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    Ok now I put my two cents in. Association uni is neutral for me, don't love, don't hate, just okay, but Icon is a completly mess: Wordmark -thanks to white border- is unreadable from a distance, White stripes takes too much attention Lack of baby blue and even of yellow, White numbers is the only good thing on that (IMO) Here is my quick fix based on 2005-2012 alternate (above-mentioned by Anythinglogos), which was actually a good jersey: BTW, I hope Nuggets will kept that beauty tetris jersey with us, no matter if yellow or baby blue.
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    Another shot of the logo: I really really like this.
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    You know which team would look good with this style? The Clippers. That stripe pattern looks like surfer/swimming trunks.
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    I'm very disappointed Corey Dickerson is just using "Dickerson" and not "Big Dick."
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    It's 100% about money. Every MLB one-off is about the money. It's that simple.
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    Even so, it's not entirely a bad idea to market to a new generation of fans that baseball can be fun. It's for 1 game in 162 in late August. Lighten the :censored: up
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    It's also annoying when literally any time someone mentions monochrome uniforms, you have a conniption. It's really old and annoying at this point, we get it already. It is fine to have an opinion, it is not fine to smear that opinion in everyone's faces at every god given opportunity, especially when it's pretty antagonistic.
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    The template isn't bad. It's just the blatant lack of green that bothers me.
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    Wow, what a huge downgrade. The previous set wasn't great, and last seasons tweake worsened it except for the font, but these are just so bland and lifeless. They're basically a navy/white/yellow team now with hints of light blue, which at the very least stood out as a primary color in the NBA ( and I day that as a huge fan of the 90's navy-red-gold). The outlining of the Denver on the navy uniform makes it really hard to read. If for some reason they wanted to emphasize navy over light blue, the previous navy Alts had much better color balance and were much more interesting overall
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    I'm a homer. I collect pretty much anything Dodgers, so I'll be getting the cap and the jersey (if they have a blank replica available). As for that ligher shade of blue, it's actually all around the stadium. It really doesn't bother me. Also, ALL MLB merchandise is a cash-grab.
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    They are Nautical Flags, each flag has a meaning and Letter associated to it
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    I also attempted to make those Timberwolves leaks come to life. Not my best work but gives a general assumption of what they should look like.
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    This reminds me of MLB and the overuse of colors, like red. Still not over my Dbacks going from purple and teal to "Sedona Red" for a bit. I was hoping we'd see NBA teams take chances and be brave with unique colors.
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    1) they're selling shirseys with nicknames on the back 2) it's more than just uniforms, this is from the MLB article "MLB and the MLB Players Association announced jointly on Wednesday that Players Weekend will be a player-focused field festival of sorts, different than anything seen before at the top rung of the sport. In addition to nicknames on the backs of jerseys made by Majestic, players can wear and use uniquely colored and designed spikes, batting gloves, wristbands, compression sleeves, catcher's masks and bats." so that means Never said that the uniforms were necessarily good looking, which they aren't. This is just about expression and they're giving the most visible people the freedom to do whatever they want. Baseball has the amount of games to do something like this, and wearing colorful uniforms shouldn't take away your viewing experience in any way.
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    That's really uninspired. They did a good job with the new logo and went to lengths to promote the new bright green and then they just leave it off the uniform altogether? Why? I really don't understand those decisions.
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    I've never liked the Garnett set. IMO, there wasn't enough color and it looked washed-out. The wordmark they used back then was one of the worst in sports history, too. The post-Garnett set took what worked and refined it to make a modern classic. I know people think it was too busy, but IMO, busy is not the same thing as bad. There's nothing wrong with having an intricate, detailed uniform if it looks good.
