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    Tough to get a good Photoshop but I'd love to see the Chargers color rush full time, but with yellow or white pants. Initially I had thought I'd prefer white but think the yellow would be more unique and Chargers as It would be similar to the 1966-1973 uni configuration. (Edit: I added white to the socks to give a less "Color Rush" look there)
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    Watching this game is weird. It's weird in a good way, like this should be both teams respective uniforms. It's almost like a concept from the boards come to life.
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    Dear Chargers, Please make a pair of white pants to match this set and wear these forever. And ever and ever. Sincerely, Me
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    I'm not psyched about the Raiders leaving California, but if there's one positive here? It's that the money-printing behemoth that is the NFL will hasten the end of the NHL's Las Vegas pipe dream. I mean it's too perfect. The NHL, constantly playing catchup to the other pro leagues in the United States, finally gets ahead of everyone and taps Vegas first. Who follows them there immediately afterwards? The NFL. Haha! Great job Gary. Jack
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    This rush is the best rush. Complementary colors. Streamlined Chargers. Beautiful Broncos. Put me in with the "Add white pants, wear these forever" crowd.
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    Just make the pants white for both of these teams and you got Top 5 unis in the league.
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    I saw a baseball uniform posted! so here's Quad City's baseball program: First time ever doing baseball uniforms so C&C appreciated!
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    You would never guess that was the same guy. Nice to see him drop the weight.
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    The Broncos uniforms looked much brighter on TV than in any of the pictures in this thread. That said, I still think the jerseys would look great with a pair of white pants and navy socks.
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    I liked what I saw last night, even if the result didn't produce a win. Jones, Murray, and this Werenski kid were making passes out of the zone that I've only ever seen from other teams. The forwards are talented enough as one big group to do things with those passes that if they play better defense in their own zone they won't be as bad as last year. One thing I've been looking forward to all offseason, as weird as this sounds, is seeing this dude take his shirt off That's Dancing Kevin. He's lost 161 pounds since January. Here's what he used to look like:
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    Chargers: white pants; white shoes Broncos: white pants; blue socks; white shoes Then it'd be flawless. In the meantime, this is as good looking of a Color Rush game as we're gonna see all season.
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    Your era projects here have been very fun and fascinating to view! Great job, and love the 50's TV filter! I think this one is most intriguing because when compared to the '72 one, you can definitely see a huge difference in color choices. I think this is because before the spread of color TV, so many teams with similar colors was (understandably) not a big concern. You didn't compare and contrast teams' colors back then because you only ever saw them at the ball park or on programs. The advent of some teams acting to switch things up - such as the A's - was a very good thing for the time. If a team was to change their colors to differentiate from the rest of the majors and break off of traditions to do it, that was the prime time to do it. That does bring up another thought, though: while there are still many teams in blue and red left, I don't think it would be expedient for these teams to make that kind of a shift now. I'm thinking of concepts like Cleveland in brown and red, or the Twins in Vikings colors, etc. Back then, most of those teams only had a few decades (or even less) of history in said color schemes and - with their colors barely being seen by most for the first time consistently - they could afford to drop them off. Now though, those histories in those colors are much more extensive and identities are much more cemented in them now. Such color changes to differentiate then, I feel, would be much more detrimental to an identity than advantageous. In short, those teams "missed the train" and are better off keeping what they have.
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    Seeing Vandy in gold helmets almost looks weird now, which is sad. They used to have one of the better looks in CFB
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    I interpret this as the ghost of Pat Tillman haunting ASU for their stupid, stupid uniform choices. Also, ASU needs to stop shaking the corpse for loose change. It was pretty well documented that Tillman was a bit of a jerk and while I'd never imply that someone deserved to die in the line of duty, it really starts to feel like the ASU brass are taking lessons from producers of American Idol or The Voice. Everybody's gotta have a sob story and this is the one ASU has been whoring out for decades. If they really think that they are the only American university to have had a player tragically killed, or even to have served in the military, they are delusional. Support the troops, sure, but please stop acting like Arizona State has a monopoly on the dead soldier thing. If ASU feels THIS badly about one guy getting killed, they should really go talk to some folks at West Point or Annapolis.
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    I made this photoshop kinda quickly, but I think it shows how nice some of these looks could be. Specifically I really like the Orange/White Broncos and the Blue/Yellow Chargers.
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    I like the alternates for LSU. It's not like they've never done something different like Auburn, or barely changed things once or twice like Alabama. LSU has done things weird for a long time, especially with wearing white at home. I love the yellow/white/yellow look. That's classic LSU. The yellow/purple/yellow is another great look. But LSU has more liberty to play around with uniforms than the other two mentioned. I mean, they were one of the first teams to do something different after Katrina. LSU has seemingly had a different one-off every other year or so since then. The Pro Combats, the throwbacks, and now the white accents. It's fun, and it's short lived. Its not a black or camo or pink or whatever uniform. It truly is tastefully done, and I'm ok with it.
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    consider going back to the traditional bolt patterns for jersey/pants as opposed to the tribal tat versions then you'll have a guaranteed winner
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    Wasn't it the original idea to go sport to sport along with sleuth or am I mistaken?
