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    big mistake if you ask me; a marketing plan directing an identity. needs to go the other way
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    Not a question but I always thought this thread (these kids of threads) were so convenient because it has all the rebranding information I need. I honestly don't think each team has enough of a fanbase (in this site) or that there are enough significant changes in this league specifically to be worth separate threads. But then again what do I know?
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    Hey I made this teaser. ?
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    I'm happy with them. Nothing too drastic but a nice, solid update. I'm really wanting to see what their "Athlete" and "Community" ones look like.
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    What time is Portland releasing their unis again? (Nevermind will scroll back a few pages)
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    Please tell that to the Colorado Rockies.
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    Next up is the Toronto Raptors in the style of the Maple Leafs. I based the jerseys off teasers of the Raptors' new Nike unis, so the color balance is a little off. I took the two chevrons from the teasers on the sleeves, and put one on the hem. The name and numbers are the same colour as they presumably would be on their new jerseys. Only 4 more to go after this one!
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    The timberwolves released their new logo and color scheme months ago and we haven't seen so much as a teaser. I hope we release soon so they can actually get products with the right colors
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    As far as these Indiana uniforms go... ...my wife says they're an improvement...she didn't like the old ones, she said they were too plain. She's just as big a sports fan as i am--and increasingly one of its aesthetics. (Score one for Buc!) She likes that Indiana tried something different, and went away from being so "plain-jane and vanilla". As soon as I saw the teaser, I immediately thought to myself "Hoosiers". Seeing the whole set...I guess the best way I can describe it is "Indiana BC" (Indiana Basketball Club). I can see the Indiana heritage inspiration--in that new secondary logo (which i REALLY like--and having lived up there in Indiana for four years, I can definitely understand and appreciate the "WE GROW BASKETBALL HERE" tagline)--but as per Nike M.O. it looks like they made a "decorative design element" out of it which with the "cornrow lines" being oriented on the uniforms as they are makes them, to me at least, look more like "random radial sunburst". I like the idea of it; just not the execution. Same for the obvious mixing of the "FloJo" side striping into that mosaic--if we hadn't already seen all these random cuts and side angles from Nike-produced designs before (namely the Jacksonville Jaguars) I probably wouldn't otherwise think too much about it. But that's yet another "trademark" design element of theirs. (And actually, now that i think about it, I'm legit surprised they didn't go the "opposing rounded/angled/squared corner" route with the jersey fonts. Speaking of which, their previous numbers weren't even straight Agency; why do so here?) I'm also not understanding the decision to outline the "Indiana Pacers" script in white and leave everything else sans outlines. It adds needless clutter. (This is yet another of those curious design decisions I've seen of Nike's uniforms before--a bit too much for my liking.) The whole would look words better if they had kept strictly to navy and yellow (especially on the roads) and let those colors breathe on their own. Of course, there's one other thing: I personally would have loved to have seen them embrace the spirit of (or heritage of) their nickname--racing, that is, which invokes some sense of speed and motion, kinda like the players on the court (how's that for Nike-speak?)--but it looks like they went the other direction, invoking more of a "Spirit of Indiana" vibe--which i suppose is ok, too. (And again, having lived there as long as I did, I can definitely sense and see that.) If that was the guiding objective of their creative brief, then I'd say they hit the mark. Personally not my cup of tea, but at the end of the day, as my wife says "it's an improvement over what they had before".
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    Morning, all! You may notice this thread exists today, and didn’t when you went to sleep last night. The announcement is coming soon, but we’re trialing a new system where we’ll split off from megathreads for individual leaks and reveals. In accordance, please use this thread for all Pacers-related discussion, no the NBA Changes thread. Thanks!
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    You only get one first impression.
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    Thst new A League badge is a downgrade.
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    ROFF @truepg Jokes aside I like the updated version of their uniform. Was hoping they went with the Rip city template ^^^^ this template ^^^^ Blazers - home Portland - road Ripcity - alt (red or silver) ...But the end result I can live with. Good job Portland.
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    It was a nice combo, but the Pelicans pretty much have that color palette..
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    Kinda weird the silver is still there, but the Blazers once again quietly have one of the top 5 looks in the Association.
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    We're supposed to discuss them in their own individual threads. See @crashcarson15's comment from two pages back.
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    Love these. Why though are their images of black with Blazers wordmark and some with Portland. Which is it?
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    Yeah, don't get yelled at, LOL.
