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    While I haven't lived in Washington or Baltimore, I fully understand that they are separate cities, and that they are separated by much more than the 40 miles between them. I have visited each city on multiple occasions to explore it by bike. (Washington is a superb bicycling city, by the way!) And I once rode my bike all the way from New York to Washington, spending a day in Baltimore on the way. Anyway, the point is that a team in a major league typically has a huge catchment area, sometimes with a radius of hundreds of miles. You can find people who consider the St. Louis Cardinals or the Dallas Cowboys their home team (note: not just their favourite team, but their home team), yet who live far in excess of 100 miles away from those teams' parks. For Washington to have a Major League Baseball team again is very nice; but, if it didn't have a team, then that city would fall firmly within the Baltimore team's territory. And, likewise, when Baltimore doesn't have a team in any given league, that city is in the zone of the Washington team. In that particular area, this holds true for leagues of all sizes. Consider the MLL's Chesapeake Bayhawks (formerly both Baltimore Bayhawks and Washington Bayhawks), which is the home team for both cities and for every place in between. Honourable mention goes to the USFL's Baltimore Stars: having arrived from Philadelphia and being unable to find a place to play in Baltimore, this team played its home games just outside Washington in College Park; and its ownership saw no need to call the team anything but "Baltimore". Again, this does not mean that anyone thinks that Washington and Baltimore are the same culturally or any other way. It only reflects the fact that the two cities sit geographically close to one another. This is so wrong it's almost offensive. While no fans like to lose a team, the relocated team's act of retaining the name and uniforms pays a great homage to that team's history, which is something that the fans must appreciate. The Ravens can erect a statue of Johnny Unitas because he played in that city, and can elect not to give out no. 19; but the Colts honour the retired numbers of Unitas, Art Donovan, and Gino Marchetti. And rightfully so, since that is the team for which those players played. The uniform and name emphasise the team's continuity, and keep the memory of the team's entire history alive. (Example: Indianapolis native David Letterman wore an Art Donovan jersey to celebrate the Colts' appearance in the Super Bowl in 2007.) The Los Angeles Dodgers cemented their awareness of their history when they held a Roy Campanella Day in 1959, and when they proudly displayed their 1955 World Champions banner at their press conferences during that year's World Series. The Dodgers have in recent years worn the B cap several times, and always include the living Brooklyn players in their Old-Timers' Day celebrations. Try to tell Vin Scully that the Dodgers' Brooklyn history should be ignored. Try to tell that to Sandy Koufax. And I pity the fool who tries to tell that to Tommy Lasorda! The San Francisco Giants have never stopped basking in their New York history. Look at the cover of the team's 1983 yearbook. Look at the video that the team put out in 1987, called "A Tale of Two Cities". Look at their outfield wall, which lists John McGraw and Christy Mathewson with the retired numbers, but shows "NY" because those two men go back to before the existence of uniform numbers. Look at the Giants' GM Larry Baer, who issued a replacement 1954 World Series ring to Monte Irvin. Baer has brought the Giants' World Series trophy here to New York after each of the team's three recent wins, each time describing this city as the Giants' "ancestral home" and referring to the team as "the San Francisco, formerly New York, Giants". And under Baer the team contributed to the refurbishment of the John T. Brush Stairway at Coogan's Bluff, an outdoor stairway that once provided access to the Polo Grounds. You want to see the "classiest" move (putting aside this class-conscious proletarian's dislike of that descriptor)? Look at how the Dodgers and Giants treat their histories; that is the correct way to do it. The Chargers should be no less respectful; they should definitely not follow the terrible example of the Browns, a practice which shows a shameful contempt for history.
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    Happy Boxing Day! Here's a bonus Stadium Series concept. 2017 Stadium Series: You might recognize the design of the Flyers jersey, as it's basically just a recoloured version of my "New Look" Flyers concept. The Penguins jersey is based off of an old concept of mine as well, but that concept is from way back in 2013. Also, I hope to get back to my NHL Double Series soon (I already have ideas for a couple of teams).