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    This thread differs from my former one as i am implementing Nikes 4 uniforms per team concept and i am remaking all my former concept uniforms not just copy and pasting them. there may be expansion teams or revamped identities but that will be less common than my former project. As always C&C is greatly appreciated as it helps me know what i did good and what i can improve. Indiana Pacers I loved the word mark of the new uniforms, but just the execution/balance of the jersey just felt so off. I created more simple and classic sides/trim to complement the wordmark. also featured is a unique trim on the shorts Association Icon Athletes Mindset Community Inspired Brooklyn Nets Took my previous concept and made tweaks to the (what was then called) home and away jerseys and created two completely new uniforms Association Icon Athletes Mindset Community - Took the Brooklyn Dodgers old word mark to show respect to the history of Brooklyn sports. also featured is a "42" on the waistband out of respect for Jackie Robinson Detroit Pistons. In retrospect, my old pistons concept looked very amateur. However, i kept some elements of them (two tone) i liked to create a unique set that also maintains that Detroit Pistons feel Association Icon Athletes Community Thank you very much for viewing. let me know what you think and would like next.
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    My Kansas City Royals "50 Seasons" Anniversary Patch for 2018.
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    Can the Clippers just admit they screwed up and switch back to these?
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    Not singling anyone out here, but unless you have an old jersey next to the new one it's being replaced by, it's a fool's errand trying to judge whether uniform colors have been tweaked just by looking at a promotional photo. This seems to come up with a lot of new uniforms, and it's usually just a case of dramatic lighting used for the promo shots.
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    I can think of a few teams those jerseys would work with, but the Wolves aren't one of em.
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    So an alternative Mariners and Rangers today. I cooked up this blue and gold version of the Mariners trying to emulate the more brassy gold the Winnepeg Blue Bombers use in the CFL. It was 50/50 on which I post but ended up opting for silver. Let me know which you fine folks prefer. Next up is the Rangers. I opted for a fold-over collar design and a drop shaddow-outline combo that mimics the old Senators design. C&C as always enjoy!
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    Yep, same amount of green as the Association uniform, sadly.
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    I don't get it. The marketing doesn't make sense. The players already get to wear whatever they want as far as cleats and batting gloves and sleeves and etc. How is putting them in awkwardly bright colors supposed to let them show their personalities or whatever? Do the games not count and they can do back flips while running to first base? The players with personality like Bryce Harper already show that off every night, why is it suddenly different for the players weekend? Is Bryce Harper gonna suddenly be different even though he already is a bright personality every other game anyways? Are traditional classy veteran players like Ichiro gonna suddenly play like the young energetic guys? I can't imagine that this suddenly means Ichiro is gonna do a bat flip and taunt the opposing pitcher if he gets a hit that weekend. "Oh every other game throughout the season I play without energy and without showing my personality but now that I have this bright hat and a nickname on my back well NOW you'll really get to see me have fun so don't miss these three games!" This is illogical and borderline insulting. I saw Jose Fernandez play with intensity and excitement and passion every five days for 4 seasons in Miami while playing like a kid and while still playing to win without stupid promotional gear and without a nickname on his back. You don't need this merchandising garbage to show kids how baseball can be fun. This is stupid.
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    Best: - Worst: All This is just terrible. Here's what I can say positive about any of these:. Marlins: Intriguing color scheme. I like the jersey's colors...but even with the current look; more blue, less black. Padres: Hey some color...reminds me of your blue/yellow teaser from last year. A's: I really like that hat. I don't want it on the field, but it would make a nice fashion cap. Phillies: Maybe that would be a suitable BP cap. The worst of the worse are the Reds and most of the gray ones. Some of them like the Pirates, Twins, and Blue Jays are as good as most of the fashion jerseys I see. But the grey ones and the ones that lighten the color too much are not even suitable fashion jerseys. And seeing the jersey the Yankees are going to wear on the field makes me feel like we traditionalists are pretty much on the ropes. EDIT: Have some of these hats changed. I don't recall the white "C" for Cleveland and I thought the Twins were using Minny and Paul. I also have no recollection of that red White Sox hat, which reminds me very much of Cleveland.
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    Unpopular opinion: this leaked uniform is far and away the best Timberwolves uniform since their original away uniforms: Not that that's a high bar to clear, granted. The only redeeming quality to the Garnett-era unis were the cuffs, IMO, and I don't like their current piping-happy uniforms one bit.
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    Is it sad that Padres uniform is better then what they have now?
