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    Member has been suspended for one month for repeatedly insulting other members despite numerous warnings. The suspension can increase as the voting process continues,
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    Here's the thing though... people tend to buy the primary home cap way above and beyond any other option as it's almost the default. I'm sure that the Tigers sell more white D caps, the A's sell more yellow-billed hats, the Reds sell more all-red caps, etc. if a fan is buying their team's hat they're going to stick with what they see the team wearing most of the time. So, if the Padres wore the Taco Bell hat more than on a once-a-week-at-home basis it'd probably have a lot more sales associated with it. The flawed logic is when owners think that their team's merchandise will suddenly be prominent in the mainstream a la the John Cena thuganomics era when the bulk of their sales are going to be fans wanting to wear what's being worn on the field in front of their eyes.
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    When I used to play drop-in hockey, I hated when a yellow jersey played for the "white" side. To me, a yellow jersey is plenty dark enough and stands out fine against a white jersey.
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    i personally loved late 90's hockey... but then again, derian hatcher is my all-time favorite player. i'm a violent caveman, and i'm coming to terms with it.
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    What a bunch of Paternos.
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    Ohio State didn't play for a B1G title because Michigan lost to Iowa. Ohio State also dominated Penn State in every statistical category aside from "actual points scored" in that head-to-head road loss which had the winning score be "blocked FG returned for TD". Those are considerations too.
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    I have no idea, but can we agree that the chunky lettering is distinctly Philadelphia Flyers and should be reinstated?
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    Plus Jacques Lemaire and the Neutral Zone trap...
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    Wait - so are the Yankees going to have the UA on their chest too? Tigers? THat will look so ridiculous. Especially the yankees, who would have two pairs of interlocking letters on their front.
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    The hat color argument outside of San Diego and its fans I think is valid. Brown is unique, blue is all too common. For its fans, I agree, they want the SD first and then can choose which color they prefer. This would be my bet though... 1. Team keeps blue as the primary, you will still see a large percentage of brown gear worn 5 years later. 2. Team goes to brown as the primary, you will see a very small percentage of blue gear worn 5 years later. Does anyone know how it worked in Houston? Is there still a lot of flying star navy and gold gear worn or has it gone almost completely back to the H star, navy and orange look?
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    You'd think that the Seahawks would've updated their 12th man flag when they made that re-brand in 2012.
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    They were insistent that they deserved D1 status alongside MLS while failing to meet the requirements to be D2 set by the USSF, and they're financially insolvent. I won't celebrate the NASL's demise but I'm not sad to see it go. The USL is doing things right and will be a proper D2 league. Making an attempt to supersede the established top league in the country the entire point of your existence just doesn't work.
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    Their reasoning was equally enraging. The team claimed they needed to put the primary logo on the sleeve so people would know it was a Chicago White Sox jersey. A jersey with "Chicago" across the chest and a logo featuring a white sock on the sleeve apparently wasn't enough.
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    I don't think it's really that popular on this board. I made that mistake a while back, commenting on how there were so many people who inexplicably loved that set. Then, after talking it through with others, we determined that like 99% of the posts in favor of that set were from Infrared.
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    That thing looks like the drawing that's used in those memes that purport to show the discordant sound of German.
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    Up next is the Lethbridge Hurricanes. This teams identity has switched multiple times in the past decade and I think that their most current one is easily their best. Unfortunately they have worn Capitals clones(which I don't like in the first place) for multiple years and I think that they could benefit from a cool design with their sharp logo. The design uses a swoosh type chest stripe that follows along with the logo. The away jersey is one of my favorites in this series because it is a double toned jersey. I think that this would definitely help the team stand out. The third jersey is more of a classic style with their very nice plane logo on the chest. Lethbridge Hurricanes
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    $170 for a replica made by Fanatics (who has little to no reputation as a manufacturer) that may not look too much like the on-ice sweater. That is the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard. Anyone remember back to the early 90s when replicas were in the $60-70 range?
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    Prediction is below. FIX Based on the already released Pens jerseys, I decided to take a shot at predicting the Flyers' Stadium Series jerseys, if they stick to the template like years past. I created my own shoulder/arm logo, which is based off the Philadelphia flag. C&C Appreciated!
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    I'm over Red Sox/Yankees. To be honest, the "rivalry" just isn't there anymore like it was in 2003-2006ish. It's a shame; those were fun times to be a fan, but it's been oversaturated so bad that there isn't any "hatred" anymore. I'm 95% positive it was once legal to assault a Yankee fan in Fenway Park and vice versa.
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    The winter sport schedules can deal.
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    the only positive thing I can think about UA doing the baseball unis is that they did the faux grays for some college teams (Mizzou I can think of) That might be pretty cool for MLB teams.
