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    You know whose name and logo would have cleared legal? The Quebec Nordiques'. Just sayin'.
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    Congratulations to the NHL for getting a team's trademark application denied without it involving an ethnic slur.
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    It's a lot of things but it relates primarily to the MLS 1.0 vs 2.0 era. 1.0 == the xxx-treme 90s in names and jerseys, market to NFL fans and soccer moms/youth teams, who the hell knows what's happening with roster construction 2.0 == the above didn't work so let's instead try a different thing -- internationally-styled names, conservative jerseys, designated player era, small urban stadiums (well...mostly), market to young professionals The branding shifts in American soccer were a reaction to the first 10 years of MLS being largely unsuccessful and the league nearly going under. Trend shifts there have naturally trickled down to lower-league soccer as well. I personally would argue that Euro-style names are just as weird as the dated-90s ones, and any benefits in appearing legitimate and historic are balanced out by Europhiles who find them fake and non-Europhile Americans who don't get it. I'd also argue that 2016 is a lot different than 2006, and at this point I think there's enough history in established American soccer clubs that I want to be careful about throwing that out to chase a trend to appear "legitimate". But those things are subjective, and I think most opinions on that subject are. Like yes, "Burn" is a silly name, and "RailHawks" is a silly name, but "FC" is also a silly name in a country where the sport in question doesn't start with F. But again, subjective. The Kansas City Wiz/Wizards/Sportings have gone from irrelevant to wildly successful in recent years -- is it because they changed their name from American-style to generic Euro-style? Or is it because they moved from an awkward, minor-league-baseball dump to a beautiful soccer-specific stadium, and got a new ownership group that is massively savvy both on and off the field? (And if it's the latter, how much did the former help as a flag to say "things are different now, please pay attention" even if the aesthetic contents of that flag were essentially irrelevant?) And even for clubs like the Rapids and the Crew, who kept their names but ditched their 90s logos for modern, streamlined, vaguely-European looking ones -- how much is to do with appealing to cosmopolitanism, and how much simply reflects design trends we've seen in other sports (let's use the Raptors and the Nets as examples, given MLS's closest analogue is probably the NBA)? I don't really know what my point is, except that shouting "political correctness" and "people are offended" about this, of all things, doesn't quite seem like the right answer. Speaking as a Revolution fan, I'd like our logo to change but our colors to stay the same, and I'm ambivalent about a name change but I want the word Revolution to stay in some way, even if it's a dorky 90s singular-name thing -- my club has history (MLS originals! Five Cup appearances but we lost all of them!) but is also quite obviously dated in some ways. But far more than any of that, I want a stadium in Boston and a signal that ownership is doing what it takes to compete for a title.
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    Entire thread has me like...
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    Hey guys, big news! After 4 months of being out of school and doing nothing but improving my skills, I finally have a design gig for a major sports team. The Tampa Bay Rays have offered me the position for an internship in their design department. Cool right? I had to work for it, and after the interview, they cut down the field and sent a design test to the remaining people. The designs were the following 1) create a print ad for a Kevin Kiermaier gold glove bobble head, and a Rays pennant as giveaways. 2) create a social media graphic for the Kiermaier bobble head, complete with a custom hash tag. So here's what I made Not sure how many people reading this want to make design their career, but my advice to you is to create as much as you can, and create a good network of people whose opinions you listen to. I started posting on the Creamer boards when I was 14, and now I'm 22 and lined up a gig that will surely lead to bigger things. Follow my twitter @michaeldanger19 if you want to keep up with what I'm making
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    I hope so, but I fear that died with George. In the past few years, we've seen the Yankees wear BP caps during games, wearing red hats with stars and stripes on the logo and wearing jerseys with camouflage numbers. George would have told the league to blow it out their asses and paid whatever fine they gave him.
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    Shut up London, you can't own the word Knights, you did not invent it. It goes back to year 1300 or so.
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    oh, just so you guys can see it, here is the Mets Road set with the cursive script. While I like the script, there is something about it that I am not liking. Maybe you guys have a different opinion.
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    Sent the link to my girlfriend who also happens to be a kicka$$ paralegal, at an IP law firm (based on what little I know of the profession). "Her: Yeah, there's no overcoming that 2(d) refusal without a coexistence agreement and a consent to use and registration from the prior registrant. That's an uphill battle. Me: So they may very well be at the mercy of the college? Her: Yep. It also really depends on which Examiner you get at the USPTO, but I can't see any Examiner letting that one go through without some kind of agreement in place." So, to wrap, Vegas has a legit roadblock, in the Golden Knights of Nowheresville, and is waiting on the US freakingArmy to decide if they want to pick a fight. Yeah...this won't end in embarrassment.
