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    I'm back with another rebrand! (I just can't give up can I?) This time, I was looking at college logos on the site and come across the atrocity of an identity. You guessed it, the Wofford Terriers caught my eye. It's utterly pathetic that a Division I college can't even manage to have a logo that looks better than your average clip art drawing. So I endeavored to tackle the design challenge before me and update the Terriers. I plan on doing jerseys eventually. To start, I redid the college logo. I used Edmond Sans bold as a base for the font, but I edited it to give the vibe of the original. As for the new logo, I essentially just improved on the anatomy of the terrier. You'll also notice I swapped the colors on the collar. This is my favorite logo of the package. I considered making it the primary, but I'm not really sure. C&C always appreciated!
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    it sickens me in a way that people know the marketing names of templates. Nike has won. I get that it started (I think) with Edge, but that was more of a "system" comprised of several templates and a new material / cut.
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    It's amazing how aggressive baseball teams are with their own fans who don't like their crappy jerseys.
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    Take an economics class, learn just the basics of supply and demand and you will see why. All you are thinking about is costs of goods sold, not about trying to get the most profit out of them because they know people will pay for them because of the value the consumer puts to the item.
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    Here is the complete package for Las Vegas. The wordmark logo has been changed with only one tail. I personally preferred it on the V instead of the M. The colors on the team league logo has also had it's colors changed. The jerseys are a pretty modern and sharp design and I think that they go well with the logos. I went with a sand jersey for the away jersey because I think that this would st this team apart and it fits the desert theme. The third jersey is a recolor of the main set but uses only orange and black for a neat looking two color uniform. and here is the court
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    Why do people want the Broncos to be a primarily navy team? NFL has a plethora of navy teams. If I counted correctly, there are 8 teams with navy as its primary color. The Broncos should own the orange.
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    The White Sox's 1990 redesign was a genuine trendsetter, producing two clones (or teams that evolved into clones): Heck, the Rockies and Marlins both got a bit cheeky with their inspirations: The elements of their design also profligated throughout baseball in the 1990's (i.e. re-emphasized pinstripes, block standard font largely replacing Wilson's varsity font, and black/silver accents dominating design): You could argue that there were once many "White Sox clones," but the design cues of that 1990 redesign have faded from popularity. Also, just because I have this damn thing on standby: Doesn't that reduce the White Sox-ness of the design?
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    Yeah, this. The jerseys are that expensive because that's what the market will bear. The mere presence of counterfeiters doesn't signify much of anything. Drop the price of authentics to $30 and there'll still be those who buy $20 fakes.
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    So I accidentally deleted the entire Firebirds jersey file but I started again from scratch just because I care about you guys. #3 - Flint Firebirds So this is the first team in the series whose logo really isn't that bad. It's a bit busy, and the orange does not sit well with the grey, but overall it's one of the more well-designed marks in the OHL. However, I think it has a little too much in common with the minor league logo style in baseball; it's well-rendered but still cartoony and the wordmark is unnecessary. While I played with just modifying the logo, I finally decided to start over. The Firebirds brand is still associated with the franchise's disastrous 2015-16 season. I considered renaming them the Falcons, which I might still be amenable to. The logo is very simple, evoking the Red Wings' mark while being entirely its own. Instead of big flaming wings, I went a bit more subtle. The jerseys, instead of using the Sabres' third jersey template, are inspired by the logoset as well. Happy new years and please give C&C!
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    A year ago, the Indiana Pacers purchased the Fort Wayne Mad Ants of the D-League. Since many NBA teams have put their brand identity stamp on their respective D-League teams (e.g. Bulls, Spurs, Raptors), I decided to do the same with the Pacers: the Fort Wayne Mad Ants have become the Summit City Pacers. Why did I choose Summit City instead of Fort Wayne? Two reasons: Firstly, I didn't want to call them "Fort Wayne Pacers" because that sounds too much like "Fort Wayne Pistons" – and they existed from 1948-57. And secondly, because it's one of Fort Wayne's nicknames (when the Wabash and Erie canal was constructed, the highest point, summit, on the canal was at Fort Wayne). I think it also kind of sounds nice.
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    These should be the full time set, especially the helmet.
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    Do you think there could be a change to something that looks like the Color Rush jerseys? A mesh of old school and their current look/colors?
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    No big moves yet. Roy is still pretty happy, and Yzerman is in it for the long haul. Expect some big moves in the early 2000s though!
