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    The league's worst collar has officially been laid to rest!
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    They're not so difficult to make changes to. Like for a video game or something. Here's my rendition of this Players Weekend uniform if the Expos were still around!
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    This is perhaps the biggest combination of "huge upgrade" and "mediocre uniform" of all time.
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    No joke, New Orleans might have one of my favorite looks in the league now. I hated the tiny font they used on the old uniforms so much. Just making it bigger has pushed them near the top for me, they look great. It's nice when teams actually make helpful tweaks
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    I really like that the Nike template has straightened out the side panels for Orlando and Memphis -- a much cleaner and more modern look, IMO.
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    Isn't that the combination you get when the Jordan logo is your secondary logo and you start up Teambuilder?
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    Good Lord that looks so much better. One of the things I'm most excited about this NFL season is that finally there won't be a single team that has the the toilet bowl collar.
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    Thanks, guys! I'm planning on using a slab-serif wordmark similar to yours for the update, Admiral. I also plan to use the custom block font on the home and road, as I find myself liking the way it looks with the slab-serif marks (block standard doesn't mix all that well with slab-serif fonts, and neither did the Reds' old custom block font). Anyway, alternate take time! CINCINNATI REDS, PT. II - A fancy, black-outlined wrinkle in time As I mentioned in my Yankees concept, the 1930's were a time of codification for many classic looks. A bunch of teams debuted looks that would be the precedent for their uniforms for the next eighty years (with few exceptions). In our timeline, the Reds codified the Wishbone C while also experimenting with a variety of looks. Both royal and navy were accent colors, pinstripes came and went, and the team briefly brought in a mini-script. This period also saw the final departure of the Fancy Block (is that its name?) C that had appeared on the caps from 1909-31. While we may think of the Wishbone C as an iconic logo, it might not have had the same "brand equity" in the 1930's (especially since the Reds hadn't won a pennant since 1919). What if there was an alternate timeline, where the team eschewed the Wishbone C in favor of the Fancy Block C? What if the Reds kept with the trend towards cursive script wordmarks (the Tigers' road uniforms, this Phillies script, the Cubs' brief flirtation in the early-1930's, and the Dodgers' introduction of the classic wordmark in 1938)? Also, what if the team introduced black into their color scheme (echoing the Giants in the 1930's)? How could they have overhauled their identity in a way that'd inspire praise today (akin to the uniforms of the Cardinals, Dodgers, and Giants)? Well, let's find out! The most notable change is that Mr. Red now bears the Fancy Block C on his chest. The new C is a secondary logo as well, and Mr. Red's head joins with the script wordmark for the tertiary logo. I brightened the shade of red to better contrast with the black accents. The uniforms are classically-styled, and also treat black as an accent color (like how the Cardinals and Red Sox handle navy). I modified Fenway Park JF to create cleaner updates of the Reds' 1936-37/2007-present script and the 1960's warmup jacket wordmark. The "R" and "C" bear traits of the Fancy Block C. I also added a simple sock stripe pattern, which would have been a 1940's creation that stuck around with minimal modifications (like the Cardinals' striped socks). The alternates are visions of how the alternate timeline shaped their uniform history. The "Redlegs" look of the late-1950's now bears the new cap logo and black outlines, while the 1940's throwbacks (which used plain block) now retain the Fancy Block wordmark from the 1930's on a faux-flannel pattern. Black also takes the place of navy as the outline/cap color. Through the twisting of timelines, the Reds can look classy even without the Wishbone C and with black in their color scheme. The concept also goes to show how versatile black/red is as a color scheme. C+C is greatly appreciated! Up next, the Miami Marlins!
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    Those Miami unis would look so much better without the tire-tread pattern. I don't understand why that's even a thing. Has Adidas ever put out literature explaining the purpose of the pattern in the fabric?
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    This is great news. I'm of the opinion that every NFL team looks better in white shoes.
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    Never noticed that before. But damn, do I hate putting the flag on there. Just more needless clutter, itself disrespectful.
