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    Everyone is jumping aboard the whole "basketball thing in football thing XDDD" train, but does anyone else think it's really bizarre that a public university's football team is wearing a giant brand logo on their practice helmets? Like is that not just a tad off for anyone else? I get that major universities make a big deal of their branding and apparel deals, but on the uniforms themselves generally the actual brand logo is not front and center. I mean there is arguable no more important spot in a uniform than the centerpiece of the helmet, and those helmets have a jumpman logo. I know it's only a practice uniform, but that just makes it worse i think. Even their practices are brought to you by Jumpman. I know saying that college football is a giant corporate entity isn't exactly a unique position, but I can't recall ever seeing quite this level of pure corporatism in amateur athletics, where the primary focal point of a practice uniform is a giant apparel brand. This is bothering me maybe more than it should.
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    That's pretty disappointing. Headscratching why they would use the inferior, blander version of this set
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    The Ideal MLB ballpark post over in sports logos got me working on a sketchup project. Here's what I've got so far. I started with Camden yards, specifically for the right field warehouse. I haven't done too much to the outer facade or anything other than the outfield. That'll be the next step. I then added Petco's Western Metal Supply Co + the Green Monster + Minute Maid's train in left field. Center field is a mix of PNC's simple hedges and Citizen's Bank stacked bullpens. The outfield wall has a nice layer of Wrigley Ivy all the way around. As of now I haven't found a good way to include the Wrigley scoreboard in center like I would like. There will be some terrible sightlines at this park, and the only way the outfield would be any less fun to play in would be the addition of Tal's Hill, but that's the joy of baseball compared to any other sport.
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    But we can't pay players because it would destroy the spirit of amateurism or something something.
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    As a Preds fan, I actually like them better than the homes. I wish the homes would've done the inverse and added blue shoulders. They are just too plain right now.
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    You could put a damn Walmart brand And1 logo on the helmet and it look bad. The helmet isn't a billboard, and that's what UNC is using it at such
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    UNC is perfect. Never change again please
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    Has anyone mentioned this yet? The round about fanatics shirts seem to be very accurate so far in terms of jersey numbers and colors (76ers drop shadows, the cavs jerseys) and this seems to contradict the earlier Phoenix leak... unless they have another purple jersey, for some reason.
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    Pretty sure you'll find you're fighting an uphill battle on this one. I think the general consensus is that this is about as good as Carolina has ever looked. Good mix of classic UNC football paired with the iconic argyle. They'd be dumb to not use it. It's on the level of Yankees pinstripes, the winged Michigan helmet, and the Lakers in yellow at home. I'm honestly shocked it took them this long to implement it. When you see that argyle, you instantly know it's UNC. I still really like these UNC sets. No real changes from the prior uniforms. What would push it over the edge from very good to great, would be cohesion between the helmet and pants stripe. Right now, you've got argyle down the middle of the helmet amidst nice contrasting striping. On the pants, the argyle is simply down the sides, sans stripe. It would have been nice to see a matching stripe on the pants to contain the argyle.
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    Jacksonville has only worn the teal jerseys once since the rebrand - 2013 vs Chargers. It's such a nicer look to the black and I miss it so much
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    How about We The North Uprising Over Everything?
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    Los Angeles Chargers of Orange County at Costa Mesa also Carson Could've just fought for San Diego, but whatever.
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    I think the Chargers' powder blue has lots of appeal. But they've worked so hard to keep it off to the side I'm not sure it has a lot of brand equity. It could, it should, but they don't want it to so it doesn't.
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    According to @Conrad. twitter conversation with Derf Diggler, regarding Golden State alternate uniforms. It looks like their Chinese New Year will be "Blue and Gold with a dragon on the logo" and "The Slate unis will have "The Town" with an Oak Tree". Source: https://mobile.twitter.com/phredroq Hopefully we see a mockup within the week!
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    Alright, I think the Red Raiders could go for an identity refresh/upgrade. Their recent uniforms were an upgrade in my opinion from the previous UnderArmour looks that we have rolled out but still left something to be desired and IMO have aged greatly. The pants have been tweaked slightly to remove the "Guns Up" text and the stripes are modified a little as well. The jerseys now feature contrasting TV numbers on the shoulder tops (inspired by the Ohio State national championship unis), and a sublimated pattern on the sleeve caps. This pattern is an homage to those found on the shoulders of the suits that Spanish Matadors wore (this is what the school's original mascot was, and elements can still be found on the masked rider mascot). I also think the "Double T" logo looks better flat - but our stadium upgrade included a beveled logo on the scoreboard that was solid red which is a nice combination of simple and modern over the current look. So enough of all that, here are the goods. C&C welcome. I've put together some different combinations the team could wear, as well as a throwback set. Home & Road Color Rush Home Alts (white helmet) Red Alts (red helmet) Throwback
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    Ravens pants= Jags Color Rush Pants. Those Seahawks unis were great for one game, something we hadn't seen before. Glad they broke out those for a game, cool to see their alt colors. The Saints unis are just wrong...
