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    If so, what a wasted opportunity to phase into the side-view Senator. One of the best logos in the NHL and it's not even a primary.
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    Thanks. Without making this too dramatic, I stopped doing the lists because I had heart attack* back at the beginning of October. Needless to say, the lists became a low priority. That being said, I really appreciate everyone who followed and contributed to the best and worst lists thread every week. *
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    "Icon" and "Association" are in no way as descriptive as home or away, at least when home and away meant white and dark. "Light", "Dark", "Alt", "Classic", "pride", would have been fine. Even "pride" is silly. Nobody - and I mean NOBODY - is asking their parents for a Lakers "association" jersey for the holidays, or a Sixers Embiid "icon" top. It's absolutely silly, and counterproductive since few (if any) people will be able to keep the stupid names straight.
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    One of UA's signature looks is the faux flannel grey material. I wouldn't be surprised to see that used in the same way the D-Backs adopted graphite as the away color. Maybe one or two teams try it out at first. It has to be said every time: just because the manufacturer has crazy ideas, it doesn't mean the teams will adopt them en masse. Teams control their identities, and some teams are EXTREMELY conservative in regards to making changes.
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    I'm fairly certain we all agree on one thing . . . nothing they do to change the uniforms will matter if they don't ditch the two-tone (and two-finish) helmet.
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    What's Classic for the Lakers? Purple or gold? Same with Celtics. And then why would purple be statement and not icon? This is all so stupid.
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    So don't wear the white pants with a colored jersey, or with the white jersey. When would you see them wearing them???
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    Here's an idea. Call the Lakers' white jersey "white" and their yellow jersey "yellow" or "gold" and their purple jersey "purple."
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    The whole Roman theme has always felt forced and disconnected from Ottawa and Canada. While I have jerseys and t-shirts with that logo (wearing one now) I've never felt it was where the brand should be. Nor do I think they should just bring the heritage jersey to full time status without modifications. - Heritage jersey is fine, just use actual white. - Take the O logo and place the shield motif from the shoulder logo behind it with laurel leaves sublimated in the O or on the shield. - Take the Peace Tower/Maple Leaf shoulder logo from the early 2000's alt and clean it up and modernize it for the shoulders. Maybe bring back the "Est. MDCCCXCIV" from the original should logo into the new one - I also like the silver idea in the new sweater (even though it's a hot mess) so maybe swap the gold for silver and trim the logos (chest and shoulder) accordingly.
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    Gelsenkirchen Devils: This is what they have now:
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    Dallas Jackalopes The replacement of football with rugby has had the biggest effect on Dallas, who went from hosting "America's Team" to these scrubs. The Jackalopes have been around since 1973, but have managed to win exactly nothing in 44 years. The team has made the playoffs only twice, getting blown out both times, and has generally taken a place in the bottom of the standings. Dallas fans are notoriously fickle, and First Texas Bank Stadium often sits empty. The team has contemplated moving away from Big D for a while, but the team seems to have better days ahead. The Jackalopes have slowly developed a solid core of young players that, if managed correctly, could contend for the Schroeder Cup within 3 seasons. The fruits of this clever drafting have yet to appear, as Dallas is still rooted in last place of the USRU West. But as their rivals age, Dallas's key players will be entering their primes, and will look to leap back to the top of the standings. This concept is a little out of the box, but I think it's my favorite so far. I had difficulty settling on a color scheme, and experimented with light green, light blue, and even pink as a replacement for the orange. The Jackalopes are the only team in Premier Rugby to feature a logo on the socks, something they've done since the 80s.
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    No surprises here, I don't think. BTW, orders in the next 48h get a free toque.
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    It's a very popular logo in Ottawa and the heritage jersey is seen more than the standard jerseys around town. Tom Anselmi has said he was open to a rebrand of the team when he came in as president last winter, but too late for the Adidas switchover. The Roman imagery has never really gone over well around here since it was introduced in 1991. People embrace it because it's the hometown team, but it's never been a brand that people *love*. Going full heritage has been really popular around these parts. And they went that road with Belleville this year. While I'm pretty sure this is where they're going, I kind of hope they'd do a little more with it before it becomes final. Maybe merging the eras by sublimating laurel leaves inside the O or something like that.
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    I always thought it looked odd for Duke to wear anything but royal blue.
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    HGI actually hasn’t done Oregon’s helmets since the 2014/15 season, but they still work with many other schools, including Notre Dame. There was a dispute between Oregon and HGI involving quality concerns and an unwillingness on HGI’s part to fix some of the issues raised by the Ducks’ EQ staff, so the Ducks took their business elsewhere starting with the 2015/16 season (which is also part of the reason why they got rid of the original winged helmets after 2014/15).
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    We agree with "this isn't bad", but not in the way you think. This uniform combination sucks donkey balls. Unique font for the sake of unique font. Slash marks around the collar just because. A helmet that looks like they ran out of time and couldn't get finished with a clear coat. Black pants with a non-white jersey. A nickname of a nickname on the jersey. And whatever those things are on the pants that aren't stripes, they're just 'brand identifiers', which is about all this whole mess is. If they felt the need to blow smoke you-know-where when introducing the two-toned helmet, at least get the story right and don't tell me it is the Jaguar coming out of the shadows to hunt, because that would mean the dark part would be BEHIND him. Gosh - other than that, this uniform rates a solid meh. But that's just my $.02.
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    Anybody else love the helmets and cleats but find the rest of the uniform pointless? The uniform just looks generic with a retro logo slapped on there.
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    BREAKING NEWS: Nike will call white jerseys "dark," yellow jerseys "purple" and purple jerseys "unavailable until after arbitrary moratorium."
