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    But they have arguably the best helmets in the NFL...?
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    Hey there its Neato DyllO. Haven't posted on the boards in a while but Mike Dang-er strong-armed me into doing some MLB Color Rush concepts with him and the gang. So I made sure to call dibs on my World Champion Cubs. Essentially a blue version of their current away jersey, but I brought back Fat Bear from the 80's and put him on the sleeve and hat. Pretty straight forward look for the Cubs. I will get more adventurous with the other teams I do. Now that the Cubs don't make themselves look stupid I don't see any reason to do it either.
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    I think you misspelled "The Jaws of Husky Stadium."
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    For my team, I wanted to give the sunburst a prominent spot in their color rush uniform, just because these are supposed to be bright. The motif for this one is based on USF's sunrise pattern that their teams have sported the last few years. The reason was that the Rays have navy and light blue jerseys already, so had to think a little out of the box. The socks mirror the pattern on the sleeves.
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    Not until they win the Franchise Wars.
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    The changes are improvements, but like others have said, it's lipstick on a pig. Also they're changes that any of us here would have suggested the moment that concept was even brought to the table...well after we threw in the trash and lit a match at least. The normal home and road are still horrible. They should just drop them and go with the teal accented set full time. I could live with the basketball net/Adidas tire tread gradient on the back on those. The way it's done on the normal home and road is atrocious. Also switch to a normal shade of gray please.
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    \ The Red Sox are a classic team that would be hard to convince to join such a campaign, but if they did they might want to use the navy blue that has become popular in their branding in recent years and spur that into a new alternate. Simple yet effective.
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    They all sound great, but I'd personally like to see the Venezuelan Baseball League.
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    Not until Pepsi goes to this
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    Also publicly mugged Auburn and Hawaii the year prior to win the Sugar Bowl in them...jerseys don't win or lose games.
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    Sorry for the long delay, everyone! Classes got busy real fast, and I haven't had a chance to post for a week and a half. I wish I could've given you warning ahead of time, but the past is in the past, and I'm so close to being done with this series! I'm going back to my regular schedule of "two teams a day", and with eight countries remaining, this'll all be over by Thursday! With that said, let's pick things up where they left off! SLOVENIA It always seems that there's always one or two Balkan countries in every World Cup, and who am I to discontinue that streak? Bulgaria was the first Balkan, and now Slovenia is the second! Yes, it seems weird to have Slovenia over traditional powerhouses like Croatia, Serbia, etc. But here's my reasoning - they have cool colors. My series, my rules! The identity of the team is unsatisfactory at the moment, so I went and gave them a huge overhaul. The logo is completely different - the weird circle cross is gone. In its place is something based more on the country's coat of arms. A blue-and-white shield has a light-blue-and-blue mountain pattern (based off the mountains in the coat of arms), the initials of the federation, three six-pointed stars (also from the coat of arms), and the country's name in Slovenian. The removal of red for light blue was intentional - I know that tradition says that RWB is the clean look for Slovenia, but I'm tired of Eastern European teams using red, white, and blue, so I elected to add the light blue they've been using as of late. I also used a lowecase font to give them this modern look which the team has embraced as of late. Speaking of modern, the jerseys are very, very, VERY unconventional, so I hope you like modern looks! The home kit is the simpler of the two - a mountain center stripe in blue and light blue that surrounds the front number is the defining feature on a white shirt. This is paired with blue shorts and white socks. The clash kit is the real doozy here. Green is the dominant color, being the main color of the jersey and shorts and being brought back from previous Slovenia kits. The accents for the green are light blue. The sleeves are the real crazy part though. A zig-zag mountain pattern in a light green and light blue gradient is a hell of an eyesore, but I'm very proud of it. Oh yeah, it's on the socks too! It's a lot harder to see, but the mountain gradient transitions to light blue socks. Nike is the kit creator, and the names are those of Andraž Kirm and Rene Khrin.
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    No wonder the Pistons lost. They couldn't find their opponents.