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    The Astros new identity is based around their new insignia, which heavily resembles the one they currently have (minus the excess bevelling). The primary set consists of home, away, alternate, and throwback uniforms. The 3 main sets feature the Astros' rainbow pattern, which finally makes a return to the primary jerseys for the first time since 1993. Two updated hat styles will be worn by the Astros for the 2020 season. These caps will follow the same colour structure as their current set, but feature their updated logo. The throwback jersey is based on the teams National League identity for nearly a decade between '65 and '74.
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    The UA chest logo is bad. It's HORRIBLE. There's no excusing it. It doesn't matter if they do it at college. It looks bad and it's awful for the major leagues. The fact that "it happens elsewhere" is not reason enough to pretend it looks decent. The NFL, which has effectively whored itself out better than any other league, has refused to allow manufacturer logos on the fronts. And it would at least be a more natural place on a football jersey, by a seam instead of just awkwardly placed in the middle of the chest. Also, you'll notice that the single color logo gets lost against the Yankees pinstripes. I'm guessing that against pinstripes, the logo will have a colored outline to make it stand out. It'll probably just be a white outline on the Yankees jersey, maybe silver on the White Sox'.
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    I forget who said it, but the LVGKs are the Shockmaster of the NHL. Even Shockmaster was an infringer, considering his too-loose helmet was just a spraypainted storm trooper helmet.
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    Best launch of an NHL franchise since the Kansas City Scouts.
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    Who did the NHL/Foley hire to do their trademark law Lionel Hutz? On second thought Hutz would have done a better job.
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    So I've gone back and reviewed my comment history, from the beginning of this process, until now. It's basically a case study in the NHL taking wide-eyed, hopeful, excited fans, and turning them into skeptical, bitter curmudgeons. All through the simple use of embarassingly bad business. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to see Vegas fail. I've just run out of hope it can do anything but.
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    Figured I would take a stab at what I think Vegas will unveil as their uniforms based off of some recent Reebok/Adidas trends in hockey. One thing that I STRONGLY considered was adding a gold helmet to go with the home set...I thought that would give the team a unique identity, but eventually decided against it because black fit in better with the entire uniform. C&C always appreciated! If I get some more time, I may come up with an alternate to go along with this set.
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    I think this is an important point. I often see this argument framed in the context of "North America vs. Europe," when, really, it's about one sport's culture vs. another. That's an important distinction, and particularly appropriate in the context of soccer, the only major professional sport in North America that has developed faster in other parts of the globe. It makes perfect sense to me that soccer owners in North America would prefer a more European-style brand. That's the norm in soccer.
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    Thanks, Clint. About time I got the Sugar Bowl posted, right? I think these are the last two. If people have other requests, or want a variation of one I've already posted, I'll get to that. Lorem Ipsum is mock-Latin filler text, since I wasn't sure what to put for my subtitle. I don't really work from templates, other than the Revo Speed template I made from a Nike catalog PDF from a few years ago. I've modded it over the years to try to improve it, and then I've made my own field from grass textures using Paint.net. If you really want a non-blue Boise field, I'll do that. Seems like sacrilege!
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    Soccer jerseys are already a mess, adidas 3 stripes everywhere, and new designs every year. Huge ad on the front. Soccer jersey fashion changes like the 4 seasons. The greatest uniforms in baseball only have subtle changes every 10 or 20 years. Soccer jerseys = Messy fashion statements. Baseball jerseys = Timeless classy tradition.
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    The concept of a silver jersey is something I haven't really seen for Dallas before that could be very interesting... not on board with the gimmicky oversized star on the helmet, personally, but I like the new ground being broke
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    You think we're obnoxious now just wait until we win the Lewis lol
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    A McDonald's uni based on the '70s Padres would make sense since Ray Kroc used to own them.
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    I love the way the Dolphins' old uniforms looked in the snow. Maybe it's the extra light bouncing around, or maybe it's that I know it doesn't belong in the cold.
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    I don't really see it as offending European soccer fans. I see it more as wanting to be more world, thus real, soccer-like. Unfortunately some of the old names can bring about images of Americanized soccer (mid field pks, indoor craziness, etc.) that isn't what the true soccer fan wants. I would liken it to an American football team in London switching from "London Football Club" to "London Kings" or whatever because they'd want an American Football sounding name. I don't have a problem with it.
