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    I've learned they'll do just that: France will have "Photo Blue" numbering and England "University Blue" numbering.
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    The thing is.....we all seem to pine for the older days of SportsCenter, but I don't really know how we can make that version watchable today. Back when we all seemingly watched SC, there was no MLB Network, NFL Network, NBA TV, or NHL Network. There was no social media that showed the big highlights as soon as that play happened. ESPN was the monopoly. Now ESPN has all this competition, there's all these specialized channels dedicated for each sport, for college sports, specific conferences, etc., that ESPN has to now do more than just air highlights and live games.
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    It's a definite upgrade. However, I'd try to sneak in some lines to indicate bristles on the end of the brooms. Right now, they kinda look like plungers.
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    And the best road uniforms in baseball: (I think these are terribly underrated. The "Minnesota" script is beautiful, and the navy wordmark with red outline is seriously underused throughout baseball.) (Really wish the Dodgers would get rid of those unnecessary "Dodgers" road alts.) (The lack of a white outline is a thousandfold improvement over their current road uniforms.) (The piping here is a thousand times better than the current piping.) (Simple perfection.)
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    I was watching a game a couple of years ago when the Raptors were wearing their purple inaugural dinosaur uniforms as part of a throwback game, and I remember really enjoying that game in large part because of what they were wearing. I think that's one of the few times watching a team in a throwback uniform that the wearing of the throwback actually had an impact on me enjoying the entire game, so I guess I am going to have to use that as mine. Usually with throwback games, the excitement/interest of the throwback wears off for me after a few minutes or even a few seconds, but I guess that Raptors jersey just holds a special place in my heart, and I'm not even a Raptors fan. I guess it's the nostalgia aspect, but I also just really dig the purple, the slightly-off-center big red dino, the jagged pinstripes, the wordmark, the interesting NOB plate, the numbers... it's just an overall cool looking and unique uniform. They need to return back to that overall identity. They should take that inaugural look and modernize it. They look too generic now. I would go so far as to say that the Raps have gotten worse and worse (uniform-wise) with basically any change they have ever made. I would actually be okay with them sticking with just red/white/black/silver but they need to spice things up a little bit and do a better job of wholeheartedly embracing their identity. A lot of NBA teams with cool nicknames (Rockets, Clippers, Thunder) seem to have this problem (almost seeming ashamed or hesitant to embrace their identity) and I have no idea why. Claim who you are!
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    Why are these so awesome? People may decry these as blackhawks knockoffs but, these are still pretty sick and much better than their previous sets
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    I've had this concept kicking around for a few months and have always intended it to be part of an MLB-wide redesign project, but haven't gotten around to the rest of the league yet at all. So to get it out there and take a pulse, I'm gonna post it on its' own anyways. Its fairly self explainitory, but just for some brief context - I'm a big fan of the 90's red-clad Rangers. It's easily my favorite Rangers look, and that was an obvious driving force, but I also threw in a few other different things here and there. The Ryan-era "Rangers" script is back, a new logo inspired by the diamond logo of the 90's replaces the too-Expos-for-comfort current primary, and I'm giving a bit of a darker grey a shot on the roads. It's not intended to be as dark as the WBC dark greys or Arizona's, but darker than the norm nonetheless. Just something to differentiate from other red-clad teams and a look Texas could own! So with that...morph into: Red Rangers! Let me know what you think! C&C appreciated as always!
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    Here's how today's other two games looked. Minnesota's gray kits disappeared at times on TV due to the snowy pitch, but Atlanta looked great once again. And the Timbers' kit looked even better today in the LA sun.
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    a league rule saying they cant wear them more than 2x each year
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    I apologize if this has been used before, but here's Richard Jefferson as a member of the Utah Jazz:
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    The best the Flames have ever looked in my opinion. The striping is classy, the black "C" was fresh and they just look great on the ice. The word "modern classic" gets thrown around a lot on here but this, in my opinion, is airtight example. The mountain-range striping is ingenious, the colours are perfect and logo says everything it needs to. It also contains one of the more ingenious shoulder patches ever created. Its derogatorily referred to as a foot, when it actually represents a footprint in the snow. I love how the shimmer thread mimics the way snow sparkles and If you think I'm reaching, explain why the actual snow on the primary logo is lined with the same material. Perfect uniform with the 'Glacier-Twill' being the icing on the cake. Another modern classic from the 90's. I am confident the Panthers will never look this good again. The Ducks hit out of the park with this one. The subtle nod the teams original striping is brilliant and the logo looks great in the updated colours. The colour scheme alone warrants the inclusion of this underrated gem. Just look at how those colours pop. The recoloured-orca looks great and so does the traditional striping. Beautiful, classy and unique. Blows the =O= out of the water.
