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    Who would like this next season for the flames
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    I hope so. They've got a modern classic. Untouchable.
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    That guy missed a golden opportunity for a great pun: "No new jerseys in New Jersey"
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    Thought this was worth pointing out... I clicked on the unused but still existing all purple Rockies cap and the detailed images that they show from the different angles showed two pics in entirely different shades. Not sure if this is lighting, two different caps being photographed, or a good yet unexpected comparison of the two shades of purple but the difference is more than noticeable...
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    The Packers are at the Cowboys and the Seahawks are at the Falcons. You've got it switched.
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    I'd love the NBA to go back to patterning the ASG unis on the host team's, like they did in the '70s and early '80s. 1972, Los Angeles: 1976, Phoenix: 1977, Milwaukee: 1981, Washington:
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    Of the four major leagues, the NBA is by far the most butchered right now, in terms of uniforms. Between the ever-increasing prevalence of sleeved uniforms, the awful "Pride Uniforms," the multitude of uniforms that aren't even in team colors (Bulls' grey and Cavs' black are the two most notorious offenders), the ugly cut of the uniforms, the Christmas jerseys, etc., the NBA has been a muddled, often ugly mess for years now. Every sport has some bad identities and its share of ugly alternates, but the other three leagues don't even come close to approaching the NBA with that. And saying that classic franchises haven't been diverted off their basic looks? Perhaps that's mostly true with primary jerseys, but given the plethora of alternates in the NBA today (and how frequently they're trotted out), I would beg to differ: Those are just a few examples of Adidas jerseys that strayed painfully far from classic teams' looks.
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    Hate that the Oilers are going to Orange. Hate it. HATE IT.
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    Here's hoping the Avalanche get completely new jerseys!
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    Now that we've seen them in action, I've found an instance where I like the new logo much, much better than the old: on the refs. That's gorgeous. Simple, bold. Doesn't need any lettering. I really wish they would use that on the sleeves of players, instead of the circle-version. Use the dark-crown version for clubs with white or light-colored sleeves like Arsenal or West Ham.
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    Again?! What are they freaking doing? You have so much time to get this done, you're picking up the contract how far in advance, YOU'RE THE PARENT COMPANY OF REEBOK, Get your act together and take over without issue! MAKE IT WORK! Even if it means saying you can't get all the thirds done until November, that's better than the whole year. I wonder how much money the league will lose by having no third jerseys next year
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    The Devils switching their helmet stickers to the logo instead of "DEVILS" in the plainest font possible was the canary in the coalmine. Should've seen this coming.
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    If the Kings just add a matching hem stripe to the home and leave everything else alone, I'll be happy. Bonus points if they keep the thinner name font from the 50th anniversary grays. And before anyone starts with the BOO PENCIL LOGO crap, It's a freaking shield and it has two cups to its name.
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    and the counter to your counter, is NJ is the "Garden State" hence why they originally had green in their scheme. Also they aren't named after "The Devil" either if you'd like to be pedantic about it.
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    well, at least they'd be distinguishable from the other 47 red/black teams in the NHL
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    You could tell the Oilers were planning to use orange full-time, long before this announcement, just look at the seats in their new arena and how many times the uniform has been used for promotional purposes. What fries me as that the league was finally beginning to look respectable again, after 9 years, and now we have to go through another league-wide-redesign. Adding insult to injury is the fact that Replica's will decrease in quality (again) while inexplicably becoming more expensive (again). Not to be overly negative, but this has "RBK Edge, 2007 disaster" written all over it. As for the Devils, I'm in shock. The team earned my respect when they refused to change their classic uniforms during the aforementioned Edge debacle. Not a single concept I've seen has improved their current set, which makes me wonder what they're actually planning to do. Are we going to see their current logo on a wonky template with the 3 Adidas stripes, or are we going to see a full overhaul? Maybe they'll replace their logo with a cartoon devil holding a pitchfork... Cause that would make as much sense as changing those uniforms. I guess three championships mean nothing. Terrible News!
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    I 've started "dr J" last night ! here is the final..... what do you think lads?