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    Thank you! I got some of my inspiration from your Braves rebrand thread and an interesting Uni-Watch post, namely the "Braves should change their name to the Atlanta Bravest" one. I'd like to think my set is a more palatable alternative to bringing fecking singular names into baseball (you'd think Paul would be against that, but apparently not). That concept was one of my favorite early ones. There's some cringeworthy stuff in that thread, but the black/red Braves were a bright spot. Thanks. I like black/red too, and I find it funny that it's so overused in the NHL and underused in baseball. Thanks. I don't mind an alternate take and a primary concept for a different team overlapping. Besides, that "a" had a halo on it and a solid crown. Now, onto the Reds! CINCINNATI REDS, PT. I - A proper restomod. I don't like the Reds' with black in their color scheme, nor do I like their Brandiose font (which is unbecoming of one of the oldest teams in the league). When I first de-blacked the Reds, I made the mistake of including the Brandiose road wordmark and some inappropriate striping. When redoing the concept for this series, I decided to bring the set more in line with the beloved 1968-71 uniforms (which was a buttonfront/belted pants version of the "Big Red Machine" look) and reinforce the red/white color scheme. However, I opted to keep a few "modern" adjustments. The thicker logo font remains, while the backing shield becomes symmetrical again. Here's a comparison. Mr. Red is now all-red (as he's too good not to use), with some stirrups. The uniforms are where the "restomod" (restore and modernize) approach becomes evident. They combine elements of the 1968-71 uniforms, with a few influences from the current set. The placket piping is off of the home uniform, as it cluttered the front up (I removed the sock stripes for similar reasons). The white jersey and pants gain red/white/red trim to match the road uniform. The Detroit Tigers-style belt loops return, to add more color to the set. The all-red Mr. Red remains on the sleeve, as I like having him around. The cleats are black, for an extra bit of vintage charm. While it is not apparent from the 2D template, the home uniform's crest would be chain-stitched. The modernizations also include some font tweaks. I opted to use Block Standard Bold on the home uniforms' numbers and NOB's (like the 1968-84 uniforms). The road uniform features white-outlined Block Standard, with slightly bold NOB letters. These tweaks eliminate the overly-large NOB's and correct the outlining inconsistency of the gray set. I overhauled the "Cincinnati" block script to look less janky and have a better arching pattern. Here is a comparison with other iterations of the wordmark. The throwbacks here are more or less fauxbacks, given the aesthetic liberties I've taken. The vest is an amalgam of the 1961-66 home uniforms, the 1939-55 jersey logo, and the 1934-36/61-66 cap logos. I figured it'd be a good idea to have a tiny homage to the Reds' history in pinstripes and with navy as a primary/accent color (black was only an armband color, a memorial first and an odd stylistic choice second). The font is my attempt to merge my modified UNC block font with the MacGregor varsity numerals (rendered by Matt Malinoski) of the 1950's-60's Reds, for that extra vintage charm (without the ugly MacGregor "2"). The second alternate is a fun one. It's got a two-stripe pillbox cap, a full collar, and the Old English C like the 1890-1899 Reds (and the 1869 Red Stockings, the first professional baseball team). It's a chance for the team to dress like Mr. Red, while also honoring Cincinnati's contributions to the sport's history. It uses a one-color version of the custom font. The Reds had a near-perfect look from 1968-71. All it takes is a little refinement and a few modern touches to nail it. C+C is greatly appreciated, as always! For my alternate take, what if the Reds never used a wishbone C?
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    I'm digging the return to white shoes!
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    Not crazy about pink as a sports color, though I like light pink dress shirts. However, the Calgary Hitmen should absolutely be in hot pink and black all the time. There's no acceptable alternative.
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    They still have the cheep, mid-2000s EA Sports logo, so I'll give it a C+. The logo drags it down.
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    If you weren't already familiar with the Dolphins, and were presented with that picture, there's would be no way for you to even know orange is one of their colors.
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    In the distance, slightly out of focus? They sure do. It's a gorgeous color combination. Just so long as you can't see all the little details that mess up their look.
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    it's hard for me to really tell, but it looks like the knicks removed the silver from their uniform?
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    It really bothers me that the Timberwolves and Spurs don't have waistband logos. Just makes the complete overhaul feel incomplete.
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    Orlando did well. These pinstripes remind me of the 90s uni
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    The clippers look good. Definitely an upgrade from their last set
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    Funny how people are divided on these. It seems to be 50/50. I think these are sharp. And I do not care so much about the fact that a uniform must mimic the name of the team (especially when one chooses to name his team after an animal). I also think that the minimalist use of green is appropriate, because it has such a small space in the logo anyway. These will still look really fresh in 10 years, especially if KAT, Wiggins and Butler manage to create some magic in the coming future. Thank you Timberwolves for testing something new. I was so incredibly tired of the previous set. Also noted their new wordmark from their website. Looks quite okay.
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    It's official! The Bills are wearing white cleats again for the first time since the 2005 season. Looks SO GOOD.
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    That looks better, if that's it. Still not great, but a much more pleasing sight than the former. And yay for no more pool noodles!
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    Everything about this re-brand has been a downgrade with these dull-as-paint uniforms taking the cake. I'll never understand what was wrong with this set. The colours were unique to the league & attractive, the template was relevant to the team name and it tipped the hat to the era where they achieved the most success.
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    It would appear you're wrong. Welcome to the present old man.
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    As much as I like the addition of color, I think there's too much red. I like the calmer blue than the abrasive red. Also, is there an ability to change one's username now?
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    Sorry, but sponsor logos don't belong on sports uniforms.
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    Look at the ad that popped up in the top right!
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    What makes the Miami uniforms look so bad is the Shockweb pattern. Take that off and it looks somewhat decent.
