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    I would like to reopen the Canucks discussion just to state that I love Skatin' Johnny and every single Canucks concept with him is good and every single Canucks concept without him is bad. This is an insult to the BiG.
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    But they have arguably the best helmets in the NFL...?
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    The helmet is the least of the Bengals worries. Simplify the unis, that's all you need to do.
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    Dear my man, Your fake astonishment bit is not only less original it's also much less funny. Rather than risk going anything close to that route, I instead chose to put my smart ass response in letter form. Hope all is well. Give my best to Beverly (yeah you can give her my best alright yeah yeah *air hump and lip bite*) Okay but for real, be well. God bless. Sincerely, DC in da house w/o a doubt
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    I was watching what was supposed to be Pistons vs Spurs on Friday night, but all I could see was the Pistons players. When they didn't have possession, the ball was moving by itself!
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    Hey there its Neato DyllO. Haven't posted on the boards in a while but Mike Dang-er strong-armed me into doing some MLB Color Rush concepts with him and the gang. So I made sure to call dibs on my World Champion Cubs. Essentially a blue version of their current away jersey, but I brought back Fat Bear from the 80's and put him on the sleeve and hat. Pretty straight forward look for the Cubs. I will get more adventurous with the other teams I do. Now that the Cubs don't make themselves look stupid I don't see any reason to do it either.
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    I think you misspelled "The Jaws of Husky Stadium."
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    For my team, I wanted to give the sunburst a prominent spot in their color rush uniform, just because these are supposed to be bright. The motif for this one is based on USF's sunrise pattern that their teams have sported the last few years. The reason was that the Rays have navy and light blue jerseys already, so had to think a little out of the box. The socks mirror the pattern on the sleeves.
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    That's actually pretty cool. Interesting to hear MLB has 129 different jerseys... 8 are Arizona, I'm gonna venture to guess that the Padres and Brewers make up about 90 of the other jerseys.
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    Not until they win the Franchise Wars.
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    Here is a small introduction, you can skip and go right to the uniforms if you'd like, but it all started when I was pretty young. I bet right around 10 years ago I created a fictional university based out of Grand Rapids, MI that I would create paper ice rinks and paper players and play games with it. As the years passed, the idea grew more and more becoming an entirely fictional-based college sports world called the NACA (National Association of Collegiate Athletics). I will not bore you with the specifics of that, but it's basically a 200 team world. When NCAA Football 2011 came out with TeamBuilder, everything changed. My fictional university which was just based on notebooks, now became something I could design and play games with. Southern Michigan University (known as the Knights) and the Great Lakes Conference became a reality. My 13 year-old self went online to find a logo (which I cannot identify and am no longer able to find it online, good thing I have it saved) and came up with this primary mark. This whole thing has evolved into probably over 100 files of different information from year by year results, to all-time draft picks. As I've gotten older I created a few secondary logos which I use throughout most teams. Here is a few quick notes before I show off the uniforms; Nike took over as the official athletic apparel provider for SMU in 2014, Nike began incorporating Battle Scars design into most of the teams uniforms this past season (you'll see it throughout all the major teams). Without further ado, here is what my life rotates around! Basketball Football Due to space concerns, I'll just show you the uniform schedule for this season. You can find 2015 here (http://s1370.photobucket.com/user/drewstone7/media/Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 9.11.12 PM_zpszqkymrp2.png.html?sort=3&o=2) 2014 (http://s1370.photobucket.com/user/drewstone7/media/Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 9.11.29 PM_zpsy4qjgtdo.png.html?sort=3&o=1) It's fun to see how your skills progress from year to year. My personal favorite is the 1985 throwback we wore twice last season. Baseball Hockey
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    "According to a study by the University of Phoenix, I just stepped on a series of rakes."
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    False: "The black and gold uniform features a new custom number font honoring the university's founding in 1834. The numbers feature angled notches at 18 and 34 degrees, top and bottom respectively." http://www.wakeforestsports.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/050515aaa.html
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    You see, when Adam Markowitz talked about the league being rescued by an influx of NBA/NHL ownership, he never specified that it would all be from one owner.
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    This. They act like this stuff was something they had to see in execution to see if it would work but it wouldn't have taken a genius to know these things were not good to begin with.
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    The changes are improvements, but like others have said, it's lipstick on a pig. Also they're changes that any of us here would have suggested the moment that concept was even brought to the table...well after we threw in the trash and lit a match at least. The normal home and road are still horrible. They should just drop them and go with the teal accented set full time. I could live with the basketball net/Adidas tire tread gradient on the back on those. The way it's done on the normal home and road is atrocious. Also switch to a normal shade of gray please.
