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    I've never seen a team hate a good quarterback as much as the Bills hate Tyrod Taylor.
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    Just about the only decent one is Chicago. The rest range from meh to turrrible. The Magic especially is pretty bad.
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    Might not be the best thread for this, but the ECHL Mallards wore this Vegas-themed specialty jersey:
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    I don't understand. Do you think people in and around Chicago fail to get to Notre Dame games?
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    Ok, it's true so I hope Blackhawks don't screwed up this time. vs That would be a nice matchup.
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    Jags should not drop teal, it's the only saving grace they have. Dolphins need to slightly update their throw backs and it's perfect. Buccs...yeah...it's a mess.
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    Very good and healthy league. Cleveland and Buffalo should be seized by the league, our government, or a foreign government.
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    Watching Hawks at Pens. Damn how stupid is this, Pens always in black and the other team always in white. Same stuff every night. Hawks should be in red on the road. Wish NHL would go back to white at home!
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    That's a design that's been used with frequency around here. (by @hockey week) (by @mcrosby) (by me) It's a crest design that combines the nickname, the history of hockey in Ottawa, and adds a little modern flair.
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    Not only is it an easy shot east on I-90, but there's commuter rail right out of downtown Chicago to South Bend with dedicated shuttle bus service to and from Notre Dame Stadium. Speaking of which, redo one of these posters for hockey and take my damn money.
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    Im not going to speculate, but how many throwbacks have you seen that have been dead on perfect? Design skills don’t necessarily equal research skills. Sometimes the leagues will even provide style guides for throwbacks, and while those can be notoriously inaccurate, the desire to correct it isn’t always present at every step of the ladder. If the league provides the design assets, a designer may never even touch the thing. It may go straight to the sample and production process.
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    If any team is going to use galaxy print it should be the Rockets.
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    I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure the teams decide what their uniforms look like. You should lose respect for your FO or whoever, not Nike
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    Couple of random post-game thoughts after the Bills were crushed today: - To give up 47 points last week, then go back to practice all week, make adjustments and then come out today and give up another 54 points is simply ridiculous. Rivers had all the time in the world to throw from the pocket and the Chargers had no problem moving the ball all game long. It was almost as if nobody was even covering Keenan Allen. - Joey Bosa was directly responsible for at least four of Peterman's five INTs in the first half. The guy is an absolute freak. I think he even strip sacked Tyrod in the second half which led to another defensive TD. - This team is clearly missing Marcell Dareus' presence as a run-stopper. Initially, I was okay with trading him to Jacksonville because he wasn't playing full-time anyway and the fact that his wok ethic has been questionable at times throughout his career. But now I see that this was an absolutely horrible trade by Billy Beane. I mean look at this: - The Bills' front four has been absolutely weak this season. This unit was one of the best in the league just a few years ago, but right now they can't even lay a hand on opposing QBs. Jerry Hughes has been a huge disappointment and Shaq Lawson is looking like a potential bust after being selected 10th overall in 2016. - Sean McDermott CANNOT, I repeat, CANNOT start Nathan Peterman on the road in Kansas City next week. He will lose the locker room if he does this. Tyrod may have his shortcomings, but he is by far the best option this team has at QB going forward and it's not even close. Tyrod didn't deserve to be benched after one bad performance. It's not his fault that the defense is now giving up 40+ points per game over the last three weeks. 3 INTs in 9 starts > 5 INTs in 15 attempts - It's becoming an annual tradition for the Bills to lose their top receiving weapons to injury. Kelvin Benjamin was carted off the sideline after a nasty looking hit to his knee, while Jordan Matthews was inactive today with a knee injury. - The rest of the AFC is so bad that even the 3-7 Broncos are still alive in the wild card hunt. Kill me.
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    If accurate, the Wizards' mockup wordmark is way too busy. - "the district of columbia" is too wordy. Either go with "the district" (my preference), or "district of columbia" - I would've preferred a different script. Dotting both "i's with balls is too much.
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    If Aeros is a lame-ass name, how would you describe the Wild?
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    Yeah Taylor wasn't good last week, but was it his fault the defense let Ingram and Kamara get seemingly 10 yards per attempt last week?
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    Is Joe Webb active today??? That would be epic....
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    i like the faint black dropshadows. Besides that? i agree, black needs to be gone. no reason for the black bill (and yes, you could[likely rightly] argue the drop shadows needs to be gone. i just like it hahah)
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    East Harlem SC “Black and Reds” Manhattan, NY League: Metropolitan Soccer Association Kits: Adidas Colors: Black and Red Sponsor: Chase Year Founded: 1932 USSL Titles: 0 League Finish: 3
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    Here’s the pic for anyone who doesn’t want to click the twitter link. I don’t like the Reds cap - too much black, and for the whole compromising the wishbone-C thing. Have long wanted the White Sox to use that style of C, though.
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    So can somebody tell me why that the lakers had to “have a talk” with lonzo about walking away from a fight and not getting yourself suspended?
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    NBA jersey ads suck. Wait, that might be a popular opinion.
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    Mood after Utah obliterates the Magic in Orlando for their first road win this season, 125-85:
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    This is their World Cup 2014 kit (with Euro 2016 font) and what's more it's a fake one.
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    That is one of the biggest examples of hyperbole I’ve ever seen on these boards. There have been numerous CFB uniforms in recent years that have been much, much worse than that.
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    I still don’t get the Hickory throwbacks. They should’ve went with the FloJo’s instead.
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    We could... but would it bother you that much if they ended up being the Aeros? It is a cool name. Be a shame if it went to waste.