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    As non traditional as it was, I loved that blue umbro England kit. The light blue trim and shorts really sold it.
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    I made the original logo for the club back in 2010. Felt it needed a definite overhaul... the club agreed. Original: Updated:
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    Speaking of the Salt Palace (re: conversation earlier), this is a really great picture of the entrance: Just an awesome, vintage feel to it. It got me looking for other pictures of the entrance as well. This one is more or less to show context of where the first picture is taken, but I also hadn't realized the entrance featured the old Golden Eagles logo as well. The two teams were a tandem tenant even up to the Delta Center's opening until the Golden Eagles were sold and moved to Detroit in 1994. I was born in 1992 and the Salt Palace I know now is a (very nicely) renovated convention center, so I'd never seen this entrance before. The next picture has something really neat to it: This is Pre-Jazz, as evidenced by the Stars logo at the left side of the entrance instead. Look closely underneath the Salt Palace logo also, and you'll see that Johnny Cash was coming to town that Wednesday.
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    I should really take at least half of the posts in this thread and merge them with the Unpopular Opinions thread
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    Not gonna lie, even I felt this way. UC Davis seems like it would be just about the most boring school in the country to go to (very good school, though), and I don't think I know a single person who went there and actually enjoyed it.
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    Put the paw print is one of Blue's Clues. We need our handy dandy... Notebook. (Ding) ??????????????? Sorry I couldn't resist
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    Well, I know technically I can't argue with facts, but it's the internet, so I'm gonna do it anyway: while Kabel itself may date back to the Depression, and yeah, good call on Monopoly, but the extra-bold and black weights do seem to have entered into heavy usage in the late '70s through mid '80s. I guess a good equivalent would be the Futura family, where plain old Futura carries a definite WPA-through-postwar feel, but Futura Bold Condensed feels much more late '80s-early '90s to me. It screams "Desktop Publishing." If I never saw it again as long as I live, I wouldn't miss it. Also like Futura, Kabel at lighter weights is a fabulous geometric font that stands the test of time, but I can't bear the heavier ones. It just looks so dated and clunky, not to mention a little too irreverent for a stodgy organization like the Maple Leafs. vs Everything else you said is bang-on. Everything about the Leafs is just a little bit off for the sake of being a little bit off. The NOB font should be called Uncanny Valley Block for all its tiny contrived idiosyncrasies that fail to improve on plain old sports lettering. Other posters' points about the new-old Leafs logo being ill-suited to favicons, standings tables, and other small applications are also correct.
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    The black really detracts from the simple beauty of red-on-white. It's a completely unnecessary addition that only muddles the wordmark and logo. Without the black, the red pops out from the white background and grabs your attention. With the black, it just looks dark and fails to jump out at you. Throw some simple red placket piping and sleeve piping on that uniform Tony Perez is wearing above, and you'd have the platonic ideal of a Reds uniform, IMO. Or leave it as-is, and you'd still have a great looking jersey.
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    Here are my favorites:
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    I also like the "Italia" script a lot. I just wish that the letter I from this distinctive wordmark were used as the cap logo, instead of the block I.
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    If I were to hazard a guess I'd say its because they're so ugly. There's a similar effect here in Vancouver with the Flying V's. They're universally ridiculed for being so garish, yet you see a tonne of them at games and just around the city. Its like they have a cult following.
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    People are seriously pissed at NE? Really? It was the :censored:ing 32nd pick in the draft. That means literally every team besides dummy Minnesota could have had him. Even a top 2nd rounder may have gotten it done if a few days ago. Quit with this juvenile jealousy over NE. Your team just didn't want him as much.
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    So exactly what part of sports loyalty isn't "completely arbitrary"? I'm not sure how someone cheering for a team based on colors and shapes is any less logical than doing it because some billionaire put a nearby cities' name on their shirts.
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    Are the Rams producing any new Navy and Gold merchandise? Just how much rams stock is there?