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    More than likely. In order to get the server bill under control, some older attachments had to be removed from the server. Anything uploaded between Jan. 1, 2016 and Aug. 31, 2016 has been removed from the server, but those files were backed up and are available upon request. I can still see your avatar.
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    There's a lot of talk here about a throwback, and I just don't see it happening. A true thowback would mean bringing 2 logos back from the dead - the old Jag head and the full body Jag - and a different number font. The Jag head was obviously retired in 2013 with the updated logo, and the full body logo was retired in 2009 with the new, simple, piping uniforms. Then you have the numbers. That's really not a bad change, it happens a lot, in fact. But the logos would be a branding nightmare. Yea, teams like the Patriots and Bucs have used old logos in throwbacks and done well. But they also market those throwback logos. They're different colors, different eras, different styles - everything. They're "cool" now. Old is cool nowadays, and that's fine. But the original Jaguars logos are not 1) marketed whatsoever, 2) old enough to be new again, and 3) different enough to warrant the merchandise and such. When we live in a world, especially a sports world, where branding is everything, there's zero chance, in my mind, that there will be a throwback design whatsoever.
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    thoughts as a jaguars fan- 1-gold should be a tertiary color. not even secondary. use it very very sparsely. 2-helmet gotta go. the two tone is awful. 3-need more teal. too many teams are the "black team" in the NFL, and there is only one other team who embraces teal. Keep black as an alt but make teal YOUR thing 4-keep the font. its cool, and maybe unnecessary but its different. we want to be a team that's remembered for who we are, not just be forgotten because we also picked a basic font 5- get rid of that collar. it is nice to have a color splash there but its like a big horseshoe sitting on the shoulders, doesn't flow with the rest of the uni 6-color rush should be teal, not gold. 7- i dont have a concept or sketch to fraw, but heres my thought on how we should rebrand- logos- keep the primary. drop the shield, have a full body jaguar as the secondary helmet- exactly what we have minus the gold. (aka matte black with the primary logo facing forward) jerseys- 4 of em. teal with white numbers, white with teal numbers, black with white numbers, and teal with black numbers for color rush (just like the ravens do) pants- 3. teal, black, and white. always avoid wearing white pants when we wear a colored jersey (teal or black), and try to avoid mono-white. i dislike white in the NFL, love it in college. So less gold! it can be used as trim but shouldn't be the color of anything on our jerseys. t-shirts maybe.
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    La Casaca, which posts some really good stuff, made this GIF to help get the creative juices flowing. I’ve already had some fun with it.
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    So it's not really the time thats being flexed with the Rams-Saints game it's the station it's being moved from Fox to CBS who has the double header that week. I think I read that 80% of the country should now be able to see it.
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    Hey look a Color vs. Color matchup that's pretty non-offensive to most of our sensibilities ...
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    I love the logo and it's always fantastic to see the progression. Personally I see NDGP, but I can also see how it could be MDGP. Good stuff.
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    Soccer concepts by jnetodesigns
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    Well, that's one way to try meeting the bottom line. https://deadspin.com/employees-accused-arizona-coyotes-of-union-busting-fai-1820491719?
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    The edges are way too curved on the peach, but overall this is a good concept
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    I like that rule, but I dislike dark helmet - white jersey - dark pants. Dark as in navy or black. That's where mono white is fine by me, and how the Steelers can be the outlier to this rule by going black - white - yellow.
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    i mean, these are awesome. 10/10. just a few things to say, Feel like ole miss powder is too bold and bright but that might just be my computer settings, great pick though. Miss st adding silver is nice. Penn State is a classic and you made it better. I'd continue the Vtech helmet stripes all the way down, unless that's where helmet numbers would be. Georgia tech is great, not too big a fan of ohio state but i think thats my penn state bias showing. maryland i feel would be a little more ridiculous in real life, but i guess thats why these are concepts. Keep them coming, and the interactive stuff is the greatest presentation ive seen. Wish i could throw this into a video game honestly.
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    You are right. I'm envisioning the original Jaguar uniform, or even version 2, with this helmet on -- the helmet would kill those unis.
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    The Padres celebrated their 35th anniversary in 2003 and are going to celebrate their 50th in 2019 so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
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    Yeah that was one beautiful colour vs colour matchup.
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    Pitt wearing the away throwbacks again VT this week
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    The Titans-Bengals matchup would have scored higher IMO if one team chose to wear white pants instead of dark ones.
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    The Saints scored 6 rushing touchdowns in Buffalo. Doing that without punting was last accomplished by the 1941 Bears, and doing it while rushing for over 295 yards was last accomplished by the 1957 Browns (Saints ran for 298). ? In schedule news, Saints at Rams (Week 12) and Panthers at Saints (Week 13) have both been flexed tp 4:25 ET.
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    Really hoping we'd go Red/White/Blue, i know its unusual, but with our current white uniforms, I'd think it would look really good.
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    Senators are wearing the same rating I give their jersey and logo.
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    Literally like an amazing feat inside the Silverdome.
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    Is it really necessary to eliminate wahoo? I see wahoo as one of the best logos in the league. Im okay with them minimizing it but to completely get rid of it would be a mistake. Also no new logo will ever ever compete with it if its changed. The best thing that could happen would to make a more realistic interpretation of wahoo, something like the Redskins but more colorful and joyful.
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    I hope you live through a multi-decade title drought in New England. Although you'll probably become a Lakers fan long before it ends. Also, now that I think about it, that er Rodney Harrison was on some of your Super Bowl teams. I wouldn't be throwing too many stones about players being thugs and safety hazards to the entire league.
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