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    SportChek Dominion Bowl TD Place - Ottawa, Ontario Concordia Stingers (4-4) vs #8 Carleton University Ravens (6-2) Ottawa would be a great bowl location, just based on it's location. I have them lined up to host the 4th best Ontario team and the 3rd best Quebec team. As it so happens, Carleton is from Ottawa, which would be a big draw. Canada has a long history with the word Dominion, so it felt fitting to name the bowl in Ottawa that. I just wasn't in love with the "Capital" bowl theme originally when we were brainstorming. The game is sponsored by the Canadian sports wear store SportChek -- I wanted to emulate the red check on the SportChek logo, so I wrapped it around the white base. I did my best to match the font on the SportChek, then put a maple leaf inside the O.
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    As dumb as I think the whole Chargers to LA thing is I'm curious to see what a new logo would look like. Not a full rebrand, but a new logo. I'd like to see the horse logo modernized with an Art Deco flare. Screams LA. That aside the Chargers belong in SD. Spanos is greatly overestimating his footprint in LA. Being from there I can't count on one hand how many Chargers fans I know. Despite being in the same state and only a short drive away (not considering traffic on the various cluster:censored:s of freeways between the two cities) they couldn't be further apart. This is so dumb. I don't know why Spanos thought he had such a claim to LA. The city damn sure wouldn't claim the Chargers. It's one thing to want to keep the Rams out, but then to say screw it and move there AFTER the Rams already came back is idiotic. You lost man. Just take the L, pay for a building in SD, and try to be THE team in SoCal.
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    I would really like to sit down and have an honest talk with whomever makes this decision within the organization. Get a real, candid, honest answer as to why they want navy/white vs navy/yellow or navy/orange or brown/yellow or brown/orange. Truly perplexing.
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    I was browsing the logo section of the site and came across some logos from the OHL. I struck some inspiration when I saw the North Bay Battalion. I felt like it'd be a cool identity to redesign. The old logo here, Just felt too cartoonistic for my taste and I thought it could be made into a much stronger mark. So without further ado, here is my attempt at a full identity package for the battalion. Few things to point out here: -I kept their main mascot, "Sarge" while updating him a bit. His face was perhaps the thing I refined the most. I wanted him to appear more stern and dignified. The other logo is just cheesy. -I got rid of the shield, simply because I didn't think it fit here. I decided a shirt collar would work better. -I got rid of the black (I really do not like black do I ?) and replaced it with a brown. I thought it worked better with the military theme. Kept the rest of the colors the same. -I tried to keep the wordmark similar to the original, but giving it my own style. I really like how it turned out, considering I mostly suck at wordmarks. - The alternate logo is pretty self explanatory. So what do you think? Feedback is always welcome! I think I might do the Sudbury Wolves next; team suggestions are welcome. Should I do jerseys or not? Let me know!
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    Yes @ZionEagle the logo does look better. I'm liking the uniforms for this! Keep up the good work!
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    Thanks a ton, I'll have to add Orlando to my design list. They are definitely a club that needs something different. Thanks, I think you could be on to something there. Black shorts with maybe the wing pattern on the socks would look pretty cool.
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    Great job! I'd just turn one of the brown stripes on the light jersey to green to balance out the home (with presumably brown pants), as well as with the cuffs.
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    I meant to post this earlier, but I made up some holiday jerseys for the three major holidays around this time. First up is the Hanukkah jersey! Happy Hanukkah to all those who celebrate! Christmas jersey coming tomorrow, Kwanzaa jersey coming on the 26th! Happy Holidays to all!
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    As much as fans want, it won't happen. Best to keep moving forward with a clear, concise design.
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    A ball pump needle, just don't mash it in too far, or you'll risk puncturing the air bladders (pads).. Put the needle in until you hear air coming out, then put the helmet on to force as much air out as possible
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    Vancouver Lumberjacks The Lumberjacks unveiled their brand new identity as the first team outside of the original 1974 league (although playing in the original conf.), an identity where wood and plaid play a main role. Instead of a proper striping, the team went with a futuristic plaid pattern hinting to lumberjack shirts. The secondary logo, featured on the pant side and visible on the scarf, was designed to make the ball inside the capital V look like a pine cone. The color scheme was originally with red instead of green with the last one just as accent but due to the already high concentration of red in future canadian concepts I decided to remove red from the color scheme. Lumberjacks colors are officially Bark Brown, Evergreen and Light Wood. The scarf motto mocks Vancouver proper motto, "By Sea, land and Air We Prosper". The font used is Conrad's Phoenix Coyotes.
