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    Ok - let's get this settled: #1. The OP already indicated that the logo in question was found via Google when the poster was 13. The fictional university grew from paper to EA Teambuilder, which was when the logo in question was utilized. #2. My understanding (via the initial post) is that the "concept" in question is regarding the UNIFORM designs and the "expansion" of the university. Nothing else. I can understand where the "logo theft" talk can come into play. Semantics aside, let's stick to the discussion of the UNIFORM concept going further, ok? Additionally, there is no "alter the logo (insert number here) percent and it's an original piece/free to use" rule. Copyrighted logos are just that: copyrighted regardless of how much is altered from the original.
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    Thanks! Here's today's. Washington Capitals These are really simple, but effective jerseys. I started with a throwback-ish yoke design and then the rest of the jersey really took off. That being said, what do you think?
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    Guaranteed basic income is probably a good endgame for a world where robots do all our work, but we need to accomplish it without "Western separatism, Christian Dominionism, or antisemitism," the hat trick of being dumb. But thanks! It sounds like a weird right-wing Marxism.
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    Aha, so the London team has not official said they were against Las Vegas using the name Knights. Strange stuff indeed. Las Vegas Knights also sounds best to me, with the whole pun thing regarding that Vegas comes alive at night.
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    Except for the Celtics and Jazz, they all have at least some redeeming elements which make them at least not terrible, with most being very good. IMO the highlights arethe Sixers, Blazers, Magic and cavs. what the hell happened, NBA?
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    I think it's safe to say that adding a gradient is an unpopular opinion around here, but I would like to see the Bengals try a helmet with some subtle white countershading like a real tiger has.
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    What if College Football Teams got Jordan Uniforms like Michigan? Leave Requests! Oregon State Iowa
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    Kris Bryant becam the first player in NCAA/MLB history to win Golden Spikes Award (effectively, College Player of the Year), Minor League Player of the Year, MLB Rookie of the Year and MLB MVP in four consecutive game seasons.
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    Again, there's no problem here. The OP freely admitted in the post that he did not create the logo and that he would credit the author but he doesn't know who/where to direct people. There was no intent to deceive or take credit for something that wasn't his. He probably should have admitted that some of the alternate logos were edits/manipulations of existing designs (like the Troy swords), but that doesn't take away from the focus of the post, which was for all the uniforms. To the OP, great job on the thoroughness and passion of the project. I totally get what you were going for and I've been there too in regards to made-up schools. You gave the whole school a unified identity that was consistent from team-to-team and sport-to-sport.
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    And adidas seems to want to throw grey into every team's practice gear too. When this contract ends I'd love to see teams seek their own contracts. It won't happen but it'd be nice to see 4 or 5 kit makers again.
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    Toronto's color scheme is red and gray so I would argue that you do see it in MLS.
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    This looks sharp, although two things stick out to me. One is the droopy part of the R, if there's no reason for it to be there i would even it out. The other is the lack of orange in this, and i wonder looking at it now if you completely swapped the navy and orange everywhere but the oil drop how that would look. This is a really solid concept, and leaves the door open for multiple variations, nice work.
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    Totally agree. That washed out beige gold is horrible. New Orleans needs the real, flashy, true gold full time.
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    There is zero financial assistance for D3 athletes based on athletic ability, athletic talent, athletic involvement, or athletic leadership. Every single one of my athletes at the D3 level has received financial assistance. Nitpicky? You bet. You might liken it to what this board, and the members of it, (and coaching for that matter) are all about: details.
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    #preach Also, I like the designs on most of your uniforms, however, on your black football units, maybe put a white outline on the numbers. Also, try and keep the stripes consistent on the hockey uniforms. On the pants you have different striping than on the jerseys, and consistency is key when it comes to that type of stuff.
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    I'm liking this project so far and can't wait to see what the Jays will look like. @mhenderson95 Cool to see someone from CanucksArmy over here! Been a reader for quite a while now.
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    Those were one of my favorites too, classics. Can't wait for their change. I'm so ready for this Nike NBA uniform renaissance.
