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    I don't why a full rebrand is need as they started as the L.A. Chargers in 1960 so why not come full circle. If they want to tinker with their uniforms that's okay but the current logo and name need no changing.
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    So if I'm reading this right... not only do they want to give up a perfectly serviceable market to play 2nd fiddle to the Rams, now they wanna ditch a nearly-60 year old identity for no good reason and risk being even less relevant & remembered than they are right now? (Hey! There's a name idea! The Los Angeles Football Clippers! ) Seriously though, it feels like just when you think Spanos and the Chargers couldn't be anymore stupid... they prove you wrong. I actually feel sorry for any Charger fans, whether they live in SD, LA or anywhere else. Y'all deserve a better-run team than this.
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    Which fans? The ones in San Diego that they've alienated or the ones in LA that don't exist?
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    I don't think the Texans have a bad brand.
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    I agree - if the Chargers leave, San Diego is like St. Louis. They won't see another team for several decades, if ever.
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    A take from Billy Johnson... "The Vegas Golden Knights have said they want to make the team a ‘global brand’. They have hired people dedicated to do that. New York Yankees caps can be seen in all corners of the world, because of the classic ‘NY’ logo playing off existing perception that NYC already has (and not because the Turks have any understanding of the game of baseball). The biggest property VGK acquired for its $500 million expansion fee is the perceived legitimized reselling of the name ‘Las Vegas’ as their own. Initially, it has been squandered. First off, the marks they have settled on, to sell as a ‘global brand’, pay homage to an American military institution, a tough sell in most parts of the world. Secondly, the mark of a knight is not an icon that global markets associate with America, much less to Las Vegas. While the reference to symbolism is respected, and the nod to the Army is admirable, it is medieval, not modern, and not representative. It’s too far a leap for the merchandise buyer in Rome. Thirdly, it does not sell Las Vegas, as a destination, to the world. And this may be its biggest failing. Great global sports brands create more than a ‘handshake’ between the world market place and a community, city, location and lifestyle. They create an emotional connection. Here are some great global sports brands and why they have become so: New Zealand All Blacks. The use of the ‘silver fern’ brings New Zealand to the world. It represents their culture, heritage and mystique. The All Blacks are adopted my millions world wide. New York Yankees. Simple; “NY” and all that it means – good and bad – to the world. Dallas Cowboys. It reflects the world’s view of America; Cowboy movies, big, obnoxious. It’s a lone star on a helmet. Los Angeles Lakers. Hollywood, Movies, Rappers, Nicholson. “LA”. Las Vegas should be in this company. Raising the team’s global profile to compete with FC Barcelona, for example, will be a tough leap. The initial tools and brand (logo, team name, word marks) to do so don’t stack up on a global scale because they do not bring Las Vegas to the world. Years and years ago the Las Vegas Wranglers toyed with dropping ‘Las’ from the name because we wanted to think this was how locals referred to our town. We were not from here ‘yet’ and ‘Vegas’ was not how locals referred to our city. Replica jerseys (and all merchandise) that had ‘Las Vegas’ on the front sold twice as well as jerseys that did not have the name of our town – so the name, or at least ‘LV’ and ‘NV’ were incorporated into the logo/uniform; this was about maximizing sales. Wranglers’ customers resided in Las Vegas; Las Vegas – simply – is the name of our city."
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    I'm a fan of the Chargers. I'll root for the Chargers if they play in San Diego, Los Angeles, or Sioux Falls. I'm not going to root for them if they ditch the Chargers name though. I'm out if they go down that route.
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    It is a Texas thing. After all, the current Houston Texans are the fifth professional football team with that name . . . two in Dallas (NFL, AFL), two in Houston (WFL, NFL), one in San Antonio (CFL). Yes, I know there were ABA and WFL teams named the Floridians and the Hawaiians. Also, there are/have been Canadiens and Canadians in hockey and minor league baseball (and multiple Americans along the way in various sports). However, I'm fairly certain there is no other state where it is even considered within the realm of possibility to effectively name a team "Citizens of Our Fine State." I live in no fear of an sudden onslaught of teams named Marylanders, Minnesotans, Oregonians or Michiganders.
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    Texans is a derivative and boring name. It's akin to naming your team the "People." The "Houston" part already tells us they're from Texas, we get it. They might as well just be Houston FC.
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    I actually like these Bucs uniforms
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    Omaha sprung for a very nice arena not too long ago. They're basically one hobo grifter away from an NHL expansion team.
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    Here is a GIF of the progression of my Gold Medal winning Logolypiad entry.
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    The Chargers should keep they're brand and just go full powder-blue jersey/white pants as the home. Yellow pants as a road options, yes please. Instead were going to see the Angeles Starry Knights or something stupid.
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    As a Raiders fan, hating the Chargers is all fun and games until you get to this kind of situation. It would be really bad if not only did San Diego lose it's team, but then the name too? LA has a history with the Chargers name too (albeit a very brief one) so what's wrong with keeping that? Is Spanos embarassed of the team name now or something? He has no one to blame but himself for all of the awfulness that's been going on.