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    Looks to be a modified variation (ripoff) of the old Fresno Falcons logo, a hockey team of the '90's. Who played in the WCHL (West Coast Hockey League) from 1995-2003 and the ECHL from 2003-2008. http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/556776992001/Fresno_Falcons/2001/Primary_Logo https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fresno_Falcons
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    As wealthy as the Bay is and as poor as Las Vegas is, quite possibly.
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    BYU wearing Royal Blue tonight vs Mississippi State. Bulldogs wearing Silver-White-White. Wanted to see Maroon-White-Gray for maximum contrast, which would have been a great matchup, but I digress. Also, Ole Miss is wearing Powder Blue for the first time this season tomorrow at Arkansas.
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    Argument: a franchise is worth more in the Bay Area than it is in Las Vegas and the league should facilitate, or at least preserve, the opportunity for someone to buy the team and better capitalize on the market. The league already erred in sacrificing Los Angeles for St. Louis and Houston for Nashville and corrected both mistakes. This would be another mistake to ultimately correct.
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    That's the biggest thing holding these concepts back.
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    If the Jays get past the Indians, I REALLY hope they bust these out for their first home game. Dare to dream, but that would be such a great look.
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    Thanks! The Phila script was inspired by their early road uniforms, but given they currently only use the "Phillies" wordmark, what do you think?:
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    The Chargers look fantastic in Royal blue. Switching their current set from navy to royal would be a HUGE step in the right direction.
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    Nothing to add that others haven't already said. Both the Chargers and Broncos should be wearing this full time with a set of white pants. The first Color Rush matchup where I actually liked both uniforms. I don't know why, but the yellow facemask on the white helmet works really well.
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    ATLANTIC MARINERS Founded 2016 Based In Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada Home Field JB Burns Field Head Coach Jim Matthews General Manager Jim Matthews Owner(s) John Burns & JC Robertson Colours Silver, Mariner Blue, Nautical Blue, & White Canada's Cup None Breif History: Nova Scotia was awarded a Franchise in 2011 to represent the Atlantic region of Canada. JB Burns was the initial owner but died before the team could take the field. However his son, John Burns, and partner, JC Robertson, oversaw the team to make sure they finally played a game. They both agreed to name the new stadium JB Burns Field. Initially Ray Armstrong was going to come out of retirement to coach the team and be the general manager but Toronto swayed him to stay with them. These events led to Toronto head coach Jim Matthews jumping ship after winning his third straight Canada's Cup to become coach and GM of the new expansion team. Coaching: Head coach Jim Matthews brought his offensive coordinator Rich Mianovich with him and hired defensive coordinator Todd Wylie from Winnipeg to have one of the most experienced coaching staffs in the league. Offence: The first moves Jim Matthews made was to get his offence going. He offered a huge contract to former UAB quarterback Reggie Blackwell who had spent last spring playing for and leading the Birmingham Blacksmiths to the MLF Spring League Championship. The next move was to get his running back Will Powers from Toronto via free agency. He also landed Canada's own Kevin Coates at wide receiver via the expansion draft. They will need to work on their offensive line next year to challenge for a playoff spot. However they made a nice find in the draft with Terrance Bryant. Defence: Another area they will need some help is on the defence. The star of the defence this year is unquestionably been defensive back Johnny Boudreaux. The disappointment has been veteran lineman Jabari Bowman who has been in and out of the lineup this season. Logo: Their primary logo is a stylized A with a nautical star in the middle; The secondary logo is a ships wheel with a stylized M.
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    I hate that roundel logo at center ice in Dallas. I don't like roundel logos. If I was the master of the World you know what I would do first? No. Not end poverty. No not bring World peace. It would be to arrest anyone that comes up with a roundel logo for their sports team. And the prison would be on an orbiting comet in space.
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    Based on the arrangement of that first photo of them, they might rearrange them. Maybe it's difficult to do a dramatic raising ceremony from anywhere but the centered position.
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    ^ Let's not forget the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on this list, too.
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    The NFL never said you can't wear throwbacks. You can swap the decals and facemasks.
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    Who goes and read threads from 2013?
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    I actually like this really old-school look for Fresno: Obviously, it would have to be modernized a lot. Get rid of the yoke and the sleeve stripes, maybe make the V on the front tie in somehow with the V decal on their helmets, and it'd be a distinctive look.
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    "WHY GOD? WHY DID YOU FORSAKE ME? WHY MUST I PLAY FOR KANSAS?" - what the guy is probably screaming
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    That edit with the white pants is a thing of beauty. All they would need is an updated number font and that is top look in the league.
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    Good thing the Penguins added a GIANT picture of the Cup or else I would have no idea what Stanley Cup Champions means....
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    I'm glad the Vegas gold days are gone and overwith. That said, we're probably about to get a new Vegas gold team, so enjoy it while it lasts.
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    Kershaw coming in to close it out, just like we all predicted, right? That was a fantastic game. Baseball is fun.
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    This is the best Color Rush matchup yet, and it's not really by a small margin either. I actually wouldn't want to see these Chargers jerseys be adopted full time - I'd much prefer powder blue, for one, and I'm also not a fan of the double outline on the numbers. But these jerseys are an improvement over their typical navy jerseys. And that jersey is exactly what the Broncos should wear permanently. Pair that with white pants and the current logo on the helmet, and it'd be perfect.
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