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    Disagree, certainly in the case of "Arizona Diamondbacks," which rolls off the tongue like a drunk rolls down stairs.
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    Everything about this looks like one of those "create a team" options from a Madden game. The sleeve caps, overload of gray and even the "Devil looking at you" logo scream custom Xbox team that you replace Jacksonville with.
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    New England Patriots isn't a dumb name. There's nothing wrong with trying to reach out and identify with an entire region (one that has its own customs, history, feel to it) Not everyone will agree with me but to me you don't absolutely have to play within the city limits of a city to claim you represent it. The Jets and Giants still get some grief over this.
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    The top half of Iowa State's uniform tonight is amazing. The grey pants ruin the overall look though.
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    Also, Bill Foley comes off as a super dingus who might not be able to fill his arena with comp tickets by 2020 if he's allowed to be in charge of things. Very nice uniforms, though.
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    Took another look at my Neo-Vintage Hokie Bird from 2014 and refreshed it! 2014: 2017: I have a GIF to highlight the differences, but it doesn't seem to work...
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    "Carolina Hurricanes" is indeed a mess of a name, but remember what a mess the entire relocation of the Whalers was. I know Karmanos came up with the name himself last-minute (I remember someone wanting "IcePigs" as a nod to Raleigh's pork industry, which I guess is described as "thriving") and may have even sketched the logo on a napkin. And yeah, both the Marlins and Panthers were very concerned with alienating themselves from Miami-Dade in favorite of Broward and Palm Beach.
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    ASU going G/W/M at Stanford for Saturday afternoon.
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    Yes. State names are dumb, especially when other teams in the metropolitan area don't use the name of the state. "New England Patriots" is the dumbest one of all.
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    Mass hysteria, no, but there's more than enough information out there about the effects of playing football at every level for people to act on it, from active NFL players to the parents of young athletes.
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    Friendly reminder for the Wizards' staff design team: Every team has a single-color logo specifically for dark-on-light usage. Half of these are reversed.
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    Yes, having brown run down your leg is an embarrassment...
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    The Phoenix metro is now the 12th largest in the country(meaning they represent a market larger than all but 11 teams in the NFL) and the city of Phoenix itself is now the 5th most populous. Generally teams seemed to be named after states where the largest metropolis isn't all that big. I don't have a strong opinion on this one way or the other seeing as the Boston team is called New England, just thought I'd pose it.
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    Hey guys! I'm back with another quick concept for you all I realize this has already been done before, but I wanted to try my hand at modernizing the Cleveland Browns' old alternate logo. I'm not really a fan of the new one, because I feel it isn't really strong enough, nor complete enough, to be a standalone mark. Hypothetically, if the Browns ever decided to make themselves a real logo (We can dream), I think that a modernized bulldog would be an excellent choice. There's nothing about it that I really need to explain. I essentially just cleaned up the lines and changed the colors. So what do you guys think? I'd love to know! If you are all interested, I might be able to do jerseys and merch to go along with this concept. Thanks for taking a look!
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    Kinda liking it. Hopefully it's not paired their gray unis.
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    That is interesting... it looks like one guy made the comment and a bunch of people liked it, then Bugle themselves tweeted, and now it's taking off. I'm also seeing some Iowa writers/bloggers mentioning the bugle thing now. It would be very interesting if the rollout (which seemed to go great for the first 15 minutes, haha) gets turned into a complete bugle fest by tonight.
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    It's time to present the Las Vegas Myrmidons. Atlanta is black and white. Vegas is silver and black. My brother and I laughed when it was the Raiders who chose to move to Vegas. Our version of the Raiders was already there. We wanted to stay away from a team with a gambling or desert theme. For those who do not know, the Myrmidons were the elite fighting force led by the legendary Achilles. They were the group that broke into Troy via the Trojan Horse. They were known in battle for their black armor and plumes. Legend says that the Myrmidons were made man by zeus. They previously were a colony of ants. An animal known for their enormous strength and ability to work together. That is where they got their name. The name is a little wordy but we decided to roll with it. On the field, Vegas went to the first ever ESPO Bowl. They have been known for defense. They then hosted ESPO Bowl II. It wasn't until 2003 when the Myrmidons finally won the title. The first cornerback to ever be inducted into the Pantheon was Earl Little from Las Vegas. They have been a great SCL team for must of its existence, dipped all the way down however in 2014 to the number 1 pick. They selected brash WR Pharaoh Davis from the University of Colorado (the Comanche). I hope you enjoy the Myrmidons.
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    I didn't get a great look, but I think there is some Lextra happening on the "C" on the Red Wings sweater they show. I am really intrigued to get my hands on one of these. Not excited, because I expect to be underwhelmed, but intrigued.