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    Shrug. Opinions, man. I happen to love that wordmark. I know people think it was too busy, but IMO, busy is not the same thing as bad. There's nothing wrong with having an intricate, detailed wordmark if it looks good. In this case they offset the extensively detailed wordmark, and number font, and the logo on the right side of the shorts by having a barebones uniform and containing all of the design elements within the trim. (It's pretty similar to the Grizzlies original uniforms now that I think about it). I also love the tiny quirk of having the shorts cuffed on just one side. The reason I ranked those above the post-Garnett set is that it had that late 00's thing where there was piping and design elements seemed to bend and curve at seemingly arbitrary points with no rhyme or reason for why they've placed them the way they've placed them. I wouldn't even call it "busy", I'd call it piping for piping's sake.
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    Thanks for the C+C guys! I'm surprised the heritage alternate went over as well as it did. Luckily, for those who liked it, there's more of it coming up. ATLANTA FIREBIRDS, PT. II - Resugens in Red and Black This concept combines several board discussions into a cohesive identity. A couple of board members have stated an inclination to see the Braves in red and black, to eliminate another navy/red team and to align the Braves with the Falcons and Hawks in a "civic" color scheme. I thought it was worth an experiment, even if I didn't agree with the sentiment. I simply swapped the navy out for black while keeping red and yellow-gold (which both the Falcons and Hawks should use as accent colors). Since the alternate takes will almost always feature name changes for relocated teams, I wanted to give the Braves a name that fit with Atlanta. I decided upon Firebirds for several reasons. There was synergy with the other Atlanta team names (which is a must for a "civic" color scheme). It also fit with the whole "rising from the ashes" narrative that Atlanta's city boosters/investors pushed following the city's destruction in Sherman's March to the Sea (to the point of having a Phoenix on the city seal). On this subject, Reiko Hillyer wrote, "Northern visitors also parroted the image of Atlanta as phoenix, remarking, 'Like Chicago, Atlanta rose from its ashes at the close of war, and entered into an uninterrupted era of peaceful prosperity.'"1 Since Phoenixes was a little over-the-top for my tastes, I went for Firebirds. Sure, big daddy GM might have issues with it, but I don't care. My first version of the concept was little more than a palette swap. In response to the praise the heritage alternates got for my main take, I redid my concept to fit around them. Drop shadows now accompany all of the elements, alongside the "A" monogram and the Braves-style scripts (which have a sharp look to them, perfect for the new name). The Black Crackers' "A" now has a drop shadow in all instances, akin to the logo of the Atlanta Crackers. It's a good way to incorporate Atlanta's pre-1966 baseball history. The Firebird (based on heraldic depictions of the creatures) has flame detailing on his tail feathers. It's much less garish than the full flames and easier to render in small applications. The flame tongue comes from the Snot Horse of the Calgary Flames. I put the "A" at the top of the diamond, to get some "Atlanta" on the logo. The uniforms feature the drop shadow motif on the scripts and numbers. I went with one-color NOB's, for legibility reasons. The Northwestern-style stripe remains on the socks, given the Falcons' history with said striping pattern. I thought about adding placket stripes, but they made the whole set look too cluttered. The alternates are palette-swapped versions of the old heritage alternate. The road version has a dedicated cap. The old heritage alternate now uses the road alternate's cap and the primary logo as a sleeve patch. The other fauxback is a black/red version of the "715" uniforms, complete with the flame replacing the feather (a very "Winga Dinga" touch) and white cleats (a bit of 1970's flair). It's a fun way to make the Braves fit within the "civic" color/naming scheme of Atlanta, as well as the history of the city. It's almost as Atlanta as Lemon Pepper Wings and Coca-Cola! C+C is greatly appreciated, as always! Up next, the Cincinnati Reds (emphasis on the red part). 1Reiko Hillyer, Designing Dixie: Tourism, Memory, and Urban Space in the New South, American South Series (Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, 2015), 142.
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    Those Nuggets uniforms are as bland as this new board software.
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    Some team has to bring in Rod Smart to throw out the first pitch while wearing a jersey with "He Hate Me" on the back.
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    Clippers posted this decoder on their website too... All I can make out is "BLUE BACK" which I assume means the dark version of uni will be Blue??