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    There is a distinct difference between the aesthetics on different sports. The baseball uniform is understated and adding the logo on the chest would be terrible. Arm is bad enough, same with the mlb logo on the neck and pants. Other sports are different. Soccer jerseys are perfectly fine with the manufacturer logo on the chest, but doesnt work with baseball.
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    The Maloofs are minority owners of this team.
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    They could rename to the Vegas Gladys Knights featuring the Pips in the owners box...I'm sure Gladys would be willing to work out a resonable deal. Didn't Atlanta have a team called the Knights in the IHL years ago? I think the evidence is plainly clear that Foley and Company are about as competent to run a professional sports franchise as a particular Bloviator In Chief is to run the US Government. I never thought Foley would make the Magoof's look competent. SMDH.
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    Is that really a worst case scenario, or best?
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    If you wanted to use cities from newer shows, there's Elmore (The Amazing World Of Gumball), Beach City (Steven Universe), Marzipan City (Chowder), and Stormalong Harbor (The Marvelous Misadventures Of Flapjack), and that's just at the top of my head. Teen Titans has Jump City, but I don't know if you'd want to use it since it's based on a comic. As for the logos, I don't have much to say. They're really good.
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    I don't know if they ever named Dexter's hometown...but I would LOVE to see the product of your la-bor-a-tory for that! Cartoon Cartoon cities: Albonquetine (Mike, Lu & Og) Aron City (Johnny Bravo) Big City (Sheep in the Big City) Peach Creek (Ed, Edd n Eddy) Aside from those posted, those are all I could come up with...but honestly, I think your best design just might be what you'd have for Codename: Kids Next Door.
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    Speaking about signatures, if London signs something in this matter, we better wait and see if the ink vanishes by magic later on. They are known to cheat, even their fans London Knights sued by fan claiming his ‘game’ jersey is fake http://www.therecord.com/sports-story/6821691-london-knights-sued-by-fan-claiming-his-marner-game-jersey-fake/ http://www.lfpress.com/2016/09/09/online-auction-winner-knights-settle-100k-sweater-spat they settled out of court, they are such :censored:s !
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    The Kitchener Rangers and Lethbridge Hurricanes make it work just fine. I highly doubt anyone who knows who the London Knights are, would confuse them as a farm team for Vegas. If they know anything about hockey, they would never think it. If you're worried about uneducated fans from Vegas thinking that London is the farm team, well congratulations, you gained the very famous London Knights some more exposure. If Foley was determined to tie in his historical past to West Point, they should've named the Vegas team the Knights from day one, London be damned. Vegas Knights is perfect.
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    It probably has more to do with the DP system, but you can see a clear "before" and "after" with the MLS clubs switching from the 90s-styled, traditional American names (like the Wiz, Burn, etc.) to the more successful Euro names (Sporting KC, FC Dallas). And for some teams, like the Galaxy and Rapids, it only took a dramatic restyling to look more European. So I think it's a case-by-case basis. And in this particular case of RailHawks vs. North Carolina FC, both are dumb.
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    The only devil's-advocate case I can make is not that it'd be mistaken for a Cubs jersey, but that people may have seen the road jersey with a fairly plain cursive "Chicago" and a white sock on it and thought because THE Sox logo wasn't on it, it was one of those unlicensed ripoffs you buy in the last aisle of the Jewel (or is it the first aisle of the Osco? Seasonal candy and grey-market Chicago sports merchandise compose kind of the DMZ of the Jewel-Osco). Problems with this argument: 1) This jersey has been around for circa 25 years. If you've ever been at all cognizant of Chicago baseball, you recognize it as a White Sox jersey. Furthermore, they won a World Series, as in "recorded the final out of it," wearing that exact jersey. 2) While everyone, thank goodness, is not us, I think most folks can spot the uncanny valley of generic, team-implying sports apparel, and an otherwise MLB-quality Majestic jersey passes the eye test in a way that lesser merchandise does not. I mean, surely the batter logo, the tags at the bottom, and lack of poor craftsmanship show that it's what it is and not what it merely suggests. 3) Even if, for the sake of argument, there were a scourge of grey-market Sox apparel, I mean, lots of that stuff still has an unlicensed primary logo on it anyway! You're not foiling bootleggers with this. So like you said, yeah, it's just looking busy. There is something to be said for a primary logo with the team name occurring on a road jersey (I think the traditional Cubs logo would make a better sleeve patch on the road than the bear looking for garbage to eat), but in this case, it doesn't improve anything and, unlike the case of the Cubs, essentially doubles the cap logo. Ass for the Cardinals, it's not their primary on the road, because their primary just has one bird on a bat, not two. You know, they could stand to drop the one-bird version and not miss a beat.