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    Indeed it shall. Here are the Tampa Bay Rays! Logos -This identity is probably the one that went through the longest process to make. I've always loved the Daytona Tortugas identity though, so everything always centered around making something based off of that. Eventually I was able to make a "TB" monogram based off the Tortugas' logo, and I went from there. -The rays go full on back to the "stingray" aspect of their identity, as I was never really keen on the ray of light. -I used the Tortugas' shades of dark green and powder blue; as highly used as it is it's really a perfect scheme for the Rays. I love double blue, but I just think this fits better. -The ray travels underneath the wordmark much like the early 2000's logos. Uniforms -The home uniform is primarily powder as inspired by UNC, I love that look and feel like it could work great for Tampa Bay. -The new sleeve stripe pattern was made as a match to the Rays' common sock pattern. It might be hard to see the match at first, but trust me it's there. -The away is an entirely powder look. The number font was created as a match to the sort of "islander" wordmarks. -I showed the light blue as a home option just because I love that look, and could see them wearing it often. -The green alternate uses the TB monogram seen on the caps and as the primary. I'd love to hear what you all think about the Rays!
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    I was thinking the same thing. He was a jackass, but from a uniform perspective, I wish MLB had 30 Steinbrenners. I really don't think he'd have said "we've never used names on the back but yeah, what the hell...let's put nicknames on the back of a gray fashion jersey for three games at the Stadium."
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    That seems to be Nike's move. They look like the Mavericks in a Wizards template. It also sort of looks like they were designed to house the Fitbit ad and if that's the case GO F*** YOURSELVES, NBA.
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    Didn't think I'd ever say this, but I miss George Steinbrenner. He used to tell MLB to take a leap when these events came up.
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    I agree that these aren't bad, and certainly not the worst from Nike's release, but I'm not sure if wordmarks fall under "every little thing." As mentioned, wordmarks are a focal point of most every basketball jersey -- for that reason they should be visually appealing and easy to read. These Nuggets jerseys are a little lacking in both of those departments in ways, and I think some people, myself included, are frustrated because better alternatives exist....like simply switching the white stroke to navy. These aren't bad, they're just not as good as they could be and without reason at that.
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    I'm back with teams 17-14 of last season. 17. Watford Watford's switched over to adidas after Dryworld more or less went extinct. Adidas' teamwear effort was nothing to call home about, and I've tried to create a classic look for the Hornets' first season with the three stripes. The collar is red with a black center stripe, and I paired it with red shorts and socks, with the adidas stripes making a black/yellow pattern. The change is all black and dark grey with an Ajax-style look, with yellow details to really pop. The third is the old Waford colors from 1927-1959 making a very simple look. 16. Burnley Burnley's new home kit is kind of abysmal in my opinion, so I went with a classic look. The change kit is a change of pace for the club, with a dark burgundy and dark navy hooped look that I was very fond of. The third kit is all white, with double blue striping throughout. Yeah, I know Andre Gray transferred to Watford today. 15. Swansea City I personally hate mostly everything about Swansea's bland brand, and I also hate Joma kit designs. I tried to spice it up a bit by adding black shoulders and subliminal stripes to the main kit. The change kit is all black, with white/black striping on the cuffs and collar. The third kit is a slightly ammended version of the home, but it brings back the orange worn by the club for about a decade in the 60s. 14. Crystal Palace Taking my award for worst sponsors in the league would have to be Crystal Palace, which is a shame because I love the red and blue stripes. I went with a very classic look, with the stripes switching colors on the front and the back, like the Nike Juventus kit from a few years back. The change kit is a throwback to the club's claret and blue days, while using the current red, however. The center stripe was worn on the Eagles' home kit from 1959 until 1963. The change kit is a modern yellow look with blue accents. I'll be back with five more teams tomorrow, let me know what you think about today's crop!
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    That "Denver" wordmark might take the cake for being one of the worst 'print' wordmarks of all time. It's completely illegible. Even in a close-up, you have to really focus in order to make out each individual letter. This is perhaps the new prototypical example of why double outlines so frequently fail. You have a bulky wordmark with loads of serifs, in a light color, outlined by two other light colors. It winds up looking like an amorphous blob of light colors against a dark background. Also, minor detail, but I loathe how the middle 'prong' of the E appears to be larger and more prominent than the outer two prongs. I know it isn't technically larger, but by having two serifs (in contrast to the other two prongs), and being the same length as the outer two prongs, it looks significantly bigger. Stands out like a swollen thumb (or a swollen middle finger, in this case? ). The number "1" on Harris' uniform is equally hideous as well. Looks way too close to being a "7." The upper portion juts out way too far, and looks disproportionate with the rest of the number. This is just a very poorly designed font for its intended purpose, IMO.
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    "The Gnomes' Uniforms are designed to be whimsical along with the overall theme. The colors of the jersey base and hat are the same as the gnome mascot himself, and the wordmark captures most of the main logo's color to make the jersey pop. The numbering is meant to represent Oakland's gnome paintings themselves, loosely at least."
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    "Some people like college too," I mutter, as we achieve the inverse of "Prologo"
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    Let's not forget how players can only eat one plate of spaghetti before getting in trouble for "eating too much". Yes, NCAA, let's starve our athletes and make money off of them.
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    Not an original thought, but with red helmets and they'd be set for 30 yrs. Love to see roads with red numbers and red pants. Alt red jersey too. Piping fad just doesn't work anymore. Could use newer logo on the helm if preferred.
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