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    So if Nike can make split numbers for the G-League Hustle... why can’t they bring back split numbers for their parent club Grizzlies?
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    Your impartiality in all things Patriots-related is noted.
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    I know a guy who hit a deer in his car, but he broke his arm playing soccer. Really makes you think.
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    Thanks, guys! Thanks! I figured that I should put it somewhere, and since the Surfing Friar roundel would have looked bad in brown/yellow or brown/orange, it fits it well. I'm thinking of posting a bunch of Padres recolors in my old tweaks thread at some point, to get them out in the open. Thank you. The 2010 team had a perfect look (matching templates, the orange top and orange-billed cap alt, the socks, and no nameplates on the road), but then the team slowly took it apart. While I like the current orange top, I'd much prefer it if the team stuck with their 2010 options. I beg to differ. The creme has character to it, and it ties in with the stadium/retro aesthetic of the team. It also is a further degree of separation between the Giants and Orioles. I spent my formative years as a fan with creme home uniforms, so I've got a bias towards them. Thanks! I too like the black alt (as anything is better than the outline-only stuff the team has done in the past). The space is the result of me trying to create a "banner" behind the wordmark, for to give adequate distance between the bridge, script, and seams. Thanks. Don't worry about it @the admiral, I was going to adjust the kerning on the font anyway. I like getting practice with Inkscape's many features. Now, let's seal up this series! SAN FRANCISCO SEALS, PT. II - We're going for a splash hit! I've always found the PCL's San Francisco Seals fascinating. The stories of Lefty O'Doul (NY Giants player, Seals manage, and an influential figure in Japanese baseball history), Joe DiMaggio's 61-game hitting streak, and Seals Stadium are as crucial to the history of baseball in San Francisco as McCovey, Bonds, and Posey. While I love the history of the Giants organization (I'm still hoping for a John McGraw statue), I also adore the Seals' name and identity. It calls back to a retro San Francisco, as classy as a Cable Car ride or an It's-It ice cream sandwich (BTW, @Bucfan56 is right, those things are delicious). So, I decided to combine the two! I opted to keep the black/orange, to fit with the standard of my Dodgers-Angels concept (maintaining the NYC colors). I brought in the Vancouver/Memphis Grizzlies' bronze color for the sea/sea lion logo and striping (as a little change of pace). The seal in the logo (a home plate version of my Giants primary) is in keeping with the aesthetic standards of the 1997/8 Cardinals redesign with minimal, yet modern detailing. It's a modernization of the Seals' old logos, albeit based on a real-life image of Zalophus californianus. The wordmark font is a slightly-thickened Futura, as it reminds me of the Michael Schwab posters I saw all around the Bay Area while growing up (he designed the 2007 All-Star Game logos). The secondary is my attempt to merge the Seals' old cap insignia with the Giants' 1994-present logo (which makes it resemble the NY Giants' cap a bit more). The seal/sea lion (who I'm calling "Lou," after the mascot) is the tertiary. The uniforms feature a few deviations from the current Giants' look. The stripes now go orange/black/bronze/black/orange, to get the bronze into the set and do an informal 1983-93 tribute. In doing the Giants-Seals translation, I figured that the Giants would adopt a modified version of the Seals' cursive script (given their dalliances with it and wanting more differentiation from the Pirates). Lary Baer and co. would have had the wordmarks modernized during the 1990's, and maybe tweaked a set a little in the move to Willy Mays Park in 2000. In reality, this was the perfect opportunity for me to turn the 1994-present dugout jacket/BP script into a set of uniform wordmarks. I opted to not use creme and no-NOB at home, because of the more "modern" status of the NL Seals. The number font is a sans-serif version of my Astros numerals, and the primary is on the sleeves of both uniforms. The alternates are a translation of my Giants uniforms to the Seals identity. Lou is on the sleeve of the orange top, while the black top now features a front number and tweaked striping. The second set of alternates are also translations. The orange-billed cap returns (I like it), while the Gotham Day uniform is a bit more of a hodgepodge. I went for the 1954 jerseys and pants while employing the 1933 caps and socks. I did this for two reasons. One: I like the older cap logo and sock stripes more than the later look and two: that I would prefer to not use a "NY" that's near-identical to the Mets' "NY." It's a bit of brand differentiation and personal preference. I love the Giants, and I love the Seals. With this concept, the Giants can honor both the history of baseball in the City by the Bay and the storied heritage of the Polo Grounds squads. C+C is appreciated! With that, MLB: Project 32 has concluded! I would like to thank all of the people who have followed this thread, like @coco1997, @MJD7, @Carolingian Steamroller, @the admiral, @Paul Lucas, @SS8609, and @KittSmith_95, among others. It was so much fun experimenting on these teams and incorporating the C+C into my designs. I'm probably going to do BP jerseys/caps and jackets, but that won't be for some time. I'm going to take a much-needed break. Thanks, guys and I'll see you soon!