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    Oh no, I understand the history. That’s why I’m trying to find a source that states, in writing, that the reason there’s a gold mask on a 1975 throwback is because it’s supposed to represent Joe’s final game or whatever. No offense to you, but random fans don’t generally qualify as credible sources in situations like these. :-)
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    Great news and just as the team is getting good again.Hopefully they bring back the teal too
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    Yea, but at that time, I would be considered a home uniform, so it wouldn’t be a big deal. The issue now is that it would burn one of their 2 Alternate game jersey options on a road game. They would rather wear the Royal/gold at home in front of their own crowd than on the road in front of another crowd
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    Noted. It's such an easy fix. Makes me question why the Clippers just don't change to it already...
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    Yes. The adidas scale puts 50, 52, 54 as the M, L, and XL.
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    Isaiah should've given #3 to Wade. it's not like it's his trademark number or anything.
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    OKC secondary, I'd make the bolt or the basketball lines blue. The red bolt on a red basketball gets lost, even with the (very thin) blue lines.
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    The Golden Knights have possibly the best uniform set in the league. That alone makes them relevant.
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    So I took @B-mer's suggestions and played with the Caps a little bit I got rid of the vertical piping on the sleeves and changed the chest stripe so that there isn't that awkward space behind the Weagle's wings. Let me know what you guys think.
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    Up next are the Dallas State Diamondbacks, another southern powerhouse.
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    Do I think she'd be a great President or a good person? No. Do I think she would at least not dance in the absolute red line do not go there zone of what is acceptable for any functioning democracy/republic (unlike Trump)? Oh hell yes. I paid attention. I paid attention to this election the same way you pay attention to commercial airliners.
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    Happy 10th anniversary to Bill Wirtz drunkenly stumbling off this mortal coil so that the Chicago Blackhawks could put their home games on TV and win three championships. Make no mistake, his son is a ruthless greedy billionaire in his own right, but only in the ways we've more or less come to expect in Hellworld, nothing like trying to make it against the law to buy liquor from people not named Bill Wirtz, or his incessant kneecapping of his own business asset because he thought his dad's ghost would crack an empty gin bottle over his head. And the Stanley Cup wins were fun.
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    T'Wolves really missed the "boat" by not getting a sponsorship from like Nautica or Old Spice or something.
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    I'm a big fan of this year's Oregon looks. Especially this helmet color and finish; I love that color. With that in mind, here's a Philadelphia Eagle uniform that I'm picturing with that specific green, and that helmet finish; Thought appreciated.
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    School is a nightmare. Sorry it took me so long to get Chicago posted: Collars aside, the Blackhawks did what everyone expected them to do with the Adidas changeover. The look isn't broken, so they didn't try and fix it (Looking at you New Jersey). Anyways, for the Habs'ing, I made a few minor changes. Switched to a tie down collar, and put the crossed tomahawk logos on the stripes. Other than that, I didn't really change a whole lot. C&C welcome as always!
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    CLUB DEPORTIVO GUADALAJARA Just like in my MLB series, the Goats throw their sombrero into the ring with their own gridiron team. Their home jerseys feature their trademark stripe pattern, which they would opt to wear in as many games as they can, like how the Cowboys wear their white jerseys. They do have a white "road" uniform, in case they're up against an opponent whose uniforms would clash with theirs. The traditional badge is their primary, but I created a new logo for their football helmets. I thought it would look better than using the badge again. C&C appreciated. Club América, CDG's eternal rival, is next!
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    *BONUS CONTENT* Alternate History. In the 90's the New Jersey Nets flirted with the idea of rebranding to the "New Jersey Swamp Dragons". Here's an imagining of what they might look like today if they had gone through with it 20+ years ago. The actual Nets concept is still a work in progress.
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    Starter jackets, player warmups*, and Zephyr hats *The Mad Scientist has declared that every team wears their own unique warmup suit again. If I don't get lazy I'll post those too.
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    Tough crowd on the Magic uni. Would you guys like it better with blue and a new alternate logo?
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    Atlanta Hawks Dropped the volt, anthracite (or whatever), triangle pattern and mismatching shorts and jerseys and went back to the Hawks' roots. Chose to go with a modern update to the Dominique Wilkins unis, black alternate with similarly swooping and asymmetrical, but because it's an alternate, different lines, and a 90's throwback alternate because it was ridiculous when they were wearing it 41 times a year, but as a once in a while alternate it works.
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    Houston Rockets Always loved the simplicity of the championship years Rockets uniforms, but the primary logo was weak and the wordmarks had a bad case of intermingling upper and lower case letters. These are basically the 94 unis, with rocket trails and new logo.