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    Next up is the Montreal Nationaux or Nationals. I went French name because I think that it still sound good and t would represent the province and city better. The Logo is fairly simple. Just an M with a stylized maple leaf i the background and a volleyball. The maroon color comes from the old Montreal Maroons Color scheme and the light blue is there because I thought it went well as an accent color with the maroon.
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    not sure if this was already posted but here's 98 jets vs (Tennessee) Oilers.
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    I guess I'll throw a few of my pieces up here. I started painting two years ago as a way to relax and haven't stopped since. I use oil paint on canvas. I have no training/classes to my name and struggle doing any kind of detail so my style is very abstract and erratic. Basically just shapes and colors. "Underpaid" 48x36 "Self-Titled" 40x30 "Julius Swerving Pt. III" 24x30 "I Wanna Get Killed By The Government" 40x30
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    All these dudes hate Canada so much. Their balls are gonna be bluer than the Maple Leafs' sweaters if the Internet Darling Stars and Perds both miss.
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    This is exactly how the Super Bowl field should look. Team helmets on the 25, conference logos in the end zone, the Super Bowl logo at the 50 - it's perfect. (Of course, most of us probably prefer the field design we grew up with, right?)
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    Alabama sucks the fun out of college football. They're like the Patriots of CF.
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    If the NFL moves completely over to the Vapor Unstoppable template we might see a change. At a minimum the collars will shrink if not go away. I think if Denver changed to the Color Rush jerseys they should go to the older helmet color. They'd stand out from all the other teams with blue lids.
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    I haven't followed sports in years so I hope I'm not too outdated here. I'm assuming these teams are all still around. Stanley Cup= Hartford Whalers NBA Championship= Seattle Supersonics World Series= Montreal Expos Super Bowl = Baltimore Colts
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    Yes, the Diamondbacks made their BP cap a full time alternate.
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    Thanks for the C&C. Greatly appreciated! Here are some fixes taken from your advice.
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    I was 10 at the time and remember one day before the football season started going with my Stepdad to the mall in Provo to get a baseball cap. He's a big Seahawks fan and was distracted by one of the new rebrand caps that was navy and slate blue. He was unaware they were even changing and curiously asked the worker there something like "what's going on with this hat?" He replied "oh yeah, Seattle's rebranding! Washington is too. They're going back to the spear. We don't have that merch yet though." Of course the worker ended up being slightly wrong in that Washington wasn't rebranding like Seattle was, but nevertheless it peaked my interest at that young age to a point where I went out of my way to look for it anytime Washington was on. It was probably the first time I ever did it for a football uniform, at least that I could remember. I ended up loving that uniform then and still love it now. The best part of course is the spear, but the unsung hero to me is how well that slightly darker burgundy looks with gold. It's a really, really beautiful color set. I'd do backflips if it ever hit the field again, but for now being able to use it in Madden will do (even if the gold isn't quite correct). It's sure served me well while I've done a franchise career with a created Forrest Gump...
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    I'd definitely buy Yoda jersey! Nice job revisiting the Jedi, last version is a beauty!
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    Well, if they wouldn't charge way too much money for authentic jerseys then there would not be a market for knock-offs. The leagues brought that on themselves. There is no reason a jersey should cost more than 40 bucks.
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    The team also wore the uniform during Week 13 of the 2003 season. It looks like it had a possibility of becoming an alternate but was dropped for some reason. I personally think Washington should bring it back because the current one keeps being worn with the wrong helmet. It totally works as all they would have to do is swap decals to wear it again.
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    Thanks, Melody22B. You mentioned the Bulls and that's the best example to describe what my intention has been. Thanks, hockey week! I know about the team name and it's historical reference, but my goal was to put the parent club's identity stamp on the Mad Ants – regardless of how great, mediocre or bad the team name of the D-League team is. And by keeping their name "Mad Ants", this of course wouldn't have been possible. But I'm also aware of the fact that in reality a rebrand like this would have been absolutely unpopular among die-hard Mad Ants fans.
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    Speaking of the Rockies, have we already discussed the fact that they changed their caps for 2017? They're using a much lighter shade of purple now.
