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    I think this modern classic has to be in consideration. Despite a few flaws these are two classic looks for two classic teams that Nike knocked out of the park.
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    If we're telling the Dbacks what to do, I think they should switch to turquoise, black and copper: It's unique, evocative of the area and it looks good.
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    I would freakin' hope so. Or at least something very similarly designed. If a New Orleans team has a "City" jersey, it BETTER be Mardi Gras themed.
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    With the rumors of the Jaguars changing to a more "traditional" look in 2018, here's my guess as to what it might look like:
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    Best picture of an Adidas collar I’ve seen...
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    Or their uniform would really benefit from dropping the gold.?? Just sayin'.
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    I really want to like the Lions new look, but it's just not working for me. The home set is OK, but I'm not a fan of the white over blue. Maybe if they wore the gray pants with the white jerseys. I love the Vikings uniforms.
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    I don’t think the D-Backs are trying hard enough.
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    Gotta say I'm still digging the Rams with yellow as the base color. I. am. LOVIN IT.
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    So I saw the rumors that Jacksonville is coming to their senses and getting new uniforms, which undoubtedly means that the world's ugliest helmet will soon be no more. Ugly bucket aside, I personally think that the Jags are a few tweaks away from actually having a decent uniform set. So I decided to layout what I think those tweaks should be: I think that the Jaguars currently look good from the neck down, so there aren't a whole lot of changes to be made but there are some. Let's break them down shall we? Helmet - Do I really need to introduce the incumbent? I changed the disasterpiece that was the helmet to one from the past. I brought back the old black helmet that looks teal in the right light. Kept the jaguar logo on the side, added the JAGS shield logo to the back of the helmet. IMO, it's a decent logo, but doesn't need to take up chest space on the jerseys. Jerseys - The jerseys as they are now really aren't bad to me, in fact I think that they take too much heat from how much the helmet sucks. First off, as I mentioned above, the JAGS patch moves to the helmet. Those weird shoulder designs get taken off and the "claw mark" if you want to call it that, gets moved inside the collar. The teal jersey becomes the home jersey again with the appropriate white numbers. I like the number font, so I kept it. Added the JAGUARS wordmark to the chest and the primary logo to the sleeves so they weren't blank any more. Pants - I didn't change much. I moved the jaguar head from the side of the pants to the front right. It feels cleaner to me. I knocked around the idea of a different pant design, but nothing else really seemed to fit with the design. Socks - Teal and Black. No need for anything on them. And since the NFL is keeping Color Rush around: So as cool as the gold CR uniform was for them (IMO, I didn't hate it completely), I went with teal as the base color since it's more unique of a color to them than black is. So for the first time in team history, teal pants would be worn. Let me know what you guys think.
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    Believe it or not we are over halfway through the league. As the league finishes I will post season by season breakdowns. But for today, welcome the Colorado Grizzlies. Any bear moniker is a winner for me. The logo is obviously the flag logo with a bear replacing the yellow circle inside of the C. The primary colors always pop. I loved that Colorado State trotted out State Pride jerseys last week. The look is eerily similar to what we envisioned for the Grizz. The Grizzlies have been to two ESPO Bowls, they have won one.
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    How did that go 11 hours on this board without being challenged?
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    Yeah, I was surprised not to see Detroit-Minnesota up there (I would've preferred silver pants though). It should've replaced Carolina-New England, a matchup that was okay color-wise, but not that great aesthetically.
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    This needs to be used more! Went to find this hat and couldn't. This wolf is a great segue from the old snarling wolf.
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    Team management has announced that the franchise will be dubbed the Maine Mariners.
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    Like the "Red Bulls" in MLS.?
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    But didn't they just add color grading to the shoulders? And this logo is way to college like This one is way better, a snake head in the form of d and b. and the eyes being inside the d and b.....very clever and underrated logo.
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    IMO, this wasn't nearly as bad as everyone makes it out to be.
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    They should just wear their "A" logo on their homes, and "ARIZONA" on their roads.
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    Mockba has retired from the moderator team. In his stead, Jimmy! and officeglenn have been added to the squadron.
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    By that logic, teams are finally admitting that chrome doesn't look tacky. Or that wordmarks down pants legs look classy. Or that Oversized logos on one side with numbers on the other is clever. If it weren't for the rules changing, teams would have been confessing that black numbers on black jerseys were cool and legible.
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    Because if they don't win it's a shame? ...I'll see myself out...
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    Probably unpopular but I've always believed this is better than the Yankees home set and is the best home look in the American League.
