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    No way, why should I change? He's the one who sucks.
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    Agree, Anaheim Angels sounds nicer than Los Angeles Angels, besides Angeles means angels, right? So it´s basicly Los Angels Angels ? That´s a lot of Angels in this post Well, if we're going by what sounds best, then it should be "California Angels". The name "Anaheim Angels" sounds all kinds of goofy. What's more, Anaheim has no business in a league alongside the Chicagos and the New Yorks of the world. Anaheim belongs alonside Azusa and Cuc...amonga. (I hope that there are some people who are cultured enough to get that reference.) Anyway, there's nothing wrong with "Los Angeles Angels", which, in practice, is always said as "L.A. Angels". That name is older than most of the other names the Majors, dating back to the first years of the 20th Century.
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    It's still Anaheim Angels to me damnit!
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    This set was greatly improved when the stripes were tweaked in the '90s. It even looked nice in monochrome!
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    Message board police ruin this community. He made 27 different uniform concepts and you guys are bitching because he didn't create his own logo? Have you ever considered maybe people are better at uniform concepts than creating logos? He's not submitting this anywhere. He's not selling this. He didn't trademark these logos. This is not real, people. Have a little fun instead of being so god damn critical.
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    I think these were the best they've ever looked. Just a tad bit of the navy/black but 99% powder/yellow.
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    Ok - let's get this settled: #1. The OP already indicated that the logo in question was found via Google when the poster was 13. The fictional university grew from paper to EA Teambuilder, which was when the logo in question was utilized. #2. My understanding (via the initial post) is that the "concept" in question is regarding the UNIFORM designs and the "expansion" of the university. Nothing else. I can understand where the "logo theft" talk can come into play. Semantics aside, let's stick to the discussion of the UNIFORM concept going further, ok? Additionally, there is no "alter the logo (insert number here) percent and it's an original piece/free to use" rule. Copyrighted logos are just that: copyrighted regardless of how much is altered from the original.
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    Hehe! Beautiful! By the way, here are all the radio shows, from Jack's first appearance in 1932, through his heyday sponsored by Jell-O and Lucky Strike, right up to the end in 1955.
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    No, it isn't. "always" is a buzzword that generally will bring out the contrarians, like it did this time :-)
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    Why don't you just go by Mike instead of Michael?
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    Best comment on Deadspin:
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    Next up for me is the Giants. I decided to go with the pullover and really embrace the colour rush by putting the Giants in all orange. I wanted to keep it simple though, and just throw in strokes of black and cream. Perfect for the California sun.
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    Let's just take a look at each team's first attempt at adding an alternate jersey and choose the best (or worst): Celtics: Clippers: Hornets/Pelicans: Wizards: Bulls: Cavaliers: Mavericks: Nuggets: Pistons: Pacers: Heat: Bucks: Lakers: Timberwolves: Jazz: Nets: Knicks: Magic: Warriors: Suns: Blazers: Kings: Spurs: Rockets: Sonics/Thunder: Raptors: Hawks: Grizzlies: Bobcats/Hornets: Sixers:
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    Actually, when a Looney Tunes cartoon made this reference, it was done by Daffy Duck.
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    Huh. That's one of those current-at-the-time references made by Warner Brothers that nowadays to the younger generations are known as being Looney Tunes references. I'd read that in Bugs Bunny's voice.
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    This looks like it's getting interesting btw, it's the first logo. The perspective puts it way above the other logo. The only way a 2D logo looks good in the NFL is if there's little detail, and yours simply has too much detail for that use. I'd tuck it away for a minor/junior team though, because it IS nice. Just not as awesome as logo 1
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    All those photos make me miss the NBA logo on the front of the jerseys
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    I loved those Blue Clippers alts with Los Angeles cursive. Even then, piggybacking off and playing in the Lakers shadow, they had more of an identity than they do now.
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    I was hung up on the Padres. I knew I wanted to make them gold, but not what I wanted to pair it with. My options were navy or brown. Navy would fit with the current look, but the throwback brown is such a good look. In a series that wants the most amount of color, how could I leave off one from the entire league when so many will use navy. I whipped up a Padres look that's half throwback, half next step forward for the brand that's pretty close to being perfect.
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    Here's the revised version. Thanks for pointing that out. It's funny how something so subtle makes a huge difference.
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    I always loved those. Yellow and teal work good together.
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    I'd love to see this combo.
