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    A gentleman e-mailed me asking if his son's team could use the "Aces" logo and wordmark for their uniforms. I changed the A-star to a baseball, extended some of the wing stripes to the ball (like motion lines), and converted to their team colours. They (whoever "they" are) did a fantastic job on the uniforms. Have a great season guys!...
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    I wish they could just stay this way forever.
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    So they're wearing orange socks with orange pants? Idiots.
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    Maine State University was founded in 1844 (originally as Eliot College) as a military college to work in conjunction with the nearby Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. In its formative years, MSU helped create some of the finest naval and military intelligence officers in the U.S. military. Many of these students would play a vital role in the Union's victory in the Civil War. Following the War, former brigadeer general and newly elected governor Joshua Chamberlain helped expand the college into a land grant university. Despite existing prior to 1865, the college was not named University of Maine, which was instead bestowed upon the newly formed college in Orono. Instead, the school took on its current name, the Maine State University. Chamberlain, following his tenure as governor, served as a member of the board of trustees from 1868-1873. As the influence of college sports increased, the University required a nickname. In 1908, the University held a student vote to decide the mascot. Ultimately, Brigadeers, inspired by the military presence nearby as well as Joshua Chamberlain's importance to the school, was chosen over the Wildcats, Bucks, and Hawks (A name the local high school would later adopt). The name remained for only 8 years, when it was shortened to Brigade. From 1916 through 1961, Maine State did not have a true official logo, with different sports using different logos. In 1962, the school's original cannon logo was designed and was adopted as the school's primary logo., along with an MSU monogram as the secondary. This design lasted untouched through 2001, when the logo was redesigned by Nike. This design, was touted as being more aggressive and angular, bringing the university into a new era. This logo was met with lukewarm reception, but as not immediately withdrawn. However, in 2010, the school introduced a throwback inspired soldier logo which became extremely popular amongst students and alumni. Due to this popularity, Maine State shifted its identity back to an old-school, more simplified look. The cannon was designed to create a mix of modern and classic design, a move that has been deemed wildly successful. Author's Note: Those of you who have followed my previous work probably recognize this from every series I've ever done. Many of the discussed design elements are actually earlier designs for this team. To keep the series contained, I won't post the logos here, but the design is available on this site.
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    Here we go again. Please, can some NHL team reveal something, so we don't have to go in the Duckjacked circle again?
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    Thank you guys! I'll start the full MLB series as soon as I finish my current project! How about this?
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    Yeah, I loved the jersey. I'm a big fan of using multiple shades of the same color. The only complaint I had was the green pants. Put white pants (and their regular helmet) with this, and they'd look great.
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    Me too. Look at this beauty. Perfect, IMO...
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    This is a travesty. No more, no less.
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    Violates one of my cardinal design rules (sorry, couldn't resist). The squatchee must always match the contrasting bill. Always.
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    It's intended to be cream/black/cream. I think the gold would look too dark & muddle. Anyway, on to the M's! Logos -Seattle honestly has one of my favorite color schemes in all of sports. I think it is just a matter of using it effectively and embracing the unique color of teal. -I'm not sure why, but there seems to be a discrepancy between the dark teal shown in vectors and in the wordmarks, and the bright jersey color (which I love.) To fix this, I tried to establish a set color for the logos to appear in that doesn't look too "Northwest Green." To be clear, the shade isn't actually changing, it's just unifying across the different variations. -The only change to the primary for now is that the most outer ring has been recolored teal. I actually had quite a few other different options for the primary if you all would like to see those. -The two caps featured are the regular navy hat, and the teal hat that has been brought back into the fold. -To brighten up the jerseys and embrace teal, the main home and away jerseys have been recolored to teal with a navy outline. The home also has an extra silver outline, and the away a white one. I'm not sure how I feel about these extra outlines, especially on the away, so I might remove those in the next update. Alternate wordmarks remain the same. Uniforms -The teal brimmed cap is the main cap. I think it looks the best, and is extremely unique in the MLB. -The placket piping has been removed in favor of a striping inspired by the Seattle Pilots uniforms. I do realize they went on to be the Brewers, but still felt that the striping had a very naval feel to it and was unique. The pattern is seen on the sleeves and socks. -Home and away wordmarks are teal as previously mentioned, and so are the numbers. -Speaking of numbers, I incorporated the font seen on the current alternate across all jerseys. I know that most people don't actually like that font, but I do and think it fits better with the identity than a generic block. -The navy alternate is now worn with the teal-brimmed cap, to lighten things up a bit. -I absolutely loved the use of the teal cap with the white jersey back in the 90's. I knew I had to incorporate that into my set, so I added a Friday alt with the teal hat, and teal socks as well just for fun. -I actually had a hard time choosing the day, since this could also be a "Teal Tuesday/Thursday" or something for Sundays. I'm open to switching that if you all have a preference. -I think the Mariners could sometimes do a "teal-out" where they wear all of their teal elements, but only rarely. I didn't feel like it was necessary to make that combination, but just know that it's possible. Hopefully you guys like this set as much as I do! Also, if you want to see the other options for the primary, let me know!