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    If you'd told me I'd see this GIF on November 7, 2016, I would not have guessed that it would be in reference to ads on sports uniforms.
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    I like the black Pony cleats !
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    I've always preferred college sports to pro sports, so I decided to come up with some fictional colleges and design logos and uniforms for all of their sports teams. They compete in the National Collegiate Sports Organization or NCSO for short. The first school I came up with is The Agricultural and Mechanical University of Michigan or Michigan A&M for short. Founded in 1902 in my real-life hometown of Climax, Michigan, the Michigan A&M sports teams were known as the Pottawatomies until 1992. Much like some other schools that use Native American mascots, the incorrect pluralization of the people was used (Pottawatomi is itself plural), and was discontinued. In 1992, a naming contest was held, and the name Threshers won. This name reflected Climax, MI as the place where the combine harvester was invented (threshing machinery), and hopped on the sharks and dinosaurs craze of the 1990s (thresher shark). The colors of green and gold are used by Michigan A&M to reflect the agricultural industry of the area. The school's first logo was a simple monogram that is still used heavily: The Pottawatomies introduced a simple crude Native American logo in the 1950s that was used until the mid-1970s: When the school rebranded in 1992, this wild monogram was introduced. It was popular with students and is still used as the university's main mark: A shark logo was introduced in the late 2000s that combined the thresher shark with corn:
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    Flash back to 2009. My late grandmother was in town, and we decided to take her to Tropicana Field to see a World Series rematch between the Rays and the Phillies. Two things I remember about that day is that we got a baseball card made with her picture on it, and she could not for the life of her make out what teams were which sitting in left field because the grey is really really light. Baseball teams play 162+ games a year, they have throwback games, and some teams wear their colored alts more than their regular uniforms. So let's have a little fun, and go all the way. I started a group text chat with a couple young professional designers a few months ago, and over time we titled ourselves the Neat-O Gang. We always talk about doing a collaboration, but this is the real first one we do. You'll see my concepts, but you'll also see ones by my buddies. They'll link their twitters when they post their concepts. Pretend Nike signed a deal with the MLB for next year. Let's just say they're for weeknight games where the crowd might be smaller than normal. We're going to post some colorful alternate uniforms for all 30 teams, no matter the history. The colored uniforms can be worn as a road team against a white team, or as a home team forcing the other team to wear their Color Rush uniforms. So put on some sunglasses and sit back! Quick shout out to MJD7, I had this idea for a few months but they just completed their color rush concepts and I didn't want to steal their thunder. Arizona Diamondbacks Atlanta Braves Boston Red Sox Chicago Cubs Chicago White Sox Cincinnati Reds Cleveland Indians Colorado Rockies Detroit Tigers Houston Astros Kansas City Royals Los Angeles Angels Milwaukee Brewers Minnesota Twins New York Mets Oakland Athletics Pittsburgh Pirates San Diego Padres San Francisco Giants Seattle Mariners St. Louis Cardinals Tampa Bay Rays Toronto Blue Jays Washington Nationals
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    King Cake - a Mardi Gras baked good King Cake Baby - a plastic baby in a king cake Baby Cakes - a pet name probably used by Humphrey Bogart a few times
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    Yeah, and I heard they're gonna replace the Stargell stars with New Era logos!
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    I'm sure many disagree on me with this, but I always thought the Fishsticks logo itself wasn't a bad logo; it just didn't go with the Islanders' branding. You've defiantly improved it, however. I like the use of the "wave-stripe," although I'm not so sure with each individual line (at least on the bottom of the jersey), especially since you did individual stripes for the Blues just a concept before. I love the Blues. I like the retro alternate and wordmark you did; recoloring it made it miles better. The striping works, especially with the set's allusion to the 90s. The devils look great in green. I'd go far out and say make green replace black in the home/away and maybe do a green jersey or use the home you have designed as the alternate. Even with black they still look great.
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    I love this series! Is there any chance we could get an Isles fisherman set?
