Cardinals.
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    I mean a cookie-cutter traditional template is better than a cookie-cutter edge color-by-number template, but still, have some originality.
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    Author's Notes: Teams will be revealed as the series progresses, schools discussed in the history portion will replace generic references upon reveal. I also plan to include more graphics in this section as teams are revealed. THE HISTORY The year is 2011. West Virginia has just completed an agreement to move to the Big 12, and both Pittsburgh and Syracuse challenged their commitments to the Big East. In order to reduce the impact of impending loss of teams, the Big East began searching for replacements. Initially, the league attempted to poach teams from two smaller, but well-respected conferences, the New England Eight and the Great Appalachian Athletic Conference. Immediately, the conference lured Norfolk College, who had risen to prominence after three straight FBS top 25 finishes and finished the 2009 season 11-1, narrowly missing a BCS Bowl. Noticing the Big East’s desperation and the beginning of the Super Conference trend, NE8 commissioner Arnold Gardner hatched a plan to keep his conference together. Gardner contacted GAAC commissioner Ron B. Lalonde and pitched the formation of a new super conference that would bring together the 8 teams from the NE8 and the CAAC’s remaining six schools. With the promise of renewed stability, national prominence, and the development of a conference television network, the 14 schools agreed to form the New England/Mid-Atlantic Conference (NEMAC), scheduled to form starting in 2013 to coincide with the departure of Norfolk College. Due to these new revelations, Norfolk filed a lawsuit to prevent the merger if not allowed to remain. However, because discussions of a merger only occurred after Norfolk announced its plan to move, the new NEMAC conference prevailed. Suddenly, with 2 serious football title contenders, as well as several other top 25 finishers, the NEMAC was positioned to become a new power conference. This was ensured by collapse of the Big East conference several years later. Since its inception, the NEMAC has become a top national conference poised to make a run at National Championships in several sports. THE TEAMS The NEMAC consists of 14 teams located in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts (3), Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York (2), New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Ohio (2). Divisions consist of seven teams each based geographically. The East Division consists of 7 members of the NE8 with Hale moving to the West Division to join the GAAC teams. NOTE: Divisions only exist for football. Each school is a full member, with all 14 participating in every major sport except hockey (8 schools make up the NEMAC Hockey conference). THE LOGOS The NEMAC logo is derived from a combination of elements from the NE8 and the GAAC. The logo’s main shape and mountain are homages to the shape of the original GAAC logo. The 10 stars above the logo and the italicization of the letters are derived from the NE8 logo. Finally, the primary color of each logo was used in the color scheme. Each team also wears a jersey patch featuring only the conference name. These patches will be worn in team colors upon the uniforms of all sports. First Up: Maine State University
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    Our next team is the San Jose Earthquakes: On the home kit I put a seismic wave pattern on both sleeves, while I was inspired by surf shorts on the away kit. I also altered the sponsor logo to make it more balanced. I hope you guys like the kits
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    Alrighty, here is an update to the uniform set. On the homes, I changed the numbers by switching them to gold with a darker black outline (sort of like the Team North America NOB), and also fixed the issue with the pants stripe. I made the stylized sword go down the side, which eliminates the discontinuity of white between the two sets. No changes were made to the road, other than adding the new set of pants. Let me know what you guys think of the update. Any feedback on the logos? Not sure if you looked through my behance post, but there are larger images of the secondary and tertiary logos (some more easter eggs within the logos can be found there ).
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    Sorry, common mistake and irrational pet peeve of mine: it's "yoke". From the wooden beam placed around the necks of animals.
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    If they have to wear something other than blue over blue over gold, then I really like this white over gold over white. It feels far more balanced than wearing blue over gold over blue (which seems more balanced like an alternate away uniform moreso than a home uniform; the lightest element is the jersey) or one of the other many combinations used since the new uniforms came out. I'm a traditionalist in many ways when it comes to my own personal taste in sports uniforms. But that doesn't mean I want all throwbacks all the time. I'd much prefer to have game to game uniform consistency throughout a single season, even if the uniform is modern. And I think that kind of consistency is most lacking in modern college football among all other sports, what with most schools now carrying three or four options for each of the three main elements of the uniform. Since 1980, WVU has been blue over blue over gold at home up until the last few years (with some very rare white pants-exceptions, like 2001 vs. VaTech). When looking at just that combination, the uniform really hasn't changed a lot since the Nehlen-era started. I think the newest WVU uniforms get a lot of flack and some of it is deserved. (The numbers could be fixed to look a little more like numbers, though I like Nike's explanation for them and they're far easier to read from the stands than the previous two iterations.) But it's not awful, especially when the team wears a well-balanced combination. I know that for the time being, it's not realistic to expect consistent uniforms across college football. But it'd be nice to have that game-to-game consistency. It would help make the transition between different uniform eras more palatable or seem more logical:
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    updated what logo was made to by ZionEagle
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    The new completed Utah Jazz court officially revealed yesterday via their twitter account. (Was posted on the mothership twitter feed) https://mobile.twitter.com/utahjazz/status/771739205806362624
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    I don't see how in any way it's a token of appreciation to our military. I doubt any army man is shedding a tear when the anthem is played before a tennis match and thinking "now I know it's worth it." It's all about getting a crowd riled up, and the lowest common denominator is patriotism. Getting that "USA!" chant. It's actually disrespectful - to intelligent free thinking people.