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    Nope, you did not. And for what it's worth, I hope fans of all different teams join me in lamenting the fact that their teams are going to wear clown suits for an entire weekend. But for franchises like the Yankees, Cardinals, Tigers, Dodgers, etc., that have generally resisted alternates, I think it's an especially bad idea. This will be the first time ever the Yankees wear names on their backs. And it'll be goofy nicknames on knockoff little league uniforms. And it'll be the first time they wear anything other than pinstripes at home since 1914. Holy cow, is that a bad idea.
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    Did I make it here before all the traditionalists crying about their Yankees wearing something besides pinstripes?
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    No need for the jerseys. Period. Even though some are pretty sick, there's no need for the cash grab. In my opinion the jerseys actually take away from the intention of the weekend. They're just flashy eyesores that truly do reveal to us the true prediction of TATC. You know, w/out the Mercury Mets. Just the patch (which is gorgeous btw), the nicknames and some attention grabbing equipment would have accomplished the same goal in a better way that actually was about the players expressing themselves, not the MLB trying to make some quick bucks with only six hat bases and some cookie cutter pullovers. The MLB could have made just as much money selling a pinstriped jersey with ALL RISE on the back. It would have been a cooler message too, with all the unique equipment being worn along with the teams' iconic jersey saying basically "This is me, and that includes this jersey that I'm proud to wear every day." You can't get to the same place by handing a guy a gaudy, meaningless jersey that he's never seen before in his life.
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    So Minnesota removed all stripes which contained the pine tree pattern, took the Wizards uniform template, and click/filled the template with Dallas colors?
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    Middle columns going town read "BLUE BACK".
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    This. Businesses are profit-seeking entities by their very nature. Not to say they always seek out profit at the expense of any sense of ethics or morality (though many do, unfortunately), but at the end of the day, businesses sell goods or services seeking to maximize their profits. Selling uniforms is no different. MLB saw an opportunity to make more money at virtually no expense and took it. From a business perspective, this makes sense, and I have no qualms with it. But that's not why we're here, of course - we're here to discuss the aesthetics of it. And good lord, are these things hideous. Perhaps the biggest bunch of eyesores to hit a Big 4 playing field/court/rink since the original Christmas sleeved jerseys in the NBA. Or worse yet, maybe since the infamous TATCs. There's been more awful gimmicky uniforms than I care to remember in the past decade, but these... they're right up there with the worst of them. I have to admit, I'm almost crawling out of my skin at the mere thought of my beloved Yankees taking the field in blue uniforms, with grey caps, in pullovers, with names on the back - nicknames, at that! At home, no less! I am a lover of the history of the game of baseball, and especially of the Yankees. The continuity of their uniforms and overall aesthetic, the rich tradition behind those pinstripes and that interlocking NY - these are things that are honestly important to me, and most Yankee fans. I know that probably sounds like crazy hyperbole to most fans, but there is incredible value (to me) in knowing that when you go to Yankee Stadium, you'll watch the Yankees of today play in the same uniforms that the likes of Gehrig, Mantle, DiMaggio, Berra, Munson, Jeter, and Rivera all wore. No gimmicks, no alternates, no needless changes. That's the Yankee brand, and it's one that almost all Yankee fans value and identify with. And for three games, Yankee fans will go to the Stadium and watch the New York Yankees play in little league uniforms. Seriously, little league uniforms. Imagine Mickey Mantle striding up to the plate in a blue pullover with "Commerce Comet" plastered across his back. Imagine Joe DiMaggio running across the outfield wearing a "Yankee Clipper" little league top. Oy. I know, I know... I probably seem like some crazy old stick-in-the-mud to most. But for a team that's never worn a full-time alternate, and hasn't substantially changed their uniform design since 1936 (outside of refining the chest logo), you can't just put the team in bizarre uniforms for three games and expect it to be well-received by fans.
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    I wish I was well-off enough to buy a Robbie Ross Jr. jersey to wear while mowing the lawn.
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    To remind us the Padres should have kept the navy/yellow color scheme from 2016? I mean frankly that's the best looking jersey the Padres have worn this year (that wasn't their 1991 uni from Way Back Wednesday). It's a shame it's not their regular alt (button up) with the 2016 home cap. Speaking of the Padres, here's their nicknames.
