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    I don't think the Texans have a bad brand.
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    I actually like these Bucs uniforms
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    The Chargers should keep they're brand and just go full powder-blue jersey/white pants as the home. Yellow pants as a road options, yes please. Instead were going to see the Angeles Starry Knights or something stupid.
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    At this point, there is no course of action that Bill Foley can take and call a win. Staying the course, by committing to the current branding, runs the risk of being publicly dragged to court by the institution he so adamantly claims to be trying to honor. Not only is that potentially expensive, but it is embarrassing, to the franchise, the owner, the league, and (most importantly) the fans. When it’s all said and done, you may find yourself in a situation where you are going to be legally required to change. Foley claims to be confident that his branding will hold up, but based on the USPTO’s interpretation of the trademark setting the tone for the entire proceeding, any IP lawyer retained by Foley who isn’t at least a little worried is a fool. Even if the Golden Knights branding overcomes the obstacles, and wins the Sacred Rose and Army jousts (or if the Army decides not to legally press the issue), The brand will forever be linked to this debacle. No matter what, you will be known at the identity that was rebuffed by the entity it tried to honor, and publicly seen as having ripped off one of the oldest institutions in the nation. To top it off, it’s an identity whose reception has been lukewarm, at best, and fares even worse, among the Las Vegas population. Let’s say Foley decides to rebrand. Yes, he loses millions invested into the Vegas Golden Knights brand. Yes, the move will be embarrassing, and yes, it will be seen as admitting you were wrong, by Foley, but what is gained? You get to say that you made the change on your own terms, rather than risk a judge mandating the move. You get to indicate to your fans that the franchise, and the fanbase, matters enough to set your prized “Knights” identity aside, in order to pave a more stable future. With their backs against a wall, maybe the League relaxes its “no gambling” stance, opening up a whole realm of possibilities. And, most importantly, you get a second opportunity to create a uniquely Vegas brand that speaks to the fans and the sport, instead of a lackluster identity that could be slapped anywhere, in any league, and be “good enough.” It's almost impossible for a rational person to not see the merits of this course, especially since option one risks being forced to do it, anyway, and losing more money, as well as the moral high ground. But no, Foley has indicated, through the whole process, that he lacks the humility or sense to go with a voluntary rebrand. He’d rather risk going to war with the US Army over a brand they tried to discourage him from. Expensive legal battles are proven to be the fastest way to kill a franchise, in this league, especially in non-traditional markets. Foley, however, wants to risk setting himself on the path that the Thrashers walked, and the Hurricanes appear to currently be on, all over a pet name that the citizens of Las Vegas never wanted. Many saw the city as unworthy, especially compared to Quebec, but Foley has turned the Las Vegas hockey community into a laughing stock, without having to even take to the ice. I'd be impressed, if I wasn't so disgusted.
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    I love the name Chargers. If they want a new logo that's fine. I wouldn't mind if they went back to the old Horse logo they had when they were originally the LA Chargers. But not the name. Come on now. I swear if they change the name I'm going to be so mad I'll...ummm..I'll. ... I know. I'll randomly attack any blimp that I see. There that would get my point across.
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    Last thanksgiving, I spent the wee hours of the morning coming up with a logo. The logo had been in my head for a few days, and it was a Virginia Tech logo of a turkey incorporating the shape of Virginia. Made it, got a couple of likes, and that was it. I saw it the other day and thought it was cool, so I tweeted it back out. It was really well received and a few people told me I need to make more. That's what I did! I made the California one a few weeks ago, and the Tennessee one today. They feel like Nike shirts to me, so I'm calling this the Nike State Mascot Series Feel free to suggest some if you have an idea!
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    I get it, to a point. Though I would argue that a brand with as much history as the Chargers' does, in the country's most popular league, won't be a millstone around the team's neck when it comes to drawing fans. Still doesn't change my perspective though. Hey Arizona Cardinals. What's up?