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    I'm not aiming this at you, but simply everyone - Why oh why does every time a Rays stadium proposal come up people just say "Let's build them a stadium in Montreal!" Honestly, what did Montreal ever really do for the Expos? Sure, they act now like every single person was an Expos fan, but they were having issues in attendance as well. And then people point out the attendance issues for the Rays, they don't take into account that this is a team with a straight out terrible stadium that is located in the middle of nowhere and have had only 3 or 4 winning records in team history. Let's not get too carried away here - when the time comes to expand, Montreal will get their team back. *takes deep breath and prepares to make same rant in around two months or so* (Although if they moved about 90 miles and 2 hours inland, I wouldn't complain)
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    Not sure if this means anything but the Brewers' schedule got me thinking so I looked up the Padres 2017 schedule. Here is a screen shot of the printable PDF available for download. Blue/grey? Really? I sure hope this doesn't mean anything but it's scary nonetheless.
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    Thanks! Here's today's. Washington Capitals These are really simple, but effective jerseys. I started with a throwback-ish yoke design and then the rest of the jersey really took off. That being said, what do you think?
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    How can you say what has ruined this community when you haven't contributed to the forum before this? Yes not all people are good at making logos, but that doesn't give you the right to use other logos as your own. It doesn't matter if it's fake or he's not selling/trademarking them. People here expect expect logos that are posted to be their own, unless stated otherwise. He's actually lucky this thread hasn't been deleted yet; from the concept rules thread "If a user posts a concept using uncredited artwork he/she did not design, the thread will be deleted immediately." Unless you give credit to the original creator, the logos you post have to be your own. (That also goes for tweaks to logos that aren't your own). There's a different between a redesign and a rebrand (or in your case created a brand from nothing, even if it's fake). Redesigns take the existing logo/brand and makes tweaks to the logo or uniform for that team. Rebrands are changing the name or logo to something very different. You're making a brand for your fake school so everything should be original. The difference from "somebody posting uniform redesigns of pro teams using their logos" and you is they're redesigning something where in your case you're creating a brand. When you start a concept thread it is implied (whether you want to believe it or not) that the work is yours, unless you state otherwise. You were showing off your logos and I made comments on that. If you just wanted c&c on just the uniforms you should have only posted those. TBH, if you would have said "I'm not very good at making logos so I'm just going to use a random logo I found online and a modified Troy alternate logo as temporary logos until I improve my skill enough to make good logos on my own" in the OP nobody would have minded.
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    Guaranteed basic income is probably a good endgame for a world where robots do all our work, but we need to accomplish it without "Western separatism, Christian Dominionism, or antisemitism," the hat trick of being dumb. But thanks! It sounds like a weird right-wing Marxism.
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    Their soccer team uses some classic looks that represents a long history of excellence at DU. The football team uses a combination of red white and blue much like the University of Arizona in real life.
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    I really like the idea behind the Stars, But there needs to be a different logo. The slanting of the star doesn't really fit in to the striping. I also think that the striping might be a little too far into the jersey.
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    The navy blue provides some much needed contrast. Powder blue, yellow and white are all too soft together.
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    I've always thought the Rays would look good with a two-tone cap. Their Spring Training/BP cap looks good with a navy crown and Columbia blue brim.
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    Could you do the Whalers...assuming you are doing defunct teams
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    I honestly can't believe I'm watching someone get so cheesed over a classic-look team with white in their color scheme wearing a white-on-white away uniform. (NTM that Cincy already made this matchup a lost cause from the start)
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    Staying on the NFL, I honestly wished that The browns would wear the orange pants more in their previous set
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    I actually forgot about that one. That entire set of Hawks unis was underrated, IMO
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    Panthers-Saints may have just snuck into the top spot for best Color Rush matchup this season.
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    This is my understanding. Because they own the trademark, Foley wouldn't be able to use it for a hockey club in Canada. And his team would have to visit the Great White North from time to time. Now, it doesn't explain why they couldn't work out a deal....
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    JMU going all black this week? With new lids. Edit: More pics in Spolier tag. Think just the helmet is new and its the 5th this season.
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    Yeah I remember a story about JKidd saying it would scratch up or cut up his fingers a bit. That ball looked like a Walmart 2$ out-of-the-bin ball. If only we were able to get rid of the sleeves that quickly...
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    I got you. Never underestimate the power of Google.
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    What the hell is that the little red ball at the end of the logos?
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    Except for the Celtics and Jazz, they all have at least some redeeming elements which make them at least not terrible, with most being very good. IMO the highlights arethe Sixers, Blazers, Magic and cavs. what the hell happened, NBA?
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    Dropped ball. I would have photoshopped the people from those Glendale city council meetings into the thing to fill out the crowd shot.
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    I retweeted this: Bartolo Colon and Turner Field made their major league debut in the same season. He will pitch in the Braves' new stadium this season. Bartolo Colon outlasted a stadium.
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