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    I remember when people used to post pictures in this thread and it actually served a purpose
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    I'm still hoping against hope that the Rams choose athletic gold jerseys, for just that reason. Other teams famously use the gold, but nobody uses it that way.
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    WELCOME TO THE PRL. Hey everyone. I’ve recently been inspired to start a series from a sport I don’t think anyone has done before. The idea started when my dad and I were playing racquetball. I didn’t know if there were any professional leagues for watching that sport (Turns out there are two), but I wanted to make a fictional league with my own spin on it. As a result, the Pro Racquetball League was born. The brief history of PRL began in 2015 when a few professional players, splintered from the IRT, wanted to create a new racquetball league. The idea was to make it a sport that everyone would want to watch and enjoy. Generally, my series don't last too long, so I'll see how this one goes All of the information about the league is contained below. RULES: SCORING: LEAGUE FACTS: TEAMS: LEAGUE LOGOS: Alright, we finally have the first team. I’m proud to present to you the Durham Lions! #HearUsRoar Durham is a relatively large city in North Carolina, and I thought it had an English vibe to it, which ended up working great for the Lions. The team is currently based in Brightleaf Court. I wanted these logos to be clean, almost like soccer crests. Not sure if I’ll hold up on that or not. For the jersey I had to make the template myself. I tried to emulate the athletic tanktops I’ve seen some racquetball players wear. I included customized gloves, armbands, and a headband. The jersey only features numbers and logo on the front. I included a subliminated league logo on the side, not sure if it works. I was kind of inspired by England’s cricket team for this team. What do you think? I will have rosters, maps, and other fun stuff once all the teams are up.
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    A little off-topic, but the St. Louis MLS stadium plan is running into some of the same roadblocks that scuttled their NFL stadium plan.
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    Abandoning a brand with 60+ years of history that's associated with league and Conference championships and some of the most dynamic players of all time as part of a plan to move to a city where no one cares about them is Peak Dean Spanos. My dad has very tenuous connections to San Diego, which is why he's a Chargers fan. I'm just a fan because he is though. I've been a fan of Chargers football my entire life, and I'll likely stay a fan of Chargers football so long as they remain the Chargers. Regardless of where they play. If they drop the Chargers name and history though? I'm out.
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    Prior to Camden Yards, that was the default. Put your stadium or arena where it was easiest to drive and park. Thank God for urban renewal (the good kind). Having our sports palaces in downtown cores is so much better for everyone. Except, I guess, the Richfields and Auburn Hills of the world.
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    At this point, there is no course of action that Bill Foley can take and call a win. Staying the course, by committing to the current branding, runs the risk of being publicly dragged to court by the institution he so adamantly claims to be trying to honor. Not only is that potentially expensive, but it is embarrassing, to the franchise, the owner, the league, and (most importantly) the fans. When it’s all said and done, you may find yourself in a situation where you are going to be legally required to change. Foley claims to be confident that his branding will hold up, but based on the USPTO’s interpretation of the trademark setting the tone for the entire proceeding, any IP lawyer retained by Foley who isn’t at least a little worried is a fool. Even if the Golden Knights branding overcomes the obstacles, and wins the Sacred Rose and Army jousts (or if the Army decides not to legally press the issue), The brand will forever be linked to this debacle. No matter what, you will be known at the identity that was rebuffed by the entity it tried to honor, and publicly seen as having ripped off one of the oldest institutions in the nation. To top it off, it’s an identity whose reception has been lukewarm, at best, and fares even worse, among the Las Vegas population. Let’s say Foley decides to rebrand. Yes, he loses millions invested into the Vegas Golden Knights brand. Yes, the move will be embarrassing, and yes, it will be seen as admitting you were wrong, by Foley, but what is gained? You get to say that you made the change on your own terms, rather than risk a judge mandating the move. You get to indicate to your fans that the franchise, and the fanbase, matters enough to set your prized “Knights” identity aside, in order to pave a more stable future. With their backs against a wall, maybe the League relaxes its “no gambling” stance, opening up a whole realm of possibilities. And, most importantly, you get a second opportunity to create a uniquely Vegas brand that speaks to the fans and the sport, instead of a lackluster identity that could be slapped anywhere, in any league, and be “good enough.” It's almost impossible for a rational person to not see the merits of this course, especially since option one risks being forced to do it, anyway, and losing more money, as well as the moral high ground. But no, Foley has indicated, through the whole process, that he lacks the humility or sense to go with a voluntary rebrand. He’d rather risk going to war with the US Army over a brand they tried to discourage him from. Expensive legal battles are proven to be the fastest way to kill a franchise, in this league, especially in non-traditional markets. Foley, however, wants to risk setting himself on the path that the Thrashers walked, and the Hurricanes appear to currently be on, all over a pet name that the citizens of Las Vegas never wanted. Many saw the city as unworthy, especially compared to Quebec, but Foley has turned the Las Vegas hockey community into a laughing stock, without having to even take to the ice. I'd be impressed, if I wasn't so disgusted.