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    The Vikings of the AFC? I know their fanbase's pain. If they do rebrand, then obviously, your point to my post was right; there won't be enough San Diegans(?) that would still follow the team. Counter-intuitive to me, but what do I know? As an outsider, I hope they don't rebrand. I like the Chargers brand and I fear the history-swapping potential. And the potential for a terrible identity. I also question whether LA really needs two teams, particuarl when the Rams, LA's old team, are in town. I feel like a second team would at best be the Clippers of football.
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    Because the quality of replicas nowadays is :censored:.
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    They black jerseys are great when worn with white pants. The black pants need to be set ablaze to or get a stripe on them and purple socks to wear with them.
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    This is why it seems to make sense to keep the name and branding the same to me. Sure, some San Diego natives will be upset, but it's going to be the logical team to follow. And as much as I hate the Browns deal, the one thing that made it OK(ish) was the guarantee that Cleveland would be getting a team again. I really, really, don't want to see the Chargers history go dormant without a guaranteed return. I tend to doubt San Diego will get another team. And if they do, will be be another relocated team (e.g., Jacksonville) that will have its history die?
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    Better to be a participant than a viewer.
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    If only. I'd welcome the move, but evidence seems to point to things remaining the way they are. But if the Titans were to use Oilers throwbacks or go back to a more Oilers-inspired uniform set/pallette (i.e., less navy blue and more red), it's good enough for me. But as far as the Chargers go, I wish I could usurp Dean Spanos from Chargers ownership and keep the team there. Each decision during this whole relocation debacle--from the inaction to do anything in the 2000s (best summed up by @Ice_Cap's question "If Los Angeles has been so important to you, why didn't you just move there first?"), to being unwilling to comprimise with the city of San Diego to failing basic consumer math (abandoning the 75% in San Diego for that precious 25% in Los Angeles), to complaining about the Rams moving back into your territory after abandoning it over 20 years, to teaming up with the other team that abandoned Los Angeles at the same time as the Rams, to be willing to sacrifice either the history of your team or said other team as charter AFL members by swapping conferences and/or renaming yourself, to become the Los Angeles Clippers of football (a rather succinct parallel), to be "considering" abandoning your team identity anyways--has essentially managed to top the previous in terms of ineptitude in the way only the Spanos can do. At least Art Modell and Bud Adams didn't leave Cleveland and Houston, respectively, to be Team #2 in Baltimore and Nashville. I'd rather have them keep the Chargers moniker in the event of an LA move, given that they're still in the greater region and they'd be going back to their original city. If they want to differentiate themselves from the Rams and from their San Diego days, perhaps they can pick a new color palette or tweak the current one. For some reason something primarily red or deep orange and slate gray came to my mind (very random, I know), or just replacing yellow with orange or red.
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    I'd rather have the Metrostars back.
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    ...and only slightly less bad for you than cigarettes.
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    That's just making me feel more old.
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    I'm a lifelong born and raised San Diego Charger fan. Hate to see them leave. But if they asked my opinion on the move to LA I'd say: 1. Keep the name 2. Re-brand. Emphasize that you are Los Angels, maybe even more than Chargers. Look at the retro Los Angeles Chargers shield logo. 3. Explore other possible colors that may resonate more with LA, but don't immediately ditch the existing colors. New colors should be better. If not, keep the existing. Key, to me, is to show that you are not the San Diego Chargers playing in Los Angeles (ie. Rams), but you are the LOS ANGELES Chargers. The biggest mistake the Rams made, and one that has left the door open for the Chargers, is them sticking to the St. Louis look. That could really hurt them and already has this season.
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    Great thread. I love field designs. Great job!
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    As someone who actually fits all the criteria Canada is looking for, to immigrate there, I do find myself occasionally tempted.
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    Maybe use an example that matches because those two helmets look nothing alike. The giant logo is my favorite part. It makes up for the lack of stripe, where most stripeless helmets bore me. I also agree that the Bucs jerseys are not that bad. In fact, I'd say they are good with a couple changes away from great. AND a solid upgrade from the previous set. The old jersey was boring and I find the old pewter ugly. The worst part of the old set, the alternate logo on the sleeves, remains unfortunately.