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    Nope. Carolina's best look is their all-whites. Denver's is orange top and white bottoms. This matchup would have added some needed color to the Super Bowl.
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    Great work, bro! I agree, they should definitely embrace the teal more. Not sure about the number font, though. I feel like it works in theory, but not so much in practice. Their current blue alternate is probably the worst jersey they've ever had...and the numbers are a part of the reason why.
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    Possible popular opinion: Tonight's uniform match-up looks much better than the Super Bowl did
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    Perfect! I totally forgot that the Mariners come before the Cardinals, so I'm excited to see them next.
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    While I like the logo, to say the current Texans are a spiritual continuation of a WFL team that only played 5 games in Houston is a stretch.
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    Alright well here is a full update for the Giants set, with the updated patch and logo. Let me any suggestions you guys all have before I post the Mariners later today.
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    I was hoping for an orange one.
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    your designs keep getting better and better
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    That is just a chrome version of Kelly Green for the Jets helmet. The only two colors I see is Kelly Green and Hunter Green.
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    Very interesting! The Dressed to the Nines database shows red piping for the period 1933 through 1937. Here is the depiction of the 1936 uniform: Ted Williams! I assume that the teams paid some homage to Ted, who was on the 1936 Padres team. I didn't know that Ted wore no. 19 with the Padres. This provides a great link to Tony Gwynn. Here are the two legends talking at length on a Bob Costas radio show.
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    Doing a little bit of google searching brings a metric ton of complains about PublicDomainRegistry.com. Scuzzy, scuzzy people.
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    Considering you can't buy tshirts without names on the back, you can't exactly blame the fans.
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    Can we just get a free buffet in Kiev?
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    I oddly like that red NYG jersey if it is real. The problem is that it will also have red pants with it. If they wore that with the white pants and blue socks it'd be cool.
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    This is just gorgeous. I don't even know if I can fully describe it. I saw the preview on dribble and was so excited for the project; I'm certainly not disappointed with the result Awesome work.
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    I'm surprised on how unpopular this is, but I cannot stand the Giants (or almost any team for that matter) wearing grey pants. I don't know what the love is for them (maybe because their "vintage"), but they look so out of place and it's not part of their color scheme. The only color outside of their color scheme that they should being using for their pants is white because it's a neutral color.
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    I like what you've done with the Giants. Standardizing the striping and correctly using the orange-bill caps are all pluses in my book. However, the road wordmark needs to change. It's kind of an unwritten rule in sports design that in a team's identity, texts should either be uniformly arched: ...or uniformly on an arc. The two styles should not be mixed. While the Giants broke with this standard from 1958-76, that was not an ideal situation, and should not be repeated. I would suggest adding the gold drop shadow to this wordmark: That way, uniformity wins out! I know that this means that you would have to re-do the primary logo (BTW, the lower right option is probably the best), but I'm sure you can handle it. That outline and drop shadow-only black alt really needs some serious tweaking. I'd opt to use one-color logos, NOB's, and numbers.
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    Things went from bad to worse...
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    The Flyers won consecutive Cup's in 1974and 1975 - seven and eight years removed from their expansion season. The Islanders won four consecutive Cups from 1980 - 1983 - again eight years removed from their 1972 expansion season. As a long time hockey fan both teams were built by brilliant GMs in Keith Allen and Bill Torrey... and IMO, had little to do with garbage players available and much more to do with working the system that's in place and making astute draft choices such as: Bobby Clarke and Denis Potvin and finding gems like Bernie Parent and Billy Smith. As opposed to Flyers/Isles, teams like the Oakland Seals and Atlanta Flames did not take advantage of the system in place and quickly evaporated into defunct franchises. Today, I would assume building an expansion team (here comes the Las Vegas team) is more complicated by the salary cap... but on the flip side there's so much more talent available due to the international scope of the game.
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    Huh. Not how I would've done it. 4 cups in 25 is pretty good though. In fact, it's tied for the most in that time frame, which really sucks.
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    The skating penguin is a thing of beauty. Some of the most endearing and classic logos in sports are cartoony and the skating penguin is right up there with the best of them. The Orioles bird. Huge the Hornet. Chicago Bulls logo. Miami Dolphins. I can go on and on... are very successful and popular. The RoboPenguin on the other hand is too corporate and dull.
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    Again, rough PS job... Added a black one, and @habsfan1's idea of a shortened hem stripe is in place.
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    The Edge neckline first appeared on the NBA Golden State Warriors neckline back in the late '90's early 2000's as pictured below. The neckline was fabricate to taper from a thinner line to a thicker line on the front of the jersey...