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    Have to? By all means, no, he doesn't. However, when Mike Glennon, Scott Tolzien, CJ Bethard, Ryan Fitzpatrick, EJ Manuel, Kevin Hogan, Blake Bortels, Matt Cassell, and Deshaun Kiser have played this season, it seems odd not to even take a damn look at him with the practice squad for a tryout on a Tuesday.
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    Bridgewater may be getting healthy finally, but Minnesota right now is rolling with 2 ex-Ram QBs. You can't tell me Kaep wouldn't be an upgrade there.
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    A couple more games: Wish college football had this many nice-looking games every week!
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    There were literally two "Admirals" in the AHL for years. There are dozens of college teams named Bulldogs or Tigers or Eagles. There were two teams in the same city being the Cardinals. There were two teams named the Oilers. This is baloney.
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    Yeah, but if he can't remember his kids' names in ten years, it probably wasn't track & field.
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    While playing NHL 17, I came across the Kansas City Scouts' logo when messing around on Create-A-Team. I got to thinking pretty hard about what I would do if I were ever approached to build a new Scouts identity from the ground up, and got to sketching. Today I have a finished product to share! The Scouts looked really good during their time, and I'd be perfectly fine if a resurrected Scouts franchise skated out of the gate wearing those exact get-ups. I wanted to challenge myself, however, and went the way of the Winnipeg Jets with a built-from-scratch identity. This identity revolves around a war-painted horse with feathers attached to the mane as the primary mark. The alternate marks are inspired by painted hand prints that warriors would place on their horses for both accomplished missions and an oath of vengeance. The original logo is also used as the primary crest of an alternate third fauxback, which is a red, navy, and gold version of the original sweaters. Let me know what you think! C&C is appreciated, you know the drill!
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    Let's take a closer look at that point you have brought up multiple times before. He didn't lose the job due to performance, rather it was due to the 49ers not wanting to guarantee his 2016 salary since he had left labrum surgery in November 2015 followed by knee and thumb surgeries in January 2016. He had to forgo the 2017 injury guarantee salary of $14M to even see the field in 2016. But he's had a titanium rod in his left leg since he was drafted and wasn't thought of as damaged goods then. Coaches and execs love to talk up "sacrifice" and "desire', yet outside of Oregon State's Gary Andersen this week, there ain't many of them sacrificing $14 f'n million. And if one other guy did, you read a story the next day of their spouse taking the Escalade/Suburban, taking the kids and leaving his ass.
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    His point is that there are no longer independent leagues, but now two conferences in all but name. They no longer have the administration or autonomy they used to have.
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    Why is he wearing the jersey of a Tennessee Titans legend? They're division rivals.
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    The Seals look absolutely beautiful! While seeing a different color than black could have been interesting, it's nearly impossible to go wrong with the classic black and orange. I really love the way the wordmarks look, as well as the use of copper. Well, looking back on it now, this was without a doubt my favorite series I've seen on these boards, and there have been plenty of great ones. Your fixes of the current MLB were all perfection, and the ideas and execution behind the alternate takes were simply genius. This is definitely a series to be looked back on plenty of times, and it's gonna be difficult to not find some inspiration from going forward! Absolutely fantastic work, I'd be glad if I was able to help in any way with this wonderful series!
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    Thank you. I think the most important thing to understand is that while many of us here focus on the creative side, the team may see it slightly differently, and people have to create within those goals and parameters set by the team. Now, of course, we can all let loose using our own relative expertise what went right and what went wrong, what could have been better, etc., but there’s almost always a reason. Get past the visceral reaction and think about why they chose to do what they did. I don’t remember all the circumstances, but they obviously care enough to have a unique shoulder mark, so unlike some teams, they feel it’s important to have a second mark that appeals to people. They had the foot for years and visually, it works with the brand, but would the team have even briefed a new shoulder patch if foot merchandise was flying off the shelves? Do they want something they don’t have, for example, a mark that symbolizes their home state more clearly instead of their team name or mascot? Something that has more universal recognition and appeal, that can reasonably be worn even if you’re not a huge Avs fan? I do remember the design process was months long. No one just came in and said, “Let’s put the Colorado C on there and call it a day.” There *was* (and always is) a full creative process no matter how simple the outcome looks. It just so happens that after looking at dozens of options and variations, that’s where they ended up.
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    I'll gladly take them darkening the blue a little if it means that they don't try to force a white outline on the numbers. Something about yellow numbers outlined by white that just ruins so many concepts for me.
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    Those jeans are way too long to be a Florida fan.....