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    It's pretty perfect, right? Not that I didn't already go to plenty of Yotes games when I was there too (because they were cheap as hell and I had family within shouting distance of Westgate), but if I could have walked (see: drunkenly stumbled to and from) or taken a cheap cab? I would've sprung for season tickets lol Two blocks from ASU, right next to the Marketplace, right off the 101/202 interchange. (No new light rail there as far as I can tell. There's the Tempe Streetcar coming in 2020, but it doesn't go that far down Rio Salado. Stays in the Mill District. Unless you know something I don't haha.) It's almost all you could want from a demographic access standpoint. College kids (plenty from the Midwest too), majority of the population, majority of the hockey-watching population. If the Coyotes can't make THIS work, then they'll have no one to blame but themselves. No other excuses at that point. The only people moving to Queen Creek are Donovan McNabb, real housewives of Phoenix, and Mormons.
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    I don't know. Both the offensive and defensive lines got old and/or slow in a hurry. It may take a couple years to replenish them. Last year was our shot and we :censored: our pants in 7 different ways and lost a game at a point when it was nearly impossible to give it away. I haven't cared about a game since then. Last night I felt absolutely nothing about the loss. I wish I cared more.
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    YES!!!!! YOUR BACK! Great job on these teams, love Slovenia.
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    Sometimes change is good, and sometimes a push is needed from another perspective. Look back at the 2001 Buccaneers. Dungy was great, and appreciated but it got to a point where the Gruden push came around in 2002 and BOOM Super Bowl. Bengals have talent there, they just need some final pieces.
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    Those are pretty nice. Had a feeling they'd have a black version. There's probably still a white version that hasn't been unveiled yet.
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    Oregon will be debuting the new black wing set in today's game at Baylor:
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    Makes you think of brown right?
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    Excellent work with Montréal. So glad you kept their name. I'm also glad you gave them the fauxback..I think the cream works better than the Statue of Liberty one. Great work, brother!
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    Great job with the Expos. This is a fantastic color scheme and for some reason it works really well for Montreal.
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    I think this looks much better than the "Oklahoma" wordmark.
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    Nice to see #88 in the HOF. Arguably the best player in the world from his era, deserved. Of course his era dominated by no scoring, so Hasek & Brodeur are 'better' than Eric.
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    I don't care who it's against or what time the game is, I just want them back. It's been since 2008 and fans have pretended they have "bad mojo." Just make them part of the regular rotation along with some once or twice a year red road pants. Our colors are red and black. It's not like we're Baylor adding black. Come on, man!
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    Maybe if the NFL showed more football content instead of advertisements, their ratings would be better. Do we really need commercials between scores?
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    I hear that. But when someone says "Let's grab some TB" I don't translate it as "Let's go get us some tuberculosis".
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    It looks alright. Not an upgrade or a downgrade by any means, it's just a refresh, the way I see it.
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    I disagree. While TBS doesn't do it as well, I think having your brand be flexible enough to change for different events, holidays, etc. is good. MTV did it well, Google does it well, and I think Pandora's new identity does it pretty well too. Anyways, I like the new Taco Bell logo. It's a step forward. The wordmark sucks, though.
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    Hi, I cheer for a team that has scored 9 points in a win...twice. Fire Jeff Fisher.
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    I've seen this spicy little number in person. It was a Cliff Ronning worn by a great big fat person. Surely said it before, but forest green and vintage white fabric with leather-brown equipment (gloves, breezers, but not helmets) is what I wish the North Stars had wound up sticking around and doing ever since I saw the '04 All-Star Game. It feels old-time hockey and pond hockey at the same time. The Wild have come close enough, I guess, at least.
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    Next up is the Medicine Hat Tigers. I am personally really not a fan of their current logos and jerseys. They both look way out of date and I think they need to modernize the tiger head. Luckily their logo from the early 2000's did a fine job of that and was used on some absolutely wild tiger stripe jerseys. i think that they might have used a little too much but they were still very cool and unique. i brought back the tiger stripes but integrated them in a more traditional striping pattern. I chose orange over black for the road jersey because they would be the only team do to so in the league. The third jerseys uses just the tiger head on the front and is based off of a white tiger. I think it would be neat to reference this because it is a very unique animal. Medicine Hat Tigers
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    Member has been banned.