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    But the San Diego Clippers had moved from Buffalo a few years prior and changed the name from the Braves to the Clippers. I think it is a case by case thing. In the Browns case, I totally agreed with leaving the name in Cleveland since the city and its fan base supported the team amazingly and earned and deserved a kind of ownership in that name. Same with the SuperSonics. On the other hand, if a team is not widely supported year after year, then I don't feel the city has earned or deserve to have the privilege of keeping the name.
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    I like the Oilers orange uniforms but Blue should be their primaries.
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    As an Oilers fan, I hate that we're going with the Orange jerseys. The Blue and Orange is classic. The Orange and Blue? Not so much.
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    Something I never thought would happen as a Devils fan... We had a classic jersey. 25 years with no alterations or alternates. 3 Stanley Cups. So disappointing...no other way to put it. Unbelievable.
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    They have a classic! What are they thinking?
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    These are less "wrong uniforms" and more "unfitting uniforms". A lot of what I see are just uniform experiments that didn't work so they went to a more traditional route.
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    For the first time since 2010 I didn't have to watch the Bengals lose a playoff game and for the first time in my life I didn't watch any of the wildcard games at all. It was...great. I probably won't watch any of the divisional games. Here are my picks based entirely on who would be the least fun to see advance. These are stone cold locks because the NFL sucks. Steelers over Chiefs Patriots over Texans by a hundred Seahawks over Falcons Packers over Cowboys. I guess Packers because they've been there more recently and the actual players on the Cowboys are fun, but I've never stopped hating Jerry Jones or the Cowboys so IDK here. Patriots over Steelers in another forgettable and boring Patriots championship game. Packers over Seahawks Patriots over Packers in a rematch of the Super Bowl 20 years ago. It will suck.
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    Winner of Chiefs/Steelers vs. the Packers would be nicest possible match up left. Patriots and Falcons still have dated reebok PYPS, Seahawks with their nike-fied look and love for mono, Cowboys and their mismatched colors and Texans are ok but kinda boring. I definitely don't want to see the Patriots-Seahawks navy overload again. That's probably the worst possible matchup left.
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    So, since we've wandered off into politics land, I think we're done here.
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    But how do they taste? I agree; the phantom yoke can look good in some cases.
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    I can't explain it well, but I never fell in love with that Oakland Seals uniform. It looks like a busier version of the Whalers' old green uniforms, and I didn't like those very much either (of course, the 92-97 set was top-notch). I do like the logo, and love their final teal/yellow set with the Bauhaus lettering. Maybe if they had hung around, they would have arrived at some combo of those.
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    So the Blues wore these during their skills competition and local celebrity game today
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    Winnipeg's wearing their Heritage Classic 3rds tonight (and Calgary foolishly brought their primary home unis,) and the Jets forgot to add the Centennial patch to the sleeve. That's a paddlin'.
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    Honestly, if they were to add a color to the mix the subtle gold that they've added for the anniversary is where I'd lean. Of course, having Vegas in there kind of throws a wrinkle in that. The purple is just too synonymous to the God awful goalie merry-go-round era.
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    Plus they easily have one of the best logos in the league. I'm not a big fan of the Devils due to seven games in 2001, but they do have a great logo.
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    The Jersey Devil was never described as green, but it's consistently described as living in the woods of New Jersey. Which makes the green fitting. It's not green, but its environment is. You also have the "Garden State" nickname, and New Jersey's Italian population to draw on. All of which make green a suitable colour for the Devils to use. And yeah, green was also used to depict Satan and the demonic in medieval art. So it works on that level as well. I'm really torn when it comes to the Devils' uniforms. The red and black set is great, and features probably my favourite number font in all of hockey. It's also got three Cups associated with it, which isn't nothing. There's something to be said about a team sticking with a look associated with its greatest success. The red and green, on the other hand, looks better. In my opinion. Not that the red and black set is bad, just that the red and green is that much nicer. I love everything about it. The thick blocks of colour, the exact shade of green used. Even the wonky striping pattern. It all works for me. It is, on the other hand, representative of the organisation's worst years in New Jersey. Ultimately I think the Devils have two great looks, and they can't go wrong with either. Of course none of that fills me with confidence about this redesign. I don't expect them to go with straight throwbacks, or even a tasteful update, of the red and green look. I expect something that tries to "merge" the two colour schemes, and pairs it with an overly cartoony logo. Essentially a muddled mess that leaves no one happy. And that bums me out. I have no real love for the Devils as a team, but I've always appreciated that they took a very "Original Six" approach to their brand. They wanted to emulate their own team and culture on that of the league's most long-lived and historic franchises. So they took a very no-nonsense approach to the uniforms. So many newer teams these days are content to fiddle with their look until it's just ruined. Not the Devils. They've had one major redesign (that wasn't even much of a redesign) and kept things more or less consistent. It's a shame that's going to change.
