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    Sweater? Like Christmas? It's an Adizero new lightweight, cooler, stronger technology. Decreasing crest weight by 46%, number weight by up to 60%. Featuring Adidas Clima technology to maximize air circulation with materials that are 133% more permeable than current on ice fabrics, 27% stronger in burst testing, and 72% tougher on abrasion testing.
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    I'm sure I missed a thing or two here, as I started making it before I really thought things out, but here- have a helmet flag (after all, helmets are what I do)! Happy Independence Day, everyone!
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    My father and I took an impromptu day trip up to Cooperstown today because, you know, why not (there are benefits to living in the City), and noticed something very cool as a uniform buff (my father was unimpressed): The first ever (according to the Hall) baseball uniform, worn by the Baraboo (Wisconsin) Base Ball Club. I figured this would be appreciated here, and that it wouldn't really fit in MLB Changes 2017. It's a standard old style jersey, complete with a bib bearing a pale-ish blue old English B (I'm not the best photographer, plus glass in the way). The cap is plain blue, with a white band of what I believe was leather across the lower crown. Just thought it was an interesting piece of uniform history to share with y'all. Are the first uniforms in other sports known? Would love to see. As a bonus, some uniforms that don't get a lot of coverage here: the All American Girls Professional Baseball League.
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    So then when are we going to see the last few Adizero new lightweight, cooler, stronger technology. Decreasing crest weight by 46%, number weight by up to 60%. Featuring Adidas Clima technology to maximize air circulation with materials that are 133% more permeable than current on ice fabrics, 27% stronger in burst testing, and 72% tougher on abrasion testings?
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    i find it interesting that the Kings still use the old number font on their practice reversibles. You can even see how they mixed the new word mark with the old number font.
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    This, to me, is the best logo for Cleveland. It's a classic, clean, strong look that's also unique in MLB and has already become popular among the fans. There's no need to "spice it up". We might as well change the Cubs' C and Reds' C with that mentality.
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    This excerpt from that article sums it up so well: "As Horowitz started outlining his digital vision for Fox Sports, he candidly explained that content that had performed well for Fox and was a key part of the site’s turnaround were to be no longer part of the strategy. With a very matter-of-the-fact delivery, Horowitz shared his distaste of the legacy content strategy in place to a room full of employees who had taken great pride in making FoxSports.com a much more trafficked website over the last year (upwards of 50 percent by most accounts)." Ignoring what works, backed by traffic analytics, and going in a direction not supported by those same analytics, I suspect. Topped off by this quote from Horowitz' presentation: "The written word is still relevant, but the advertising value of written content, what we call display, is not growing." So many execs get hung up on the value of pre-roll ads for video without acknowledging that online readers don't actually watch video on traditional news websites. Someone above (EDIT: It was Cosmic) summarized it so well (paraphrasing): "Why watch an ad and a 3-minute video to tell me something I can read in 30 seconds?"
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    I was about to compliment them for finally refining the lettering and getting rid of the fat-stemmed B, but Then my jaw dropped when I saw the new B is upside down. Can’t believe it.
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    Ok you can be the team that doesn't take the close to a billion dollars to put their logo on their shirt
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    The Cubs have a white outline and the Reds have a white logo. Both provide adequate contrast. This does not. Those are also more visually distinct and interesting designs. Those don't look like they could be a part of a standard Word font set. This does.
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    That also shows the new Spurs Global Logo as being official.
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    One can make the argument that it looks more like an e than a C.
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    That might... hold up... that is the coolest thing I've seen today.
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    moves like that should be illegal. It makes a mockery of the salary cap (not that the NBA cap isn't a complete cluster f of loopholes and jargon) and only makes it harder for the "have nots" to compete, because they're not going to get the discount. If you support this move, but trash The Process, then you're a hypocrite. Would any other free agent take significantly less to sign with a team like the Sixers or Bucks or some other crap team? Nope. Hence the need for a process.
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    Really tired to merge old and new with this one. I know you can't beat creightons new logo I thought this was a neat update
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    It's a million times better than the ugly "Caveman/Primitive Cultures" C that gets trotted out by members here (a logo second only to the "star trident" and the "maple leaf" as one of the worst cap logos in baseball history). The best option will always be the angular C. This is the most aesthetically pleasing logo the team has ever had, and would be one of the most recognisable marks anywhere had it been kept. More important, this logo succeeds in the very difficult task of invoking something from Native traditions -- namely, woodcarving -- without being offensive or dehumanising. If the Indians had kept this cap logo since it was introduced, the team would be held up as the model of handling a Native-inspired name with respect. But that Buckeyes-style C is also very good, as it, too, has a history with the team. That sort of monogram is in the universal baseball style that works well with any uniform. The Red Sox, the Brooklyn Dodgers, the New York Giants and later Mets, the Kansas City A's, the Los Angeles Angels, and probably other teams have used a cap logo in this dignified style. Also, seeing the version with the loop in the top reminds me how fitting the late-1980s White Sox cap would be for the Indians. If the White Sox had never worn this, it would be a great Cleveland hat. Indeed, it would be good even despite its having been briefly used by the Sox! This is better than the script I cap for two reasons: the cap initial for Cleveland should represent the city, not the nickname; and the initial on the I cap looks a lot more like a J than like an I. The main point is that all of these designs beat the utterly characterless block C, which would rank near the bottom in the World Baseball Classic or even in a beer league, and is a total embarrassment for a Major League team.