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    Oh true, I honestly didn't even think of that. Nice. Anyway, moving on to today's team, the Detroit Droids! Uniforms -I thought the name made sense for Detroit since they are a big manufacturing city (albeit for vehicles, which are about the closest thing we have to droids), and the city and name sound pretty similar. -The main colors are royal blue and yellow based off of the two most iconic droids in all of Star Wars, C-3PO and R2-D2. -The striping is based off of different patterns seen on R2, specifically on his head, which I thought translated well to a baseball jersey. -This set has the most variations of uniform elements of any team thus far, which makes sense considering the various types of droids within the Star Wars universe. -Subtle thing, but the yellow alternate is paired with gray pants in the example because of C-3PO's mismatched silver leg in A New Hope. -The Force Awakens alternate is based on none other than the adorable, fan-favorite droid that is BB-8. -The Rogue One alternate is based on the witty droid K-2SO, who is certainly a scene-stealer in the new movie. C&C is greatly appreciated!
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    Those are phenomenal! I honestly wouldn't change a thing
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    The swinging Friar makes too much sense for them to go to...SMH
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    Well, here they are! My Logos for the North Carolina Nexus. I'll have a stadium logo coming soon, which I will design digitally, but if someone could make my four logos digital in the meantime it would be much appreciated. The red is kinda light in my hand drawn logos, so if the digital version could make them a little darker, like about the Arizona Cardinals red that would be great. And the pencil shading is supposed to be black as well. I understand that this is kind of a big request, but it would be amazing if someone would be willing to do it for me. Here is the primary logo. I simply drew the head of the nexu, so it's fairly straightforward. Next up is the secondary logo. It's the letters NC because of North Carolina, interlocked in a modern way. I toyed around with this one for a while to get it to actually look like the letters NC, but I'm pleased with where I ended up. Next, the tertiary logo. This one won't be used much, but it may make an appearance on some alternate jerseys. It's a nexu paw print, and it's a pretty unique shape. And finally, the word mark. I wanted it to look modern and sleek, yet still pointy as a tribute to the large amounts of teeth the nexu has. That's all from me for now, but I will have a digital stadium logo soon. C&C would be appreciated, and I will try to make whatever changes I can. It's kind of hard because I hand drawn and colored it already, but I'll do my best! Thanks for looking.
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    The orange stripe might be a slight detail that I love. It really makes this shirt great for me.
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    It looks like a custom facemask thats the only thing.
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    So.. You didn't create this logo, all you did was recolor it? And you really should credit the designer of the logo@mattwillcox, that's his logo. Not trying to be mean, but you didn't design it or tweak it, from what it seems.
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    That brings me to my next question: How does the Rx play with the locals?
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    Very good look, but a small nitpick, NASCAR just updated its logo: http://news.sportslogos.net/2016/12/19/nascar-unveils-first-new-logo-in-four-decades-monster-energy-series/
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    Plus Durant fell on his ass at the end of the game. Nice one.
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    Sorry for that extreme hiatus, but hey I'm posting! It's a Christmas miracle! Anyways... RACING CLUB DAYTONA DAYTONA BEACH Founded: 1955 Championships: 2 Kits By: Under Armour Sponsor: NASCAR Derbies: Rockets, San Agustín Crest: Yellow and checkered flag in roundel Home: Black with sublimated checkered Away: White with yellow and checkered stripe across
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    First the Cubs, now Cleveland? Do you not like happiness?
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    Steelers uniforms look beautiful. Only nitpick is they should have changed the numbers on the front of the helmet to block font instead of keeping the regular number font. A Broncos-Steelers Color Rush matchup would have been beautiful.
