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    Shades of Steve Olin and Tim Crews, but Jose Fernandez was younger than both and a better pitcher than Olin and Crews put together. I know I'm stating the obvious, but the death of Jose Fernandez will go down as one of the saddest days and chapters in baseball history. The Marlins have never been a great franchise but their farm system has produced some big time starters over the last two decades. Josh Johnson, Dontrelle Willis, Josh Beckett, A.J. Burnett, Anibal Sanchez. These are not nobodies. These are all former all-stars and Cy Young contenders and Jose Fernandez had the potential to be better than all of them. It doesn't take a genius to see potential in a guy who can throw 98. It was just a matter of gaining experience and staying healthy and this was the first year where Fernandez went from showing flashes of greatness to being someone you could count on to show that greatness every fifth day for 162 games. I would have expected 2017 to be the first year where there wouldn't be a discussion about Fernandez's potential, because now he's now a polished product ready to do dominate the league and contend for a Cy Young. Instead of that we're left with a gigantic what if. He had already proven himself as one of the better starters in all of baseball, but the best was yet to come and that's a big part of what makes this so sad. Hearing that he was also looking to settle down and start a family makes it even worse. His daughter will never know him. His personality was certainly a breath of fresh air especially in a league that like the NHL I think has struggled to find marketable personalities that appeal to casual or non-fans of the sport. Every time Fernandez took the mound, the interest meter moved and one would think once he got more established the meter would move even more. If nothing else I think the future Goose Gossage's or Jake Peavy's of the world could stand to learn a thing or two from someone like Fernandez and not take the game or themselves so seriously. There's been deaths in baseball before, but I'm not sure there's been anything quite like this. At least with someone like Thurman Munson, you saw the finished product. Oscarr Tavares was only around for a cup of coffee. With Jose Fernandez we only have the opening act of what could have been a 10, 15, possibly even a 20+ year career. We saw enough to know that something special was there, but not enough to say how special. All of this is nothing short of devastating. The Marlins are losing maybe the most talented pitcher the team has ever had, while his family is losing a 24 year old son and future father.
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    Nobody should die at 24.
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    Whose idea was it to put the Bears on national TV 4 times this season?
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    Cincy wore red pants for the first time with Under Armour, and I love it
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    I think it's so the logo can be bigger. If they centered the burst then the have to downsize the logo so the fin wouldn't go past the 42 yard line
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    Cool stuff man, I like the away kit very much. P.S. welcome to the boards!
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    Continuing the theme of the Original Six comes Detroit.
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    Dynamo Kiev (Ukraine) Home kit- classic all white kit with blue accents, the top features a blue bar across the chest, the bar contains a tonal Ukrainian pattern in it Away kit- all blue kit with white accents and a tonal sash Third kit- FC Start throwback kit (If you dont know FC Start I highly recommend googling it, a big piece of Ukrainian Football/Soccer History) red top, white shorts and red socks
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    There are a ton of uniforms that I love! But some of the all time classics that have endured the test of time with very few updates and always look great are the Cowboys, Steelers, Raiders, Packers and Chief.
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    To be honest, I'm not going to be adding hemstripes to the Color Rush series. As someone who is a hockey sweater traditionalist, I thought hemstripes really took away something from the color in this project. With that said, adding Montreal.
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    First look at the replica of the Warriors' new stretch jersey: It's a shame they didn't add an outline on the numbers to better match the wordmark.
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    I will start with my hometown team Slask Wroclaw, home kit concept with aeroswift by nike
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    Never saw that thread. I haven't been on in a while. Nice work.
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    Ditch the bronze on the two primaries, it doesn't let the red and navy pop separately. It's a solid concept without it. As for the alternate, I would get rid of the capitals word mark below the W on the front. An execution note: the numbers and NOB seem a bit lower than they should be
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    I like it, but I think you would need a little more orange on the jersey to balance it out a little more. I think the aqua jersey could look good with orange pants as well.
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    Oh those 1970's, 1980's, and 1990's Rams uniforms. 1973-1999. In 1981 they went with navy blue facemask. Those Giants look is the only one I like. The 1980-1999 Giants look is hard to beat. AFL era Raiders rock hard. I do like the silver numbers with black trim. Houston Texans can't hold a candle to the Houston Oilers of old.
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    I would prefer to make it a retired helmet. Tennessee wearing all gray is like Alabama wearing all black. I know so many want alternate looks, and an orange helmet would simply be too overwhelming to look at. But some teams just should not go alternate.
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    Ok @mkaydzn here you go, if theres anything you think I should add or do for Legia let me know it would be great to get a Polish perspective Legia Warsaw (Poland) Home kit- classic and clean all white kit with black accents Away kit- all dark green kit with a tonal sash and diagonal panel design that mimics the logo Third kit- all red kit with white accents and a white sash
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    Such a beautiful fantasy concept. I love it! The color scheme was a fantastic choice as well.
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    Thanks guys. Yeah I contemplated adding a bit of gold to the black set as well, but really liked the way it looked with just the red and black.
