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    Let me know how it turns out, because NBCSN's busy running a marathon of "Poker After Dark" reruns Saturday night.
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    The Broncos should of stayed with navy as the primary Jersey instead of orange and should wear navy pants on the road instead of white.
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    Next up is the logos for the Las Vegas Venom. I went with a scorpion theme for this desert city and I wanted a unique name to go with it. I think that Venom just sounds cool and is a lot more exciting than just calling them the scorpions. The colors are sand,orange and black and the secondary and wordmark are also scorpion themed.
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    I couldn't disagree any more. The D is ok as an alt logo, but the horse head is VASTLY superior to the D. Honestly, the Broncos really aren't that far away from looking totally iconic. If they brought back the navy jersey as the full time home, tweaked the side stripes just a bit, and added just a bit more red to their orange (The color rush set seems to do this), they'd be perfect.
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    As a Jaguar fan, I pushed him far out of my memory.
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    The White Sox's 1990 redesign was a genuine trendsetter, producing two clones (or teams that evolved into clones): Heck, the Rockies and Marlins both got a bit cheeky with their inspirations: The elements of their design also profligated throughout baseball in the 1990's (i.e. re-emphasized pinstripes, block standard font largely replacing Wilson's varsity font, and black/silver accents dominating design): You could argue that there were once many "White Sox clones," but the design cues of that 1990 redesign have faded from popularity. Also, just because I have this damn thing on standby: Doesn't that reduce the White Sox-ness of the design?
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    I personally don't like Michigan with pride stickers on their helmets. With as much space as the maize wings/wolverine stripe takes up, pride stickers just seem unnecessary.
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    I think that's exactly it. The goal being to promote the idea of road tripping to watch games in different parks in either Arizona or Florida. Fans and teams alike traveling by highway to the games.
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    I'm going to take a random guess...they use the highway shield because teams don't fly during spring training.(?) If I have it correct, everything is by bus.
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    After Denver's color rush game my dad asked me to show him what a uniform package based those uniforms would look like. This is what I came up with. First concept I've posted here.
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    Welcome to my new series. I will start with the triple A equivalent and if the series is successful, I will go down to AA. I will be giving each team an affiliate and will be going by projected record. I will also have ad space on the jerseys too. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present my first team The Columbus Flyers metro population: 2,021,632 (2013) TV Market: 32 Stadium: Mapfre Stadium (19,968) Sponsor: Mapfre Afilliate: Browns Uniform Supplier: Under Armour Up Next? Sacramento (49ers)
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    I don't mind short-run dynasties. The Cowboys, Broncos and Bulls of the 90s, the Yankees and Red Wings of the 90s/early 2000s, and even the early 2000s Patriots were fun in their own ways. The problem is those other teams had the decency to bottom out (or at least miss the playoffs some times). The Pats, however, have won their damn division every year but two since 2001. This Patriots run hasn't been seen since, I don't know, the Boston Celtics when there were just six teams. It's an unprecedented run, and sucks if you root for a team they whip twice a year (Bills) or in the Super Bowl (Hawks). Plus they're dirty cheaters, and they even beat their punishment. They're so frustrating. Plus Bill Simmons is an ass about them. Plus Belichick's politics.
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    I don't either. Especially considering how large the stickers are.
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    These look great so far. I live just down the road from West Valley High in Fairbanks; looking forward to seeing what you do for them.
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    AusGiant I think is a good look overall. I can't help but see suburu when I look at those stars. I know you are trying to make sure it works scaled down but in my opinion the four pointed stars don't work that well. In saying that the wallaby looks great. Mean and menacing which I imagine is hard to do for a Wallaby. The ball looks in good proportion, however the ears are giving me a little grief for some reason. I'm not sure if they work with one forward and one back. Thanks for continueing the Aussie vibes here.
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    So maybe something like this? I guess I'm just trying to pack too much into one set; this is much more simplified.