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    Author's Notes: Teams will be revealed as the series progresses, schools discussed in the history portion will replace generic references upon reveal. I also plan to include more graphics in this section as teams are revealed. THE HISTORY The year is 2011. West Virginia has just completed an agreement to move to the Big 12, and both Pittsburgh and Syracuse challenged their commitments to the Big East. In order to reduce the impact of impending loss of teams, the Big East began searching for replacements. Initially, the league attempted to poach teams from two smaller, but well-respected conferences, the New England Eight and the Great Appalachian Athletic Conference. Immediately, the conference lured Norfolk College, who had risen to prominence after three straight FBS top 25 finishes and finished the 2009 season 11-1, narrowly missing a BCS Bowl. Noticing the Big East’s desperation and the beginning of the Super Conference trend, NE8 commissioner Arnold Gardner hatched a plan to keep his conference together. Gardner contacted GAAC commissioner Ron B. Lalonde and pitched the formation of a new super conference that would bring together the 8 teams from the NE8 and the CAAC’s remaining six schools. With the promise of renewed stability, national prominence, and the development of a conference television network, the 14 schools agreed to form the New England/Mid-Atlantic Conference (NEMAC), scheduled to form starting in 2013 to coincide with the departure of Norfolk College. Due to these new revelations, Norfolk filed a lawsuit to prevent the merger if not allowed to remain. However, because discussions of a merger only occurred after Norfolk announced its plan to move, the new NEMAC conference prevailed. Suddenly, with 2 serious football title contenders, as well as several other top 25 finishers, the NEMAC was positioned to become a new power conference. This was ensured by collapse of the Big East conference several years later. Since its inception, the NEMAC has become a top national conference poised to make a run at National Championships in several sports. THE TEAMS The NEMAC consists of 14 teams located in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts (3), Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York (2), New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Ohio (2). Divisions consist of seven teams each based geographically. The East Division consists of 7 members of the NE8 with Hale moving to the West Division to join the GAAC teams. NOTE: Divisions only exist for football. Each school is a full member, with all 14 participating in every major sport except hockey (8 schools make up the NEMAC Hockey conference). THE LOGOS The NEMAC logo is derived from a combination of elements from the NE8 and the GAAC. The logo’s main shape and mountain are homages to the shape of the original GAAC logo. The 10 stars above the logo and the italicization of the letters are derived from the NE8 logo. Finally, the primary color of each logo was used in the color scheme. Each team also wears a jersey patch featuring only the conference name. These patches will be worn in team colors upon the uniforms of all sports. First Up: Maine State University
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    So, while doing the Premier League x Baseball crossover series, I had the idea of doing a next series about MLB tweaks. This comes from the re-designing idea I had for the Tampa Bay Rays. I think their current indentity is fine, but, IMO, the colours they use don't stand out, specially compared to the scheme they used dyring their first two years (from 1998 to 2000). That's why I decided to take their current wordmark and logos, using their original multi-colour gradient, using navy just for the trimming. These are the wordmarks from the jerseys: For the uniforms I decided to keep navy as seconary colour, adding the gradient on the cuffs, pants, socks and numbers borders. For the caps I decided to make the front white for the home and alt versions, inspired by the @Carolingian Steamroller's designs: NOTE: I know there are other TB Rays concepts on the forum, but I don't know if somebody has already tried this same idea. C&C appreciated!
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    Alright, well I'll just keep the Mariners with the thin outlines for now. In the meantime, here are the Cardinals! Logos -The Cardinals have one of my absolute favorite identities in all of sports. No need to change much at all. -The all red cap is the main cap, and a navy cap with a plain red 'StL' is used with the Sunday alternate. -I'm personally impartial to having either "Cardinals" or "St. Louis" on the road, so I went with St. Louis to at least change something. -The home alternate now says "Cardinals" to make up for the road change, and also to be more like a fauxback to these unis. Uniforms -No need to change absolutely stunning home & away uniforms. -I am personally in the camp of liking the red cap on the road, as it brightens everything up and fits better with the overall identity. -The Sunday alt remains basically the same, other than the hat change and the removal of the name on the back. -I think a red alt would look pretty fantastic, but opted against it just for the sake of tradition. Not much to change with one of the best brands in all of sports, but let me know what you guys think!