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    Portland Trail Blazers The Blazers have one of those rare things in sport where they have a thing that they truly own. The sash, the asymmetrical shorts, the abstract logo - it's all so striking and perfect and theirs and so for that reason I didn't do a lot that their most recent update didn't do. The only differences are the old font has been straightened and given outlines, the unnecessary and cluttering silver has been removed, and I created a white home alternate utilizing their logo as inspiration.
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    S***! Fixing the Bucks the now. Pacers Did a crazy thing with the Pacers - actually used a racing element in their uniforms. Also, the alternate utilizes the speeding ball from the logo. We'll call that the "heritage" uniform or whatever.
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    Up next, the second half of the NHL's New York presence: First off, I wanted to say that I tried to keep the Rangers font on the front rather than use the logo, but no matter what I did, it just didn't look right or good. But that problem aside, I think these actually look really good. I wouldn't mind seeing these in real life. Like the last time I concepted the Rangers, I made the uniforms a bit more consistent across the two, namely in the shoulder striping and the lack of colored cuffs. Nothing too much changes. C&C welcome!
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    Another Cali team, San Jose: Not gonna lie, I hated the new uniforms for the Sharks when they were unveiled. I didn't think they made sense, the striping looked wrong. But you know what, after a few years they have really grown on me. I'd go as far to say that they look better than the uniforms they replaced. But anyways. Took said stripe and made a chest stripe out of it and beyond that, not a whole lot changed. C&C welcome!
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    Definitely. I'll 4 stripe them with the alternates when I come back through and do those. And since I have them done, here's the first of the playoff teams, the Stanley Cup runner ups: The Preds Nashville lost the worst out of the whole Adidas switchover. And we haven't even seen the away jerseys yet. Even with the piping, they still didn't look bad. Anyways, end of mini rant. I used the striping on the now old away jerseys for both uniforms. I'm still not 100% sure about the numbers on the home jersey. I personally feel that there is enough contrast, but I could be totally wrong too. I also got rid of the pant stripe. It just feels out of place with the uniforms. C&C welcome!
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    I personally consider these my best so far and my favorite thus far: Jets 2.0 doesn't see a whole lot of change. I added a stripe in the middle of the double stripe they currently use as a way to unify the stripes across both jerseys. Plus this way the stripes appear more consistent in my opinion. Beyond that, not a whole lot of changes. C&C welcome!
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    So as of about 11:30 pm mountain time last night, I have decided to come back through at the end of the home and away sets and do alternate jerseys for all the teams. Just thought I'd mention that before I post Carolina: Carolina bringing back the hurricane flag stripe is awesome, even if it is only subliminal. Bringing it back on just the red jersey though? Still makes me sad, since they had some unique uniforms before they decided to simplify things. Anyways, back in concept world, both jerseys have the hurricane flag striping. The socks too. Beyond that, not a whole lot changes. Put the warning flag logo on the shoulders again, where it belongs. C&C welcome as always!
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    I will never understand those who have convinced themselves of this sentiment regarding our uni. It is trash from head to toe (not just the head, though especially the head). (Oh, I'm Jax-jacking the crud out of this thread now.) The all-black jersey/pants/socks combo looks like edgy garbage that fails to evoke a lick of the badassery that the team intends to show through it. It is just an abysmal idea to adopt all-black as a full time look when it should only be reserved for occasional alt looks (such as the Ravens current alt, or the Jags' very handsome old black alts). The use of our beloved teal is shockingly horrendous, relegated to gaudy blocks of color throughout the home uni (primarily the contrast-sleeves and pants rectangles(?)). If the use of teal appears to be hastily applied, that is because IT IS (at least in my belief). TIN FOIL HAT TIME: The org made it clear from the beginning of their rebrand that teal was going to majorly take a backseat to Shad Khan's preferred scheme of black and gold. However, this obviously resulted in massive opposition from fans who know how deeply the color is ingrained in the franchise and the town. I believe that this left the team with no choice but to hastily throw some extra teal into the mix. The result? Crappy fill-by-numbers color-blocking. The proof? Check these often overlooked renderings from an old Nike press video regarding the uniform. The uni was going to be even MORE BLACK. The shiny sleeve inserts (claw marks???) are not brought up enough in conversations of how trash this uniform is, but they are indeed trash. The gold nonsense around the neck is trash. The way that there is no consistency across any of the number/NOB outlines is trash. The way that they designed a perfect sleeve logo yet put a slightly modified version of it on the chest for "we-love-the-goddamn-military" reasons, leaving the sleeves desperately bare, is trash. The way that they even designed a teal jersey only to never use it (regardless of the fact that it looks like trash) is trash. It goes without saying that the helmet is super duper trash (but I'm saying it anyway because it is, indeed, a part of this trash mess like everything else). Stupid helmet or not, the whole uniform is haphazardly-thrown-together trash. Bring these back yesterday. I rest my case.
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