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    RUSSIA Finally, we've gotten to the hosts! Russia will be hosting the next World Cup, and as such I kind of don't really have a say in whether they make it or not! For what it's worth, I probably would've included them in the series, but who would've known where they'd be drawn? Regardless, they're here, and they save me the trouble of having to explain qualifying for them. I can just jump right in! I went for a more traditional look for the Russians for sure. The federation logo stays the same, and so does the tradition of putting the Russian coat of arms on the jersey. However, the kits are where I'm most proud with this team. The home kit is traditional all-maroon with gold accents. The chest carries an odd angular pattern that has a weird history - it started as tapering pinstripes meant to represent rocket imagery, I tried flipping some of them, did some rotations, and suddenly you have a cool pattern! Yes, a cool pattern that's now at about 3 or 4 degrees of separation from the original inspiration, but a cool pattern nonetheless! It's simple and to the point. The clash has multiple inspirations, so buckle down. The color scheme of white/blue/red is inspired after some of Russia's historical kits (see basically the entire 90's, 2006-07 clash kit, and 2016 clash kit), the blue sash references the 2012-13 kits, and the gradient effect in the middle (which I'm SUPER happy with btw!) hearkens back to the 2014-15 clash kit (as well as the pre-match jerseys from this summer's Euro tournament). Adidas sticks around for the manufacturer, and the names are those of people I've definitely never heard of before this series (Vasili Berezutski and Artem Dzyuba).
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    Thank you! Yeah, the blue alt for the Cards would probably be an odd choice, but I didn't want to do a blackout, and I feel like there are going to be a lot of red sets in this so I wanted to switch it up. Plus it's the blue from the state flag, so I may go back and do a set based around that. While I wait for some more feedback here's a couple more: Cincinnati Bengals The I really liked the 'snow tiger' look so the biggest fix was changing the pant stripe. The numbers also have a sublimated tiger stripe pattern on them. New York Jets: The all-kelly look remains pretty much the same with some added stripes to the socks. The whiteout is a simplified version of their road look in kelly green. Green facemask has been replaced with a white one and to match the chrome helmet stripes, the pant stripes are chrome as well. Also updated my Saints set with a new shade of gold:
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    He had a plan in motion to get the money back, but it Staaled out.
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    Can't get any screen shots, but NHL 2K5 leaves the "current" (2004) Font on any throwback uniforms. I.e. The Sharks currents at the time were the blue and silver shoulder fill ins, but when you did the original throw backs, you got the font on sweater. It was the same with the Kings. (Gretzky era throwbacks with current font, looked a lot like today's uniforms) Every NHL uniform was also pretty historically accurate, you could even be the Oakland Seals, who moved to CLE, merged with MIN, and moved to DAL. But you can't play as the Whalers. They don't even exist in the game. You can't play as the St. Louis Eagles, but you can buy the logo to put on a custom fantasy team, but not the Whalers. You can play as the huge hockey communities of France and Kazakstan, but not the Whalers. (Catching on?)
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    I remember a couple from NHL '94, the Bruins wore their super-retro colours of brown and gold, and the Devils had a black jersey on the road (which I still think would make a decent alternate today): It just so happens that years ago I made a collage of all of that game's logos, some of which were pretty silly: I love Pittsburgh's lame looking pirate, and I still create the "Seattle S's" in other games sometimes. Like you said, Milwaukee (sorry, "Ilwaukee") essentially steals Montreal's logo with some slight changes, and in return Montreal seemed to rip off Milwaukee's BiG logo! Actually, I still really like that game, especially the stilted robotic commentary. "Ground ball to third. NO: He drops the ball! I can't, be-lieve it."
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    Yup, that's it. A non-uniform note about that game: if you try to match the numbers to players, you'll find 1986 and 1987 rosters mixed together, and none of the stats match either year
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