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    I'm gonna go ahead and post today's team, the Baltimore Sith! Uniforms -These colors are about as evil as you can get. They also meshed well with the colors for the Maryland flag, so this I felt was a proper choice. -The main hat & sleeve patch logo is the Sith organization logo. I tried putting an 'S' over it to make it look more like a baseball logo, but it looked pretty horrible. -The font is one called "Lord of the Sith" that I found online. I felt it was pretty fitting. -The away is an anthracite gray, mostly because I felt regular gray didn't look good and there weren't any other colors I could find that would work. -Spoiler alert if you haven't seen any of the trailers for Rogue One: Darth Vader is in the movie. I felt the most iconic villain in cinema history deserved his own alternate uniform. The piping on the sleeves is red/white/red to mimic his famous red lightsaber. -I don't believe there were any real Sith in The Force Awakens, as Vader and Palpatine were the last two and ended their reign in Return of the Jedi. That's all for today, any comments/criticisms on the teams so far are welcome!
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    The all-black Raven's uniform is horrific. Those ridiculous black yoga pants, when worn with black socks, have the amazing ability to make anyone wearing them look like a complete idiot. The only worse look is when they pair them up with a white jersey, which makes all the players look like numbnut steroid freaks who only exercise their upper bodies and leave tiny undeveloped sticks poking out down below. Of course, this is only my opinion, but since I was able to state it without emojis, and without ever once using the word "fire", I think it's a pretty solid opinion.
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    Your thread title says 'when'; the article says 'if'. There's a significant difference in implication there. --- I like UCLA's colors. Powder blue and old gold.
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    I love the name Chargers. If they want a new logo that's fine. I wouldn't mind if they went back to the old Horse logo they had when they were originally the LA Chargers. But not the name. Come on now. I swear if they change the name I'm going to be so mad I'll...ummm..I'll. ... I know. I'll randomly attack any blimp that I see. There that would get my point across.
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    No, because there hasn't been anything posted that even confirms that they're considering it. In this day and age where everyone is a "journalist" and everyone has a medium, anyone can "report" anything without being held to the standard of confirming it and/or citations. The thread title could just be "something someone typed about the Chargers." Barring a quote from someone legitimately affiliated with the team, or maybe even someone who's just really close (like a beat reporter), there's no news to discuss.
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    Thanks - was going to ask the same thing. B/R doesn't count in my mind.
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    What's the source of this "report"?
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    I hadn't thought about that! Nice idea. Just for that, I made this for you mgdmhl
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    Last thanksgiving, I spent the wee hours of the morning coming up with a logo. The logo had been in my head for a few days, and it was a Virginia Tech logo of a turkey incorporating the shape of Virginia. Made it, got a couple of likes, and that was it. I saw it the other day and thought it was cool, so I tweeted it back out. It was really well received and a few people told me I need to make more. That's what I did! I made the California one a few weeks ago, and the Tennessee one today. They feel like Nike shirts to me, so I'm calling this the Nike State Mascot Series Feel free to suggest some if you have an idea!
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    That's why you change your uniforms. Ditching 57 years of Chargers history (even though most of it came in San Diego) is a step too far in my book. Of course, I've gathered that Dean Spanos isn't too bright...
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    Can't wait for that Omaha/Des Moines rivalry on Thursday Night Football!
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    I get it, to a point. Though I would argue that a brand with as much history as the Chargers' does, in the country's most popular league, won't be a millstone around the team's neck when it comes to drawing fans. Still doesn't change my perspective though. Hey Arizona Cardinals. What's up?
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    Because the quality of replicas nowadays is :censored:.
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    Hartford was 1998, a year prior it was Providence's effort. http://www.bostonmagazine.com/news/blog/2016/01/28/cianci-menino-patriots/ http://wpri.com/2015/09/10/how-the-patriots-almost-moved-to-providence/
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    Worked up a quick Spring Training/Hot weather alternate to go with my revised black/white Chi Sox concept. Since the Sox seem intent on using the 83 logo for something, might as well apply it as a contrasting alternate in the vein NHL teams use old logos for fauxback alts.
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    He probably looked at a map of Texas, didn't see Seattle on it and called it a day. Sports guys can be pretty insular here, just like the rest of the media.
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    I think the feeling would be nearly universal. The Cosmos brand is like Ebola for soccer leagues at this point. It's a death sentence.
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    This is why it seems to make sense to keep the name and branding the same to me. Sure, some San Diego natives will be upset, but it's going to be the logical team to follow. And as much as I hate the Browns deal, the one thing that made it OK(ish) was the guarantee that Cleveland would be getting a team again. I really, really, don't want to see the Chargers history go dormant without a guaranteed return. I tend to doubt San Diego will get another team. And if they do, will be be another relocated team (e.g., Jacksonville) that will have its history die?
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    There's over 20 million people in Southern California. I wouldn't say it's a small region.
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    This is what Jake Ryan's helmet looked like after today's below zero wind chill game...pic from his twitter.
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    Where's the petition I can sign to make the "Battle Red" jerseys the Texans permanent home jersey?
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    I'd rather have the Metrostars back.
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    Ok, I'm going to revive this series for a while, with the Coyotes in the style of the Panthers. Yeah, the Panthers' style has been done many times over, but I created a full identity package for the 'Yotes.
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