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    To me, that is pretty cool.
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    This is the worst uniform Minnesota has ever worn. Ridiculously ugly. Michigan State in green/white/white looks phenomenal, with bonus points for just wearing normal uniforms.
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    I appreciate the support, guys! The last dozen are the tricky ones I've been putting off, so we'll see how they turn out Atlanta Falcons:
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    Imagine thinking that the league isn't colluding against Kaepernick. But hey, now Rodgers is hurt. BRING HIM HOME
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    ^ nah, sadly, it's not cost-effective to make bespoke designs for the G League. not enough people will buy them and the cost of designing (and manufacturing) just one template is WAY cheaper, obviously.
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    I have an authentic Raiders jersey with my name on it from the Reebok era. It's definitely not what the Raiders actually wore on the field. A Reebok authentic was just a high quality replica at best.
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    *sigh* I miss seeing the NBA Logoman logo in front of the NBA jerseys; seeing it on the G-League is like pouring salt on a wound...
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    It was the Royals, not the Twins. It was a very Midwestern gavotte of offering something you know won't really be accepted to someone who knows it's not really being offered. No, you go ahead and have the last piece, really, I mean it.
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    I'm still confounded as to why MLB didn't just place both the Diamondbacks and the Rays in the NL (or the AL, whichever), just like every other expansion in baseball history. I can see if they didn't want to dilute the NL too much with four expansion teams in five years, but it was still an absurdly roundabout way of getting to 16 NL teams. And they could've just as easily put both teams in the AL and make that the 16 team league, unless AL owners objected to that more strongly than NL owners (which i find doubtful). I still do suspect that offering the AL-to-NL switch to the Twins first was just a rouse, and that Selig's Brewers were always earmarked for that move. That would be the most reasonable explanation to the league switch, rather than the much more straightforward NL- or AL-only expansion.
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    And (not sure if this was mentioned before), if they lose to the Cubs, then they will be the first and only team in history to lose to both Chicago teams in the World Series.
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    Despite his number being retired by the Titans, he never played for the Titans. The Oilers' history is also part of the Titans' history. Not to mention that Moon was a legend in Houston. You show respect to the legends.
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    I’ve seen that as well, but I don’t think that’s a very good argument. You root for a hometown team not because the players or owners are local (which hasn’t been the case since the 1880s), but because the fans are. A sports team can bind together a community as people from all parts of society come together to share a common experience. That experience can be heightened if the people who contribute to it have a local connection, but it’s never been necessary.
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    I was thinking just the opposite. This uniform would have been much better if the pattern hadn't continued out of the designer's head.
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    This is most likely projection mapping the ATL Hawks do something similar down here for floor intros EDIT: I did 2 seconds of research and found that it is lit from below!
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    I hope the Astros win the ALCS not just because I don't want to see the Yankees in the World Series again, but because it'd make them the only team in baseball history to win both pennants.
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    The Ducks look about as good as possible tonight, IMO. I have very few complaints with this combo, and the complaints I do have are all pretty trivial. For as good as the Ducks look though, Stanford just had to ruin what would’ve been a beautiful matchup by going with their :censored:ty all-black duds. Who would’ve thought that the Ducks would be completely outclassing the Cardinal tonight in terms of the uniforms both teams are wearing.
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    Apparently the Timberwolves court can do this...
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    Thanks guys, I appreciate it!! Los Angeles Chargers:
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    You have yet to illustrate your comment going back to the NBA Playoffs.
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    Lots of nice looking games this week:
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    This is going to be interesting: https://www.si.com/nfl/2017/10/15/colin-kaepernick-files-greivance-owner-collusion-cba
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    To try something new? To be innovative? To try to draw at least a tiny bit of attention to an otherwise basically forgettable franchise?
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    The Goldendiana State Pacerriors. "We Grow Superteams Here."
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    I could do a lot of things if I had some money.
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    Yes it should. I'll make sure to do that going forward. Here we have San Fran. A fair amount of changes actually went into this one. Home uni is cream with black pinstripes. Interlocking SF on the chest, kept the Giants baseball club logo on the sleeves on both jerseys. On the road greys, I used the arced San Francisco and flipped the sleeve trim colors to match the Yankees style (darker color on the outside). Beyond that, there isn't much to it. Let me know what you guys think!
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    I'm a big fan of Powerball, Namco's futuristic sports video game from 1991 for the Sega Genesis. The game takes place in 2010, and is a combination of football, basketball, soccer, ice hockey, rugby, Aussie Rules football, team handball and MMA. My proposed concept would be a modern re-imagining, with a different take on the timeline from the sport in this game (USSR exists in this game), and structured, deeper concepts in terms of uniforms they'll be using.
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