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    Fort Wayne Mad Ants was the best name in sports! Fort Wayne is named for Revolutionary War hero "Mad" Anthony Wayne, so you get the Revolutionary Mad Anthony reference, which is super relevant to the city, but without needing to resort to generic patriots logos...and using something majorly underutilized - insect mascots, which are genuinely fearsome. Sure, your concept looks nice, and the presentation is good, but you just sucked all of the history and fun out of the identity to have a clone of the parent team.
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    These are the uniforms that got me into...uniforms. These, and the Lions and Buccaneers throwbacks that were worn on Thanksgiving one year made me research uniforms and got me hooked.
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    Up next are the Belgrade Wolves. They began play in 1995 wearing these uniforms: In 2000, the Wolves redesigned their uniforms to bring in the new millennium: In 2004, the Wolves added a black alternate: In 2006, the Wolves redesigned again using black as their primary color: In 2010, the Wolves used their popular original blue jerseys as an alternate: In 2013, the blues were replaced by the white jersey from 2000:
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    I like the Steelers' italicized numbers better than their old block numbers
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    Except that the White Sox switched to their current look in 1991 and the Rockies didn't come into existence until 1993 so...
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    As for me being on the uniform good guy team, I'm glad this happened. It protects piracy and keeps knockoff work out of here. I've never even considered buying one because I'm so anal about the little nuisances that are incorrect. The devil on my shoulder says 1. How are you going to stop all counterfeit websites? 2. Why are you feeling bad for billionaires losing money? And 3. If they didn't charge upwards of $500 for an authentic or $150 for a half ass replica, they wouldn't have this big of a problem.
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    Good G-d. A few half-wits from Reddit tried to kickstart the "new Broncos uniform" rumour a few years back (along with a rumour about a chrome Cowboys helmet that never came to pass) and it just won't die. Now we have people familiar with the Broncos who have confirmed that this is just an annual sale they do, and that it's not indicative of any uniform change. Won't stop the rumour mill though.
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    Those were such great uniforms. I wasn't as keyed in on uniforms at the time and they wore them so often that I fully believed they had gone through with a full on rebranding. That was a few years after the Jets had gone back to their 1960's uniforms so there was precedent for it. I very much doubt the league would allow a team to play a full season in a throwback uniform ever again. In 94 a few teams just decided to keep on wearing the throwbacks even after the designated anniversary period was over and that includes the 49ers who wore their throwbacks in the GD Super Bowl. That would never fly today.
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    Always liked Estonia's just because of this picture. Based on the Estonian forests in the winter
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    Yep. It's good for them but the Yorks running the team will never let them be a success.
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    I put in that group NE, AZ, and ATL too. At least for uni's. Update or overhaul, Denver. C'mon, do it.
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    I don't really even disagree with this, but there are two factors that I feel push the Broncos to navy in my mind. 1) The navy jersey just flat out looks better than the orange jersey. The particular shade of orange that they use just doesn't work as the primary color when paired with navy. It's always bugged me. It works much better with the old royal they used to use. If they added a bit more red to the hue I think it wouldn't be quite so jarring. 2) Denver has a history of getting absolutely obliterated in big games while wearing the orange. Call it an irrational stigma if you'd like, but whenever I see Denver in orange, I can't help but think about moments like these
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    These concepts are all really well executed! My thoughts: Colorado: The whole set looks good, but I would choose navy over the powder blue. I think it well mix better with the burgundy. Columbus: Good idea as well, but IMO it looks too similar to Chicago. Bonus points for using off-white as the main road colour! Dallas: I agree with you about their rebrand, and I like how little was changed, but I think the logo on the second set would be better as shoulder patches. Detroit: Not totally on board with the logo change, and I would make the arms on the road jersey red like they do now, because they're symbolic of 'Red Wings'. This series looks good, definitely will be following. Also, Congratulations on your newborn!
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    I see the paint brush motif being more for applications (posters, signage, advertisements, etc.) than for the actual logo or uniform. As it is, drives me nuts that they have the clean, typed out NEW ENGLAND and TM mixed with the brush strokes.
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    Jets-Dolphins 1997. The only year these 2 jerseys clashed.
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    I know its not a flag but my hometown's (Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina) seal is something I'm really proud of: It shows the Old Bridge, city's most beautiful sight, underneath it the river Neretva is shown in a stylized fashion. Topped of with the baby blue, which I'm not sure if there is a meaning behind it, but to me it symbolizes our fantastic weather (most sunny days in Europe after Athens, if I'm not mistaken :)) The flag is ok:
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