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    Everything that every for-profit entity does is solely about money; any other motivation is either marketing BS or else a figment of someone's imagination. Therefore this criticism is pointless, because it applies equally to everyone. Every television show and movie that is produced and every book that is published is put out for sole the purpose of the studio or publisher getting a return on their investment; but we don't allow this fact to stop us from critiquing those things on their artistic merits. Likewise, we should be critiquing these uniforms only on the basis of aesthetics, without worrying about the fact that they are created as a means for the teams to make money.
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    I don't actually believe that the players wanted this. Most players actually hated the uniform rebrands of the Marlins and DBacks and they're trying to convince us that the players wanted this? I'm not buying that. Outside of a handful I'd be shocked if the majority of players don't actually prefer just playing in the classic uniforms they grew up watching as kids.
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    Thank you for articulating what made a lot of recent NBA uniforms so bad. You're absolutely right. The last Atlanta Hawks set comes to mind as the worst offender.
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    A lot of teams have them for defensive backs and linebackers too for the same reason. Boise State is one of those:
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    That "Denver" wordmark might take the cake for being one of the worst 'print' wordmarks of all time. It's completely illegible. Even in a close-up, you have to really focus in order to make out each individual letter. This is perhaps the new prototypical example of why double outlines so frequently fail. You have a bulky wordmark with loads of serifs, in a light color, outlined by two other light colors. It winds up looking like an amorphous blob of light colors against a dark background. Also, minor detail, but I loathe how the middle 'prong' of the E appears to be larger and more prominent than the outer two prongs. I know it isn't technically larger, but by having two serifs (in contrast to the other two prongs), and being the same length as the outer two prongs, it looks significantly bigger. Stands out like a swollen thumb (or a swollen middle finger, in this case? ). The number "1" on Harris' uniform is equally hideous as well. Looks way too close to being a "7." The upper portion juts out way too far, and looks disproportionate with the rest of the number. This is just a very poorly designed font for its intended purpose, IMO.
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    The shiny Melo Nuggets were the best the Nuggets have ever looked. It's been diminishing returns since. LOL Keith Van Horn and his dumb socks.
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    Generals, Bighorns Unveil New Logos Two more teams unveiled new logos and uniforms in the summer of 1996. In a decade that has already seen many rebrands for PHL clubs the Washington Generals and Vancouver Bighorns are the latest teams to overhaul their look. The Generals' new logo features the head of an eagle wearing an olive green beret, while the uniforms further enhance the Army theme with a camouflage design on the shoulders and arms. The arms also feature the team's new secondary logo, based on the US Army logo on one side and a chevron logo on the other side. "I think the jerseys are pretty cool, I love the camo pattern" said forward Rob Wentzel. "It's a great look, It'll feel like we're going into battle" said goaltender Jake Borman. In Vancouver, the Bighorns revealed the first primary logo in modern franchise history to actually feature a Bighorn Sheep. The logo is a ram's head with a scowl on its face, ready to charge. The secondary mark features an inuksuk-style hockey player with a stick and helmet. The basic theme of the rebrand is based in Pacific indigenous art. The uniforms feature the teams updated color scheme of brick red, black, and orange with a black gradient effect on both jerseys. "We really wanted a uniform that plays into the culture of Vancouver and British Columbia" said David Smythe, the son of Bighorns owner Donald Smythe. David Smythe oversaw the entire rebrand and will soon take over control of the franchise. The logo change will coincide with the teams' move into a new downtown arena in October, 1996. In other uniform news, the Boston Bulldogs will officially make their popular red alternate jerseys the primary road jerseys in 1996-97, while the black uniforms will remain as the team's alternate. Meanwhile, the Minnesota Lumberjacks will retire their black alternates, worn since the 1994-95 season. And finally, three teams unveiled new alternates for 1996. Long Island will wear orange jerseys with a new front-view logo, Quebec will introduce a new black uniform with the "fleur-de-goalie" logo on the front, while Pittsburgh's new alternate will feature the team's insect head secondary logo on a gold jersey with a honeycomb pattern.
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