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    Here's a rough Photoshop job of my ideal era mashup:
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    Once again, the Penguins find themselves abandoning their Cup-clinching uniform. Fortunately, it'll be a semi-upgrade. However messy that old white sweater is (with it's Bruins-esque pattern, odd color balance, and weird floating hem stripe), it's still better than Vegas Gold on an Edge click-n-fill template. But it should undergo some changes. Seriously, look at the white sweater they'll probably adopt: All they have to do to fix it up is to dump the floating yellow stripe, swap the white "stripe" for a black one, replace the thin black stripe with a white one, and leave the yellow intact. Not only does this create a better match with the striping on the sleeves, but it can also be the base for a sock stripe pattern that isn't delightfully Bruins-esque. Besides, they didn't lift the Cup in their Athletic Gold-era white sweaters, so the "they won two Cups in it" argument no longer applies. Can I also say that I find the Sharks' whole "lighter and faster" argument regarding their decision to abandon hem stripes and shoulder yokes has reached a new level of hilarity, given how they couldn't match the speed of the Penguins (who largely wore "heavier" uniforms with large crests, big stripes, and/or Edge click-n-fill stripes)?
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    Good for a laugh, but there's nothing wrong with the shield as a framing device in and of itself. As the graphic demonstrates, lots of teams' logos are within shapes. The ambiguity of the text on the top is the problem, not the shield.
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    The Panthers shot wide on their rebrand. Lots to complain about here: PRIMARY LOGO(S) The fact that I'm writing primary logos already is a bad omen for this identity. Choose a single icon and stick with it... The panthers primary has Shutterstock illustration written all over it... get a professional designer to render it. Try Dick Sakahara:http://www.dicksakahara.com/portfolio/creatureart1/03.asp The lifework on the panther is confused... part of it is jaggy and part of it has smooth graceful lines... pick one treatment. The shield smacks of the MLS, which is an insult to the free flowing beautifully crested NHL teams logos. Why the shield? And it's not even a dynamic shield shape... The red eyes looks like the panther has bad allergies. So trite. So predictable. The primary logos are iIDENTICAL, except for flipping out PANTHERS for FLORIDA, why? That's so lazy, SECONDARY LOGOS. The panther on top of the flag is just silly looking. It's neither clever nor clean nor interesting. And it's way too vertical. The helmet panther? Seriously, take the old logo, reduce it' interest then slap it on the helmet. Some over thought the out of this. Okay, the number fonts are very good. Clean and legible. UNIFORMS. JERSEYS. The gold and red don't contrast enough. For all the reasons the Canadiens red and blue with the white panel work, this one doesn't. Numbers on shoulders = football. The designers should have bought this before they began. https://www.zinio.com/www/browse/product.jsp?productId=500315496#/ Gold interpreted on fabric looks like baby :censored: butterscotch. It's not shiny---nor attractive. UNIFORMS. PANTS. Simply navy blue? It's like they called HockeyMonkey.com and said which colour pants do you have the most in stock. BORING. No stripes. No piping. Sucks. GLOVES. Simply navy blue? It's like they called HockeyMonkey.com and said which colour GLOVES do you have the most in stock. BORING. No colours. Sucks Create a unique color pattern to your :censored:ing gloves so they have a proprietary look to them... Here guys: http://blog.icewarehouse.com/product-review-warrior-remix-ltd-edt-circa-nhl-hockey-gloves/ Multiple colours. Glorious multiple teams colours!!! Jesus Christ. This is a misfire. So many details handled in such an average manner. It's like the designers at Reebok were too busy working on the WORLD CUP OF HOCKEY so they put a secondary team on the project. It's just not what it should be for a professional NHL team. Boo!
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    The chest stripe is to Montreal what the diagonal wordmark is to the Rangers. It is the signature look for both teams, but they do not "own" it by any means, and there are a number of teams who have incorporated it and created a good, distinct look. Here are just a few teams who have created a unique look with a chest stripe: If the Panthers had used a blue chest stripe on a red jersey, that wrapped all the way around the back, I could understand the "Habs rip-off" argument. The white & gold is distinct enough.
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    I was always a fan of the single head they used to have. Obviously the text wouldn't appear on the jersey, just the head.
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    preds looked better before they added the pants stripe and the over-yellowfication of the road jersey. now florida wins that fight without much contest.
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    1944 Chicago Bears This is Wrigley field, and the grey areas are the stands which come out onto the field. To the Admins (if any find themselves reading this), being able to do direct uploads from my computer is probably the best update I've seen to the site so far. I'm excited to see the finished product. I'd just say though to remove the <br />'s after returns.
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    WIth talk of a new logo and a possible redesign next year, i thought i'd do what i think would look good for the Dolphins. I wanted to go old school with these thought about a roundish number font like the rams or texans but ehh maybe later. Anyway here's what i came up with. Looking forward to hearing your guys opinions, thanks.
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