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    I really like all the kits so far, my only suggestion would be to find a way to make the white uniforms outline more noticeable because you can't really see the sock
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    Away kit has classic club colors: white and green Third kit is pure black and gold scheme, along with monochromatic badge, to celebrate 70th birthdays of club.
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    He was born in Canada, but his father was a fiery Italian. Edit: I'm surprised Don Cherry allowed him on the IceDogs.
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    This photo of a Cubs ballgirl from the 1980s has convinced me how they should look: Pinstriped shorts and blue stirrups. I had wanted to do this for the Mets but I don't want to two teams to look identical.
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    Thanks, that means alot. Usually i do concept kits for teams that are already known and these that i support or like to watch sometimes. Will end today Away, Third and Goalie kit for Slask, and i will try to make a Adidas template or kit for Tottenham with Vapor template, as i support them also and they signed Nike contract from 17/18 season
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    Juventus (Italy) Home kit- mainly white kit, classic black and white stripes on the jersey Away kit- throwback pink and black kit (For those who don't know Juve's first ever kit was a pink top with black shorts and socks) the top features a fading graphic print, the designs features fading parallelograms and is based of the architecture of the Juventus stadium in Turin, Third kit- again another classic throwback, yellow top with blue shorts and blue socks
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    Now that's more like it Cal-ASU. Nice win for Colorado today. I had feeling going into the season that the Buffs might surprise and be bowl worthy.
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    According to NBA 2K17 it looks like the Nuggets are finally going to be wearing the rainbow uniforms as a throwback this season.
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    I don't mind them personally but i'm a fan of the team. You gotta admit they're better than these.
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    Just one quick update: Changed the Patriots' numbers back to white but I decided to keep the striping silver because it ties into the helmet better.
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    Here is my personal top 10 New York Jets 1978-1989 and 1990-1997: Better with the green helmets, plus in 1990 they added black as an accent color. New York Giants 1980-1999. I hate their new look. Even their 1974 look is far superior than their 1956-1969 look. These were better! Los Angeles Rams 1973-1999. You can't top the athletic gold that was used in this uniform. Unforgettable design and Carroll Rosenblooms crafty babies! Pittsburgh Steelers when they had their athletic gold helmets from 1945-1962. LOVE THEM! LOVE THEM! LOVE THEM! Kansas City Cheifs WHEN THEY WEAR RED HELMETS, WHITE JERSEYS, AND WHITE PANTS. I can't stand the red pants anymore! Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1997-2012 uniforms. Sorry, but the crap they got on sucks and looks like an asymmetrical mess. Washington Redskins 2002 fauxbacks. I LOVE THESE BABIES!!! Dallas Cowboys 1965-1980 uniforms were far superior than what they have now!!! Atlanta Falcons 1966 look. I like the red helmets and black jersey combo! Probably 1967 or 1968 pictured below! Buffalo Bills 1975-1983 look, plus the 2011-now look. I am a sucker for the Bills in white helmets. I do like them in red helmets, but man!!! Now you all know what I like! These top 10 are my favorite uniforms of all time!!!
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    That's asking an awful lot from the vast majority of fans.
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    For some reason I always thought that the Dungard facemasks that Bradshaw, Manning and Jaworski wore in the late 70's were cool in an "odd-different" kinda way.
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    this is a really bad looking game (florida vs. Tenn). Rivals should wear their regular uniforms against each other
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    That Buffalo alternate is a love/hate relationship for me. If it were real, I'd buy it but never wear it. Never tell anyone I owned it but secretly look at it in the closet every night.
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    An outline on the numbers would be nice, but either way? This ought to be their new primary.
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    im actually surprised at how much i like almost all of these. just a couple questions though. 1. why change the titans logo and remove the stripes when they already have a white helmet? 2. why change the chargers logo color when they already have a white helmet? 3. can we not, for the love of god, please, ever just give the cardinals a red facemask?
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    I think it's a shame that it's gone. (But the jersey swap was a good choice.) The only negative this logo has going for it is that yes, it's yet another circular logo but there are enough elements included to keep it from being part of the "lazy roundel club", where Dallas and my Lightning's secondaries reside.
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    The white American sweaters are actually really nice in person. That blue one though, yeesh.
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    Here is the first update. I replaced navy blue with dark grey, and dumped the roundels in favor of thunderclouds. While I tried to make a thunderhead, it just wound up looking like a grey blob. The clouds may be a little cartoony, but I think they work with Mister Vicious' wordmarks (the "n" and "k" make nice lightning bolts). The court has been updated to reflect the new logos and color scheme, and the baseline wordmarks are now white with orange outlines to better stand out against the grey paint. Uniforms The lightning bolts are far more subtle, in that they follow from the bottom of the paneling. That way, they are more subtle and don't take attention away from the wordmarks. By updating it this way, the spirit of the original design remains without making the team look generic. Because grey is the color of the road uniform, the alt is now orange. Alternate Up next, the Orlando Magic!
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