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    *steps on soap box* The stars and stripes INSIDE the logo do nothing to honor anything/anyone. As a marketing student, these absolutely reek of selfish "look at me." You don't have to be a marketing student to see that. What I hate most is that they literally put their logo on top of the stars and stripes. It's like "yea, we'll honor you as long as you know it's us" which I get is the point of branding and uniforms and such. But it's drawing more attention to you than any worthy cause you try to bring attention to or honor. And this is when I say things cross the line and a nice gesture is no longer a nice gesture. It's simply for drawing attention to the team and joining in the club. I don't know what they could do other than a classier representation (black arm bands, simple ribbon patch on the normal uniforms, etc). When we see teams break out brand new uniforms or aspects of the uniform for this, I can't help but think of this. I'm not going to debate their intentions, because I can't do that. *steps off soap box*
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    You can throw just about anything together and make it come out increfibly. Bravo. That Boston alt could be my favourite jersey ever if it was real.
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    You don't want to commit too many characters to the hashtag or else there's no space for whatever it is you're trying to say, however inconsequential it may be.
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    yeah but tarnished by the number being placed on the wrong side.
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    "Look at us! We're so patriotic we play football!" In other news, water found to be wet.
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    This is probably the first new NBA jersey I actually like in a long time.
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    That's rather intriguing. It would be an interesting secondary logo.
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    The Twins' mustard uniforms are the worst in franchise history. Making the identity match the product on the field I guess. SFGiants58 did a great update of their identity last summer which is what they should be wearing. I'm sure next year they're going to shoehorn mustard into the road uniforms and eventually they'll get rid of the throwbacks and there just won't be any reason to watch anymore.
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    It's a yellow jacket?!! Really good update!
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    I love what you've done with this. The way the gradient works out almost reminds me of a tequila sunrise style. Normally I'm not a fan of gradients either, especially in logos, but the way you've done this is amazing. The number outline and pants stripe look great too. Well done!
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    Yes, the Giants are "preferable" to the Cards in the same way that a cavity is "preferable" to needing a root canal. It's always a good thing if the Cardinals aren't around in October, but as long as the Giants are, their chances of winning the World Series are annoyingly high.
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    The unfinished stripes on the Jazz's new jerseys still piss me off.
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    Wow, what a fantastic update. That (hornet?) is infinitely better than the one they have now It's always great to see new talent come to the boards. Welcome to the forums @InkPark (Thanks for the dribbble follow, your page is awesome )
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    The superstition for not wearing orange in the Super Bowl stemmed from getting destroyed every other time they've ever worn orange in a Super Bowl. It didn't apply to home games seeing as how they'd just beaten New England at home in orange jerseys two weeks prior. But I liked it because I think the Panthers black jersey look is top 10 in the NFL and I find the Broncos' orange tops a bit garish. That's why I wish the league had consulted me on the field design. If they'd gone with an orange and light blue endzone that would've brought more color. But I liked that last night's rematch happened in different uniforms so from the footage watched later we'll know exactly which game was which. I hate it when there's a rematch between divisional rivals and they both wear the same thing in both games.
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    They should just get rid of the gold outlined hat and wear the classic one. The Twins gold is used pretty much like the Giants gold. Have the Giants added a gold outline to their caps? No. Would it look good? Not at all.
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    thats another phrase for he wants more draft picks...
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    I still contend that a five yard penalty being an automatic first down in this league is absurd.
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    I don't see how in any way it's a token of appreciation to our military. I doubt any army man is shedding a tear when the anthem is played before a tennis match and thinking "now I know it's worth it." It's all about getting a crowd riled up, and the lowest common denominator is patriotism. Getting that "USA!" chant. It's actually disrespectful - to intelligent free thinking people.
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    Nope. Carolina's best look is their all-whites. Denver's is orange top and white bottoms. This matchup would have added some needed color to the Super Bowl.
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    Maybe other veterans are different but it does nothing for me, but I guess that second part of your post addresses that. In fact, that this country goes so far out of it's way to show how patriotic it is in these meaningless displays yet does so little for some of it's veterans is more insulting than anything.
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    The gradient looks really great, I really like it as the number outline.
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    For you Ducks fans. When will it become the primary?
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    I'm glad to hear this. Only because he's a horribly bland color man and I won't have to listen to him during MLS Cup if the Galaxy are in the championship game. Too bad Lalas will still be there.
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    The kelly green looks great. It should be the full time look for the Jets, even with the forest green stripes.