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    Now, for a hopefully less offensive concept, the University of Hawaii. Hawaii's old throwback uniforms are probably the best jerseys in college football history. They're crisp, unique, and have great tradition and history behind them. Their current uniforms are nice too, but I think their old set just stands out more and has more character. I set out to modernize the throwback uniforms for Hawaii to use as their full time set. I wanted to mix some of the current Hawaii logos and elements while mostly readopting the rainbow design. Here is the jersey I came up with. Starting with the helmet, I liked the look of a white helmet for the set but didn't really like the retro UH logo. I had a lot of different designs, but I went with a rainbow design on the bottom similar to the Navy Dress Whites alternate uniform from a few years back, with a Hawaii H logo on the sides. I felt like this represented both sides of the program's history in a pretty modern and unique way. Next, the jersey. I used the shade of green Hawaii currently uses instead of a brighter kelley green. As sleevecaps are becoming more and more popular, I moved the rainbow pattern to the sleeves. The numbers are white in a classic typeface. The pants are a simple white, with a half rainbow stripe design. The socks are green, featuring a rainbow pattern on the back. Overall, the uniform incorporates both modern and retro looks to bring both eras of Hawaii football together. C&C and suggestions for teams to design much appreciated.
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    Much better than your first go at it. I feel like you fixed everything that needed fixing. No complaints here.
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    Sporting Santa Monica Established: 1989 Joined CALPROSOL: 1996 Championships: (2) 1999, 2014 Home Grounds: Tyrell Stadium Kit manufacturer: Adidas Kit Sponsor: Sabre The SaMos are a relatively new franchise, but have already built quite the reputation in CALPROSOL. Just three years after being admitted to the league, they took the California Cup against all odds. Since 2009, they have been perennial contenders but have only achieved one more California Cup to their collection. The Sporting Santa Monica crest is modeled after the famous sign at the Santa Monica Pier. Sporting traditionally wear Blue primary kits with white shorts and blue socks. This year their kits feature heavy gradient themes from Adidas, including their "Sunset" third look complete with some questionable board shorts.
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    If I can finish in the top 3, then I'll consider this a successful regular-season. Buffalo vs. NY Jets New England vs. Miami Jacksonville vs. Indianapolis Houston vs. Tennessee Oakland vs. Denver Kansas City vs. San Diego Baltimore vs. Cincinnati Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh Philadelphia vs. Dallas NY Giants vs. Washington Carolina vs. Tampa Bay New Orleans vs. Atlanta (or as @infrared41 so affectionately phrases it: "The Little Rivalry That Could") Seattle vs. San Francisco Arizona vs. Los Angeles Chicago vs. Minnesota Green Bay vs. Detroit (anyone's guess though)
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    I've said for years that the Palmer Moose should have an antler on the helmet instead of the "P" they currently have, I know a player on the team currently and he agrees. Both my parents went to West back in the day and even when I lived up there, I never heard people call it "Anchorage West" or "Anchorage East", just "West Anchorage" and "East Anchorage". Other than these comments, I think you did an overall good job so far.
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    The D logo simply looks better than the horsehead. But as others have said, I'd be surprised they switched back because of the Super Bowl success with the horsehead logo.
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    Robo horse?? It's just a horse's head. Where do you see any mechanical detail on it??
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    Wow Houston couldn't win with 2 chances at the playoffs this year, it's understandable though I would be pretty beat up in the second game in two days. (I know you meant Miami for one of the games)
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    On the wordmark I think only the tail coming from the M needs to be there. Having 2 fails is counter productive because I believe scorpions have only 1 tail. The primary is great, but I keep getting a secondary vibe from it. Either way great job, can't wait for jerseys
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    Doubtful considering I-10 is only in the panhandle where no teams play
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    Yes, I purposefully used different collars purely for variations sake. As much as I love a v-neck I didn't want my designs to become repetitive I tried the grey kit using the blue from the white originally, but I thought that as a spectator seeing the game from a height the kits might look a bit too similar, so as you said it was for more variation from the home kit and for more contrast with the grey Now that you point that out, you have a good point. I might reduce the stripes to just one so there is still something to break up the light blue.