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    Right, but the red cross flag has been the symbol of the city since the 10th century. Tough to tell but it could actually be older than the English flag. Crazy.
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    Most all of them are pretty set right now, although I'd be open to suggestions.
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    I mean, the closest thing is the Phillies, which is even more redundant. But it really doesn't bother me. Houston Texans (and Philadelphia Phillies) sounds good, have good logos/brands. I think it's fine.
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    Notice his "solution" is "promotion/relegation"? Now how to execute it, now how much it would cost, not acknowledging that there are 3 (I'm including NASL in this) different companies/leagues that would need to somehow work together. Also, why don't you ask every team that's joined the league since Seattle how they'd feel about paying the expansion fee but then suddenly, with pro/rel, another team just gets in, no fee? Also he says: "Here’s what probably happened: MLS teams did well in seven or eight cities that are soccer strongholds or where other sports teams stink." Really? Explain Seattle? Let me guess, that's just one of the strongholds? Convenient .......I wasn't going to do this, lol.
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    Need to give Dalvin Cook a different number with the Packers. Give him 26 or 27, they aren't retired and no one on the team currently uses those numbers.
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    Very solid series you've got going here -- great work! Most teams are a little too conservative for my own personal taste, but all are well-executed and very consistent with each team's respective identity/branding. Golden State is a subtle, yet tremendous upgrade, Utah is a much needed makeover with an excellent overhaul back to the purple from the '90s, and I think Portland is something similar to what we may see with their upcoming update once Nike takes over. Thanks for sharing....can't wait to see what else you come up with!
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    I feel like the Ravens are one of the only teams in the league that can and SHOULD have black uniform alternates.
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    I guess everything old is new again. The first thing I thought of when I saw these was the 1974 WFL Florida Blazers.
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    Sorry in to interrupt the yakball knockoffs and the Star Wars sports association for these concepts. No promises that I'll have something new for you tomorrow.
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    I'm not entirely clear on what the issue is. Yes, the alarm clock numbers are silly and the pewter seems excessive but those are hardly dealbreakers.
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    I think San Diego wants to keep the name and history for themselves...I also think this gives them a chance at a new fan base. More people would get on board with a hip new team especially because the rams suck. A lot of young people 25 and younger have no connection with the Rams.
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    Yeah, thanks to you and Admiral. Hadn't seen actual stadium plans dunno why I thought Providence, other than thinking Foxboro is closer to it than Boston, or atleast close
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    I like it! White shirt + light blue shorts is a combo I've liked since a Man City third in 2006(?) that I always used when playing FIFA. The vertical stripe keeps it interesting and makes sense for Philly. My only curiosity is I wonder how it'd look if you swapped the gold and navy on the side stripes and the numbers.
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    Although it would stink to lose the Chargers brand from the NFL, I like this from the standpoint of new city new team. Start fresh.
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    Dude, that sucks so much. I was really digging this series (in spite of that dam n UA logo). I look forward to seeing your work when you return. I know for sure @coco1997 and I will be looking forward to it...and I'm sure a lot of others as well.
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    Ravens have had 4 different fields this year. Black backing with white lettering Purple backing with gold lettering Green backing with white lettering Green backing with no lettering
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    You can get a 100 percent authentic, brand new with tags, Tavares Islanders navy Edge jersey for $110 on eBay right now. You can also find replicas, some in current styles, for as low as $40 brand new. Just because the price is printed on the tag doesn't mean you have to pay it.
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    I don't really drink, but if I did, I suppose I would love Jagermeister. I'm one of the few people wired to absolutely love anise/licorice/fennel.
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    Hey Jets, you've got some pass-protection problems....
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    Remember how the 2000 Rams had the new colors and uniforms but still used block numbers? Yeah, do that again. More or less take that uniform and make it royal blue and athletic gold.
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    I smell alot of Blues-ish influence on the Angels
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    People don't have ankles and feet from the front?
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    Wow, the old logo still looks so much better. What a downgrade.
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