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    I've been waiting on this one to post, due to how visually jarring it is. But I like to think of the D-Backs as the Jaguars of the bunch, willing to have a jarring uniform to spark a conversation about that franchise. With that in mind, I decided to make the Diamondbacks uniforms using the one colour in their repertoire that they haven't used as a primary in this set of uniforms: Turquoise. The Diamondbacks fully embraced the colour rush campaign.
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    Hey everyone! This is the quirkiness that makes the NeatO Gang.... NEAT!!!
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    \ The Red Sox are a classic team that would be hard to convince to join such a campaign, but if they did they might want to use the navy blue that has become popular in their branding in recent years and spur that into a new alternate. Simple yet effective.
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    Instant fix: find a happy medium between this groovy-as-hell font and that uninspired "millennial" font that already looks generic and dated.
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    Thought I'd just share this here instead of making it's own thread somewhere else as it'll probably be covered on the main site but here's Atlanta's home kit! It's pretty much exactly what everyone was expecting but it's pretty solid. I'm not a fan of how it look like there's two different shades of gold on the numbers and the sponsor and adidas stripes but that could just be the image or lighting.
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    i thought it was the "tusks of a razorback" or some such?
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    Hi i'm QB Russel Wilson, and I have DirecTV And i'm NBA investor Russel Wilson, and I have Cable
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    They all sound great, but I'd personally like to see the Venezuelan Baseball League.
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    I think royal/black is a step in the right direction, especially when no other teams use it in your MLB. Nice work.
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    I like the royal/black a lot more. The teal/navy reminds me of seattle.
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    I'd say look to the Winnipeg Jets for inspiration, if you want to bring back the Expos' name. Keep the royal/red color scheme, but add another color (preferably gold, for my stated reasons) and change up the logos in a way that modernizes the spirit of the originals. If you want to keep the Tourists-inspired look or the blue/black, then change the name to "Draveurs." Once you've changed the color scheme radically, you might as well go all the way and make them a new team. I really want to see you branch out with what you're doing by not simply resurrecting the Expos' name/recoloring their logos. Feel free to do something different, something nobody expects. "Draveurs" is that course. I'm sorry if I'm coming off as stubborn, but I see a lot of potential here, and I want to see you steer it in the right direction. As for the bolded point, I would try to something wholly original, and not based off of a minor league/pre-existing identity. Something like "Las Vegas Scorpions" or "Las Vegas Flamingos" would be better.
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    I'm sorry, but that color scheme looks terrible on the Expos. The mint bleeds way too much into the white, and the royal looks really out of place. Royal/red with a bit of metallic gold would look so much better. If you're going to alter the identity that much, just change the name to "Draveurs." It'd be more original, and less "I'm just going to recolor a bunch of pre-existing logos," which is kind of lazy. I really liked a lot of what you did up to this point in the series, but recoloring a bunch of minor league logos for your expansion teams demonstrates some of the significant gaps between major- and minor-league identity construction. Nashville has probably been the best one of your expansion teams, and that's largely because you adopted a strong color scheme and one of the more refined minor league identities (although you could use a more fitting number font). Las Vegas feels a little too plain (even though the color scheme has potential), and the same can be said for Oklahoma City (you could really do a lot more with that color scheme - maybe go a little further into sepia tones?). I really liked a lot of what you had done up to this point in the series, but you've kind of lost me with you expansion teams.
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    Let's continue with the Expos! As I've already explained, I've used Cream/Navy/Blue/Teal as colour scheme. Keeping the original Expos logos/wordmarks and making a bit of combination of eras: I decided to give the main set (home, road and the alts) the last style used by the Expos. In this way I could add a pinstriped team, as @coco1997 suggested. Also, I decided to make a fauxback set, inspired by the designs used by the team during the 80's:
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    Not until Pepsi goes to this
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    I modernized throwback would've been nice -- ala what Subway just did.
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    Next up for me is the St. Louis Cardinals. This is one of those clubs that I think would never participate in such a series. But nonetheless this is a concept! For StL I used their early 1900s logo and brought in navy to counteract the large amounts of red. The back collar also features the St. Louis script minus the bat and birds.
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    Also publicly mugged Auburn and Hawaii the year prior to win the Sugar Bowl in them...jerseys don't win or lose games.