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    As long as the season doesn't start today, we're goodactually working on drawing the logos as we speak so they will definitely be done by tomorrow. As it's Christmas today, I'm busy with family so they won't be on the site today. Merry Christmas to everybody!
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    So, some of those later ones are pure custom creations, probably by Thomas himself. Most of the shells are Sportmask brand. Peruse their website and you can see their offerings, right now they have the original Mage (not pictured up there) and the Mage RS (Bruins Cup era) in production. Not familiar with what he's wearing in the white jersey Dallas pic. Our store is one of their dealers, if you are serious about getting one I can PM you more info. Our info is on their website along with others.
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    I enjoyed the grey fan jerseys from a few years back
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    The Chargers brand is not irreparably damaged because they lost a game to Cleveland, you drama queens.
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    Edwin Encarncacion playing for the other Ohio team in two different numbers. Also, he's probably more known for the number 10 he wore for the Blue Jays, but the guy also wore number 7 and 12.
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    The Revs logo kinda reeks of mid-90's Film Production logo, BUT I do think if they sharpened it up and filled up the paint strokes, it would be pretty solid.
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    Double points for the white-on-white Chargers look
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    since we've seen a few fat former Eagles recently, I give to you (for probably the 15th time in this thread) Refrigerator Perry.
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    I really wish "Concepts" wasn't cluttered up with simulations (simulated games, simulated statistics, simulated tournaments, simulated whatever with no new concepts) and with fantasy leagues listing team names but no logo concepts (until maybe 10 plus posts).
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    Jim Everett with the San Diego Chargers in his final year as a QB- 1997. The only time he played for a team outside the NFC West (11 years with the Rams/Saints)
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    The Giants' road uniform is their best uniform. The "ny," no blue, Northwestern stripes, and association with two championship-winning teams make it a really classic look: The fact that there's no red on the home jersey, yet no blue on the road jersey is a nice quirk. It evokes the vintage character of the franchise, much in the same way that the Canadiens' mismatched red and white sweaters do in the NHL. "Big blue" still works at home, and the blue helmet gives it a small presence on the road uniform. The LT-era look is generic trash.
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    Tonight was one of the ugliest NBA uniform matchups I have ever seen, possibly THE ugliest NBA matchup I have ever seen in my 20+ years of watching: Boston in their gray sleeved alternates at Indiana in their "Hickory" uniforms. Not only the ugliest, but possibly the most unnecessary and incongruous, which just adds to the actual ugliness.
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    That first Padres pic with the burlap is absolutely PERFECT.
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    I like the color combo but not for the Chargers and not for a team in Los Angeles. Too close to smog.
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    What's worse if you are a diehard Chargers fan: your team relocating 2 hours north or your team not existing at all?
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    That's part of why I think it's so important for MLB/NBA/NHL. The Vikings stadium almost ended up in the northern suburbs, which is quite a haul from the southern suburbs. That's probably far more prohibitive for a Wednesday night NBA game than it is for a Sunday NFL game. OK, they play NFL games on Thursdays and Mondays, but since these games are "events" I think even those games would be OK. The other events you referenced are probably primarily weekend events and a suburban location would probably deter (some percent) of folks on the other side of town. All else equal, I prefer downtown, even for NFL for some of what you've said above, particularly with indoor facilities. But when cost of land becomes an issue, I certainly would let the NFL go to the suburbs before the others. Speaking of parking, even if I drove to games in the Twin Cities, the parking situation is a huge advantage downtown. Maybe not for the boat show when people are coming and going on their own, but for a game, no doubt. Getting out of, say, Miller Park is miserable. I always find it funny when people cite parking as an advantage to suburan stadium/arena location.
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    San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland are all one giant city? I get that it makes up a giant metropolitan area, but they are SEPARATE cities themselves, not suburbs or anything else. I get your argument- I really do, but it's not the point of this thread.
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    I'm surprised minor league teams haven't started wearing ads on their jerseys yet. Minor league hockey teams do, I figure baseball will as well within the next 3 years.
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    Nice thanks for your service and how much does the tuba weigh
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    Because we all remember RG3 as a Redskins bust, not a Browns wash-up...
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