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    If it happens, I would rather they come up with a new name, rather than one that had been associated with a minor league team for 19 years. We don't always need to take a ride in the DeLorean and go back in time and grab a name from the past. It's one thing if the Aeros actually played in the NHL, but they played in a wannabe league that only lasted 7 seasons, then came back as a minor league team. Why not start something completely fresh?
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    I want to like the Reds' hat, but I don't think it's a good idea to compromise the wishbone C standing for Cincinnati. You shouldn't have two different styles of the same letter. I realize that doesn't leave the Reds with much in the way of brand extension, but maybe they shouldn't be extending their brand in the first place, they're the Reds.
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    There's a little more going on with those logos than just a plain, boring O. I agree with you that had the original Senators stuck around and never changed from the O, then it would get a pass. One problem with going full barber pole is that is the Ottawa 67's look. Sure, they took it from the original Senators, but it's become their look. The current Heritage jersey evokes the past, but there's enough of a difference to stand out from the 67's.
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    I dig the super retro look the Reds went with. Now they just need to lose the black.
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    So will that be the game that the Bills wear their throwbacks for a second time, do ya know? That one is on New Years Eve day. That would make too much sense ....
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    The Ottawa "O" almost makes the Cleveland Indians block "C" almost exciting. That is a very, boring, generic "O".
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    But 9 out of 10 Giants fans take no offense to that beveled font though.
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    Think this would look better if the stripes were revered, black in the white part and white in the black parts
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    See here's why I am hesitant on the throwback: the throwback should be the old away uniform, it's where they had all the playoff success in 96 and 97. But the new set has a great take on that, which finally, FINALLY brought back the teal numbers on the white jersey. I hope that stays. If there is a throwback to the old home uniform, then that means something will be different on the new home - different font, different number coloring, something. IDK man I love speculation but I just hope we get MORE TEAL and change the dang helmet.
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    The Blues did it as well @Bob5151
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    Yep, the gold socks add balance to the gold shoulder yoke. Without them, the uniform seems unbalanced.
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    Great job on the Raptors. Fun fact: Both Minneapolis and Portland are further North than Toronto despite the Raptors' "We the North" slogan.
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    The future of yesterday comes to life tomorrow which is the day after today which is the future of right now but will be the yesterday of Wednesday which is the future of yesterday where today was tomorrow and thus the future of yesterday which brings us to Tuesday.
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    These look awesome Not this this: or this if they want to do alternates, at least make it look like this or this
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    Daytona Racing Club “The Racers” Daytona Beach, FL League: Floridian Premier League Kits: Under Armour Colors: Black and Yellow Sponsor: NASCAR Year Founded: 1955 USSL Titles: 0 League Finish: 5
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    >Initial Reaction "Wow, these uniforms are really cool looking." >See They're Ohio State Uniforms >Sees They're For Michigan Game "These uniforms freakin suck." UM-tOSU should always always alwayssssss be traditional uniforms, maybe even color on color, but none of this stuff^^^
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    CLUB AMÉRICA I decided to get a little schwifty with my Aguílas. For the helmet, it would've been easy to put a wing on the helmet and call it a day. I imagine with the different color schemes nobody would've complained that I was ripping off the Philadelphia Eagles. But instead, I decided to rip off the USFL's Michigan Panthers instead, and to a lesser extent, the Seahawks. The jerseys and pants are based on the soccer team's current jerseys... And then I made a special fauxback uniform, A blue and cream getup featuring the Aguílas' first badge from 1916. Angeles are next. Comments appreciated.
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    The new uniforms unveiled by the Pacers last night are an obscure mix of clean and cluttered. I find the front jersey design weirdly lovable, albeit a bit dense both spatially and in color. The side panels are what bother me the most, because I like them in theory -- but the extraneous color blocks, angular cuts, and visual similarities to Marquette make the execution extremely poor. Also, inconsistencies across collar and armhole trim as well as (potentially?) the single-color numerals on the back lack purpose. With the Pacers' re-brand seemingly focused on the state's rich basketball tradition, I think the uniforms should be clean, classic, consistent, and without clutter. There should be an evident level of uniqueness to make them interesting, but not so much so that extraneous elements are found all over the place. The color palette and fonts are retained, as is the entire front design -- with a single addition. I absolutely love the new 'WE GROW BASKETBALL HERE' seal that combines the state's seemingly endless rows of corn with its aforementioned rich basketball tradition, so it has found its way into the centered of the front jersey design as a sublimated graphic. I am typically quite averse to sublimation, especially with Nike taking over, but it is a more subtle way to incorporate the seal and the cornrows....plus their state of Indiana-shaped alternate logo contains similarly subtle cornrows. Without a need for additional cornrow patterns, the disastrous side panels have been removed entirely. The collar and armhole trim have been made consistent, with the Association Edition flipping the navy and yellow to prevent the yellow from getting lost next to the white jersey, and the Icon Edition relying solely on yellow trim to contrast the navy jersey. Thanks for looking....please let me know your thoughts! Indiana Pacers Association Edition Uniforms Indiana Pacers Icon Edition Uniforms
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    IONA GAELS DESIGN: -Besides the script and the shield, they don't really have a true logo since their re-design. I was going to use the leprechaun head but that didn't fit with the new brand. -Took the cross from the shield, elongated the bottom and used it as the new logo. I thought what this school would look like if they'd have a football team for forever and I thought they'd have a recognizable, minimalistic, classic helmet. Kind of like how Notre Dame and Boston College have plain helmets, another Catholic school could just have a cross. -Stripe on helmet and jersey is a Celtic pattern HELMET: -Satin maroon and glossy helmet -Thick stripe -Cross and script on each helmet JERSEY: -Stripe on shoulder cap -Number font from the basketball uniforms PANTS: -Gold, maroon, and white pants -Cross logo on each
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