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    I've been wondering whether this run by Penn State would fuel any JoePa talk. And I don't think it really has. I scrolled through their Football Facebook stories and found only one comment about Paterno being happy about this...and nothing about "now let's get that statue up." The harsh punishment that most of us wanted did not come to fruition and now we've moved back to the point where Penn State is a national powerhouse...wow, that did not take long did it? So I think the lessons and improved practice going forward are minimal. For the most part we did not learn anything except for confirmation of the depressing notion that football trumps decency and that we can talk ourselves into just about anything when hero-worship is in play. What happened at Penn State (dozens of people willfully ignoring on-going disgusting acts) can happen elsewhere. But the aftermath was in some ways even more disturbing. Not just the sheer volume of the Penn State faithful continuing to lionize this man (which is frightening) but the "neutral masses" who basically said "let's not punish the players," as if that's the important victim group, and "well, they got rid of all the bad guys" as if that actually can clean up a poisonous culture. For this little corner of the world (college athletics) a huge opportunity was missed in hitting them with a good decade off of football. And not to be punitive, either. First, I am a believer that getting rid of the bad guys is no way to eradicate the culture that caused the issue in the first place. They got rid of everyone and then said "OK, let's get back to the Rose Bowl as soon as possible." Are the "innocents" that remain connected to the athletic department and the University really going to stop cutting corners and bending rules for that team? Maybe a Sandusky situation won't happen again, but some other messed-up stuff could (and by keeping the culture intact, it's some degree more likely), which brings me to... Second, this was the opportunity to set up a deterrent. "If a player in your program is accused of sexual assault, we're not going to punish you at all, provided you cooperate and there's no evidence that you've tried to cover it up." But any cover-up of such things could and should end in a year or two off. And if that threat was there, there'd probably be no cover-ups because coaches and administrators would be thinking about their own jobs. Sure, we don't think a Sandusky situation will happen, but your run of the mill college date rape? By someone with 11 sacks and 13.5 tackles for loss? Any chance the school / athletic department will cover that up so the program can be hidden from embarrassment and the team can win its rivalry game next week? Why not? The NCAA is absolutely impotent on all such things...just make sure your star RB did not get a free taco from his position coach. And Gus Johnson's statement about the win helping "heal" is interesting. It kinda shows where so many people are in relation to this...it's become something that's happened too Penn State. The NCAA picked on them (as proven by their pulling back of the punishments and essentially apologizing). They lost scholarships. They are expected to wrestle with the conflict of what to think of their great coach (they are failing miserably). They did not contend in the Big Ten East for a couple of years. And now, Penn State football is right back where they were when ignorance was true bliss. And all's right with the world. Well, unless you think it's Sandusky's victims that are the ones with healing to do; and you don't think going to the Rose Bowl is key in said healing. But really, how many people think that. Meanwhile, I have no idea what to do; so I talk football...how awesome the QB was picking apart the Wisconsin defense yesterday. I take the high road. Especially since it was my team that was on the wrong end of the greatest day in Happy Valley since before the scandal broke (i.e., I'd be accused of deflecting). Because virtually nobody wants to hear about this (which I get). And I'm not going to change the world. And the opportunities; they're all missed. Everyone failed. EDIT: This board and Deadspin are the only places where I run across people who "get it." I'm glad there are some people that do...
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    ^ I started to feel for Penn State fans and then had to remind myself that those people deserve neither football success nor happiness. If it was any other program, though.... That guy went on to berate "morons" because "obviously I meant in a sports tragedy sense. Grow up!" One, it's not a great sports tragedy. You lost 2 games and nobody ever said you had to win the conference to be in the playoff. It's not even the greatest sports tragedy in Penn State football history (the undefeated 94 team that didn't win a national title instantly comes to mind). Two, can you at least try to have a little perspective?
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    Member has been suspended for one month for repeatedly insulting other members despite numerous warnings. The suspension can increase as the voting process continues,
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    About a month after I meant to get started on the final leg of the Anniversary saga, here I go...the multi-team North Stars series finally begins, and we kick things off with the 60s. The Wild do battle with the Predators, whose uniform design is based on one of their spiritual ancestors, the Nashville Dixie Flyers Down in Big D, the Stars face off with a foe that can legitimately be the visting team in any decade...yes, it's the 'Nucks again, this time borrowing from their minor league namesakes. For the upcoming 70s post, I'm considering using the Cleveland Monsters instead of the Blue Jackets for the Barons tribute. Very strongly, I might add. I give you an early preview of the disco decade...the Sharks, paying tribute to the California Golden Seals (at home, for once) take on the Avs (in the style of the Nordiques' originals)
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    Here's the thing though... people tend to buy the primary home cap way above and beyond any other option as it's almost the default. I'm sure that the Tigers sell more white D caps, the A's sell more yellow-billed hats, the Reds sell more all-red caps, etc. if a fan is buying their team's hat they're going to stick with what they see the team wearing most of the time. So, if the Padres wore the Taco Bell hat more than on a once-a-week-at-home basis it'd probably have a lot more sales associated with it. The flawed logic is when owners think that their team's merchandise will suddenly be prominent in the mainstream a la the John Cena thuganomics era when the bulk of their sales are going to be fans wanting to wear what's being worn on the field in front of their eyes.