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    This is a little late. Well first off, this was one of my favorite MLB concept threads. Second, I'm thinking of starting to create my own concepts, I already have Paint but can't find any templates. Was wondering what template you used for here and how would I download it? Thanks
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    I would sharpen/straighten out the edges and corners. It'll make the shape of the design look cleaner.
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    Well Rayo OKC is also out as they've already stated they're on hiatus and have let their entire organization go. Fort Lauderdale is on life support and facing legal troubles. As you mention the Cosmos are all but dead. And both Edmonton and PR FC have the issues related to their distant locations in a low cost league that have been hurting them up to now. But other than all of them and the teams already gone to MLS and USL... sure the rest of NASL might be interesting for USL to pick up. Which is of course why USL rejected merger talks. They've little interest in most of what NASL has left unless it's on their terms.
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    UA logo on the front isn't terrible...they do South Carolina well...I would expect a few standouts (ie. like what the D-backs did in 2016) but they can keep things traditional too.
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    I wonder if/hope that the Padres knew this change was coming before they came out with their boring new jerseys that they won't commit to.
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    They've already tried that. Lucky it was on a halved shirt, but still, it was hardly a resounding success
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    No i hate snickers and u need to learn how to read
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    They last wore orange over black with black socks in 2005, the second year of these unis, and wore orange over black with orange socks in 2004.
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    No respectable New Englander likes Michael Felger.
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    $30 million for a team with no stadium is too much, no matter the name.
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    There... That should honor the fans more...
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    I dunno, I get pretty bored with seeing the same four teams for half the schedule. I've gotten so tired of seeing the Mets, Phillies, Marlins, and Nationals here. I like seeing other teams, both NL and AL. 38 of the 81 home games are the same four teams. Those can be chopped down. Ok, 54 3-game series in a season. Dedicate 16 series to the opposite league (2 against your designated rival or rotated rival home/away, 1 against the other 14 teams either home or away). Dedicate 20 series to the other teams in your league outside your division (one home, one away against each team). Then, with the other 18 series (or 54 games), divide them up amongst your division (13 or 14 games against teams in your division...so this is where your 4-game series' can be fit into the schedule). Plus, this allows every team's fanbase to either see a team at home or see them on the road on local TV. If you live in Atlanta, you've hardly ever seen Mike Trout play, home games or out in Anaheim. Now your team would play every team every season, as well as hosting every team within every two years. Sucks for those that can't get enough Red Sox-Yankees, but the majority of the rest of the baseball world likes to see everyone.
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    So after looking at the Padres' past uniforms and what they have now, it's obvious what they used to have is better. I wanted to bring back brown but use a color from their recent history, so I went with the powder blue from the logo used 2004-2011. One of my biggest design rules is, with a unique color scheme, you can have rather simple uniforms. So by using powder blue and brown, I think the Padres can have a very unique look while doing something new. The home uses the script from 1974-1977. I used the original primary logo on the sleeve but made it brown and white. Finally, the cap logo from 1985-2003 is found on the hat. The away uses the wordmark from the 1991-2003 roads sans dropshadow. Primary Alt Road Alt C&C appreciated
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    The Bengals socks might work better if they were black with a 4-6 inch band of tiger stripes right below the knee.
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    oustin' Mike Dee to my dismay
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    Padres have to be blue/yellow or brown/yellow. Don't like the orange as it's slightly too dark to provide a great contrast.
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    In a clever nod to the team's primary reason for moving to Cobb County, the patch has no black in it.
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    Thanks! For the jerseys I wanted to go a completely different way. The Detroit rip-offs didn't really work well with their logo. I think more blue works better for them..
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    Next up is the Medicine Hat Tigers. I am personally really not a fan of their current logos and jerseys. They both look way out of date and I think they need to modernize the tiger head. Luckily their logo from the early 2000's did a fine job of that and was used on some absolutely wild tiger stripe jerseys. i think that they might have used a little too much but they were still very cool and unique. i brought back the tiger stripes but integrated them in a more traditional striping pattern. I chose orange over black for the road jersey because they would be the only team do to so in the league. The third jerseys uses just the tiger head on the front and is based off of a white tiger. I think it would be neat to reference this because it is a very unique animal. Medicine Hat Tigers
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    If you care more about out of market teams then get the NFL package, it's that simple. When the Rams get good, do legtimate Rams fans a favor and don't jump on the bandwagon. This post is the classic bandwagon fan.
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    We can only hope. The problem is that is probably too late for a change for next year . . . unless the league relaxes the rules under the circumstances. It would be easy enough to simply make the current powder blue set the primary.
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