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    Hello all, so it's been a good while since I last posted anything about my cardinal logo, and a LOT has happened since then. So first, I ended up sending the presentations to my AD, and the next day at school he brought me in, we had a good meeting, just stuff like that. He said that he and the principal both really liked it, and that they thought it was much better than the current logo we use. He said he would also really enjoy if I could create a Morehead State style logo, with the bird holding the GRC, so that's exactly what I did. This is what I came up with: So, he met with me again, saying how he really liked it, and that he would also like it if I could try and use the current GRC mark they use, so I did that and came out with this Sorry for how big the images are, I can't seem to resize them. So, after I sent my AD that he pulled me out of class about a week and a half later, wearing a hoodie with my logo on it. He told me it was just to see how it looked, but most of the teachers in my school really liked it, and that if he ordered more I would definitely get one. So if that ever happens I'll definitely give you all a look at the hoodie. If you made it this far, Thank You!
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    "Hey guys. I intentionally bought stuff that is technically illegal to sell in the U.S. What do you think? Pretty cool, huh?"
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    I absolutely LOVE Orlando's throwbacks. Bulls alternate is a close second, so consider me for the "cuckoo for pinstripes" fan base. Damn shame the Bulls didn't follow through and revive 'em a couple years ago.
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    I don't. When these occur once in a while they're neat. When 1/3 of the games could look like that, the fans won't be as stoked to go see that every week.
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    The only two states where the flagship state institutions (UVM and UAF) don't have football. In fact, neither Alaskan school has football. In Vermont, there are only 3 Division III football schools, one of which (Castleton) is public. (Middlebury and Norwich are private.) I love the idea of UVM and UAA/UAF.
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    Actually, I'm intending to post per conference in alphabetical order. That means, I'm gonna post the SEC concepts last. Sorry about that, but it will be definitely worth the wait. Also, I've already done all FBS concepts. I'm just posting the Power 5 first, and then, the Group of 5 (The American, C-USA, MAC, Mountain West, Sun Belt) and Independents.
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    They also run INSANELY small. XXLs (I'm an XL normally) that fit like small/medium.
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    I wouldn't go that far (though the Outlaws did have IMO a passable NFL look). I do want to say that the XFL had some interesting (and nice) color schemes, though. The Orlando Rage and Memphis Maniax were my favorite.
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    Yeah I agree. I liked the grey the best when I first saw it, but it kinda dulls out the whole set. I kinda wish they would've used their powder blue in place of grey.
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    It's nothing super unique, but it's something. The concept is easy to understand which is nice, I can totally tell it's an "N' and a "B", but the whole negative-space-letter thing has been done like 1000 times. Like mentioned above, I'd look to make it more stylized to reflect what you focus on. @ldconcepts mentioned you doing hockey concepts so incorporating that generic hockey font might be a good idea.
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    How passionate of a fan can you really be though if it's only based on a design? Positive feelings and being a passionate fan aren't the same thing.
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    Updates Updates due to new logos. Tulane Green Wave Radford Highlanders Bethune-Cookman Wildcats Coppin State Eagles Samford Bulldogs Big South
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    Awesome. I love reasons like this. I hope they stick with this forever.
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    Wow. I wish we actually lived in a world where a sports league cared this much about the aesthetics of uniforms beyond making a buck. Here's my guess on how this all went down... Rams: "hey, can we change our uniform now and then again in two years?" NFL: "nope, against the rules." Rams: "ok, well, can we do a few other things?" NFL: "are these other things against the rules?" Rams: "no." NFL: "ok, knock yourselves out." At which point everyone but us kinda stopped thinking about it.
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    Giants over who cares.
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    I think the Avs logo is in sore need of an update. I'm not proposing an overhaul, just bringing it into the 21st century. I don't know why thats so controversial. Plenty of more storied teams update their logos consistently, keeping the whole intact while refining it to keep it looking good. This is what I mean. ---------> ---------> ---------> ---------> --------> ---------> Unskew the circle. Untilt the logo. Straighten and clean up the lines. Keep the essence intact. Bam. Great logo. While you're at it ditch the edge uniforms. Also as an aside my personal preference would be for them to keep burgundy and steel blue as their primary colours, but change the black to navy.
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    The Jumpman logo is beyond stupid on anything that's not basketball. I can't wait until Nike signs a hockey team and slaps that thing on the ice.
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