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    And don't forget how Adidas has forced the three stripes on every All-Star uniform and all the warmup gear. Then there's the Rev30 template they forced on the league, which hurt the NBA's aesthetics in its own way by limiting the available collar designs, doing away with elements like Memphis' inline numbers and Atlanta's beveled numbers, and generally looking worse than the old matte and shiny fabrics. Adidas has been butchering the NBA and college sports for years. The NHL will be no different. For as much flak as Nike takes on here, Adidas is unquestionably the worst major uniform manufacturer.
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    My point is we can generally tell how important a team is to a city. The Browns I think were the most passionate example of that. You couldn't take the Browns name away. It's not easy since it's not a clear black/white thing but I think if there is a general, consistent apathy surrounding the team, then it's fine for an owner to up and move and take the name. If, on the other hand, the team has a long history of being a loved and vital part of the city, then it should be a consideration for the owner to leave the name with the city when the team moves.
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    Again, I disagree. If overall support and success dictated keeping a name in a city, the Dodgers, Lakers and North Stars would have left their identities behind. The Dodgers and Lakers moved primarily because the west coast was seen as too profitable to pass up, for many franchises. The North Stars attendance numbers had bounced back, and it was primarily arena issues, coupled with Green's wife giving him an ultimatum to move the team or face divorce, that led to Dallas getting a team.
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    Not worried about losing alternates for a season. My fear, though, is that teams will be given a choice between the alternate or regular home jersey and they'll choose the alternate thus creating Minnesota Wild like mismatches all across the league. Edmonton has already done this. The Devils don't need new uniforms and they have history, but it's a brave new world without Lou.
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    Back to the main topic, I'd say it's really is a case by case thing. If the brand being moved is relatively new for example, like say the Clippers were when they left San Diego, it makes sense that it goes. If the brand is a long time, beloved, brand of the local team, it makes more sense for it to stay behind, for example the Browns or SuperSonics. If the brand is generic or makes sense in the new market, ala the Giants, it makes more sense for it to go with the team. If the brand is not generic and/or makes no sense in the new market, like say "Earthquakes" in Houston, then yeah it makes sense to leave it behind. I honestly don't think with the branding that there is a hard and fast rule. It all depends.
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    I want to point out again that I can only confirm the new shade of purple for the caps at this point, not necessarily the rest of the uniform. It could just be something related to New Era. But it was shown in the retail guide as a change.
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    I miss this series. I was hoping for throwbacks to be added.
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    Love the idea of going back to patterning unis after the host team, but again you run into the problem of jersey sales. Like someone brought up about re-coloring each team's uniforms for the game; What are the chances a Knicks fan buys a Melo jersey that looks like a Bulls jersey except says "East" on the front? 0%. What about buying a generic gray Melo jersey that says "All-Star" on it? Probably somewhere around 30% Any sales are better than no sales. I think the way to go is the Rookie/Sophomore game. Make an attractive template, something teens and twenty-somethings might wear in public, then use the number font and team name from the player's usual uniforms.
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    Here's a couple of short-lived NBA unis from the late 70s - early 80s: The Pistons wore these from '78-81. And the Cavs wore these from '80 - '83, paired with a horrific metallic gold home uni.
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    NBA All-star jerseys should be like the MLB home run derby uniforms. Tell me if the All-Star game ended up in Charlotte that you wouldn't want to see teal vs purple...
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    The thing with hating Rodgers is that each of the other division teams passed on him. I guess the Lions still hadn't figured out Joey Harrington sucked, Minnesota had Culpepper who was really good so at the time that was OK, and the Bears - was that Rex Grossman or Kyle Orton? Either way, it's not like Rodgers was a Brady-type that just came out of nowhere - everybody had him ranked highly that season, and many analysts had him #1. Not sure what caused him to drop that far, but credit the Packers for solidifying their future.
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    It's why seeing it in Toronto last year was awesome.
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