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    Week four may be the lightest week in all the years I've been doing these lists. There were a lot of good uniforms vs. bad uniforms this week which means there wasn't much to work with. We had two games worthy of the best list, one team making the worst, and a game that made the best list mostly because it had no serious competition. This one is going to be quick. As always, the lists are just my opinion. Your opinion may be different than mine and you are encouraged to say so. Best: 1. Bills - Falcons - I really like these Falcons throwbacks. They aren't quite as good as the 60's inspired throwbacks, but they're still pretty good - and a whole lot better than their current set. Throw in the Bills and we have the best match up of a really weak...ahem...week. 2. Washington - Kansas City: The burgundy pants kept this one out of the top spot. I like the look, but I think the gold pants would have worked just a little better matched up against the Chiefs. Still a good looking game. KC is one of my favorite looks. 3. Panthers - Patriots: I think the Pats uniforms look like they were designed by committee, but the colors are good and this is their best possible combo. It ain't the greatest look, but when combined with the Panthers, it's more than good enough to make the list in a week as light as this one. Worst: The Los Angeles Rams: The Rams look like they lost their uniforms on the way to Dallas and had to wear mix and match stuff donated by local high schools. This just might be the most messed up uniform to ever take the field in the Super Bowl Era NFL. There's no way the Rams keep up this nonsense for the next two and a half seasons, right? And that, folks, is that. Let's hope we have a lot more to work with next week. Thanks for dropping by.
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    Rockies vs Twins is FOX's and MLB's worst nightmare.
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    Seems like that hat would really benefit from a gold outline.
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    As my grandfather says, "Even a blind squirrel occasionally finds a nut."
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    The Lions road uniform is fantastic, YES to blue pants
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    The best way to describe the 2009-2012 set would be "forgettable," both in theory and in practice. The design is so devoid, just like the roster that Gene Smith built over that time period. The nuking of gold made them feel so cold, so sterile. It didn't help that the Techfit predecessor template that some players started wearing royally screwed over what little design that they did feature. Those jerseys actually perfectly encapsulated the lack of character that the Jags had in that era. I can't believe that this actually became an NFL uniform, let alone as a follow up to what was worn before. Love the helmet glitter, though.
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    I'd prefer they wore the gray pants on the road too. However, I've gotten use to the blue. I'd probably really like them if they had white socks with the blue triple stripe on them.
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    Deaths and catastrophic injuries, both directly and indirectly caused by football (and other prep sports) have been documented by the NCCSIR ( National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research). The Center uses media reports as well as self-reporting , so your "media seems reluctant" comment Hera are their definitions:
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    Y'all know of the cow logo that was considered when the royals became a team? You don't? Look it up in another tab, then, but here's a thing relating to it.
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    Dance Team to be called "The Maine Attractions"
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    It doesn’t look like it’s gonna the on the field logo. This might just be for TV and whatnot.
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    Can't get worse than the jizm-dripping corporate whores that are NCAA football bowl logos. I mean good lord.
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    Well it does open up pandora's box a bit. I always assumed the mask was part of the rigid guidelines for branding purposes. It dilutes the team identities a bit. The only time I've seen masks swapped out in the NFL is for a throwback game and then the Jets Color Rush. They did the metallic decals and mask the first time and then white mask the next (I believe). I thought that was pushing it already but then they went and did it for a normal Sunday game. That's too much.
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    Rooting for the home team with fellow locals can definitely strengthen the bonds of the community. They can also be a galvanizing force when a particular market goes to some sort of crisis (the local example for me would be Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the Saints surprising come back success the following year).
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    "Diamondbacks" is the same number of letters as "San Francisco" and only two more than "Cincinnati" and those two names have both been put on jerseys painlessly so why does it have to be DBacks?
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    Probably because it wasn't quite as bad as their expansion-mates' uniforms: Both were awful, imo.
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    I agree. I think this is their best look ever. The 1980s California Angels look was not bad, but it was closer to the standard red/blue. This is a red-dominant team that looks nothing like the Reds or Cards.
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    Since there was such fanfare for the head-only version here is the full body: Old vs New
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    id consider a number font change to be a much smaller change than eliminating the secondary color entirely.. gold oulines on the horns, navy masks, gold outlines on the pants stripes, and you get a different "feel" than the St. Louis set by effectively becoming a blue/white team w/ gold trim instead of a blue/gold team w/ white trim.. its not ideal, but making this set decent and at least COHESIVE isn't rocket surgery.. they're trying so hard to not look like the St. Louis Rams that they don't look like any professional team of any sport should ever look.. that's why i'm convinced they're just trolling Goodell and the NFL, because nobody can WANT to look that bad..
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    Do black patent leather football helmets really reflect up?
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    American league = Blue league
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    Would love if they went black helmet, teal jersey, black pants as an option. That was always my favorite Jags look.
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    Here is a more "put together" look:
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    The only reason matte works in baseball is because the helmet is essentially another version of the cap. A matte helmet somewhat resembles the material of a baseball cap, which makes it look appropriate. It also approximates the flocking that was common when batting helmets first came into use. That provides some historic precedent for non-gloss finishes on batting helmets, which is absent with football helmets.
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