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    I agree. I HATE the Pacers, but these were some of my favorites.
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    I honestly can't look at that without thinking 'diarrhea'. I realize it's one of the nicknames for Dallas, but it's a terrible idea that would be a punchline across the sports world.
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    More like through the end of time as we know it--I-70, too--but let me get off that topic right now because...
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    Yes, the NFL has finally made the first small steps. And that's important. But they're still a long ways from honest and open transparency. Especially since they're still fighting with the NIH over the research they promised to fund.
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    This is what I’ve always thought the Jackets should do color-wise on a third jersey, and it looks really nice here.
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    Blazers haven't changed much since playing Jordan in the NBA finals. Really only a dash of silver trim added in 25+ seasons. So I expect them to make minor adjustments. Which should be applauded since they already have a fine set.. that silver distinguishes them from Chicago Miami and Toronto.
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    The new Pacers jerseys, especially the road, look absolutely awful. The idea had potential. But the execution leaves something to be desired. It needs a major adjustment to work well.
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    I really like what the Pacers did here. The side panels have this interesting mix of the pinstripes in the middle and the Flo-Jo stripes at the top and bottom. It's also the cornrows concept as well. It's a bit harsh at first, but it comes together, especially on a player.
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    The shorts are great. The front of the jersey is dumb. Should have just gone standard - big wordmark, normal number - on the front.
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    Agreed. This new Pacers set made me think of Toronto's uniforms. I'll wait and see on Portland
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    As a Rangers fan I dig this a lot. The northwestern stripe on the roundel gives the modern set a retro vibe which is pretty cool. I think my only quibble might be that the stroke on the T seems too thick for my taste, but man, I'm not even sure if it's just because I've seen the previous logo my tenure as a fan. Excellent work here.
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    and somehow make it even more bland than it already is.
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    Side panels? Reeeeeally good. Both team names on the jersey? Reeeeeeeally bad. It's close. I really love everything else about that set. I just really, really don't like the front.
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    That's an excellent streamlining of the Rangers' logos. It looks cleaner without the bevels, and I also like that you kept plenty of white barriers between the red and royal blue. Well done!
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    A major improvement on their current logos. Great work!
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    Only thing I'd change is the color of the baseline text. It'd look better in gold.
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    PACERS EXEC: "I really feel like we're not reaching the Dallas Cowboy/Texas demographic." BRANDING IDIOT: "I got u fam"
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    I support any action that gets the Mets triple-A affiliate out of Vegas and back to the east coast.
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    As far as the Phillies' script is concerned - let's not forget that until last season, they actually used a different (and better) version of the script on their on-field jerseys that didn't look nearly as blobby. The letter "e" in particular looked a million times better on the old jerseys: I understand why they wanted to standardize the script, but they should have standardized around the old jersey script instead of the uglier version they've used in all other applications.
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    ^ Sakic in his GM suit should make them cringe even more than that
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    If you're digging for silver in Vegas in August you'll end up looking like that.
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    Ads on uniforms are a disgrace, more so for basketball because there's even less space to work with. Only a matter of time until companies start paying more for ads not to blend with the team colours too. Eugh, what's happening.
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    As a 27 year old Nats/Skins/Wiz/Caps/WVU fan I don't know the joy of experiencing a championship, but I imagine it is very similar to how the guy in the gray shirt is feeling.
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    I don't get why the Phillies don't wear that color scheme and exist as the only burgundy team in major league baseball and choose, instead, to be just another red-hatted club.
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    Next up is the St. Louis Cardinals in the style of the St. Louis Blues. The Cardinals are one of the only teams in baseball whose socks have striping, so I took them and used them as the uniform striping. Like the blues, both jerseys have colored yokes and cuffs. The yoke also features similar striping to the Blues jerseys, but I'm not 100% sold on the color layout yet. I used the cap logo on the jerseys because I felt it looked the best. C&C is appreciated!
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    The Canucks have never had a good logo.
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    Who specifically said both those things? Because different people are indeed allowed to have different opinions. But let's pretend for a moment that it's true. Sometimes you don't know what you've got until it's gone. I can see where this awful over-designed trainwreck might make some people more appreciative of an identity they previously thought stodgy and plain.
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    All these proposed fixes are about bringing the uniforms closer and closer to the set they replaced. Interesting.
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    Wait, I thought you were being sarcastic. (Were you?) The team that "did this in the past"?
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