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    Uniform? like Baseball? It's a sweater
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    Oh yikes, seeing those Oilers prototypes make me very grateful they went with what they did. And as a fan of the classic set, that's saying something.
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    Man I love Trajan but I really don't like it as an athletics font.
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    UCLA really ought to go back to using Clarendon numbers They brought them back briefly in 2014, only to get rid of them when they brought out the tire tread/tinfoil monstrosities in 2015.
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    The jersey with the Stars and Stripes W is just a new home alternate. The regular home jersey still looks like the one you posted, except obviously without the ASG patches. http://news.sportslogos.net/2016/12/10/nats-show-off-new-patriotic-uniform-for-2017/
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    Guys, I am gonna trust my monitor's settings over some dude who designed it. It's an easy call.
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    Would it be so hard for NBA teams to have unique warm-up sets? These were a big part of teams' looks before they were standardized.
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    andrewharrington knows what he's talking about.
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    Ottawa Senators II I changed the "batman" eye, and put more black shadow into the logo, which seemed to make the gold and red jump a bit more... Again, it seemed that the majority of Sens fans preferred the heritage uni with the side-view logo...
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    I'm thinking it's the monitor lighting give it the illusions... i took this picture last week after the Awards Show. You can see Marc-Andre Fleury's jearsey have the exact same teal shade on the large screen, while in person look normal.
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    Sorry if this was already posted, but Reggie White wore 91 with the Eagles when he first signed in 1985. He switched to his legendary 92 in 1986.
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    True, that's a possibility. But it would have been stupid for CCM to do so, just as it would have been stupid for CCM to offer all teams mountain-range hem patterns.
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    As hated as this identity was, it's scary knowing it could have been worse had the Sabres chosen to go the 2012 NFL route... #FlyWire
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    Because there won't be alternate jerseys next year, I was thinking of ideas for alternate ideas for jerseys, and this popped into my head. This Red Wings concept takes their sash from their stadium series jersey, and adds a stripe below, like their winter classic jerseys. The striping pattern also throws back to when the Red Wings were the Cougars. the sleeve numbers are placed in the stripes to make the jersey unique. C&C is appreciated!
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    Thanks LD...here's an orange version. I removed the orange duck-foot-shield from the logo for this version...
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    When are the new Timberwolves jerseys supposed to come out?
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    Obviously the 4 stripes is Bologna's signature look, but, yeah, I was a fan of the 06/07 Barca kits. It's a Nice mix between stripes and halves.
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    The teams have been responsible for unveiling their away jerseys not the league
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    10/10. Absolutely perfect.
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    Why should the Indians, a charter member of the American League, change their primary color because of a team founded 60 years later? Hell, in their 57 seasons, the Twins have worn a red home cap nearly twice as often (11 seasons) as the Indians have in 117 (6 seasons). (sorry, I’ve seen a lot of people advocate color changes over the years for the Indians, often because of a need to differentiate themselves from the Twins)
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    IHL Orlando Solar Bears really went to town on their nameplates back in the day...lower-case, arched, double outlined.
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    Outside the stadium of the Trenton Thunder, there are banners showing Derek Jeter and Bernie Williams in Thunder uniforms. Dwight Gooden went directly from Class A ball to the Major Leagues; so the sight of him in a Tidewater Tides uniform during a rehab assignment is very strange.
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    As I said, I spent a lot of time with this, and it became my own personal hobby. These are some logo specific, and other logo variations that resulted.
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    @dakotapalm thank you very much! Also, as I am both a football and baseball coach at the school, one of my designs made it onto the summer baseball jersey.
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    If there's another school that starts with "G" whose mascot is "Gators," submit this to them. I would promote the G-gator to the primary, if not the only logo. The walking gator is very good, but I think would work better on t-shirts and such as a secondary/spirit mark rather than the primary mark. Other criticism is the "flying G." I don't like the three strokes, as it's just too different from the rest of the brand and really doesn't make much sense with the rest of it. Also, I'd develop a number font to use on the jerseys instead of standard block. By and large, other than those minor changes, you're golden.
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    I was watching that game and did not see any pregame coverage. I'm glad I didn't!
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    Also, a couple of things I forgot to mention. The Galaxy wore these warmup tops: And the Union wore these in pregame:
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    Here's a wrong uniform for the Sabres' new head coach Phil Housley. Housley only played 4 games with the Leafs, one regular season game and 3 playoff games.
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    Next up, an update of the vintage Baltimore Oriole logo circa mid-50s to mid-60s. I actually like this logo a lot, but I did my best to refresh and modernize it, because it is extremely dated. BEFORE AFTER
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    Here's a tip: if the question you are wondering is any form of 'will this new football league work?', the answer is no. Fans have no interest in anything other than the NFL and its long-established minor league (aka NCAA). I don't mean this as a slap against the CFL, so please don't imply one.
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