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    I am sure that's true. Is there a difference, though, when they are one in a league of 30 teams, most of which use blue? In other words, are the experts thinking in a vacuum when they should not be? Or, even if there are too many blue teams, would going brown simply hurt the Padres sales in said vacuum? As I understand (correct me if I am wrong), merchandise revenue from online and retail is shared equally but "clubhouse store" revenue (at the ballpark) is kept by the teams. If so, that should go a good deal toward mitigating whatever perceived loss there is by not going with a "safe" color. Also, would MLB as a whole be better off with more variety? I am not a marketing guy, but it seems to me that retail experts pointing out the general truth that blue outsells brown could be missing the big picture...not only that MLB could use variety, but that the Padres, more than most of the other blue teams, get lost in the shuffle. Some neutral fan shopping for a "cool" hat may not buy a brown hat. But is he really going to buy a blue Padres had when he could buy Cubs, Dodgers, Royals, Tigers, Yankees, Blue Jays, Rangers, etc.? So many blue teams are more recognizable to the average fan. Don't the Padres need to find a way to stand out (even if it's not brown). And even with the general truism that blue>brown, I tend to doubt that "only blue" would rise above blue/sand or blue/yellow. And if it did, then humans are thinking too much like computers.
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    Give me late 90's hockey anyday. Scott Stevens crushing Kozlov, Lindros, and Kariya savage hitting at its best!
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    If you lose 2 games in a college football season you don't have much of a case. This is why I advocate for keeping the playoff at 4 teams. The regular season still demands near perfection and is still meaningful from start to finish. The more teams you add the less value a loss holds. If it was an 8 team tournament we'd be talking about 3 loss USC or 3 loss Wisconsin right now. No thanks.
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    In the 60s and 70s, that was important. There was no Internet, color TV wasn't everywhere, and even photography in newspapers and magazines weren't always in color. Fans wouldn't always know what other teams looked like, so it was a treat. Nowadays, we have all those things to the point where there's a national marketing craze over Color Rush. It's hardly comparable, and a team wearing white at home to "show off other teams' colors" is completely unnecessary.
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    Hey Guys! It has been awhile since I've put up a concept, so here we go. This is a concept for the MLS Chicago Fire. I tried to make it more modern so it can fit with the new "feel" of the MLS. I kept a few touches from the old logo and some from around the MLS. I hope you guys like this one! C&C Welcome! Thanks!
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    Again though, this is where the thought process can be questioned. Are traditional caps better selling because they're traditional or because they're what the team actually wears on the field and not an alternate/fashion cap? Plus, brown's a much more understated color than teal so I don't know if you can compare the two.
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    When I used to play drop-in hockey, I hated when a yellow jersey played for the "white" side. To me, a yellow jersey is plenty dark enough and stands out fine against a white jersey.
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    i personally loved late 90's hockey... but then again, derian hatcher is my all-time favorite player. i'm a violent caveman, and i'm coming to terms with it.
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    I enjoy it. It's fun to watch people get themselves banned.
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    What a bunch of Paternos.
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    "Let's not draw any undue attention to ourselves and try to blend in and maybe they'll mistake us for a real MLB team"
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    the new Army uniform is straight up badass! really love this one. the spray painted skull on the helmet with the "netting" looks so good. i am concerned about the numbers though. i think they might be a little too styled for their own good. and as wide as they are, they're wrapping around the player in a way that makes them even harder to read, and if you have a uniform with an unreadable number, the whole thing is a failure. they could have taken that risk with TV numbers or even shrunk the number size on front/back for legibility. at this point, it's a fantastic concept, with some highly questionable number execution ^ yea, just trying a little too hard with the number design here. these MUST be legible from All-22 angle
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    Ohio State didn't play for a B1G title because Michigan lost to Iowa. Ohio State also dominated Penn State in every statistical category aside from "actual points scored" in that head-to-head road loss which had the winning score be "blocked FG returned for TD". Those are considerations too.
