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    @GeauxAstros - do you actually have a concept to post or are you just looking for people to do the rest of the league for you? All I see right now is a modified USFL logo and no concepts here..
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    God I hate Aaron Rodgers.
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    Those are probably my bottom 3 or really close to it.
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    I predicted the Bucs would have 10 wins and make the playoffs, and was basically laughed at. They finished one game shy of my prediction. I'll take that and be happier than I have been with a Bucs season in a LONG time. Tampa really looks like a team on the verge of breaking out and ready making some real noise next year. I'd predict that they'll finish 12-4 with a division title, because that's kinda the way they're trending, but I fully expect them to regress off of a cliff and finish 4-12 because that's what the Bucs do. It's a Bucs life. Fire them cannons. Fun season. Bummer it's over.
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    The Dolphins told us they would wear all aqua when they released their uniform schedule months ago.
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    not sure if this was already posted but here's 98 jets vs (Tennessee) Oilers.
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    Quoiting myself just to share this pic... take notes, Nike:
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    Happy Holidays everyone! Since I'm at home for the next few weeks I have a chance to work on a new project. Inspired by 72freebie's awesome CHL series, I'm going to undertake a full rebrand of the Ontario Hockey League. Some of you might remember my NHL series, which isn't completely dead, but spending a lot of time in OHL barns this year has made me think about how outdated and often inexplicably weird a lot of their branding is. I really like older junior logos that are simpler and more to the point, without growling mascots or cartoons - the ones that stand the test of time. That's the style I'll be going for here. #1 - Barrie Colts The Barrie Colts have existed in the OHL for over 20 years, always with the same logo. While I applaud that consistency, their cartoon horse mark doesn't do it for me at all. The mascot looks on the verge of tears, and it suffers from unnecessary hockey stick syndrome. My new mark - undeniably inspired by the Montreal Canadiens - uses the horseshoe as a C and simplifies things a lot. Like the Habs, I chose not to use a distinct secondary logo and let the primary stand on its own. The secondary on the logo sheet is a jersey mark, and the tertiary is to be used on the pants as well as a possible future third jersey. As for the jerseys, Ontarians will notice that they might be more appropriate for a Kingston uniform, but the combo of navy red and gold looks best in my opinion without being diluted by white. I used the front stripe on the home jersey but chose to accent the arms instead of the chest on the aways. C & C appreciated as always. Next up, the Erie Otters.
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    I'm back with another rebrand! (I just can't give up can I?) This time, I was looking at college logos on the site and come across the atrocity of an identity. You guessed it, the Wofford Terriers caught my eye. It's utterly pathetic that a Division I college can't even manage to have a logo that looks better than your average clip art drawing. So I endeavored to tackle the design challenge before me and update the Terriers. I plan on doing jerseys eventually. To start, I redid the college logo. I used Edmond Sans bold as a base for the font, but I edited it to give the vibe of the original. As for the new logo, I essentially just improved on the anatomy of the terrier. You'll also notice I swapped the colors on the collar. This is my favorite logo of the package. I considered making it the primary, but I'm not really sure. C&C always appreciated!
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    "Atlanta Vibes: Buzzing with Anticipation" "Vibes Soccer... Slide In!" "Atlanta Vibes: Hitting The Right Spot!" ...ok, I'm done
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    since they won on Thanksgiving, maybe the cowboys shock us all and wear blue in the big game...
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    Hey the more the better! Thanks for the compliment.
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    The Raiders look more deflated then Brady's footballs at this point.
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    I have went with your suggestion and you were totally right! I have corrected it in the opening post. I will have a post before I start the season about the logo and why I picked it to be in the style it is. Don't get too comfortable with the Bulls name haha. If you would like private message me and I can give you a list of clubs that you might be interested in "owning" Yep it ignores all real history and I just used the AL and FL as just random names just to fit the story
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    FREEDOM TOWER SOCCER CLUB MIAMI Founded: 1940 Championships: 6 Kits By: Nike Sponsor: BankUnited Derbies: Biscayne, Gateway, International Crest: Teal shield with cartoonized Freedom Tower Home: White with black and orange stripe Away: Teal with sublimated horizontal stripes C&C Welcome
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    So it is indeed true that the NHL 100 patch is going onto the sleeve. Just saw a short warm up clip of Ovie with the patch on the right sleeve under the number. Looks completely stupid.
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    Both of those Edmonton sets are great, expecially the orange set. Great Job!
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    God I hope not. We have enough black and red teams
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    Maybe something like this? I couldn't get the logo to work, so I tried using just the eyes instead on the cap.