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    SOUTH AFRICA Bafana Bafana! Yes, South Africa is in this series, if only because who else makes it out of their group? Looking at the collection of South Africa, Senegal, Burkina Faso, and Cape Verde, I decided that South Africa was most likely to make it out. And it's worked out well so far! Being tied for first is pretty good! Ignore that they're tied with a different team than I expected (Burkina Faso instead of Senegal), but not bad! Good thing about this is that I get to give them a new logo! Hallelujah! I took inspiration from the secondary logo that's on their kits along with the normal logo. A king protea, the national flower of South Africa, is centered around curved text ("Republic of South Africa" and "Bafana Bafana"). The coloration is a little weird, so lemme break this down. On white, the order of colors on the flower from top to bottom is yellow, light green, and dark green; on yellow, the top becomes white; on light green, white is on top and yellow in the middle; on dark green, it's the same as light green but with light green on the bottom instead of dark green. Simple enough, right? The kits follow a tried-and-true RSA tactic: yellow and green! I went with a lighter green to distinguish themselves from 1) Australia and 2) the rest of RSA's national teams. The home kit is traditional yellow/green/yellow, and the clash is the reverse. The only thing worth noting is the center stripe. It's a Zulu pattern! Just a little fun something that Bafana Bafana could really adapt as their own thing. Nike stays on as kit manufacturer, and the names are those of Sibusiso Vilakazi and Mandla Masango.
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    This is one of the most annoying fads. Not having brand consistency with colors and patterns, but using a million different variations.
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    Sorry for the long delay, everyone! Classes got busy real fast, and I haven't had a chance to post for a week and a half. I wish I could've given you warning ahead of time, but the past is in the past, and I'm so close to being done with this series! I'm going back to my regular schedule of "two teams a day", and with eight countries remaining, this'll all be over by Thursday! With that said, let's pick things up where they left off! SLOVENIA It always seems that there's always one or two Balkan countries in every World Cup, and who am I to discontinue that streak? Bulgaria was the first Balkan, and now Slovenia is the second! Yes, it seems weird to have Slovenia over traditional powerhouses like Croatia, Serbia, etc. But here's my reasoning - they have cool colors. My series, my rules! The identity of the team is unsatisfactory at the moment, so I went and gave them a huge overhaul. The logo is completely different - the weird circle cross is gone. In its place is something based more on the country's coat of arms. A blue-and-white shield has a light-blue-and-blue mountain pattern (based off the mountains in the coat of arms), the initials of the federation, three six-pointed stars (also from the coat of arms), and the country's name in Slovenian. The removal of red for light blue was intentional - I know that tradition says that RWB is the clean look for Slovenia, but I'm tired of Eastern European teams using red, white, and blue, so I elected to add the light blue they've been using as of late. I also used a lowecase font to give them this modern look which the team has embraced as of late. Speaking of modern, the jerseys are very, very, VERY unconventional, so I hope you like modern looks! The home kit is the simpler of the two - a mountain center stripe in blue and light blue that surrounds the front number is the defining feature on a white shirt. This is paired with blue shorts and white socks. The clash kit is the real doozy here. Green is the dominant color, being the main color of the jersey and shorts and being brought back from previous Slovenia kits. The accents for the green are light blue. The sleeves are the real crazy part though. A zig-zag mountain pattern in a light green and light blue gradient is a hell of an eyesore, but I'm very proud of it. Oh yeah, it's on the socks too! It's a lot harder to see, but the mountain gradient transitions to light blue socks. Nike is the kit creator, and the names are those of Andra┼ż Kirm and Rene Khrin.
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    That looks like an ugly Christmas sweater. I think you had a start of a good idea but then it went in the wrong direction.
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    No wonder the Pistons lost. They couldn't find their opponents.
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    So then does this mean that the turning Gila Bend Arena into a parking lot project is a go?
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    ha ha i get it because they were wearing camoflauge rofl that is an original and creative joke
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    So the Diamondbacks finally got rid of the bloody Achilles stains on the pants. That's a good move. Problem is, they still look like they need medical attention to bloody wounds under the armpit and over the shoulders. Those uniforms aren't getting any better until they remove those gradients completely.
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    If you'd told me I'd see this GIF on November 7, 2016, I would not have guessed that it would be in reference to ads on sports uniforms.
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    I've seen that before, but that's cool AF......
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    Madden '95, '96 and '97 each had the Jaguars in teal helmets, teal jerseys and gold pants, then they finally fixed it in the '98 version ------------------- NBA Hangtime from Midway had Vancouver in Toronto's colors and Toronto in Vancouver's colors
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    Yeah, it is excusable in the earlier systems. Nintendo, SNES, Genesis with the limited color pallets and who can forget when you had the licensing issues too. City names yes, team names no. Logos, lol I remember Sports Talk Baseball. The Milwaukee logo was some kind of Expos hybrid lol. I will try and find a pic. Anything post X-Box and PS2 is inexcusable, the rendering is so much better. It's more on the R&D department and the artists. I remember NFL 2k5 had a gold alternate for the Packers, I guess because, like the real world today everyone had to have an alternate.
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