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    I'm hoping that baseball is too traditional to make all kinds of D-Backs type of changes.
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    Scott Stevens was a borderline criminal, and if you want the late 1990s seasons of NHL hockey, by all means, take them. Take them far, far away.
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    Retail experts probably are telling them navy blue is much easier to sell than brown. Most of the league has probably talked to those same experts. With that said, hawk36's change to brown and white is really nice and would be a great look for the Padres.
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    Been awhile since I've posted in our Color Rush thread. But next up for me is the Washington Nationals. I spent the last year living and work in the Washington, D.C. metro and this is where I got my inspiration for this jersey. George Washington's family coat of arms is the D.C. city flag and very common site around D.C. - I decided to work this into the Nationals jersey and bring back the old DC logo for this version. Next up for me after the Nationals will be the New York Yankees.
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    I have no idea, but can we agree that the chunky lettering is distinctly Philadelphia Flyers and should be reinstated?
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    In case you missed it, we had an Emergency Amateur Goalie situation today: Corey Crawford underwent an emergency appendectomy (I don't know of another kind for an in-season athlete) and the Blackhawks couldn't get a goalie to Philadelphia in time for a 1 p.m. puck drop. Enter former Temple club goalie Eric Semborski! The Flyers were wearing their 50th-anniversary alternates, so the Hawks were in red on the road AS GOD INTENDED. But in a pinch with only the Flyers' supplies on hand, they used the Flyers' old nameplate lettering, the big, thick, blocky...block I only associate with the Flyers (and the '80s/'90s Maple Leafs but theirs was just a bit different): I don't know how they had this on hand, because the Flyers stopped using the white version of this lettering when they retired the orange then-road sweaters waaaay back in the '90s: the black alts-turned-roads-turned-homes used a thinner block with orange outlines. Semborski was on an amateur tryout and as such was not paid to sit on the bench. He gets to keep his sweater, which is Corey Crawford's #50 with his own name slapped over it like a 2016 election bumper sticker over a 2012 election bumper sticker. Fun conversation piece, if nothing else.
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    FWIW, the silver-green pants, lighter blue numbers, and black-accented striping are all relics of a legitimate issue in the 80s/90s where the correct colors looked too dark on TV. The Cowboys matching numbers played as dark blue/black on old TVs. I know that is all common knowledge, but this change occurred early in the Jerry Jones era and I can only assumed he is overly attached to design elements rendered obsolete by HDTV. I agree with the camp that wants to change the number font and matching colors only - Dallas is arguably the single most iconic NFL team and does not need a major overhaul, just minor tweaks.
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    Heres the problem with that. The original set and the current set aren't the same uniforms. Trying to compare the Cowboys current set to the original, classic look, is problematic because they've made several changes, and haven't adapted the current look well to current jersey cuts. The classic set had some flaws, but it gets a pass for several reasons: 1) The serifed numbers were a really good look for them. They changed them to this really terrible looking SUPER thick block set that looks miserably bad. Look how absolutely bloated Aikman and Romo's numbers look on their jerseys. There's absolutely no rhyme and reason why those numbers should be so damn big and fat. 2) The old look gets a pass on colors because that was more a product of the era and the limit they had when it came to materials. In today's world where we can (theoretically) match every element down to the Pantone value, and where every out of place thread is visible on these huge HD screens (which are even in the Cowboys own damn building), there is ZERO excuse for such a discrepancy to still exist. Especially when it's intentional. You can keep the integrity of a uniform set intact while still fixing some of the glaring weaknesses when possible. Not doing so is just petty and short sighted. You talk about not wanting them to ditch their set for "something so amateur", but the problem is they look downright high schoolish with that white set they currently have. The Cowboys have SO much potential to look like one of the best teams in the league, and it's a damn shame that they don't. And the only reason they don't is because they've got their heads so far up their own smug asses that they can't see that what's holding them back is themselves. The Cowboys are STUPIDLY close to looking amazing. This is evident with how awesome their navy blue set looks. But with Jonnie Walker Jerry at the helm and the kiss their own asses fan base they have, a good home look for them might as well be on Mars because they insist that not matching is somehow iconic instead of completely stupid.
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    Plus Jacques Lemaire and the Neutral Zone trap...
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    Wait - so are the Yankees going to have the UA on their chest too? Tigers? THat will look so ridiculous. Especially the yankees, who would have two pairs of interlocking letters on their front.