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    Eh, can't say I'm angry at Dallas losing; they had nothing to play for. Also, Mark Sanchez = hot garbage
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    The bucs wore red/pewter with red socks, but the kicker, agauyo has on his pewter socks
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    You should work on presenting your concepts differently. The background is too busy to focus on your work. But I think the primary logo is fine. I don't think the underlines are really needed anymore. Both dog logos aren't bad. I think they could use some more fine tuning. The back legs on the full body logo seem off to me. Maybe some more detail on the left leg as seen in the reference image you posted above? I actually agree that the dog appears somewhat cat like. Maybe try experimenting with a rounder eye shape. Something more similar to the old logo. Also, maybe a visible tongue could help it appear more like a dog? You don't see many cats with a tongue wagging haha
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    http://media.gettyimages.com/photos/tampa-bay-buccaneers-horace-copeland-and-new-england-patriots-lawyer-picture-id110341547 http://media.gettyimages.com/photos/defensiveback-lawyer-milloy-of-the-new-england-patriots-goes-after-picture-id138574898 1990s Patriots vs. pewter Buccaneers
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    Also, anyone who thinks they should be the California Chargers is :censored:ing insane. There are three other teams in the state and they won't even be the only team in the market. They're not going to get the San Diego fans no matter what they do. And not naming the team Los Angeles ensures they never get any fans there.
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    These were actually not that bad imo
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    I kinda like that old logo, but it needs more tweaking. The primary isn't doing it for me, but it works great as a wordmark and the alternate logos are great.
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    50 million Ohio State fans? I give up.
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    Technically all of them to nike
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    Sorry for bumping a year old thread... Also, if you want, I can make what happened to the IHA cities, especially when some of them are getting promoted, I just can't make jerseys or logos.
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    That is one gorgeous color on color matchup...
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    I'm kind of being a traditionalist here, but the oilers jersey would be a great alternate, but not a primary. Switching the blue and orange would be a great jersey. For the second set, I have no complaints. Good stuff.
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    So - here we are 6 years later and I've recently updated the website to make it Wordpress based and far easier for me to update. I finished porting all the old pages over and added new items - will be posting a lot more with it. Check it out and let me know your thoughts! Also if you see anything weird let me know - I built it on a new iMac so it might not be completely optimized for smaller screens. http://www.joshuamings.com
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    Since this set has had a couple of different tweaks along the way, here is the final set all in one place: Close. Thank you, I appreciate it! I'm going to wait a little longer than usual to post today's two teams, just to give some time for hopefully some more comments about the series as a whole so far, or any specific things that you might like/dislike!
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    The Rockies' caps for 2017 do look a bit lighter on Lids' website: https://www.lids.com/colorado-rockies-new-era-mlb-authentic-collection-59fifty-cap/20905558 Also, a new cap for the D-Backs? https://www.lids.com/arizona-diamondbacks-new-era-mlb-authentic-collection-59fifty-cap/20905535
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    The alt black became their de facto road uniform mid way through last season
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    They never should have benched Flutie for Johnson.
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    This is pretty clever, and somewhat better than replica shorts because I like having pockets in athletic shorts. I'd probably buy a pair of these boxers (or more), and it'd be cool if they did throwback shorts too. Just need some breakaway pants to make trips to the men's room worthwhile...
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    YES NCAAF - Alabama Super Bowl - Steelers NCAAB - Duke Stanley Cup - Penguins NBA Finals - Warriors
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    Speaking of the Steelers, I love the rounded numbers and think they look immensely better than the old block ones.
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    My sister gave me a Wacom tablet for my birthday a few months back. I painted the Cincinnati skyline to teach myself how to use it. Liked it so much I had it printed on canvas.
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    I miss the Wyoming-style numbers, but taking away black makes it look soooo much cleaner
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    Hunter being healthy during the InVasion angle would have been...interesting. On one hand it would have been neat in retrospect to see a guy so closely tied to McMahon family defending the WWF's honour against the invading WCW and ECW forces. On the other hand it's HHH. He probably would have gone over both Booker T and DDP on the first night of the angle for.....reasons. Or even better, he joins the WCW group as he did get his start there. It would have been just as weird as when Stone Cold joined. By the way, I have the Invasion PPV DVD at home so I dusted it off last night and popped it in. What a horrible PPV that was.
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    Might have had better luck just launching it, as opposed to test running WCW in front of pro WWF crowds. Advertise the return of WCW hard and launch the show. Even if they dedicated an episode of Raw to the WCW guys it would have been better than what they did. The WCW guys didn't really have a chance to get over in rare matches in front of crowds that saw them as heels.
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    Yeah I figured that was what it was going for. Much better looking though. The only good thing about that WCW star logo was how it was used as a stage on Nitro. That was cool.
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