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    Can you explain Social Credit? I've tried reading about it from several sources and I STILL DON'T GET IT
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    You got me, it was a great idea. Anyways, here's another 3rd party in need of an identity. Green Party Initially, I was looking for a leaf logo, but that just seemed too generic. To balance it out, I added in the 'G', and that resulted in the first logo. The second logo came from the bird that landed on Bernie Sanders' podium a few months ago. I thought, "Bernie supporters voted for Jill Stein. Jill Stein is in the Green Party. Green Party likes nature. Nature has birds." and the result was the bird logo in the form the current donkey/elephant style. What do you think of this next batch?
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    It's not Madden, but I had mocked that up a while back with the promo shot.
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    I really think that from the waist up, this is the best the Chargers have ever looked
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    Those are the best of the current set but numerals are dated. Bad.
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    I don't care what anyone says. The Los Angeles Rams 1950 throwbacks are bad ass!
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    Right. I am aware of that game. There were a couple other games in 1985 for Malone's rookie season that the team wore them. Not sure of the dates. But, here's a screen grab from the Pistons/Jazz game ... green vs. blue!
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    You will definitely see a rendition of the Milwaukee Braves at some point. I'm just including it on the list of defunct teams that I'll post. Yes! Had to have the Barrel man somewhere in there. So what you're saying is the "M" section of the ball in glove logo was to be white as well?
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    I really hate that the crown is 3D. Why couldn't it have been flat like in their primary logo?
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    Supposedly because the OHL's London Knights own the Canadian rights to any major hockey team having that name...also because the Vegas ownership is too lazy to actually talk to them and work out a deal.
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    The Jazz wore the green unis at home vs. Detroit on March 17 1986. They wore gold home unis from 1983-85: Also, regarding the Magic's blue uniforms - these were designated as standard road unis for 1994-95, with the black unis being relegated to 3rds.
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    Fun fact: The Jazz wore their green jerseys a couple times (namely St. Patrick's Day) after they switched back to the purple roads in 1984.
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    Thanks Marble! Also thanks Coco, you seem to be the biggest NeatO fan here. Ahhhh the Rockies. For a team that can be the only one to wear purple, they sure as hell don't do it often enough. The Rockies used to rock vests, so I did off color sleeves to match that on these. On these, I threw on pinstripes as well to match their homes. Went black for the cap just so it seems balanced with the socks and the obnoxious amount of purple.
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    I don't recall anyone else ragging the Oilers, Florida, or Ohio State for what you're calling "floating stripes." I assume you mean the middle stripe matching the jersey color. I've never had a problem with it. It's just a striping pattern.
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    And he played with the Swiss instead of playing Canadian junior hockey! THE SWISS!!!! BUT ALSO THE LEAFS!!!!
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    I was gonna ask if anyone knew who was the first 90's team to introduce an alternate. I thought it was Charlotte as well.
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    Any previous Chargers uniform set is better than what they have now.
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    These uniforms suck. The jerseys are too generic and the striping looks like orange duct tape with tiger stripes. It's an overall outdated set that should stay in the past.
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    Asking fans which corporate buzzword they like best feels like a new low to me.
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    With all of this being said, and yes I am getting way ahead of myself...but I'm not sure if I want Penn State to win out and then win in Indy. They would play a huge woodshed victim to Alabama in a semifinal game. If that makes me a bad fan, so be it. I'd rather they be competitive in a NYD bowl of some sort. This will not happen so I do not have to worry.
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    Right player, right team, VERY unusual uniform design: Johnny Bench in a PINSTRIPED Reds uniform instead of their famous home unis of the Big Red Machine era
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    Fun fact: The Bengals have worn the same helmet with nary a tweak or adjustment since its debut in 1981. That's one of the longest stretches in the NFL. As long as football is played with helmets the Bengals will wear their tiger striped helmet. It's not going anywhere. A spruced up version of their color rush uniform is all I ask for.
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    But they have arguably the best helmets in the NFL...?
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    Not until they win the Franchise Wars.
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    FWIW, Peyton turned down Indy's (ridiculous) one-day contract offer to retire as a Colt. And if you asked him to pick ONE team which defines him, he wouldn't. In four years, the man pretty much became as much of a legend in Denver as he did in Indianapolis. Fitting he won one ring in both cities.
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    Continental Airlines Arena (1997)
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    Continental Airlines Arena (1996) (From March, 1996 until the end of the 1995-1996 season)
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    Brendan Byrne Arena (1990/1994)
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    Brendan Byrne Arena (1988/1989)
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    Brendan Byrne Arena (1981/1983)
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