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    Anyone clamoring for 16 team playoff can stand over there. Way. Way. Over there. No. Further.
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    Los Angeles cannot handle a second team. The market is still too weak. Two flailing franchises in one market would be mutually assured destruction.
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    @GeauxAstros - do you actually have a concept to post or are you just looking for people to do the rest of the league for you? All I see right now is a modified USFL logo and no concepts here..
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    Anyone else seeing a pattern with these outdoor jerseys? Playing outside? Don't forget to wear a chest stripe!
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    it sickens me in a way that people know the marketing names of templates. Nike has won. I get that it started (I think) with Edge, but that was more of a "system" comprised of several templates and a new material / cut.
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    Do you know @aaron25628? You guys seem like you'd be friends. Or the same person.
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    these playoffs can officially suck my dick
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    Another issue with the Niners is that ownership flat out doesn't care if they win or lose. Despite what they try to (weakly) say publicly, they don't give two :censored:s if the product is successful on the field, as long as they're making money while still putting in a minimal amount of personal effort, they're satisfied. They only operate the way they do to save face and give the illusion that they're trying to be proactive. Which is funny, because it'd be a whole helluva lot less work if they would just be genuinely proactive rather than try to fake it. But they're not smart enough to understand that. It's been this way since Debartolo had to give the team to his sister and she let her lazy ass cheapskate of a husband run them. John York was terrible at owning the 49ers, and Jed is all the things his dad was on top of being even more incompetent as well as an entitled prick. The Niners are a useless franchise to root for, and that's why despite them being the most successful team from my local area, I just couldn't ever stick as a fan. I've had my "fan" moments with them, no doubt. I liked them a lot when I was a really little kid (Merton Hanks is still one of my all-time favorite players), and Kaepernick starting for them brought me back for a bit due to my Reno connection, but every time I try to end up in their corner, I walk away feeling even more disgusted than I did the last time, and it's always due to that idiot family that runs the team.
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    Should have known that a team that couldn't win their own division or conference would take it up the shorts.....
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    Fake or not, that's a beautiful uniform. Love the shoulder yoke.
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    As for me being on the uniform good guy team, I'm glad this happened. It protects piracy and keeps knockoff work out of here. I've never even considered buying one because I'm so anal about the little nuisances that are incorrect. The devil on my shoulder says 1. How are you going to stop all counterfeit websites? 2. Why are you feeling bad for billionaires losing money? And 3. If they didn't charge upwards of $500 for an authentic or $150 for a half ass replica, they wouldn't have this big of a problem.
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    Hi, Happy new year to y'all , I don't know if I post my thread on the right place. I really like the graphic posters, since I've seen some I wanted to try to do one! after practicing for days and few tutorials I come to u guys with this..... Tell me what u think about it French lad!
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    God I hate Aaron Rodgers.
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    Ok. You (or anyone else) have 24 hrs to produce a concept or I'm shutting the thread down.
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    Those are probably my bottom 3 or really close to it.
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    For real? I must have been thinking of those v jerseys
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    I predicted the Bucs would have 10 wins and make the playoffs, and was basically laughed at. They finished one game shy of my prediction. I'll take that and be happier than I have been with a Bucs season in a LONG time. Tampa really looks like a team on the verge of breaking out and ready making some real noise next year. I'd predict that they'll finish 12-4 with a division title, because that's kinda the way they're trending, but I fully expect them to regress off of a cliff and finish 4-12 because that's what the Bucs do. It's a Bucs life. Fire them cannons. Fun season. Bummer it's over.
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    The Dolphins told us they would wear all aqua when they released their uniform schedule months ago.
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    The 2/3 game, which is supposed to always be the tight game, has seen 38-0 and 31-0 games the last two years. We don't need four blowout first-round games. And you're drunk on the belief of doing away with conferences. Sure, college football showed they would sell their soul for money once Nebraska and Oklahoma stopped playing each other, but conference (and even non-conference) rivalries mean a lot. And what's the point of having 16-team conferences if you aren't able to play someone in your conference for like 10 years? Texas A&M has been in the SEC for five seasons now, and Georgia has yet to play them, nor will they play them until 2019.