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    Thanks for the comments, guys! I'm glad to see there is some interest in the series! Before I post Maine State, I wanted to add a post to give a little bit more context to how I expect the series to work. I first plan to unveil each school with the basic information and logos. Then I'll follow that up with the uniforms within each sport (and possibly season simulations/standings, though the structure of the NCAA in general kinda makes that a little bit tougher to figure out). One major difference from leagues like the PHL is that I likely won't do a historical year-to-year system of updates. There will be plenty of history discussed for each school, but it'll be more anecdotal towards the current identities. You will get a taste of history from throwback uniforms though. Due to the number of sports that I plan to include, I just find it'll be difficult to keep up with the workload of doing concepts for every year in every sport. Obviously, if you have any questions or ideas, definitely send it my way, and I'll take a look!
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    Come on Gano.... Shank this kick....
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    I dunno, something about a small token of appreciation to our past-and-present military for allowing us the freedoms we enjoy today. If your lone reason for ending playing the anthem at games is because of your perception of "empty patriotism", that's a pretty weak argument. What may be trivial to you holds high importance to others.
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    They didn't. If we're working off the premise that this is the reason for the gold, then I think this would definitely work. It was said that the pinstripe look is distinctly Thunderdome, and... that's true. The last set of uniforms and the dome kinda go hand in hand, and they don't jive as much with Target Field. However, that's the set with the pinstripes and red lettering. However, if they brought the pinstripes back now, it would be under the new navy lettering with red background. This has a much more classic look to it that fits their new home. After all, that's what they wore in their inaugural year, long predating the dome. Of course, I think the gold was brought in not to differentiate themselves, but to bring in some color from Target Field, mimicking the limestone. I don't think the jerseys are bad at all, but I agree with the earlier comment that they look better in the sun. I never realized that, but it's true. In sunlight, the gold is brighter and disappears somewhat. Under the lights, it doesn't shine, instead becoming a thick, hanging mustard akin to when the Brewers' gold goes wrong. Then again, maybe that says something about my feelings on the gold where I like the version where you can't see it as much better. My biggest problem with the identity is the cap. The idea that the home cap is an alt has confused and upset me since the inception, but they took one of the simplest, cleanest, most beautiful caps and thickened it unnecessarily. It's a shame. Those are nice. I like them too. I think that if they were brought back in this current alt-crazy climate, they'd be much more well received. I disagree with the premise that the Cards' navy hat lacks color. Due to the nature of their cap insignia, there's a lot of color here. The linework for the lettering is thicker than Atlanta, Washington, and even some parts of Oakland. The insignia itself is more densely packed, with more lines intertwining. Then, you have the additional white outline, which not only provides more color than that Braves cap, but avoids the trap of the Nationals and new Athletics cap by using white as an outline rather than a color. Those color outlines just don't contrast well against the crown (in the case of Washington) or the lettering (in the case of Oakland). This all leads to a huge splash of color on the cap. Adding a red bill to that feels like it would just be overkill. I'd love to see someone more talented photoshop a photo of this cap to see how it comes out. Now, you'll notice that I didn't mention the old A's road cap. That's because I love that cap, and wish they'd stayed with it. The new cap is a mess. The outline blurs with the lettering, and it makes a big smudge. When it was originally revealed, people discussed that white lettering doesn't fit well with their away uniform because it contains no white, and it does look weird. The Cards with red on the road have never looked right to me. From one standpoint, it is because of what I'm used to my entire life. Everyone has those biases. I see them and think they just look like the Reds or Phillies now, and I'm usually the guy who argues that people complaining that there are too many red-white-blue teams is stupid because anyone with half a brain will never mix them up. On the other hand, I think I just figured out one of the other major problems I have with it. Except for the gray, the Cardinals look 100% the same at home and away. I don't remember if it was in this thread or last year's where we'd discussed the St. Louis wordmark and discussed how terrible sales must be for the away given how pointless buying them would be. Their gray doesn't even feel as blue as it used to be. Maybe that's a matter of perception due to the different cap. Maybe it's an actual change in fabrics. Either way, the gray looks really warm, and I've actually seen pictures and highlights where I couldn't tell if they were home or away. I like it. The color scheme looks real darn good. I hope they continue getting away from using gray as their third color. That's too drab. This pops more. Just ask Atlanta, Minnesota, Cleveland, and the old road Cardinals.
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    I have a old pair of them grey, kmart sweatpants in a tot somewhere, anyone good at sewing and can whip me up a Oregon jersey from this past weekend?
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    Admiral Akbar got screwed at Ole Miss. Time to try again at Illinois.
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