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    Next up we have the Vancouver Whitecaps in the style of the Canucks. Since the Whitecaps have no real striping pattern on their jerseys, I based the striping pattern off a scarf I found of the team shop. The exact same striping pattern is used on both jerseys, and the white one has a cuff, like the Canucks. The white jersey is the team's home jersey. Up next is Vegas!
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    Nope, that's just Adidas' Entrada 14 teamwear jersey: Based on both of the leaked Mexico shirts for next summer's World Cup, it actually wouldn't surprise me if Adidas stuck with the epaulette look for the stripe placement on next year's jerseys.
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    Enshrining a family member's memorial as a permanent uniform feature, despite how truly awful that person's tenure with the club was, is masturbatory. And worthy of as much ridicule as we can possibly lob at it.
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    Really? If you don't mind me asking, where you a teenager or older in the 90s? Because if you were a 10-year-old buying baseball cards in 1991, there really was no bigger baseball star than Ken Griffey Jr. And when the M's changed their logo from the block S to the nautical theme, it was like a whole new franchise joined the league. For me, living in New York, Griffey was a transcendent star who elevated an entire franchise. The Reds, on the other hand, were Pete Rose/Paul Sabo/Eric Davis. (I'm now aging myself)
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    The Orange on the logo looks different to the Orange used on the uniforms.
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    What if Trevor Linden, as President of the team, changes the logo? I think he might follow suit (being an alum in the front office of his former team) of Joe Sakic and bring back the look his time and the team's former glory days by bringing back the skate logo and jerseys. This might be a stretch, but I don't think any of us really thought Colorado would bring back the cup-winning set, so perhaps Linden does the same during this rebuild. I've seen polls from fans and the winning look the majority of the time is the '94 cup run sweaters.
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    It's too much yellow for me on its own, but that will probably get balanced out by the pants. The striping makes me think we're going to have the galoshes look on the road socks again, unfortunately.
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    I think I actually like these. Not a ton, but still. They're a huge improvement, compared to the homes. Now why couldn't they have just followed this template, on the homes? No, the guitar strings on the sleeve numbers is new, for this season.
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    Those helmets are.... Not good, IMO.
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    How does adding the grey neckline embrace the MTSU brand??
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    Nice updates all around! I particularly like how the Angel's contrasting sleeves turned out, and all of the other updates are really nice. I probably prefer the brick over the sedona red for the Rangers, just because it's a nice color for them to own. Looking forward to the NL East, the Braves in particular look quite intriguing.
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    I still have yet to see words on pants look good.
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    Man, I really wish Michigan would wear this combo again, even if only for a couple of games a season: I personally really like the all-white look they've had since Harbaugh took over, but the classic white over yellow is just too good not to use at least once or twice a season, especially with the beautiful white jerseys they have now.
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    How is this going to work with two pro teams in the same league/sport/city both using a color scheme variation of yellow/blue(when the Rams do the inevitable). The chargers have really made a mess of everything.
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    I don't think anyone does.
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    Very disappointing to see that the inline numbers haven't returned. At this point, Memphis needs a total redesign.
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    Moving onto the Swingin' A's: A lot of what I've done here is bring a lot of the touches of the Reggie Jackson era A's and put them in a more consistent box. I've opted for the gold "A's" with the white jersey and the white "A's" for the all gold road. The trim is based on two sets of three stripes on the waistband and the sleeve and one on the collar. The sanitaries switch from gold to white on the road so there isn't an overload of gold. The alternate, worn with white pants is essentially a green version of the home jersey.
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    Meanwhile, Pelicans fans are like...
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    Nuggets uniforms leaked
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    IMO, the best uniforms embody the spirit of their region. You see a uni and it simply feels like it belongs in that area (i.e. the Seahawks current set meshes effectively with the overcast, but progressive Pacific Northwest). The vibe of the Chargers powder blue unis meshes with the identity of the region so perfectly (maybe even better than the early Marino-era Fins), it would be a shame to see the entire brand whitewashed.
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    People are really going to use this vernacular? Puke.
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    Great work on all the jerseys here, maybe try making the color of Portland's Rip City jersey silver.
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    Jaime Garcia, Minnesota Twin.
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    Idaho Vandals official 2017 poster released today. Interesting comic book feel with the words to the fight song. I like it.
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    Here's a slightly different take on this topic. 14 years ago, the 2003 NBA Draft occurred. Aside from the legendary draft class (and equally legendary draft bust at #2 overall), take a look at the logo overlaps here: 2003 marked the debut of the Cavaliers' logo seen there, the debut of the Nuggets' new double blue/gold color scheme, while it was the second-to-last season of the horse's head in Detroit. Seeing the horse's head wedged in between those two logos really provides for a clash of eras. The Raptors' logo contributes to that as well - while it would linger around for five more seasons in those colors (looking ever more dated by the year), it's an archetypal 90's logo next to two logos very associated with the 2000s.
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    @FightingGoldenDevil - see my message that I sent @TheBigBuc - enjoy
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