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    I don't know why, but something on the dog head logo makes me think cat instead. Maybe the eye is a little too narrow or something in the mouth is throwing it off
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    Yep. It's good for them but the Yorks running the team will never let them be a success.
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    not sure if this was already posted but here's 98 jets vs (Tennessee) Oilers.
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    Quoiting myself just to share this pic... take notes, Nike:
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    Alabama sucks the fun out of college football. They're like the Patriots of CF.
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    Yeah, this. The jerseys are that expensive because that's what the market will bear. The mere presence of counterfeiters doesn't signify much of anything. Drop the price of authentics to $30 and there'll still be those who buy $20 fakes.
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    I haven't followed sports in years so I hope I'm not too outdated here. I'm assuming these teams are all still around. Stanley Cup= Hartford Whalers NBA Championship= Seattle Supersonics World Series= Montreal Expos Super Bowl = Baltimore Colts
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    Those were such great uniforms. I wasn't as keyed in on uniforms at the time and they wore them so often that I fully believed they had gone through with a full on rebranding. That was a few years after the Jets had gone back to their 1960's uniforms so there was precedent for it. I very much doubt the league would allow a team to play a full season in a throwback uniform ever again. In 94 a few teams just decided to keep on wearing the throwbacks even after the designated anniversary period was over and that includes the 49ers who wore their throwbacks in the GD Super Bowl. That would never fly today.
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    Exclusive: Atlanta Group To Bring Pro Soccer To DeKalb County http://midfieldpress.com/2016/12/30/exclusive-atlanta-group-to-bring-pro-soccer-to-dekalb-county/ Ummmmm... Goodnight everybody!!!!!
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    The Raiders look more deflated then Brady's footballs at this point.
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    Both of those Edmonton sets are great, expecially the orange set. Great Job!
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    I Will start working on them now. Should I PM them to you when I'm done or just post on here?
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    Since the affiliate would be SF then call them the Reno 68ers since thats when RENO was founded and make them have same colors as SF
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    Maybe something like this? I couldn't get the logo to work, so I tried using just the eyes instead on the cap.
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    My team would be called the Midway Monsters and are affiliated with da bears. They play in Modern Woodmen Park in Davenport, Iowa. The colors would be Blue, Orange, and grey.
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    You should work on presenting your concepts differently. The background is too busy to focus on your work. But I think the primary logo is fine. I don't think the underlines are really needed anymore. Both dog logos aren't bad. I think they could use some more fine tuning. The back legs on the full body logo seem off to me. Maybe some more detail on the left leg as seen in the reference image you posted above? I actually agree that the dog appears somewhat cat like. Maybe try experimenting with a rounder eye shape. Something more similar to the old logo. Also, maybe a visible tongue could help it appear more like a dog? You don't see many cats with a tongue wagging haha
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    These were actually not that bad imo
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    50 million Ohio State fans? I give up.
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    Technically all of them to nike
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    I don't know what those are supposed to be but I love the second and third ones -- the colors you used especially. I'm, like Infrared, by the way. Not much of an art critic beyond giving some basic opinions.
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    Next up is the Montreal Nationaux or Nationals. I went French name because I think that it still sound good and t would represent the province and city better. The Logo is fairly simple. Just an M with a stylized maple leaf i the background and a volleyball. The maroon color comes from the old Montreal Maroons Color scheme and the light blue is there because I thought it went well as an accent color with the maroon.
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    Hoping Maryland goes back to the white pennant helmets. That's the best helmet they've had in recent years.
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    All these dudes hate Canada so much. Their balls are gonna be bluer than the Maple Leafs' sweaters if the Internet Darling Stars and Perds both miss.
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    The Rockies' caps for 2017 do look a bit lighter on Lids' website: https://www.lids.com/colorado-rockies-new-era-mlb-authentic-collection-59fifty-cap/20905558 Also, a new cap for the D-Backs? https://www.lids.com/arizona-diamondbacks-new-era-mlb-authentic-collection-59fifty-cap/20905535
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    These jerseys were gorgeous, and I wish they were the full time look for the Skins.
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    Why do people want the Broncos to be a primarily navy team? NFL has a plethora of navy teams. If I counted correctly, there are 8 teams with navy as its primary color. The Broncos should own the orange.
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