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    I saw the strangest thing at JC Penny in Rosedale (Roseville, MN just north of St. Paul) a few days ago. Alongside all the local sports gear (Vikings, Packers,* Twins, Wild, T-Wolves, Gophers) were about 15 Vonn Miller orange replica Broncos jerseys. I'd highly doubt that has anything to do with any possible change but it struck me as odd at the time and this post reminded me of that. You rarely see random team stuff at a store like that. *Yeah. Anywhere that sells local teams sells the Packers.
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    I know we've seen all our success with Robohorse, but I wish they'd bring back the D. Hopefully we don't get anything like the Browns and get something similar to the color rush.
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    My complaint so far. Is if its a fantasy league . Don't use historical team names.
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    i really liked the concept though Sorry, my phone's been going crazy again
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    Northwestern looked good as they have all year.Pittsburgh on the other hand....
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    Welcome to following the Chargers... They're a contender for most poorly managed sports team in North America. Top 3 for sure. Their ownership is short sighted, cheap, completely out of tune with their market, delusional, has no clue how to win (on or off field), and frankly if they did nothing it would be an improvement over their current management scheme.
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    They've been talking about this for years. People within our athletic department first said shortly after the uniforms were released in 2013 that they were absolutely coming the second year of this template (2014). Then, 2014 rolled around and the story had changed that it was hard for Nike to manufacturer the shiny silver and still use the advanced and lightweight materials. That's why you see teams like the Cowboys and Raiders with shiny silver pants but they are the old style, heavy materials. Slowly, the story just went away. I'll believe it when I see it. Personally, I'm indifferent to whether they have a sheen or not. My gripe with the current pants is they are too light of a gray. They almost just look dirty. Darken them a shade or two, and I'd be perfectly happy with that, even if they weren't shiny. I'm pretty sure the "silver britches" they wore during the Herschel Walker era when they first became popular were just matte gray.
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    This is pretty clever, and somewhat better than replica shorts because I like having pockets in athletic shorts. I'd probably buy a pair of these boxers (or more), and it'd be cool if they did throwback shorts too. Just need some breakaway pants to make trips to the men's room worthwhile...
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    I hope to all that's holy that you are wrong on almost all of these.
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    Speaking of the Steelers, I love the rounded numbers and think they look immensely better than the old block ones.
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    This is like saying Lebron tearing the sleeves of his jersey makes it unauthentic
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    I'm kinda surprised Pitt didn't go navy/white/white...Yankee Stadium and all...
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    And they did an even better impression than ASU themselves do!
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    Just finished this commission for someone... I think it was a Christmas present for a wife/GF...
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    I have spent the past few days listening to and watching broadcasts of baseball games from the 1930s through to the 1980s. While I was looking around on YouTube, I came across this, a telecast of an International League game between Syracuse and Columbus from 1992. Beautiful! This is exactly what a minor-league baseball game should look like -- anyone can see at a glance that it's a Blue Jays affiliate against a Yankees affiliate. (The block numbers on the Columbus uniforms don't look as good as varsity numbers would. But the uniform as a whole clearly succeeds in conveying the look of the Yankees.) And this broadcast further demonstrates that the Syracuse Chiefs of that period were the best-dressed minor-league team of all time. A couple of years later, upon the switch to button-downs and belts, they would achieve perfection. I really cannot praise these Syracuse uniforms enough. Not only are they beautiful in their own right, but they also demonstrate an important design principle, namely, the importance of looking like the organisation that you represent. Finally, uniforms such as these allow players to look like professionals, and to present themselves with dignity.
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    They honestly have one of the best logos in the league. That's not being a homer- it's just a solid logo. No change needed other than removal of black.
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    At the request of a few users, I have decided to make my soccer template public, so here it is! This template you can print out as you so desire! Here's how this template works: First, each team takes up a half-sheet of paper, so that two teams and four jerseys can fit on a single full sheet of paperThe middle of the jerseys are purposely left blank on the template, as I draw the trim, piping, etc. myself, custom to each teamThe blank space on the upper left corner is for the team name and crestThe top right has spaces for the kit supplier and sponsorIt's not too complicated of a template, and I look forward to what the concept community does with it! Enjoy! ~ Daryl EDIT: This is my 1,000th post!
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