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    What people are forgetting is that many marketing and design decisions either consciously or subconsciously making safe decisions as an act of job security. If you're a middling franchise wearing navy blue and your apparel sales are middle of the pack to bottom third in sales you can blame unknown external factors because your choices are based on research that's designed to appeal to a mass market of fans. If you choose brown and yellow you are making a bold decision to go against research and tried and true colors. If your campaign fails you are the obvious one to blame.
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    The hat color argument outside of San Diego and its fans I think is valid. Brown is unique, blue is all too common. For its fans, I agree, they want the SD first and then can choose which color they prefer. This would be my bet though... 1. Team keeps blue as the primary, you will still see a large percentage of brown gear worn 5 years later. 2. Team goes to brown as the primary, you will see a very small percentage of blue gear worn 5 years later. Does anyone know how it worked in Houston? Is there still a lot of flying star navy and gold gear worn or has it gone almost completely back to the H star, navy and orange look?
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    This whole color thing with the Padres is a faulty argument with the assumption that you buy a hat because it's blue and not because it has an interlocking "SD" on it. Like has been stated and as I can verify from going to a game down there plenty of people have no problem wearing brown. If you actually adopt it people will buy it. The main issue is that the team's identity is so disjointed with the current look so uninspiring and representative of an awful era that people are likely going to pick from the plethora of other designs for their fan gear. Even this thought is with the caveat that the Padres are worth a damn enough to shell out money for to begin with. Why wear the hat that Solarte wears when you can buy the one that Gwynn did?
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    During World War II, they were laid out in the manner applied to the jersey.
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    This deal keeps getting worse all the time...
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    Even though I know I shouldn't, I just can't help but like this matchup. The Ravens leggings look awful and the Patriots uniforms are nothing to write home about, but this combination always reminds me of great games. The Pats and Ravens have played each other four times in the playoffs wearing those uniforms, including this game and this game. It was also the combination in the first NFL game I ever went to, so I'll always be fond of the matchup despite how bad it is objectively.
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    Washington is gonna get smoked by Bama, so any history they'll be part of will be bad for them. I used to want Alabama to add TV numbers but they'd be redundant with the helmet numbers. Usually I'm in favor of TV numbers, though not in this case.
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    I don't hate this but I'm just very weary of what horrible "new and innovative ideas" might come of this.
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    Wow, on UA on the front. And I'm sure they won't be respectful enough to do it tone on tone. On the sleeve was ok, but now it's going to look like "Boston Red Sox, brought to you by Under Armour!".
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    A. Smith (vs. ATL (12/4)) C/ATT 21/25 YDS 270 AVG 10.8 TD 1 INT 0 SACKS 1-4 QBR 91.2 RTG 125.0 What bailing out did they need to do for Smith??? Smith may not be the "sexiest" playing QB in the league but the disrespect he gets even after what he did last week against Denver and again with Atlanta is baffling.
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    The Paterno/Sandusky stuff is odd right now. Happy Valley cretins are happy to gaslight themselves into this weird "football program & sports history over HERE, and child rape over HERE" thing where they want to completely exorcise this unspeakable evil out of people's memories via WINNING, YEAHHHHH!!! But to just summarize the issue, nothing says it better than this now-deleted tweet by some PSU chump:
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    One thing about passion is that it can fade. What happens to the #BringBacktheBrown people when they get what they want and lose something to rail against. It's not like there are Twitter campaigns talking about how great Toronto's new jerseys are. The unhappy are usually more vocal than the happy. Also, I wonder if going back to brown would be a short-term solution. Who's to say that Generation Z won't grow up and start getting nostalgic for the blue the Padres wore their entire childhood? You're right about the experts though. When the Padres changed jerseys in 2012, they talked about the in-house team that they had design them and these new jerseys look like they were done in-house as well. Next time they change, they really need to hire a professional.
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    I'm interested. I'd be more confident if I knew someone could digitize mine as well, because that's where I feel like I'd have an issue, or we could collaborate. But no I really want to start doing more concepts so I'm totally down.
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    You know what was awesome? Old Soldier Field
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    Considering the results :
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    Their reasoning was equally enraging. The team claimed they needed to put the primary logo on the sleeve so people would know it was a Chicago White Sox jersey. A jersey with "Chicago" across the chest and a logo featuring a white sock on the sleeve apparently wasn't enough.
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    $170 for a replica made by Fanatics (who has little to no reputation as a manufacturer) that may not look too much like the on-ice sweater. That is the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard. Anyone remember back to the early 90s when replicas were in the $60-70 range?
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