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    The marketing team is a bunch of dopes. They said they want to emphasize "the Sox brand." Apparently, they felt that people would see a Chicago jersey in black and gray, with a white sock on the sleeve, and assume it was a Cubs jersey. "Our primary logo doesn't appear anywhere on the road jersey." So? The only team with an iconic look who features their primary mark on the roads is the Cardinals, and that's dumb of them. Basically, their marketing team is a bunch of George Constanzas, and every two or three years the high-ups catch them tossing pencils into the drop ceiling and ask, "What the hell have you guys been doing for the last year?" So, they did something like this, backed by no sound reasoning or evidence it would improve the brand. Just as stupid, the next year they suddenly changed the road pants to piping after 20 seasons, despite the fact that it drops a unique element (in which the team won a world championship) and creates an awful mismatch with the jersey.
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    At The Time of This Posting It's about 8:00 P.M Alaskan, So Most of you will be asleep. Anyway here is my team: The Thunder Mountain Warriors. *Side Note: Photoshop wouldn't cooperate with me on the main crest, if anybody can help with that, it would be very much appreciated!
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    Reviving the thread for THE CREST OF THE SOCCER CLUB OF THE CITY OF TOWNSVILLE! The design was based off of City Hall, its stripes gaining slight inspiration from the backgrounds of building within the city. The vacant stripe across the crest inspired by the sash worn by the Mayor of Townsville. There was difficulty nailing down a specific color placement, as I have experimented with the colors of the Mayor as well as the city's heroes, the Powerpuff Girls. After showing this to some of my friends, it has been suggested remove the sash, as it takes away from the design of the building. While adjusting this, I noticed that the building wasn't correct compared to its reference. As such, the dome as well as the area where the title of the building would be located have been increased to become closer to the genuine article. In this experiment, I kept the scheme sampled from the Mayor.
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    I'd say I'll be buying my VGK merch sooner rather than later stuff'll probably become collecters items. OITGDNHL.
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    You kids and your new fangled uniform talk.
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    Ahh, the good old Blue Jays. Maybe it's just me (Torontonian), but I think the Blue Jays have had the strongest identity in the MLB for the past 5 years. With that in mind, their rebrand is not drastic at all. The only revisions are nothing new, only the readaptation of old ideas that never went sour. Reintroducing the original colour scheme, the double blue bird is now blue and teal. The primary set consists of home, away, alternate, and throwback uniforms. The road jersey is baby blue rather than gray, something the Blue Jays had done for their first 13 seasons in the big leagues. Two new (yet familiar) hat styles would be donning the Jays for the 2020 season. These caps will feature their current bird in the new team colours, along with a baseball beneath it- emulating the original caps from the 70's. To take it one step further, Toronto will wear white-panelled caps while at home. The throwback jersey pays homage to their identity worn in the mid 90's.
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    Tampa Bay gets an overhaul that reintroduces the devil ray as the focus point of their identity, without readapting the "Devil Rays" team name. The Rays brand is now driven by a nautical theme, seen in the new script and colour palette. Green is adopted as the primary colour to give the brand distinction among the MLB, furthermore, they are the only team with this green/navy colour combo. The primary set consists of home, away, alternate, and throwback uniforms. One new hat style will be used by the Rays for the 2020 season. The devil ray will once again be the emblem seen on their caps; these hats will have no letter insignia, drawing back from the inaugural Devil Rays caps that were only worn during the '98 season. The throwback jersey pays homage to the early Devil Rays uniforms.
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    North American brands don't "offend" European soccer fans. Rather, the MLS' marketing teams often think European find North American brands in soccer silly and indicative of the "poor" quality of play. Given the league's origins and its "quirks" (which Hawk36 detailed above), it's understandable why marketers would think this way. They want to be taken seriously by European (and worldwide) soccer fans. They also think more money can be generated with these naming conventions, which is why a team like Kansas City made the switch from Wizards to Sporting.
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    Well, that's a shame. And you were doing so well.
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    Wasnt he King of the Island of Misfit Toys?
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